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Cass County 1909-June 1921

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Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

The original handwritten birth records for Cass County 1909-June 1921 have been transcribed below by the State Historical Society of Iowa. Please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, and even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Cass County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. If you identify what you believe to be an error in one of the entries below, please contact the Cass County Coordinator so a notation can be included with that entry. Use Cntl "F" to search for a specific name.

NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box #
Aagard, Norma Norine02 Nov. 1920CassRasmussen0380B2257
Abel, Edith Maurine25 Apr. 1918CassDotts0001B2256
Abelenberger, Lois Zella29 Feb. 1916CassEdwards0002B2255
Ackerman, Donald Fleming29 Oct. 1912CassFleming0010B2254
Ackerman, James Woodrow13 Sept. 1918CassCibert0002B2256
Ackerman, Leland Frank17 Oct. 1920CassNewman0345B2257
Ackerman, Margaret Catherine03 June 1920CassSeibert0170B2257
Ackerman, Roland Elbridge11 July 1914CassColbern0006B2255
Ackerman, Ross J.12 Apr. 1911CassFleming0003B2254
Adams, Audra Maxime15 Mar. 1916CassDudley0010B2255
Adams, Charles H.09 Oct. 1912CassGilbert0001B2254
Adams, Hallie Mae17 May 1911CassHowell0001B2254
Adams, Jesse Harrison08 July 1918CassSands0003B2256
Adams, Ross04 Dec. 1912CassThompson0011B2254
Adams, Roxy Vernon03 Dec. 1914CassThompson0007B2255
Agy, Charles Fredrick24 Nov. 1912CassSpringer0009B2254
Ahrens, Edward Pershing15 Apr. 1919CassJohnston0001B2256
Albright, Anna M.18 Mar. 1912CassDraffen0006B2254
Albright, Dale30 Oct. 1913CassDraffen0013B2255
Albright, Ella Marcella11 Mar. 1918CassLipp0004B2256
Albright, Grethel Arvilla15 Sept. 1918CassAlbright0005B2256
Albright, Helen Luella05 Aug. 1914CassHunt0005B2255
Aldag (Baby Boy)20 Oct. 1916CassBannick0008B2255
Aldrich, Genevieve Mae27 Nov. 1918CassBigeton0006B2256
Aldrich, Jack Bigelow02 Apr. 1921CassBigelow0001B2257
Aldrich, Jane Marie07 Feb. 1920CassChristofferson0048B2257
Aldrich, Mildred Louise18 Jan. 1918CassChristoffersen0007B2256
Aldrich, Phil Hoffman28 July 1913CassHoffman0007B2255
Aldrich, Roy11 Aug. 1913CassChristoffersen0005B2255
Alexander, Bernita Evelyn23 Nov. 1919CassWright0002B2256
Alexander, Denzil Edward09 May 1917CassWright0006B2256
Alexander, Mildred Berdeen30 Mar. 1912CassJohnson0005B2254
Allanson, Mildred10 Sept. 1909CassDavis0186B2253
Allanson, Minerva Marcel16 Dec. 1919CassCypert0003B2256
Allen, Dorothy Bell13 Dec. 1916CassDooley0003B2255
Allen, Elan Oliver27 Sept. 1920CassPeron0308B2257
Allison, Emeret Arnel31 Jan. 1911CassOdem0011B2254
Amador, Dorothy Anna03 Mar. 1912CassEblen0007B2254
Amador, Retta Irene04 Apr. 1919CassEflen0004B2256
