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Ackerman, Henry, Co. F, 104th Ill. Inf.
Adams, Henry, Co. L, 5th Ia. Cav.
Adams, R. D., Co. C, 1st Ill. Cav.
Alexander, S. C., Co. B, 21st Pa. Cav.
Allen, E. D., Co. H, 35th Ia. V. I.
Alvard, Cyremus S., Co. G, 18th U. S. Inf.
Ammon, Francis M., Co. I, 4th Ia. Cav.
Anderson, Gus, Co. C, 51st Ia. Inf.
Anderson, William O., Co. I, 150th Ill. Inf.
Andrew, Watson E.
Andrews, Willis
Archer, Patrick, Co. H, 4th Ia. Inf.
Archer, William J., 24th Ind. Bat.
Asa, William (2nd Lt.), Co. M, 9th Ill. Cav.
Ash, Thornton M., 23rd Ia. Inf.
Ayers, James, Co. D, 88th Ind. Inf.

Babb, B. F., Co. C, 116th Ind. Inf.
Baird, Ira, Co. E, 51st Ia. Inf.
Baker, Ira W., Co. K, 75th Ill. Inf.
Baker, J. F., Co. C, 29th Mo. Inf.
Baker, Simeon, Co. A, 124th Ill. Inf.
Barber, John S., Co. H, 46th N. Y. Inf.
Barber, Sylvester, Co. D, 20th Ia. Inf.
Barnhan, Thomas, Co. E, 102nd Ill. Inf.
Barnes, John K.
Bartlett, Chester D., Co. D, 20th Ill. Inf.
Bartles, Nicholas, 127th Ill. Inf.
Bartseh, John A., Co. K, 23rd Wis. Inf.
Beasor, David, Co. 11, 16th Pa. Cav.
Beebe, Lewis
Bell, Anderson, Co. H, 125th Pa. Inf.
Bennet, H., Co. I, 43rd Wis. Inf.
Bennet, Lindsey, Co. I, 2nd Wis. Cav.
Bennet, William, Co. G, 34th Ohio Inf.
Benns, John, Co. A, 4th Ia. Inf.
Barry, Jasper, Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Berryhill, A. P., Co. H, 93rd Ohio Inf.
Best, William, Co. I, 17th Pa. Cav.
Biggs, Abe, Co. F, 102nd Ohio Inf.
Bilderback, James, Co. I, 110th Ill. Inf.
Billings, Ansel, Co. B, 7th Mich. Inf.
Binnegar, John, Co. E, 6th Ia. Cav.
Bissel, Richard P., Co. L, 17th Ill. Cav.
Black, M. P., Co. B, 19th Ia. Inf.
Black, Thomas A., Co. F, 11th Ia. Inf.
Blackledge, William C, Co. A, 98th Ohio Inf.
Blaine, W. F., Co. K, 106th Ill. Inf.
Blood, William O., Co. M, 8th Ia. Cav.
Bode, Clayton, Co. C, 51st Ia. Inf.
Booth, C.W., Co. F, 136th N. Y. Inf.
Bossard, Peter, Co. E, 2nd Ia. Cav.
Boden, John, Co. A, 17th Ill. Cav.
Bradshaw, Henry L., Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Brannon, Pembroke, Co. H, 4th Ia. Inf.
Breitmiller, C. F., Co. D, 31st Ind. Inf.
Brewster, J. M. (Sergt.), Co. B, 2nd Ohio Cav.
Briggs, C. J., Co. D, 16th Vt. Inf.
Briggs, James M., Co. K. 14th Pa. Cav.
Brooks, Erastus M., Co. G, 3rd Ia. Cav.
Brooks, John, Co. G, 3rd Ia. Cav.
Brown, Elijah, Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Brown, Henry M., Co. Musc, 176th Ohio Inf.
Bruhn, George, Co. E, 26th Ia. Inf.
Bruington, Thomas P., Co. B, 102nd Ill. Inf.
Bryan, Daniel, Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Bryant, S. B. J. (2nd Lt.), Co. G, 133rd lnd. Inf.
Buckley, William, 24th Ind. Bat'y
Buckley, W. E., 3rd N. Y. Light Art.
Bullis, Allen, Co. E, 19th Wis. Inf.
Bullock, Adna D., Bat. A, 1st N. Y. Lt. Art.
Burdette, James, Co. F, 10th Mo. Inf.
Burke, J. E., Co. A, 26th Pa. Inf.
Burke. W. E. (2nd Lt.), Co. K, 123rd Ind. Inf.
Burnett, T. H., Co. G, 2nd Ia. Cav.
Burson, David (1st Lt.), Co. C, 143rd Ohio Inf.
Burt, Nathaniel F., 4th Ia. Cav.
Burside, William M., Co. F, 16th Ill. Inf.
Burris, Carroleus, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Butler, Robert B., Co. B, 69th Ind. Inf.
Buzzard, A., Co. I, 28th Ia. Inf.
Byers, Erastus C., 4th Ia. Bat'y

