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West Branch Times, West Branch, Iowa, Thursday, September 22, 1927
Transcribed by Sharon Elijah, August 17, 2018


     With the second blast at the Stone Mill quarries on last Friday the old stone mill was shaken to the ground, thus removing the last of the pioneer landmarks in this vicinity. The first charge of 800 pounds of dynamite, which was placed in the east side of the quarry and shot off the previous Sunday, did no damage to the building, and the contractor, Mr. Wever, had the west side charged lightly, hoping to save the old historic structure, but it went. After standing for more than 60 years the building was in almost perfect condition, although it had received no care in late years.

     In the 1878 Cedar County History we glean the following relative to this mill which may be interesting to the present generation.

     “The Stone Mill on Rock creek about four miles south of Tipton, was built in the spring of 1866 by James Dwigans. The mill was completed and put in operation in the spring of 1867. It is a stone structure two stories high above the basement, and is operated by water power, the water running through a race 30 feet deep and 100 feet long, cut through solid rock, and exhibits a wonderful piece of mechanical engineering. The Leffel turbine wheel is used. A horizontal engine made by Noyes of Clinton, Ia., of 20 horse power, to be used in case of low water, is in the mill and ready for use at any time. The 'Middlings purifier' is used in the mill, and the firm is constantly putting in new and improved machinery. Five men are employed about the mill and turn out about 60 barrels of flour per week. The mill is the property of Shearer & Gray, who have operated it since 1868, when it was sold to them by Mr. Dwigans.” - Tipton Conservative.

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