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History of Cass Co. 1877


The Atlantic Cemetery Association was organized July, 1874. Directors: S. M. Childs, W. Warwick, Wm. Waddell, J. A. McWaid, T. P. Bruington. President: Isaac Dickerson; Vice President, G. W. Norton; Secretary, I. N. Hammond; Treasurer, D. F. Hawks. Cost of Cemetery Grounds, $1,400. The first sale of lots in the cemetery took place in November, 1874.

The Lewis Cemetery Association was organized on the 14th day of September, 1867. The trustees for the first year, were K. W. Macomber, Wm. Waddell, Wilkins Warwick, W. H. Bailey, J. W. Brown, D. Findley, J. E. Pratt. The officers at present are as follows: S. Disbrow, President; J. Bradshaw, Secretary; C. C. Reynolds, Treasurer; J. Ward, Sexton.

From the History of Cass County, Iowa Together With Brief Mention of Old Settlers
by Lafe Young, Atlantic, Iowa:  Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pg. 68.
Transcribed for Cass County by Cheryl Siebrass, July, 2013.

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