Cade, Edward, Co. I, 13th Ia. Inf.
Calkins, Russel W., Co. K, 139th Ill, Inf.
Campbell, Adam R., Co. B, 2nd Mo. Inf.
Campbell, Hamilton, Co. G. 104th Ill. Inf.
Card, Job E., Co. E, 5th N. Y. Inf.
Carley, Stephen
Carlton, H. A., Co. G, 38th Ind. Inf.
Carr, Robert, Co. C, 25th Wis. Inf.
Carter, J., Co. F, 1st Ia. Cav.
Carter, Joseph, Co. B, 18th Wis. Inf.
Casteel, Jesse, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Chambers, James H., Co. B, 2nd Pa. Art.
Chapman, Amasa, Co. H, 4th Ia. Inf.
Chapman, W., 4th Ia. Inf.
Chase, A. H., Co. D, 11th Vt. Inf.
Christian, T. N., Co. F, 35th Mo. Inf.
Cibert, Wesley, Co. D, 4th Ill. Cav.
Clardy, Chas. W., Co. B, 2nd Mo. Inf.
Clark, A. J. (Corp.). Co. C, 7th Ill. Cav.
Cline, James (Corp.), 1st U. S. Inf.
Clinton, Patrick
Cocklin, William L., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Coe, James H. (Capt.), Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Collette, William R., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Conine, Isaac, Co. G, 178th Ohio Inf.
Conklin, Dyer A., Co. A, Colo. Cav.
Conklin, George L., Co. G, 33rd Ill Inf.
Conway, Thomas P., Co. K, 113th Ohio Inf.
Cook, A., Co. C, 89th N. Y. Inf.
Coombs, Josiah, Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Cooper, C. D., Co. I, 72nd Ill. Inf.
Cooper, R. M. (Corp.), Co. G, 7th Ia. Inf.
Cooper, Samuel P., Co. A, 27th Mo. Inf.
Corbett, J., Co. F, 1st Ia. Cav.
Cottrell, T. N., Co. F, 12th Mich. Inf.
Craig, B. F. (Sergt.), Co. B, 8th Ia. Inf.
Craig, John G., Co. D, 41st Wis. Inf.
Crisler, Helmus, Co. C, 107th N. Y. Inf.
Chrisman, William, Co. B, 24th Ia. Inf.
Chroghan, J. M., Co. C, 2nd Ia. Inf.
Crosswait, W. H., Co., 23rd Ia. Inf.
Cullison, James C., Co. I, 76th Ill. Inf.
Cummings, Ebenezer, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Curtis, Henry G., Co. E, 8th Ia. Inf.

Daly, Frank P. H., Co. K, 1st Colonial Cav.
Dashill, George F., 6th Ill. Cav.
Davis, Ira, Co. I, 1st Ia. Cav.
Davis, Mahlon (Major), N. Y. Heavy Art.
Davis, Orwin C., 18th Ia. Inf.
Day, N. A., Co. A, 85th Pa. Inf.
Dealy, John, Co. K, 24th Ind. Inf.
Dean, Warren, Co. D, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Deming, George, Bat'y E, Ia. Lt. Art.
Dennison, Herman S., Co. F, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Denny, William, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
DeWitt, Allen, Co. B, 23rd Wis. Inf.
Dickerson, Eugene, Co. D, 106th N. Y. Inf.
Dickey, George, Co. A, 46th Ill. Inf.
Diltz, Daniel L., Co. F, 5th Pa. Inf.
Dinges, J. P., Co. A, 46th Ill. Inf.
Disbrow, Hiram A. (Sergt.), Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Dodd, John, Co. E, 6th Ia. Cav.
Doran, Isaac, Co. F, 7th Ia. Inf.
Doty, Samuel, Co. K, 100th Ill. Inf.
Dougherty, Frank, Co. E, 3rd Wis. Cav.
Douglass, Abner L., Co. L, 1st Maine Cav.
Dull, L. P., Co. B, 22nd Ia. Inf.
Dunn, James K., Co. A, 14th Mich. Inf.
Dunston, William W., Co. H, 50th Wis. Inf.
Durham, Lewis L., Co. C, 60th Ia. Inf.
Dustin, William J., Co. H, 46th Ia. Inf.
Dutcher, C. W., Co. D, 9th Kan. Cav.
Dwiggins, J. F., Co. A, 2nd Ia. Cav.
Dyer, John, 1st Ia. Bat'y

Eagan, Henry T., Co. A, 11th Ia. Inf.
Eastwood, Daniel (Corp.), Co. G, 53rd Pa. Inf.
Eblen, Joseph, Co. E, 89th Ind. Inf.
Edwards, George L., Co. D, 2nd Ia. Cav.
Edwards, William B., Co. H, 3rd Ill. Cav.
Egbert, Edward E., Co. G, 3rd Ia. Cav.
Eiler, John, Co. H, 30th Ia. Inf.
Emmons, John, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Emmons, R. I., Co. I, 150th Pa. Inf.
Enich, J. M., Co. D, 3rd Ohio Inf.
Erion, J. B., Co, A, 4th Ohio Inf.
Everett, William S. (Sergt.), Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Everhart, Mark, 84th Pa. Cav.