Amdor, Joseph Donald14 Mar. 1916CassEblen0012B2255
Amdor, Sarah Catharine02 Oct. 1913CassEblen0010B2255
Anchor, Doris07 Nov. 1916CassNichols0004B2255
Anchor, Dorothy07 Nov. 1916CassNichols0005B2255
Andersen, Evelyn21 Nov. 1915CassLange0001B2255
Andersen, Leta May05 Feb. 1915CassAndersen0003B2255
Anderson (Baby Boy)15 Oct. 1917CassPaulson0003B2256
Anderson, Adolph G.02 June 1914CassBrown0003B2255
Anderson, Adolph Robert17 Dec. 1919CassAndersen0007B2256
Anderson, Cecil17 Aug. 1910CassSchulz0006B2254
Anderson, Cedric Owen13 Dec. 1916CassSandberg0006B2255
Anderson, Chris Clifford01 Jan. 1921CassHansen0002B2257
Anderson, Edna A.16 Jan. 1910CassSorensen0002B2254
Anderson, Edna E.04 Feb. 1912CassChristensen0004B2254
Anderson, Emil A.13 Jan. 1910CassNelson0009B2254
Anderson, Evalin Gwendolin03 Aug. 1914CassSandberg0001B2255
Anderson, Evelyn12 Jan. 1920CassPawlson0002B2257
Anderson, Evelyn Edna27 Mar. 1911CassNelson0005B2254
Anderson, Frankie V.20 Jan. 1910CassBrown0008B2254
Anderson, George Boyd09 June 1918CassChristensen0008B2256
Anderson, Gerald Winters30 Sept. 1913CassWinters0008B2255
Anderson, Gwendolyn Belle14 Nov. 1911CassWinters0009B2254
Anderson, Harold Robert14 Oct. 1913CassPrall0003B2255
Anderson, Hazel L.22 Oct. 1911CassAntill0002B2254
Anderson, Howard10 June 1910CassPrall0004B2254
Anderson, Howard R.30 Oct. 1914CassChristensen0004B2255
Anderson, Imogene Opal11 Aug. 1911CassDuff0013B2254
Anderson, Lee Rudolph26 Aug. 1912CassAnderson0012B2254
Anderson, Lenora Louise15 July 1911CassSorensen0006B2254
Anderson, Leonard Wilson07 June 1918CassAnderson0009B2256
Anderson, Lester Harold21 Sept. 1915CassOnken0005B2255
Anderson, Lyle Vernon18 Sept. 1918CassTrent0010B2256
Anderson, Marjorie Irene28 Feb. 1914CassHerbert0002B2255
Anderson, Max Louis05 Feb. 1917CassDuff0001B2256
Anderson, Ralph Leroy31 July 1920CassChristensen0214B2257
Anderson, Ramona08 June 1915CassBenson0004B2255
Anderson, Raymond F.22 May 1910CassChristensen0007B2254
Anderson, Roger Emmett20 Sept. 1919CassSchultz0006B2256
Anderson, Roy05 Dec. 1917CassChristensen0002B2256
Anderson, Ruby23 Feb. 1916CassGoodwin0001B2255
Anderson, Segra Augusta18 July 1911CassBrown0012B2254
Anderson, Thomas Herald27 Feb. 1909CassMarsh0187B2253
Anderson, Viola Elizabeth14 June 1913CassChristensen0001B2255
Anderson, W. Elizabeth26 July 1913CassPark0006B2255
Andrews, Donald LaVerne01 Sept. 1913CassTucker0012B2255
Andrews, Earl09 Dec. 1916CassLeaverton0009B2255
Angell, Russell William11 May 1921CassLewis0004B2257
Anker, Marian Dorothy16 Sept. 1913CassNichols0004B2255
Anstey, Adienne Helen26 Sept. 1915CassMcGrew0008B2255
Anstey, Alice Faye02 Feb. 1919CassMcGrew0012B2256
Anstey, Amy Lucile04 June 1913CassMegrew0011B2255
Anstey, Bertha Helen05 Sept. 1911CassCruise0008B2254
Anstey, George Cruise01 Mar. 1917CassAnstey0004B2256
Anstey, Margorie Catharine12 Aug. 1913CassCruise0009B2255
