Cedar County, Iowa
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West Branch Times, West Branch, Iowa, Thursday, January 2, 1913
Transcribed by Sharon Elijah, June 24, 2018


     The county home committee, Ed Armstrong of this place, Fred Goldsmith of Clarence, and August Heinrich of Bennett, met at the home last Friday and invoiced the stock and property of the institution.

     The superintendent and matron, I. Z. Williams and wife, have everything on the 200-acre farm and in the home in good condition. They have had excellent crops of corn, oats, barley and hay this year. They have sold $1,300 worth of hogs from the farm this last season, and still have 20 fine Poland China brood sows and 13 good milch cows on the place.

     There are 39 inmates to be taken care of this winter, 7 of whom are insane. The superintendent and matron give all the inmates, who are able, much open air exercise each day. Several women, who before Supt. Williams and wife took charge of the home were no help to the place, have been put to work in the kitchen, and men who were idle have been assigned regular duties about the premises, and are made to perform them. There are no regular religious services provided for the inmates of the home.

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