Failling, Chase M., Co. E, 111th N. Y. Inf.
Faucher, C. W. (Sergt.), 25th Minn. Inf.
Fish, E. F., Co. F, 3rd Wis. Inf.
Fitch, Edward C., Co. B, 1st Mich. Inf.
Fitzgerald, J. B., Bat'y H, 3rd U. S. Art.
Flint, John, Co. B, 13th Ia. Inf.
Foley, John, Co. K, 57th Ill. Inf.
Folsom, Daniel, 3rd Ia. Bat'y
Fordyce, Elijah, Co. H, 22nd Ia. Inf.
Franklin, John, Co. K, 36th Ohio Inf.
Freeborn, J. B., Co. I, 133rd Pa. Inf.
Friel, Ebenezer, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Frost, Hiland L., Co. B, 1st N. H. Heavy Art.
Frost, Louis H., 1st Nebr. Cav.
Frost, William P. (Sergt.), Co. H, 2nd U. S. Eng.
Fuller, William R., Co. A, 19th Mich. Inf.
Fulton, John W. (Corp.), Co. I. 27th Ill. Inf.

Garrett, James M., 1st Nebr. Cav.
Garside, Samuel, Co. B, 12th Ill. Inf.
Gass, George S., Co. C, 22nd Pa. Cav.
George, Samuel M., Co. C, 103rd Ill. Inf.
Gilbert, Elial, Co. F, 85th Pa. Inf.
Gillespie, Alfred J., Co. I, 1st Ia. Cav.
Goodpasture, Abraham, Co. A, 34th Ia. Inf.
Goodspeed, Alvin H., Co. H, 57th Ill. Inf.
Goodwin, William B., Co. C, 118th Ill. Inf.
Gothard, Henry K., Co. L, 1st U. S. Inf.
Gould, John, Co. E, 93rd Ill. Cav.
Graham, Andrew, Co. E, 11th Pa. Inf.
Graham, Chas. W., Co. L, 20th Ohio Inf.
Graham, James (QM. Sergt.), 18th Pa. Cav.
Graham, J. B., Co. B, 7th Ill. Inf.
Graham, John W. (Corp.), Co. G, 31st Ia. Inf.
Gray, Albert B., Co. G, 18th Ia. Inf.
Gray, D. H. (Corp.), Co. E, 11th Wis. Inf.
Green, Benton, Co. B, 71st Ohio Inf.
Green, James (Sergt. Maj.), 106th N. Y. Inf.
Gregg, Jonathin, 32nd Ind. Inf.
Grimes, J. W., Co. B, 148th Ind. Inf.
Guessford, Noah, Co. B, 71st Ohio Inf.
Gullion, J., Co. C, 7th Ia. Inf.