Anstey, Marie Sarah19 Sept. 1920CassHatton0309B2257
Anstey, Mary V.12 July 1909CassSmise0185B2253
Anxier (Baby Girl)09 Dec. 1911CassBuckley0004B2254
Archer, Alice Jessie12 Aug. 1918CassDay0011B2256
Archer, Elma Edna26 Nov. 1915CassDay0009B2255
Archer, Fostena Pearl27 Mar. 1920CassWallace0089B2257
Archer, Irwin Donald31 Mar. 1920CassBarrow0090B2257
Armentraut, Roscoe Arthur01 Sept. 1918CassBell0012B2256
Armentrout, Paul Eugene07 Feb. 1920CassBell0049B2257
Armstrong, Belle Marie06 June 1920CassDaughenbaugh0171B2257
Armstrong, Charles Dale28 Feb. 1919CassDaughenbaugh0009B2256
Armstrong, Chester I.08 Sept. 1915CassSmith0002B2255
Armstrong, Garland Smitz29 Mar. 1913CassSmith0002B2255
Armstrong, Harry C.31 July 1910CassSmith0001B2254
Armstrong, Harry Chris22 Feb. 1913CassLine0014B2255
Armstrong, Ioila M.10 Apr. 1912CassSmith0003B2254
Armstrong, Lyle Edward1913CassMcCarthy0015B2255
Armstrong, Mary Mildred16 Oct. 1911CassGrifith0010B2254
Arnesmeier, Mary Murdock05 Jan. 1921CassMurdock0005B2257
Arp, Carl1912CassKraag0002B2254
Arrowsmith, James Lloyd24 June 1918CassCarlton0013B2256
Artlip, Majorie Belle21 Nov. 1918CassArtlip0014B2256
Artlip, Norbert15 Apr. 1917CassShaffer0005B2256
Asay, Audrey E.06 June 1910CassPierson0010B2254
Ashley, Marjory15 Apr. 1919CassAshley0010B2256
Ashmore, Junior Harold Smith15 Dec. 1920CassSmith0435B2257
Ashwood, James Martin Woodrow23 Sept. 1918CassGaines0015B2256
Atwood, Isabelle Lucille26 Apr. 1918CassLipert0016B2256
Auerbach, Blanche M.S.08 Aug. 1910CassBrehmer0003B2254
Auerbach, Donald Kreamer22 Apr. 1916CassKreamer0007B2255
Auerbach, Harper Jack26 Apr. 1921CassKreamer0003B2257
Auerbach, Loyd Carl Fred29 Sept. 1915CassBrehmer0006B2255
Auerbach, Robert Henry01 Mar. 1918CassBrehmer0017B2256
Auerbach, Wilbur Lee26 May 1920CassBrehmer0141B2257
Augell, James William04 Oct. 1920CassSelby0346B2257
Aupperle, Inez Elaine21 Oct. 1919CassCrozier0010.5B2256
Aupperlee, Irene Edith15 June 1919CassBruckman0011B2256
Austie, William Hugh14 Dec. 1920CassMcGrew0410B2257
Auxier, Clair Daniel15 July 1916CassLane0011B2255
Ayers, Chester Bartin27 June 1912CassBradley0008B2254
Babbitt, Velma Ruth15 Dec. 1920CassFranklin0411B2257
Babultz, Don Bernhardt12 July 1915CassKirkman0025B2255
Backsen, Howard O.25 Aug. 1910CassBumann0022B2254
Bagshaw, Mary Elise28 June 1912CassBanoroff0029B2254
Bagshaw, Robert Lewis24 Nov. 1916CassBorrowcliff0045B2255
Baier, George Mohlandt18 June 1921CassDaughenbaugh0006B2257
Baier, George William Thue05 Feb. 1920CassClaussen0050B2257
Baier, Howard Dale01 May 1918CassLarson0018B2256
Baier, Raymond John05 Nov. 1914CassEhle0031B2255
Baier, Virginia Isabel27 Dec. 1918CassEhle0019B2256
Bailey, Bert Raymond17 July 1917CassHamler0014B2256
Bailey, Beva Josephine18 Nov. 1913CassTompkins0031B2255
Bailey, Bonnie L.19 May 1909CassGuske0197B2253
Bailey, Boyd Donald1909CassOdem0195B2253
Bailey, Clyde I.15 Feb. 1911CassOdem0024B2254
Bailey, George Alfred11 Feb. 1909CassTompkin0219B2253
Bailey, Gladys Iola14 Aug. 1911CassWilfong0028B2254
Bailey, Iva I.09 July 1911CassGuske0023B2254
Bailey, Kermit Eugene29 Dec. 1919CassTompkins0013B2256
Bailey, Leonard Gayle18 Oct. 1911CassTompkin0048B2254
Bailey, Noreen Marie03 Apr. 1913CassHamler0039B2255
Bailey, Samuel Thomas08 May 1916CassWilfong0043B2255
Bailey, Sheldon14 Feb. 1909CassWilfawn0230B2253
Bain, John Howard16 Aug. 1912CassComner0039B2254
Bain, John Howard16 Aug. 1911CassBaine0017B2254
Bainard, William Berry15 Dec. 1912CassBerry0041B2254
Baird, Clyde Oren Jr.24 Oct. 1918CassGreenwald0020B2256
Baker, Alta06 Jan. 1910CassShear0033B2254
Baker, Catherine Geneva17 May 1918CassTalbot0021B2256
Baker, Dwane Everett17 Sept. 1916CassTalbott0036B2255
Baker, Earnest10 Apr. 1918CassWilburn0022B2256
Baker, Edna Valma16 Nov. 1917CassPigsley0028B2256
Baker, Glen Selby17 Jan. 1914CassBeekman0019B2255
Baker, Glenn Louis07 Mar. 1920CassWatson0091B2257
Baker, Mable Jean17 Apr. 1921CassFallot0007B2257
Baker, Marion20 Apr. 1911CassDonahoe0038B2254
Baker, Max L.01 Dec. 1910CassSullivan0025B2254
Baker, Mellville Albert30 Dec. 1919CassRoberts0014B2256
Baker, Merle N.10 May 1911CassWay0031B2254
Baker, Myrrle Evelyn07 Apr. 1921CassBaker0008B2257
Baker, Paul LeRoy15 May 1916CassBeekman0028B2255
Baker, Retta Mae27 Oct. 1919CassPigsley0015B2256
Baker, Roland17 Nov. 1920CassWilburn0381B2257
Baker, William Edgar25 Nov. 1909CassDonahoe0198B2253
Balcom, Alyce Effie26 Mar. 1918CassDean0023B2256
Bales, Earl R.06 Oct. 1910CassJacobson0017B2254
Bales, Ina Marjorie10 Nov. 1913CassJacobsen0029B2255
Bales, Inez12 Nov. 1913CassJacobsen0030B2255
Ballard, Myrtle May22 July 1909CassTaylor0224B2253
Ballensiefer (Baby Boy)09 May 1914CassBurke0014B2255
Ballensiefer, Joseph William14 Oct. 1917CassBurke0012B2256
Ballensiefer, Marjoire Caroline19 Oct. 1915CassBurke0017B2255
Baller, Lloyd14 Jan. 1912CassStrittmatter0035B2254
Baller, Lydia14 Jan. 1912CassStrittmatter0034B2254
Bamford, Evelyn Ruth03 June 1918CassStone0024B2256
Bangham, William Russell10 June 1916CassWagner0014B2255
Banks, Donald Robert10 May 1915CassReichardt0041B2255
Banks, Herman Frederick04 Dec. 1916CassReichardt0046B2255
Bannick, Carl17 Oct. 1914CassHanson0020B2255
Bannick, Elmer Alwin31 July 1918CassUfken0027B2256
Bannick, Louis Henry25 Feb. 1912CassVanderlow0032B2254
Barber, Belle Marie28 Oct. 1911CassPaul0046B2254
Barber, Paul28 May 1915CassPaul0018B2255
Barber, Pearl28 May 1915CassPaul0019B2255
Bardtman, Dorthy Marie26 July 1915CassLewis0011B2255
Barker, Jean Mardelle30 Oct. 1917CassMills0016B2256
Barkus, Norine Rose15 May 1921CassGarrison0009B2257
Barnes (Baby Girl)23 July 1916CassCue0034B2255
Barnes, James Wiley07 Sept. 1918CassTreichler0028B2256
Barnes, Lawrence Edwin09 Jan. 1920CassGunderson0003B2257
Barnes, Leonard Edward25 Apr. 1921CassGunderson0011B2257
Barnes, Leonore27 May 1910CassHonald0030B2254
Barnes, Virgil08 Aug. 1915CassCue0039B2255
Barnett, Alice Lavonne13 Aug. 1919CassWild0016B2256
Barnett, Doris F.29 Dec. 1910CassCady0036B2254
Barnett, Evelyn Florence25 May 1909CassCady0202B2253
Barnett, Joyce Loraine22 June 1917CassBarnett0024B2256
Barnhart, Lawrence Temple01 Aug. 1909CassTemple0221B2253
Barnhart, Mary Ann1911CassTemple0040B2254
Barnhart, Ruth Elizabeth19 Jan. 1918CassTemple0029B2256
Barnholdt, Arthur Leroy14 Sept. 1919CassSimons0018B2256
Barnholdt, Clarence Arnold28 Oct. 1909CassSpear0208B2253
Barnholdt, Gertrude Lucille17 Mar. 1919CassSheumaker0019B2256
Barnholdt, Helen Ione11 July 1920CassSheumaker0215B2257
Barnholdt, Ida Geneva01 Apr. 1918CassWinston0030B2256
Barnholdt, Pauline Hazel14 May 1916CassShoemaker0029B2255
Barnholdt, Reba Laverne26 Oct. 1920CassSimon0347B2257
Barnholdt, Ruth Arlene06 Mar. 1921CassHansen0010B2257
Barnholdt, Thelma Bernice17 Feb. 1918CassSheumaker0031B2256
Barnum, Elmo Vieth11 Oct. 1917CassVieth0023B2256
Baron, Arlene May26 July 1915CassMiller0012B2255
Baron, Roy Edward16 Apr. 1918CassSanders0032B2256
Barrier, Ruth10 Sept. 1917CassOlsen0017B2256
Barry, Bernadine Marie05 Nov. 1917CassMcConkey0034B2256
Bartlett, Evelin29 June 1916CassJensen0030B2255
Bartling, Homer Fay15 June 1918CassCary0033B2256
Baugham, Dorothy16 Apr. 1918CassWagner0025B2256
Baughman, Bernice17 Apr. 1914CassBorough0028B2255
Baughman, Dale23 Oct. 1914CassMontgomery0029B2255
Baughman, Harlan Louis27 Apr. 1920CassMontgomery0113B2257
Baughman, Harriet19 Apr. 1912CassBurrough0036B2254
Baughman, Helen Maxine06 Mar. 1918CassBouroughs0026B2256
Baughman, Helen Ruth15 Aug. 1917CassMontgomery0030B2256
Baughman, Lester Marshall09 Dec. 1919CassBurroughs0038B2256
Baughman, Thelma M.05 Dec. 1911CassMontgomery0019B2254
Baxter, Alice Ilogene07 Feb. 1919CassGuttenfelder0020B2256
Baxter, Elsie Arleen29 Mar. 1909CassRichards0200B2253
Baylor, Gael Clinton25 June 1920CassMiller0172B2257
Baylor, Glen Leroy17 Oct. 1918CassMiller0034B2256
Bazer, Cora Maude08 Mar. 1918CassWatkins0035B2256
Beadles, Carl Burton28 Aug. 1915CassBurton0040B2255
Bean, Josephine Margaret25 Oct. 1913CassSmith0043B2255
Bean, Marjorie Belle04 June 1916CassCooper0015B2255
Bean, Thomas H.03 Dec. 1912CassSmith0019B2254
Bean, Virginia Marie15 Mar. 1921CassCooper0012B2257
Bear, Mary Jane10 Oct. 1918CassSmither0036B2256
Beatty, Helen Ruth15 May 1913CassWeaver0016B2255
Beatty, Ruby Esther21 Mar. 1916CassWeaver0044B2255
Beaver, Lela Corine04 Jan. 1918CassKins0037B2256
Bebeensee, Frieda13 Mar. 1915CassStrohben0016B2255
Beck, Burell05 Sept. 1910CassBurriss0043B2254
Beck, William Andrew14 Oct. 1914CassToepfer0021B2255
Becker, Isabel Lucille08 Oct. 1914CassWagner0012B2255
Beebe, Franklin Vernon24 Dec. 1913CassVernon0024B2255
Beebe, Nola Alice1911CassBeebe0042B2254
Beekman, Kenneth Duane13 Oct. 1920CassFelt0348B2257
Beener, Mary Majorie08 Aug. 1915CassLehman0010B2255
Behrends, Arlene Louise22 Sept. 1915CassEuken0023B2255
Behrends, Bruno E.07 Mar. 1911CassEuken0014B2254
Behrends, Earl Anton25 Nov. 1918CassEuken0040B2256
Behrends, Ella Marie28 May 1917CassKloppenberg0021B2256
Behrends, Louise Matilda14 July 1920CassBehnken0216B2257
Belding, Dorothy06 May 1916CassBristo0025B2255
Bell, Alline20 June 1916CassWarner0016B2255
Bell, Charles Richard27 July 1912CassDermett0027B2254
Bell, Cleo Ellan17 May 1919CassBell0021B2256
Bell, Coryell Nicholas29 May 1921CassRichter0013B2257
Bell, Dauphine04 Apr. 1912CassSwartz0022B2254
Bell, Jack Pershing22 July 1918CassMcDermott0041B2256
Bell, James Maurice11 May 1917CassWolf0020B2256
Bell, John Charles01 Nov. 1909CassDalzell0211B2253
Bell, Josephine Mary27 Sept. 1920CassDunne0310B2257
Bell, Mary Jane21 Nov. 1916CassMcDermott0039B2255
Bell, Moses Ross18 Sept. 1911CassMcDermott0018B2254
Bell, Myrtle13 Dec. 1913CassMcDermott0020B2255
Bell, Philip Mack13 Nov. 1913CassMcDermott0023B2255
Bell, Reed Thomas16 Oct. 1917CassSwartz0007B2256
Bell, Vivian Dorothy06 Jan. 1913CassSmeeton0036B2255
Beltz, Robert Lee27 Jan. 1913CassStoneking0027B2255
Bengaard, Doris Aleen15 May 1921CassJuhl0019B2257
Bennett, Edward Richard17 Oct. 1915CassTucket0013B2255
Bennett, Evelyn Marie17 Dec. 1914CassBerry0025B2255
Bennett, Mareme Beth22 Dec. 1918CassButtermore0042B2256
Bennett, Mildred Viola22 July 1920CassPeterson0217B2257
Bennett, Ross Kip11 Apr. 1921CassSouth0014B2257
Benson, Dee Earl15 July 1919CassGilpatrick0023B2256
Benson, Paul Dewitt30 Mar. 1918CassGilpatrick0043B2256
Berg, Gerald E.17 Aug. 1915CassMossman0037B2255
Berg, Thelma Blanche24 Apr. 1918CassHensley0044B2256
Bergman, Edna May08 June 1919CassBickings0024B2256
Bergmann, Clarence Howard08 Apr. 1921CassBicking0015B2257
Bergmann, Clyde03 Oct. 1915CassBecking0038B2255
Bergmann, Lucile22 Sept. 1917CassBicking0033B2256
Bergmonn, Hazel24 Dec. 1913CassBicking0017B2255
Berry (Baby Boy)30 Oct. 1912CassBerry0040B2254
Berry, Arrine05 Nov. 1915CassWorthington0027B2255
Berry, Dema Dulcina19 Oct. 1919CassPross0025B2256
Berry, Ellen Gertrude07 Apr. 1909CassWorthington0226B2253
Berry, Helen E.13 July 1910CassMcCancie0020B2254
Berry, Jessie Lelah18 Feb. 1920CassMorgan0051B2257
Berry, Lola M.29 May 1910CassLloyde0019B2254
Berry, Lyle L.01 June 1911CassHumerick0039B2254
Berry, Myrle09 Apr. 1911CassWorthington0015B2254
Berry, Robert Earl09 Aug. 1920CassWorthington0267B2257
Berry, Robert Gee22 Sept. 1909CassDunnick0204B2253
Berry, Virginia Elizabeth11 Dec. 1913CassStevenson0044B2255
Bicking, Albert Peter16 Feb. 1913CassBonnett0042B2255
Bicking, Blanche20 Oct. 1911CassEppelsheimer0034B2254
Bicking, Esther Dorothy13 Aug. 1917CassBonnett0025B2256
Bicking, Genn29 Sept. 1913CassEppelsheimer0019B2255
Bicking, Gladys May17 June 1909CassChapman0191B2253
Bicking, Lawrence Robert28 Jan. 1921CassBonnet0016B2257
Bicking, Leona M.01 June 1911CassChampan0032B2254
Bicking, Martha Louise29 June 1915CassBonnet0029B2255
Bicking, Mary Elizabeth29 June 1915CassBonnett0028B2255
Bicking, Rudy08 June 1911CassEppelsheimer0033B2254
Bierbaum, Harlan Yale01 Jan. 1921CassShaefer0017B2257
Bierbaum, Irene Mildred28 Dec. 1918CassShaffer0045B2256
Bierbaum, Nettie Dora08 Mar. 1917CassShaffer0031B2256
Bigelow, Donald Wane01 Nov. 1909CassBigelow0188B2253
Bigelow, Syla Murel06 Oct. 1909CassDrummond0189B2253
Biggs, Charles Henry24 Mar. 1919CassExline0026B2256
Biggs, Francis M.06 Sept. 1911CassExline0045B2254
Biggs, Juanita06 Sept. 1913CassExline0028B2255
Biggs, Margaret Ethel11 Oct. 1915CassBrewer0020B2255
Biggs, Mary Isabelle10 Aug. 1914CassBrewer0011B2255
Biglow, Naydene Marie09 Oct. 1919CassKester0027B2256
Billings, Dale Ansel08 Feb. 1914CassWeichert0024B2255
Billings, Lula Idella13 Sept. 1915CassKildow0042B2255
Billings, Margaret M.11 May 1911CassWeichert0037B2254
Billings, Maurice Cleve20 May 1916CassWeichert0035B2255
Billings, Perry11 May 1919CassKildow0028B2256
Billings, Ruby Irene08 Apr. 1919CassWeichert0029B2256
Billings, Walter Edmond19 Jan. 1921CassWeichert0018B2257
Billings, Waneta P.02 Aug. 1912CassKildow0013B2254
Bills, James Raymond17 Jan. 1918CassBartlett0046B2256
Birdsall, John Junior07 June 1921CassClark0020B2257
Birge, Marjory Maxine21 Dec. 1919CassHeck0030B2256
Birge, Melvin Glenn04 May 1911CassWood0047B2254
Birk, Helen Catherine12 June 1917CassGadeborg0008B2256
Birk, Johnnie14 Sept. 1910CassGadeberg0027B2254
Birk, Louis08 Nov. 1914CassBirk0032B2255
Birk, Walter Nicolia18 July 1912CassGeadeberg0028B2254
Bishop, Donald Sherman27 Feb. 1914CassWoche0017B2255
Bishop, Dorothy Eliza27 Feb. 1914CassWoche0018B2255
Bissell, Clair Almond25 Apr. 1912CassBissell0025B2254
Bissell, Glen Cecil01 Aug. 1909CassAlmond0220B2253
Bissell, Ioda Jane04 Feb. 1918CassMorgan0047B2256
Bissell, Lola Eileen10 Dec. 1915CassShaver0032B2255
Bissell, Marvin Arthur20 Feb. 1916CassGordon0032B2255
Bissell, Ronald Paul09 Feb. 1913CassHatfield0033B2255
Bissell, Royce Hubert26 May 1914CassBissell0022B2255
Bissell, Ruby Pauline07 Jan. 1911CassHatfield0030B2254
Bissell, Thelma E.03 Feb. 1910CassShaver0023B2254
Bissell, Virgil Elmer06 July 1913CassGordon0034B2255
Bissell, Viva Maude18 Nov. 1915CassMurry0031B2255
Black, Benoni Franklin07 Aug. 1920CassSorenson0268B2257
Blake, Betty Janis08 Dec. 1920CassWinne0412B2257
Blake, Jean Mavis06 Nov. 1918CassWinnie0048B2256
Blakely, Francis L.1911CassPont0056B2254
Blakely, Iola Emily18 Sept. 1909CassPont0199B2253
Blakely, John Wendell17 Sept. 1915CassPont0026B2255
Blakesley, Burnice15 May 1919CassWagner0031B2256
Blakesley, Marvin E.26 Mar. 1909CassWagner0212B2253
Blanchard, Robert01 May 1909CassHolmes0214B2253
Blankenship, George Edward01 July 1920CassBolt0218B2257
Blattner, Albert Russell31 Dec. 1912CassYarger0024B2254
Blauer, Esther Jean19 Nov. 1919CassWhipple0032B2256
Block, