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From the History of Cass County, Iowa Together With Brief Mention of Old Settlers
by Lafe Young, Atlantic, Iowa:  Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pg. 65-68.

Atlantic Lodge, No. 175, I.O.O.F. was organized July 30, 1869, by W.L. BIGGS, D.D.G.M., of Council Bluffs, assisted by members from that city and Lewis.  The first officers of the Lodge were S.E. HUSE, N.G., J. BENNETT, V.G., H.T. JONES, R.S., W. REYNOLDS, Jr., T., and A.C. THARP, P.S.  The following have held the position of N.G. in the Lodge:  J. BENNETT, H.T. JONES, J.K. POWERS, F.W. MILLER, W.B. TEMPLE, J.H. BARNWELL, H.E. BACON, R.F. BAIN, T.P. BRUINGTON, G.W. CHAMBERS, H.T. DECKER, C.H. RADLEY, and the present incumbent, E.C. MILLS.

  At present there is a membership of 93.  Three members have died since the organization.  The Lodge has paid $357 benefits to the sick, and $105 funeral benefits.  The Lodge was never in a more prosperous condition than at this time.  The Lodge has property and cash amounting to $3,600.

  Hawk-Eye Encampment, No. 54, Atlantic, was organized March 14, 1872, by W. L. BIGGS, D.D.G.M., of Council Bluffs, Iowa.  The Charter members were J.K. POWERS, H.T. JONES, J.J. Van HOUTEN, H. LICHTENSTEIN, W.B. TEMPLE, F.S. THOMAS, Samuel HARLAN, M.H. WILLETTS, M.H. WILLEY, S.E. HUSE, Frank W. MILLER, and John B. COUNRARDY.  The first officers were M.H. WILLEY, C.P.; J.K. POWERS, H.P.; S.E. HUSE, S.W.; Scribe ; F.S. THOMAS, Treasurer; J.J. Van HOUTEN, J.W.  The Ch’f Patriarchs since the organization have been:  J.K. POWERS, S.E. HUSE, H.T. JONES, W.B. TEMPLE, M.H. WILLETS, J.M. HAVER, J.P. JAMES, Charles H. RADLEY, and Ed. C. MILLS, present incumbent.  The encampment is in a flourishing condition and has a membership of about 40.  It was through the efforts of Patriarchs M.H. WILLEY and J.K. POWERS that the encampment was organized.

  Lewis Lodge, No. 140, I.O.O.F., was organized October 17th, 1866.  The first N.G., was S.K. SHIELDS.  The succeeding Noble Grands to date have been as follows:  J.J. Van HOUTEN, H.A. BAKER, V.M. CONRAD, Isaac DICKERSON, V.M. BRADSHAW, Dr. D. FINDLEY, W. W. HAWORTH, Lyman WRIGHT, W.J. WOODWARD, A.K. PARISH, W.S. SNELL, D.C. KENNEDY, C.C. BOGET, C.M. CHERY, D.M. PERKINS, and the present incumbent, Dr. J.G. RISHEL.  The Lodge has a large membership and owns its own hall.

  Wiota Lodge, No. 346, I.O.O.F., was organized April 20th, 1876, with the following officers :  James KEMPLEY, N.G., Hamilton HEMPHILL, V.G., Joseph TURNER, R.S., T.J. JORDAN, P. Sec’y., Nathaniel BRUYN, Treasurer.  The Lodge was organized with nine members, and now has twenty-three members.

  Anita Lodge, No. 267, I.O.O.F., was organized Sept. 29th, 1873, with the following officers :  J.P. JAMES, N.G., Oll COOMES, V.G., M. BACH, Sec’y; A. KOOL, Treasurer.  The present officers are:  A.E. KINCAID, N.G., C. YOUNG, V.G., J.A. GATES, Sec’y; J.P. JAMES Treasurer.  Membership is 42.