Haag, John W., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Hadley, Lyell P., Co. G, 3rd Nebr. Inf.
Hamilton, Joseph, Co. A, 24th N. Y. Inf.
Hancock, William, Co. M, 2nd Nebr. Cav.
Hansen, Harry, Co. A, 50th Ohio Inf.
Hardenbergh, Thomas H.
Harper, J. A., Co. E, 61st Ia. Inf.
Harridan, Samuel, Co. A, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Harris, A. T., Co. D, 11th Ia. Inf.
Harris, W. H., Co. K, 69th Ohio Inf.
Harris, Mononah P., Co. F, 125th Ohio Inf.
Harrison, Daniel B. (Sergt.), Co. C, 98th Ohio Inf.
Harvey, Oscar S., Co. G, 1st Nebr. Inf.
Harwood, G. W., 1st Ia. Bat'y
Hastings, Joseph, Co. D, 1st Pa. Art.
Haver, Joslyn M., Co. C, 16th Ia. Inf.
Haymaker, Henry D., Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Hayward, Henry J. (Corp.), Co. A, 55th Ohio Inf.
Hayworth, Joseph, Co. C, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Hazlett, J. O., Co. C, 9th Ia. Inf.
Hebing, J. S.
Henderson, Joseph S., Co. H, 27th Ia. Inf.
Henshaw, W. N.
Herbert, Ebenezer (2nd Lt.), Co. C, 15th Ia. Inf.
Herbert, Frank (Corp.), Co. D, 4th Ohio Inf.
Herbert, Henry C, Co. G, 33rd Ia. Inf.
Hewett, M., Co. G, 28th Ia. Inf.
Hincliff, Robert, Co. L, 7th Ia. Cav.
Hinshaw, B.. Co. B, 7th Ia. Inf.
Hitchcock, Harvey R., Co. B, 39th Ia. Inf.
Hite, Nicholas. Co. D, 28th Ia. Inf.
Hodgkins, J. W., Co. A, 3rd Ia. Inf.
Hoffman, John, Co. E, 16th Ia. Inf.
Holdorph, Gottlieb, Co. I, 105th Inf.
Horney, Iradel A., Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Hornby, S. R. (Sergt.), Co. D, 142nd N. Y. Inf.
Hosfelt, George, Co. H, 12th Ill. Inf.
Houck, Marshall J., Co. F, Ia. Inf.
Howard, Austin (Sergt.), Co. B, 1st N. Y. Art.
Howard, Francis R., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Howard, Henry, Co. C, 7th Ohio Inf.
Howard, James C., Co. D, 42nd Ill. Inf.
Huff, Chas. W., Co. G, 19th Ia. Inf.
Hully, Chas. A., Co. C, 30th Ia. Inf.
Humerich, F. W., Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Hunt, Simeon, Co. C, 13th Ia. Inf.
Hunter, John S., Co. G, 11th Ill. Cav.
Hyde, Chas. R., Co. C, 96th Wis. Inf.

Ingwood, George, Co. A, 78th Ill. Inf.
Irwin, Rufus O., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.

James, R. C, Co. I, 46th HI. Inf.
Jamison, F. G., Co. I, 5th Ia. Inf.
Jenkens, E. S., Co. G, 47th Ill. Inf.
Jenkens, George J., Co. B, 7th Ill. Cav.
Jillich, George, Co. H, 197th Ohio Inf.
Johnson, Chas. B., Co. C, 1st Ia. Cav.
Johnson, David M., Co. D, 15th Ia. Inf.
Johnson, John E., Co. B, 2nd N. Y. Inf.
Johnson, John T., Co. D, 69th Ind. Inf.
Jones, Jeremiah Paul, Co. B, 2nd Ia. Cav.
Jordon, Thomas J.
Judd, Washington, Co. F, 8th Ia. Inf.

Kaiser, Chas. D.[G.], Co. F, 27th Wis. Inf.
Kauffman, Eli, Co. I, 20th Wis. Inf.
Kaultz, F. S., Co. H, 1st Wis. Inf.
Kear, Joshua M., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Keeler, Dennis (Sergt.), Co. A, 53rd Ill. Inf.
Keidel, Frederick, Co. K, 74th Ohio Inf.
Kelly, George E., 1st Cal. Cav.
Kelly, John C., Co. I, 46th Ia. Inf.
Kellogg, Lewis, Co. C, 20th Ill. Inf.
Kennard, William, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Kenyon, Nicholas R., Co. B, 105th Ill. Inf.
Kennedy, J. M., Co. K, 1st Pa. Cav.
Kerns, Abe, Co. H, 73rd Inf.
Kerns, John, Co. K, 166th Pa. Inf.
Kerr, Phineas H., Co. F, 9.5th Ill. Inf.
Ketchum, John, Co. K, 13th Mich. Inf.
Ketner, Jacob, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Kidder, Augustus L. (2nd Lt.), Co. B, 4th Ia.
King, John C., Co. K, 4th Pa. Cav.
Kirk, John R., Co. B, 8th Ia. Inf.
Kisrod, B. F., Co. A, 47th Ohio Inf.
Knowlton, John M., Co. D, 1st U. S. S. S.
Koch, A., Co. G, 33rd Ill. Inf.
Koob, Antoine, Co. F, 5th Ia. Cav.
Kreamer, George, Co. C, 46th Ill. Inf.
Kreamer, William H., Co. D, 26th Ill. Inf.
Krise, George A., Co. T. 210th Pa. Inf.
Kruse, Ernest, Co. I, 12th Mo. Inf.

