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Calvary Cemetery

  Calvary Cemetery - WPA Records
in Edna Township, Section 22

This cemetery was canvassed by WPA workers in the late 1930's. These
records were transcribed from these WPA surveys.

(Note: WPA records have been known to be incomplete and may contain errors.)

NAME                       DATES                        LOCATIONS        REMARKS

Barry,      Cathrine         6-24-1842 to 11-17-1916    
Barry,      James            11-1-1825 to 10-13-1916    
Breen,      Daniel           4-3-1845 to 8-5-1917       
Breen,      Margaret         5-4-1813 to 8-19-1916      
Breen,      Thomas Henry     7-5-1856 to 11-7-1894      
Briscoe,    Mary             5-7-1831 to 12-19-1909     Bk. C          (wife of Wm. Briscoe)
Briscoe,    William          6-13-1833 to 9-26-1897   
Brunner,    Mary Magdeline   3-17-1862 to 8-31-1906                    Wife of John F. Brunner
Burdette,   Allen            (No Dates)                
Burdette,   James            8-15-1834 to 7-8-1908   
Burdette,   Joseph           1889 to 1889               


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