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History of Cass Co. 1877



The office of County Recorder was separated from the office of Treasurer by act of the General Assembly, in the year 1864. The Recorders have been as follows: Henry Temple, six years, from 1865 to 1870 inclusive; H. E. Bacon, four years, from 1871 to 1874 inclusive; Frank Aylesworth, the present incumbent elected in 1874 for two years.


C. E. Woodward, 1853, and part of 1854 H. K. Cranney, part of 1854-5; Chas. Baldwin, from October 1855 to July 4, 1858, when he was drowned; Mr. Baldwin's successor by appointment was John M. Ripley. E. W. Henderson was elected for two years in 1858, and entered upon his duties January 1, 1859; D. A. Barnett was elected for two years in 1860, and served during 1861-2; Wm Waddell, was three times elected to the position and held it from January, 1863, to December 31, 1868, when he turned the office over to J. K. Powers, who likewise held it for three terms, going out December 31, 1874. H. E. Bacon, the present incumbent, took the office January 1, 1875, being elected for two years.


The office of Sheriff seems to have changed hands at almost every term of court during the first years of the county's organization. The first Sheriff was O. O. Turner, who served during 1853 [and] part of 1854. At the September term of the District court, 1854, J. W. Conison, the Coroner acted as Sheriff; at the December term P. Cranney appeared as Sheriff. Robert C. Gordon served from October, 1855, to April 1857, when he was succeeded by John Keyes, who held the place until December 31, 1863. G. I. Chizum served during 1864-5; V. M. Bradshw for four years beginning with 1866; James S. Barnett served two years, 1870-1; E. E. Herbert, two years, 1872-3. J. S. Pressnall took charge of the office January 1, 1874. In the fall of 1875 Mr. Pressnall was elected for a second term which will end December 31, 1877.


The county treasurers have been: V. M. Conrad, George Shanon, Bowater Bales, Wm. N. Dickerson, S. H. Myers, G. I. Chizum, S. M. Tucker, Isaac Dickerson, S. H. Myers, G. I. Chizum, S. M. Tucker, Isaac Dickerson, W. Warwick, John P. Gerberich, Isaac Dickerson held the office from the spring of 1857 to December 31, 1866. W. Warwick filled the office from January 1st, 1866, to December 31, 1875.


The county Judges have been: J. Bradshaw, J. W. Bendict, Wm. N. Dickerson, E. W. Davenport, Samuel L. Lorah, Henry Temple, E. B. Bell, A. J. Irwin, David A. Barnett, L. L. Alexander. We have named them in the order of their service, but are unable to give the respective terms of service.


The following gentlement have held the office above named: -- Chapman, Tom Jordan, F. H. Whitney, Wm. Waddell, A. M. Wakefield, Samuel Hamblen, I. L. Dudley, Samuel Harlan.


The above named office was filled by W. S. Newlon, S. L. Lorah and Oliver Mills. The office was abolished many years ago.


The following gentlemen have filled the above office: James W. Brown, W. S. Newton, E. W. Hall, E. B. Bell, J. S. Rand, H. G. Smith, E. D. Hawes and H. A. Disbrow.


The county auditors have been L. L. Alexander and Wm. Gardner.


The following named persons discharged the duties of the above named office: T. E. McCracken, S. M. Tucker, Charles Baldwin, E. W. Davenport.


We have been unable to ascertain from the records who all have filled the above office. We know, however, that J. W. Cinsion, Dr. Geo. S. Montgomery, and D. H. Stafford have held the position, the latter being the present incumbent.

From the History of Cass County, Iowa Together With Brief Mention of Old Settlers
by Lafe Young, Atlantic, Iowa:  Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pg. 88-90.
Transcribed for Cass County by Cheryl Siebrass, July, 2013.

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