Laartz, Charles L., Co. A, 52nd Ill. Inf.
Lang, C. M., Co. C, 46th Ill. Inf.
Lang, Jacob, Co. C, 46th Ill. Inf.
Langworthy, L. L., Co. I, 12th Ill. Inf.
Lantz, William, Co. F, 153rd Pa. Inf.
Larry, John H., Co. B, 53rd Ill. Inf.
Lawless, Patrick, Co. B, 18th Maine Inf.
Lawson, Nathaniel
League, D. R., Co. F, 16th Ill. Inf.
Leak, Alfred, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Leonard, Jacob, Co. G, 21st N. Y. Inf.
Leonard, Joseph M., Co. E, 21st Ill. Inf.
Leonard, Peter, Co. G, 100th N. Y. Inf.
Leymaster, Cornelius L., Co. H, 96th Ohio Inf.
Lichty, J. A.
Lindsey, A. G., Co. B, 42nd Ohio Inf.
Linn, A. J., Co. C, 22nd Ia. Inf.
Liston, Hanson S., Co. H, 6th W. Va. Cav.
Liston, Jacob H., Co. H, 6th W. Va. Cav.
Littlefleld, Merritt, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Littler, Ezra, Co. M, 10th HI. Cav.
Longshore, Solomon, 1st Bat., Ia. Light Art.
Lovejoy, Levi
Lowman, John H. (Sergt.), Co. G, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Lyman, Daniel, Co. A,. 1st U. S. Inf.

Mahar, Daniel, Co. M, 43rd U. S. Inf.
Mahar, Pierce, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Major, Robert ( 1st Lt.), Co. F, 5th Ohio Cav.
Marcum, F. M., 71st Ohio Inf.
Marks, Enoch, Co. A. 7th Ia. Inf.
Harden, E. L. D., Co. A, 2nd Wis. Inf.
Marsh, Lorenzo D., Co. D, 46th Ia. Inf.
Martin, Henry T., Co. E, 126th Ill. Inf.
Martin, J. A., Co. M, 12th Ill. Cav.
Martin, Mathew (Sergt.), Co. H, 35th. Inf.
Martin, William J., Co. A, 83rd Ill. Inf.
Marvin, George, Co. B, 95th Ill. Inf.
Mathews, L. C, Co. M, 4th Ill. Cav.
Mathieas, Wilson, Co. E, 1st Ohio Heavy Art.
McAneney, W. A., Co. D, 148th Ohio Inf.
McCain, William H., Co. H, 13th Ia. Inf.
McCarty, Allen J., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
McClintock, Augustus, Co. T, 23rd Ia. Inf.
McConnell, Joseph, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
McCord, A. L., Co. H, 4th Ia. Inf.
McCordor, A., Co. T, 4th Ia. Cav.
McCormick, James, Co. G, 1st Mo. Cav.
McCormick, William, Co. I, 14th W Va. Inf.
McCosh, Nathaniel H., Co. C, 14th W. Va. Inf.
McCray, A., Co. K, 2nd Ia. Cav.
McCreary, A. S., Co. E, 134th Pa. Inf.
McDiarmid, Adalbert H., Co. E, 31st Wis. Inf.
McFadden, George W., Co. K, 58th Ind. Inf.
McFarland, H. H. (Corp.), Co. I, 47th Ia. Inf.
McGeehon, William. Co. T, 134th Pa. Inf.
McGeehon, Robert S., Co. I, 134th Pa. Inf.
McGrath, William, Co. A, 7th Ind. Cav.
McKee, William T., Co. K, 3rd Md. Inf
McKnight, John, Co. I, 30th Ohio Inf.
McLary, William, Co. F, 36th Ill. Inf.
McMans, Harvey, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
McMillan, James A., Co. D, 163rd Ohio Inf.
McMillan, John C., Co. T, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Means, O., Co. E, 126th Ill. Inf.
Meredith, Brenton, 1st Minn. Inf.
Meredith, W. A., 10th Neb. Inf.
Meredith, W. H., Co. M, 2nd Neb. Cav.
Merritt, Josiah, Co. H, 178th Ohio Inf.
Metcalf, Henry, Co. I, 15th Ia. Inf.
Meyers, C. E., Co. D, 106th N. Y. Inf.
Michael, Phillip, Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Milege, John, Co. A, 33rd Wis. Inf.
Millard, Quincy D., Co. K, 171st Ohio Inf.
Mills, Edward P., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Mills, John A., 4th Ia. Inf.
Moffitt, Neamiah, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Monroe, Seymour, Co. B, 2nd N. Y. Inf.
Montgomery, Frank W., Co. H, 11th Ill. Cav.
Moore, H. E., Co. B, 19th Ia. Inf.
Moore, James L. (Sergt.), Co. K, 55th Pa. Inf.
Moore, M. H., Co. F, 8th N. Y. Heavy Art.
Moore, Seaborn (Corp.), Co. K, 24th Ia. Inf.
Moreland, Amos, Co. E, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Morgan, Henry (Sergt.), Co. H, 21st Wis. Inf.
Morgan, J. P., Co. K, 1st Neb. Cav.
Morgan, J. S. (1st Lt.), Co. I. 43rd Mo. Inf.
Morgan, Robert, Co. F, 28th Ill. Inf.
Morris, Alexander, Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Morse, George N., Co. F, 31st Ia. Inf.
Mosier, Burr, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Mountain, C. W., Co. M, 8th Ia. Cav.
Mountain, Levi, Co. K, 6th Pa. Art.
Mullins, Lafayette F. (Capt.), Co. C, 22nd Ia. Inf.
Murphy, Lewis S., Co. I, 65th Ill. Inf.
Murray, Robert M., Co. H, 57th Ill. Inf.
Myers, F. M., Co. E, 1st Ill. Cav.
Myers, Jacob E., Co. C, 1st Md. Cav.
Myers, John A. B., 138th Pa. Inf.

