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Cass County History

(probably from an Atlas)
by Cathy Labath

Cass county, Iowa 250 miles west of Davenport, 75 west of Des Moines, and 7 east of Atlantic (c.h.)
Methodist Episcopal and Baptist churches, with a public school and a bank, are sustained.
Population 200. Shipments: corn and wheat.
Exp. U.S. Tel., W. U. Mail daily. J.C. Whitmore, postmaster.

  Baugn & Dungan, live stock.
Boyd J A, wagonmaker.
Christie Wm, grain.
Hart J O, hotel propr and meat market.
Holensworth & Gaylord, saloon.
Ingrhan I I, constable.
Irwin John, harnessmaker.
Lahman M F, lumber.
Lahman & Combs, livestock.
Ostrander A, general store.
Pogue J I, physician.
Pogue & Wood, druggists.
Roberts L E, railroad and express agent.
Roe S J, general store.
Rorah M, grocer.
Spurrier W E, hardware.
Taber T, saloon.
Turner Joseph, blacksmith.
Whitmore E O, general store.
Whitney F H, grain.
Wood Wm, justice of peace.
Young R T, lumber and grain.


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