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Levi Downs Family Photos

Levi Downs Mrs. Levi Downs Levi Downs Children
Kate Downs Possible Downs Daughter

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Levi Downs was a well known early merchant in Atlantic.  The photos on this page are from the Carl and Christine (Anderson) Petersen photo collection.  Carl's father, Chris Petersen, Sr., was head clerk at the Levi Downs store from 1884-1896.  A photo of Mrs. Clark, another clerk at the Downs store, is posted separately.

Levi Downs

Handwriting on the back identifies this as a photo of Levi Downs.

Mrs. Levi Downs

Handwriting on the back: Mrs. Levi Downs.

Levi Downs Children

Handwriting on the back: Levi Downs children.
The boy shown in front on the left is believed to be Arthur Levi Downs.
A descendant has contributed a photo of Arthur as an adult.

Kate Downs Alexander

Handwriting on the back: Kate Downs Mrs. Fred Alexander

Unknown - Possible Downs Daughter?

There is no identification with this photo. However, there appears to be a strong resemblance to one of the Downs daughters in the photo above.

Photos contributed by Cheryl Siebrass. For futher information about the photos please contact Cheryl.  Photos contributed August 2009 and August 2010.

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