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Dry goods and clothing: Childs & Renig, Yetzer & Wright;

Hardware: C. C. Reynolds & Co.;

Groceries: G. A. Macomber, J. P. Morgan, J. E. Kiehl, Yetzer & Wright, Childs & Reinig;

Glass and queensware: Childs & Reinig, Yetzer & Wright, J. E. Kiehl, J. P. Morgan;

Drugs, Medicines, and Books and Stationery: Davis & Bobbit;

Pianos, Organs and Sewing machines: N. N. Jones;

Hats, Caps, Boots, and Agricultural Implements: C. C. Reynolds & Co., Yetzer & Wright, C. E. Mead;

Furniture and Undertaking: C. M. Cherry;

Watch maker and Jeweler: J. W. Laraway;

Millinery: Mrs. Langdon;

Harness Maker and Saddler: Geo. Hind;

Boot and Shoemaker: John Allen;

Blacksmithing, Wagon and Carriage making: C. E. Mead, T. J. Bales, Jacob Kettering;

Flouring Mills: Rousch Bros.;

Livery and Feed Stables: Jerry Murnan;

Mason and Painters: I. T. Horn, J. L. Beeks, Moody Bros., Samuel Walty;

Tin Smithing: C. C. Reynolds & Co.;

Well Borers: A. Keeler, D. McCotter & Co., Thos. Ward;

Hotels: Henry Myers, Pennsylvania House, C. E. Mead, Lewis House;

Barber Shop: J. W. Smith;

Physicians: [Alopathic] M. J. Davis, L. M. Andrews, [Homopathist] Dr. Rishel;

Pastor of Congregational Church: Rev. Chas. Little;

Pastor of Methodist Church: Rev. Armstrong;

Principal of School: Frank Macomber.

Transcribed from History of Cass County. Iowa Together with Brief Mention of Old Settlers by Lafe Young.
Atlantic, Iowa:  Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pp. 108-109, February, 2011.

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