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Cemeteries Near Cass Co.

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Many Cass County residents who lived close to the county's border were buried in cemeteries in adjoining counties. The cemeteries below are outside Cass County, but close to its borders.

Cemeteries in Pottawattamie to the West

  • Griswold Cemetery - The first burial was in 1869 of William E. Baughman, a resident of Pleasant Township, Cass County. Many other Cass County residents are also buried in this cemetery.

  • Flint (or Rhode Island Ridge) Cemetery was established in 1875. Many Cass County residents are buried here.

  • Mewhirter (or Mercer) Cemetery is located in Waveland Township, Pottawattamie County. This cemetery is very old.

  • Waveland Cemetery is located in Waveland Township, Pottawattamie County.

  • Whipple Cemetery is located in Wright Township, Pottawattamie County. This is near the deserted town of Whipple.
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Cemeteries in Audubon County to the North

  • Bowen/Highland Cemetery is located in southern Exira Township, Audubon County.

  • Grove Cemetery is located in Audubon Township, Audubon County.

  • Oakhill Cemetery is located in Oakfield Township, Audubon County.

  • Oakfield Cemetery is located in Exira Township, Audubon County.
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Cemeteries in Guthrie County to the Northeast

  • There is one cemetery located half a mile north of Adair (Immanuel Lutheran).
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Cemeteries in Adair County to the East

  • There are two cemeteries located just south of the main/east I-80 exit for Adair, Iowa (Sunnyhill and St. John's Catholic).

  • There is one cemetery located northwest of Bridgewater, Iowa (St. Mary's) and four cemeteries located south of Bridgewater, Iowa (Garner, Witt, Winn, and Campbell).
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Cemeteries in Adams County to the Southeast

  • There are two cemeteries located near Mt. Etna, Iowa (Forest Hill/First Baptist and Mt. Etna Brethren) in Washington Township and there are two cemeteries in Lincoln Township (Lincoln Center and Strand).
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Cemeteries in Montgomery County to the South

  • An abandoned cemetery is located northeast of Grant.

  • Elliott/Hillside Cemetery is located just south of Elliott.

  • Milford/East Grant Cemetery is located just west of Grant.
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