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Anita Photo Scene

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This undated photo shows Anita's main street. It's not clear if this was an outdoor sale, or an outdoor cookout. There appear to copper boilers sitting on stoves, with one stove clearly having a tag hanging from it (a price tag?). There are long tables in the foreground, and the Anita Bank is clearly visible in the background. The building across the street to the right of the bank has "GOLD MEDAL FLOUR" painted on the side wall, so may be a general store/grocery. The men's clothing is difficult to date, but the women in background appear to be wearing hoop skirts. No further information is provided.

Anita Photo - Inside a Store

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This post card was sent to Judson Dewitt Henry when his son, Lyell Dewel Henry, was born in Atlantic on Sept. 17, 1910. Judson was living in Atlantic and the card was postmarked Sept. 17, Anita, Iowa. The message reads, "Understand you have a little carpenter. Congratulations. Best wishes to the youngster. R. W. S." The contributor does not know the identity of R. W. S., but assumes it was a friend of her grandfather, Judson D. Henry, as there are other cards, etc., with the same initiais. The displays all appear to be of men's clothing, so presumably this was a clothing store.

If you can help provide further identification on any of the above, please contact the Cass County Coordinator.

Contributed by Dawn Wheat, April, 2010, from the collection
of her great grandmother, Ida Mae Petty Dilts McCord.

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