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West Branch Times, March 6, 1930
Transcribed by Sharon Elijah, January 29, 2018

President Hoover Sends Letter of Appreciation
Replies to Telegram of Encouragement from Church in Home Town

Presidents are human and appreciate the friendly boosting of their fellow men, occasionally, even as the rest of us do. They are given freely the adverse criticism, and the sincere approbation, when tendered, is no doubt welcomed.

Perhaps we are more interested in the office of the president and in the affairs which concern the national capitol since the chief executive is a native of West Branch. The interest of all, however, at this time, is centered on the naval conference at London, England, and the daily reports from there.

Church people, the nation over, are no doubt especially interested and the Methodist church of West Branch, through the pastor, the Rev. Harry D. Green, sent to President Hoover on Jan. 23rd, the following telegram: “President Hoover: The Methodist church of West Branch prays for the success of the Naval Conference and for your encouragement.”

The following day, Mr. Hoover replied with this personal letter of appreciation:

Washington, D.C.
January 24, 1930

Dear Mr. Green,
          Please accept thanks for your kind message of January 23rd. I do appreciate its heartening assurances.
Yours faithfully,
Herbert Hoover

Rev. Harry D. Green,
The Methodist Church of West Branch, Iowa.

The election of President Hoover was hailed as the election by the voters of a man whose engineering and organizing ability peculiarly fitted him for the White House at this particular time. The eleven months since his inauguration have been strenuous ones. West Branch is interested in the problems which he has had to face and are, in the words of Mr. Green’s telegram, concerned “for his encouragement.”

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