  Lewis Lodge No. 137, A.F. & A.M., holds a charter dated at Davenport, June 8th, 1859.  The first regular meeting of the Lodge U.D. was held June 8th, 1858.  The first officers were as follows:  Bowater BALES, W.M., Daniel STANLEY, S.W., Edward MANLY, J.W., H.S. CAREY, Treasurer, J.B. CAREY, Secretary.  The masters from the organization to the present time are enumerated below, with their terms of service:  Bowater BALES, 1858-9; Dr. J.B. CAREY, 1860; E.W. DAVENPORT, 1861; William WADDELL, 1862-3-4; Wm. H. BAILEY, 1865-6; William WADDELL, 1867-8; C.W. BAKER, 1869; Frank HUNT, 1870; C.W. BAKER, 1871; Dr. M.J. DAVIS, 1872-3; G.I. CHIZUM, 1874-5-6.

  Nov. 22, 1869, the Master Masons of Atlantic, met for the purpose of organizing Pymosa Lodge, No. 271, under a dispensation granted by John SCOTT, Grand Master, for Iowa.  The first officers were as follows:  Wm. WADDELL, W.M.; C.B. OSBORNE, S.W.; C.J. WYNKOOP, J.W.; D.H. STAFFORD, Treasurer; A.S. CHURCHILL, Secretary; H.E. GRISWOLD, S.D.; J.H. NEEDLES, J.D.; S.M. CHILDS, S.S.; Chas. S. NEALLEY, J.S.; J.W. WINSLOW, Tyler.  The Lodge was organized with seventeen members.  The Worshipful Masters have been Wm. WADDELL, C.B. OSBORNE, D.F. HAWKS, C.B. OSBORNE and C.F. LOOFBOURROW, the present incumbent.  The other officers at present are:  Frank COX, S.W.; A.A. HUBBARD, J.W.; W.T. WALKER, Treasurer; I.L. DUDLEY, Secretary; R.G. PHELPS, S.D.; Wm. NICHOLS, J.D.; H.L. FROST, S.S.; C.A. McCREA, J.S.; Wm. WILDS, Tyler.

  The ‘Botna Valley Medical Society with headquarters at Atlantic was organized in April 1875.  The original members were, Drs. NICHOLS, FINDLEY, THOMPSON, EMMERT, of Atlantic; Dr. DAVIS, of Lewis; ROOD, of Anita; HALLOCK, of Oakfield; Dr. ARCHER, of Bear Grove, Guthrie County. Officers:  M.J. DAVIS, President; Vice President, Dr. HALLOCK; Secretary Dr. THOMPSON; Treasurer, D. FINDLEY.  The delegates elected to the State Medical Association, held in May next, are:  Drs. M.J. DAVIS, V.D. ROOD, J.M. EMMERT.

  The Cass County Agricultural Society was organized in the year 1869, with headquarters at Atlantic.  The following were the first officers:  Oliver MILLS, President; D.F. GAYLORD, Vice President; L.L. ALEXANDER, Secretary; Harvey YEAMAN, Treasurer; James S. BARNETT, Marshall.  Oliver MILLS and John KEYES were appointed a committee to select grounds for the first fair which was held in October of that year.  The committee decided that the fair should be held in the North-west part of the city on a number of unoccupied lots, which ground has since been used for base ball purposes.  Harvey YEAMAN and Wm. S. REYNOLDS drafted the premium list for the first fair.  Mr. ALEXANDER resigned the secretaryship in June, 1870, and C.E. BUDLONG was appointed to the position.  Mr. BUDLONG also resigned soon, and President MILLS appointed George W. NORTON who has been secretary from that time until the present.  John KEYES was elected President in 1870, and filled the position until his death in September, 1873.  R.G. PHELPS was elected Treasurer in 1870 and still holds that position .  D.F. GAYLORD was chosen Marshall in 1870; John R. REYNOLDS held that position in 1872, 1873 and 1874.  Thomas MEREDITH was Vice President in 1873.  Wm. BAUGHMAN was elected Vice President in 1873 and still holds that position.  The society’s present ground, situated just east of Atlantic, was selected and bought in 1871, on the recommendation of a committee consisting of D.F. GAYLORD, Oliver MILLS, and T.G. WALLACE.  There are about twenty-two acres and the price paid was $100 per acre.  There is at present a mortgage on the ground and fixtures for $1,479.00, with three years to run.  The second annual fair was held in September 1870 on the block in Atlantic now occupied for residence purposes by J.H. NEEDLES, A.D. BOYD and others.  All subsequent fairs have been held on the present grounds.  The society has always paid liberal premiums, paid them in full, and in cash on demand.

Transcribed for Cass County by Brenda Magee, November 2009.

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