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West Branch Times, Thursday, May 29, 1930 pg 1
Transcribed by Lynn McCleary, September 25, 2016

Hickory Grove Cemetery Is Greatly Beautified

It will be gratifying to those who have relatives and friends laid away in the Hickory Grove cemetery two miles east of town, to learn that the Friends of the neighborhood had done a wonderful piece of work in cleaning up and restoring this beautiful spot.

The stones were removed and the land leveled and resodded, replacing the markers in cement, and providing permanent markers for those graves which had been without stones.

The Hickory Grove cemetery is one of the landmarks of the community. The neighborhood received its name, it is said, from a hickory grove which stood on the W. T. Sidwell farm northeast of the cemetery and the old Hickory Grove meeting house which has been used for worship until the past few years when its membership, the Wilbur branch of the Friends, united with the Conservatives in West Branch for worship. The meeting house still stands, however, and is occasionally used in connection with the Scattergood school which is within a stone’s throw of its gates.

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