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West Branch Times, West Branch, Iowa, Thursday, September 6, 1923
Transcribed by Sharon Elijah, July 19, 2018


     In reply to the application for registration of the Herbert Hoover Highway, G. C. Hoover, president of the association, received a letter from the Iowa State Highway Commission, dated Aug. 30th, which says:

     “This is to advise you that the application of the Herbert Hoover Highway Association for the registration of marked trail from Iowa City to Lowden to be known as the ‘Herbert Hoover Highway’ was approved by the Iowa State Highway Commission.

     “We must ask your indulgence for a few days which we will require to prepare and send you the formal certificate of registration.

     “In the meantime, however, you may, if you desire, begin the marking of your trail.”

Taken from the October 11, 1923 issue of West Branch Times


     This end of the Herbert Hoover Highway, which connects Iowa City with the Lincoln Highway at Lowden, will soon be properly marked. Any automobilist will easily be able to follow the markings, which are large and prominent.

     Between Lowden and the August Hinrichs corner, where our county road joins Primary No. 74, twelve signboards, each two feet square, mark turns and crossroads. Besides these twelve signboards, markings on forty-eight telephone poles will aid in keeping the stranger on the right road.

     The Hoover Highway markings are in black and white. They consist of three H’s, one large one and two smaller ones within the upright bars of the large one. The H’s are black upon white background. The signboards each have a black border, bear the words “Lowden” “Iowa City” and indicate the distance from one of these places.

     The signs will be placed late this week. Most of the work of construction and erection was done personally by Mayor A. L. Mensing, who likewise collected the money requested of Lowden as its share in the marking of the highway from Lowden to Iowa City. – Lowden News

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