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Reno Cemetery

Reno Cemetery - WPA Records
A.K.A. Reno M.E. Cemetery, in Edna Twp

This cemetery was canvassed by WPA workers in the late 1930's. These records
were transcribed from these WPA surveys.

(Note: WPA records have been known to be incomplete and may contain errors.)

Lalla Baer

Mary J. Baer
died 3rd of May, 1896
Age 20 years

Ralph B. Baer
August 27, 1871-April 15, 1917

Nicholas Bartles
died 27th of December, 1880
Age 88

Thomas A. Black
June 26, 1845-April 29, 1896
Civil War Veteran

Catharine Brenton
Died 23rd of November, 1859
Age 62

Elvina Brenton
March 26, 1828-March 19, 1911
Nee Mathews, wife of W. F. Brenton

John Brenton
died 23rd of September, 1869
Age 72

W. F. Brenton
died 27th of September, 1898

Mina M. Campbell

Cora Caywood

Harriet L. Chapman
February 17, 1829-April 18, 1872

John Crawford
Civil War Veteran- Co K Iowa Cav

Anna Dougherty
died 14th of December, 1920
Age 80
wife of Henry Dougherty

Baby Dougherty
died 13th of September 1898
infant son of S. O. Dougherty

Frank Dougherty
died 19th of February, 1885
Age 46

Henry Dougherty
died 15th of February, 1910
Age 77 years

John Dyer
No dates
Civil War Veteran - 1st Iowa Battery

Mary A. Dyer
died 2nd of June, 1884
Age 37

Amos Edwards
July 25, 1808-August 12, 1876

Fredric Edwards
July 26, 1874-September 28, 1874

Mary E. Edwards
December 26, 1861-July 8, 1872

Maud Edwards
No dates

Samson Edwards
March 20, 1860-September 1, 1861

Ella H. Fletcher
died 28th of March, 1896
Age 7 months

Joseph Harper
June 23, 1823-March 18, 1896

Loiuse Harper

Nancy A. Harper
died 27th of July, 1886
wife of J. Harper

Samuel Harper

Edna Ethel Holaday
died 7th of August, 1907
Age 27

No dates
son of William and Mary Horton

Mary Ann Howard
died 6th of May, 1863
Age 20
wife of Julius Howard

Edward Charles Hoyt
died 1st of October, 1934

Jonathan Hoyt
died 10th of February, 1896

Robert F. Hoyt
died 17th of November 1907

Velma Lucile Hoyt
died 3rd of August 1913

Vera May Hoyt
December 30, 1896-July 28, 1897

James J. Huddleson
died 4th of December, 1893
Age 20 years
son of P. and M. E. Huddleson

Mary E. Huddleson
died 9th of June, 1891

Porter Huddleson
August 16, 1842-October 7, 1926

I. W. Hufford
died 26th of July 1881
Age 36

Martha Jane Hufford
died 21st of May 1936
Age 88

John Irwin
Died 23rd ofJune 1869
Age 70

Mary Irwin
died 13th of April 1863
Age 61
wife of John Irwin

Hanna Johnson
died 17th of April 1934
Age 67

Maud Jones
1895-October 11, 1895
Age 2 mos. old

Harold Jorgensen
died 1930

Wayne E. L. Jorgensen
February 10, 1919-August 19,1921

Andrew J. Keith
October 20, 1866-May 6, 1924

Zachariah D. Keith
died 17th of May 1870
Age 41

Harley Landon
November 23, 1909-June 9, 1911
son of J. W. and Ida May Landon

Nancy Lane
died 4th of September 1871

Mary Keith Lauver
December 29, 1866-November 21, 1911

James W. Leslie
No dates
Civil War Veteran

Joseph Leslie
died 8th of August 1875

Sarah Leslie
born 29th of April 1850
no date of death
wife of James Leslie

A. L. McCord
died 29th of July 1880
Age 60 years
Co. H. 4th Iowa Infantry, Civil War Veteran

Content M. McCord
died 18th of December, 1901
Age 64 years
wife of A. L.

Fannie McCord
No dates
daughter of A. L. and C. M. McCord

William L. McCord
No dates
son of A. L. McCord

Esther Porter Madden
died 20th of April 1935
Age 88

Peter Madden

Thomas W. Madden
October 27, 1851-September 19, 1933

William John Newcomb
1847-January 9, 1935

Jason S. Nicholas
died 17th of August 1875
Age 28

Mary Nicholas
died 16th of October 1863
Age 34
wife of Jason S. Nichols

William Perkins
died 20th of July 1873
Age 65

--- Porter
no dates

--- Porter
no dates

Clarissa Porter
September 18, 1819-June 6, 1872
Nee Powell

David A. Porter
March 28, 1850-October 26, 1863

Edward Porter
February 1, 1813-April 16, 1892

Ester Leola Porter
died 15th of April 1936
Age 17

Isaiah Commodore Porter
died 21st of March, 1935

James E. Porter
January 24, 1854-September 14, 1866

Labelle Porter
wife of William Porter

Rosa Blanche Porter
October 22, 1887-February 9, 1920

William Kinsan Porter
died 6th of December 1936
74 years old

Clara Pruitt
May 28, 1873-November 30, 1913

Clarissa J. Reed
wife of Ransom Reed

Ransom Reed
Civil War Veteran - Co. C, 112th Ill. Inf.

Sarah Gillian Shelton
died 9th of April 1935
Age 78

Dollie I. South
August 17, 1895-March 20, 1898
daughter of Lewis S. and Sadie J. South

Lewis S. South
November 23, 1867-August 3, 1908

Lossie R. South
October 17, 1896-July 23, 1897
child of Lewis S. and Sadie J. South

John Jacob Steen
died 18th of December 1906
Age 82

Martha W. Steen
died 31st of July 1882
Age 44
wife of J. J. Steen

Dale Stuart
No dates

Dottie Stuart
No dates

Grandma Stuart
No dates

Rev. Asa Walden
died 7th of August, 1861
Age 70 years

Mary Cline Walden
wife of Asa

Elizabeth R. Whisler
Died 18th of March, 1888
Age 72
Maiden name Pike
wife of Samuel Whisler

Samuel Whisler
died 8th of November 1876
Age 65

Charles R. Wilkin
January 12, 1837-August 6, 1914

C. R. Wilkins
January 2, 1837-August 6, 1914

John B. Williams
died 29th of March, 1893
Age 19 years
son of Thomas and Effana

John M. Wilson
died 8th of November, 1862
Age 61

Mary Elvina Wyckoff
died 20th of September, 1899
Age 20 years
wife of Jessie Wyckoff

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