Neff, William, Bat. I, 1st N. Y. Lt. Art.
Nelson, William, Co. D, 29th Ia. Inf.
Neth, Jacob, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Niver, G. W. (Sergt.), Co. F, 75th Ill. Inf.
Nutter, Frank M. (Corp.), Co. B, 3rd Ia. Inf.

Obrecht, Martin, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
O'Connor, D., Co. D, 5th Ia. Inf.
Odell, E. D., Co. C, 28th Ia. Inf.
Odell, Richard K., Co. B, 4th Ia. Cav.
Oliphant, Robert A., Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Olsen, Lars, Co. A, 64th Ill. Inf.
Osborne, Cyrus P., Co. D, 134th Ill.. Inf.
Overmeier, Jacob J., Co. C, 104th Ill. Inf.

Paddock, B., Co. H, 3rd Minn. Inf.
Parks, Timothy, Co. K, 13th Mich. Inf.
Partridge, E. J., 11th Ohio Inf.
Patterson, Edward D., 10th Ia. Inf.
Peart, B. F. (Corp.), Co. A, 18th Ia. Inf.
Peasley, John, Co. G, 74th Ind. Inf.
Peasley, Rufas, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Peck, John, Co. B, 34th Ia. Inf.
Perry, Edwin (Sergt.), Co. K, 2nd Ia. Cav.
Persell, F. M., Co. G, 4th Ind. Cav.
Peters, P. L, Co. I, 28th Ill. Inf.
Petty, John W. (1st Lt.), Co. K, 14th Wis. Inf.
Phelps, A. C., Co. C, 20th Ia. Inf.
Piert, W. J., Co. A, 50th Ohio Inf.
Piervis, William E., Co. B, 18th Ind. Inf.
Pigslev, P. W., Co. E, 33rd Ill. Inf.
Pillcock, Stewart, Co. A, 64th Ohio Inf.
Porter, Daniel W., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Porter, David R., 9th Pa. Cav.
Porter, James N., Co. C, 129th Ohio Inf.
Porter, William, Co. F, 70th Ind. Inf.
Powers, James H., Co. A, 140th Ill. Inf.
Pray, Lewis, Co. D, 25th Ia. Inf.
Pressnall, James S. (1st Lt.), Co. F, 63rd Ind. Inf.
Pringey, Herman, Co. H, 6th W. Va. Cav.
Pringey, John, Co. B, 14th W. Va. Cav.
Proctor, Andrew E., Co. K, 74th Ohio Inf.
Pruner, George, Co. B, 126th Pa. Inf.
Purcell, William A., 6th Ia. Inf.

Quinlan, Malachi

Rahm, William, Co. K, 10th Ia. Inf.
Ransom, Hiram
Rash, Amos, Co. G, 12th Ill. Inf.
Rathburn, Albert H., Co. I, 24th Ia. Inf.
Reed, Fredrick, Co. A, 17th Ia. Inf.
Reed, Ransom, Co. C, 112th Ill. Inf.
Reed, Stephen
Reinige, L. O., New York Inf.
Rexroade, Conrad, Co. T, 8th Ia. Inf.
Reynolds, Benjamin N., Co. H, 13th U. S. Inf.
Reynolds, Henry P., Co. G, 128th Ill. Inf.
Reynolds, Hudson, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Reynolds, M., Co. A, 35th Ia. Inf.
Rhodes, Isom, 5th Ohio Bat'y
Richardson, George, Co. H, 57th Ill. Inf.
Rickel, Park A., Co. K, 169th Ohio Inf.
Riggs, A., Co. A, 3rd Wis. Cav.
Riggs, Isaac, 2nd Wis. Cav.
Rightsell, J. T., Co. D, 62nd Ill. Inf.
Roberts, F. M., Co. E, 28th Ia. Inf.
Roberts, James, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Roberts, W. P., Co. A, 54th Ia. Inf.
Robinson, A. R., Co. E, 4th Ia. Inf.
Robinson, James A., Co. B, 24th Ia. Inf.
Robinson, William B., Co. K, 2nd Ia. Inf.
Rodgers, Thomas H., Co. I, 7th Ia. Cav.
Roe, Silas J., Co. A, 20th Ill. Inf.
Rose, George, Co. H, 4th Ia. Inf.
Rose, W. A., Co. B, 13th Ia. Inf.
Roush, John, Co. C, 4th Calif. Inf.
Royal, W. H., 60th N. Y. Inf.
Ruggles, John W., Co. C, 34th Ia. Inf.
Rupp, I. S., Co. I, 1st Ia. Cav.
Russell, William A., Co. L, 7th Ia. Cav.

Scarf, W. W., 2nd Ia. Cav.
Schofield, James, Co. K, 76th Ohio Inf.
Schoonover, Asa H., Co. H. 126th Ohio Inf.
Schultz, J. B., Co. D, 24th Ohio Inf.
Schwenke, R., Co. K, 44th Ia. Inf.
Scott, James, Co. K, 76th Ohio Inf.
Scott, John W., Capt. Co. G, 2nd Ia. Inf.
Scovill, George W., Co. G, 103rd Ill. Inf.
Seaman, August, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Searle, Alva P., Co. F, 8th Ill. Cav.
Sears, Fredrick H., Co. E, 47th Ia. Inf.
Sears, Sackett, Co. I, 1st Minn. Inf.
Semilroth, William B., Co. B, 11th Ill. Cav.
Shafer, Benj. F., Co. B, 4th Ohio Inf.
Shay, J. A., Co. F, 22nd Inf.
Shearer, Robert A. (Sergt. Major), Co. E, 11th Pa. Inf.
Sheley, James, Co. G, 46th Ia. Inf.
Shepherd, William W., Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Shepard, F. L., Co. G, 8th Minn. Inf.
Shepley, William, Co. G, 76th Ohio Inf.
Shoemaker, Edward J.
    [*Error: See Andrew Sheumaker/Shoemaker]
Shields, John B., Co. H, 85th Ill. Inf.
Shifflett, R. H., Co. E, 44th HI. Inf.
Simmons, Charles W., Co. H, 15th Ia. Inf.
Simonton, Benjamin (War 1812)
Symonton, S. A., Co. B, 42nd Ill. Inf.
Sloanaker, Theodore, 10th Ind. Inf.
Smiley, J. F., Co. E, 139th Ill. Inf.
Smith, G. W., Co. H, 4th Ia. Inf.
Smith, Horace H., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Smith, Jackson K., Co. G, 6th Ia. Inf.
Smith, Patrick, Bat'y F, 3rd Pa. Art.
Smith, J. T., Co. I, 98th Ohio Inf.
Smith, R. M., Co. A, 2nd Ia. Cav.
Smith, William H., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Smither, Thomas, Co. B, 4th Ia. Cav.
Smither, William T. (Sergt.), Co. B, 4th Ia. Cav.
Snelson, William, Co. F, 137th Ind. Inf.
Snouffer, Francis J.
Snyder, J. E. (Sergt.), 9th Ohio Cav.
Spangler, Harrison, Co. A, 3Sth Ohio Inf.
Sperow, William S., Co. K, 92nd Ill. Inf.
Sprouse, Charles L., 15th Ill. Inf.
Sprouse, Samuel
Stafford, E. H., U. S. Navy
Stafford, W. B. (Sergt.), Co. H, 96th N. Y. Inf.
Stallnaker, Theodore, 10th Ia. Inf.
Stauffer, Bertrand, Co. H, 88th Ohio Inf.
Steinke, Theodore G., Co. I, 139th Ill. Inf.
Steinmates, L. D., Co. I, 50th Ill. Inf.
Stephens, G. H., Co. A, 10th Ia. Inf.
Stephenson, C. F., Co. H, 19th Ohio Inf.
Stephenson, George R., 2nd Ia. Bat 'y
Stevens, Harrison, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Stewart, John C. (Sergt.), Co. I, 51st Ill. Inf.
Stewart, Samuel
Stilling, O. A., Co. B, 1st Ia. Cav.
Stilley, Fredrick, Co. B, 79th Ill. Cav.
Studley, Hiram W., Co. I, 7th U. S. Inf.
Swan, William H., Co. G, 3rd Ia. Inf.
Swerington, R. A. (Corp.), Co. A, 8th Ia. Inf.
Switzer, Charles (1st Lt.), Co. C, 12th Ia. Inf.

Tabinsky, A. (Sergt.), 7th Wis. Bat'y
Taylor, John C, Co. D, 138th Ill. Inf.
Temple, Walter B., Co. M, 9th Ia. Cav.
Thayer, Jesse, Co. K, 1st Ia. Cav.
Thompson, C. F., Co. G, 46th Mass. Inf.
Thompson, J. C., Co. H, 3rd Ohio Cav.
Thornton, R. F., Co. G, 45th Ia. Inf.
Tice, Henry, Co. D, 4th Ia. Cav.
Tickner, L. P. (1st Lt.), Co. A, 36th Ill. Inf.
Tighe, John, 7th Wis. Bat'y
Torrence, William B., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Trego, Jacob R., Co. C, 103rd Ill. Inf.
Trego, Watson C, Co. C, 102nd Ill. Inf.
Trummell, John W., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Tucker, S. H., Co. G, 40th Ind. Inf.
Turner, James, Co. E, 13th Ia. Inf.
Turner, Robert, Co. G, 42nd Wis. Inf.
Turner, Samuel C., Co. C, 66th Ill. Inf.
Twiner, R., Co. F, 40th Wis. Inf.
Twining, John, Co. C, 128th Pa. Inf.
Twining, Isaac E., Co. F, 89th Ill. Inf.

Upherson, Alexander, Co. D, 22nd Ia. Cav.
Ungast, Frank, Co. D, 93rd Ill. Inf.

Van, Daniel, Co. E, 15th Ia. Inf.
Van, W. G., Co. K, 24th Ia. Inf.
Van Arsdale, G., Co. K, 30th Ohio Inf.
Van Schoick, E. H., Co. A, 78th Ind. Inf.
Vinson, James H. (Sergt.), Co. H, 53rd Ill. Inf.
Vincent, Ira, Co. A, 50th Ohio Inf.

Wagner, Benjamin, Co. A. 2nd Ia. Cav.
Walbiffee, T. M., Co. B, 60th Ill. Inf.
Wallace, Alexander, Co. C, 86th Ill. Inf.
Walton, Benj. F., Co. B, 4th Ia. Inf.
Wenzell, Joseph, Co. C. 2nd W. Va. Inf.
Ward, Peter, Co. C, 1st Neb. Inf.
Ward, W. T., Co. A, 33rd Ia. Inf.
Warfield, J. H. (Corp.), Co. D, 152nd Ill. Inf.
Warne, William, Co. I, 77th Ill. Inf.
Warner, William H., Co. C, 78th Ill. Inf.
Warnock, C. I., 23rd Ia. Inf.
Watson, John
Weaver, L. J., Co. I, 92nd Ill. Inf.
Webster, George A., Co. I, 1st N. H. Cav.
Weed, William H., Co. I, 4th Ill. Cav.
Welch, Hosea, Co. C, 103rd Ill. Inf.
Wertem, J. A., Bat. B, 1st Pa. Lt. Art.
Weston, William J., Bat. I, 1st Minn. Art.
Whitcomb, Oscar H., Co. A, 52nd Ill. lnf.
White, Francis, Co. B, 106th N. Y. Inf.
White, Milton M., Co. D, 60th Ohio Inf.
White, William, Co. G, 98th N. Y. Inf.
Whited, Newton M. (1st Lt.), Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Whitney, John A. C, Co. F, 15th Ia. Inf.
Wilcox, John, Co. E, 18th Ia. Inf.
Wilkin, Robert D., Co. I, 1st Pa. Cav.
Willard, Ezra, 9th Ind. Cav.
Williams, Samuel, Co. A, 14th Ind. Inf.
Williams, Thomas, Co. G, 47th Ill. Inf.
Willis, Elias, Co. F, 151st Ill. Inf.
Wilson, Francis, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Wilson, John, Co. C, 19th Ia. Inf.
Wilson, J. E., Co. C, 125th Pa. Inf.
Wilson, Samuel, Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Winder, Thomas C, Co. G, 11th Ia. Inf.
Wise, James D., Co. C, 134th Pa. Inf.
Wissler, Jacob, Co. F. 45th Ia. Inf.
Whisler, William L., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Woher, William, Co. F, 127th Ill. Inf.
Wolf, W. W., Co. G, 101st Pa. Inf.
Wood, William
Wolsey, Henry C., Co. E, 37th Ill. Inf.
Woodward, Woster J., Co. I, 23rd Ia. Inf.
Wolsey, James E., Co. E, 83rd Ill. Inf.
Wolsey, John L., Co. A, 77th Ill. Inf.
Worley, W. H., Co. C, 7th Ill. Inf.
Wornom, Charles T., Co. I, 17th Ill. Inf.
Wright, John, 37th Ia. Inf.
Wright, William A., Co. E, 51st Ia. Inf.
Wycoff, S. D., Co. C, Ia. Inf.

Young, Jehu J., Co. K, 143rd Ohio Inf.
Young, William J., Co. A, 14th Ill. Cav.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass (2015) from the Cass County in the World War 1917-1918-1919,
compiled and published by J. C. Beard, Atlantic, Iowa, 1919, pp. 129-136.

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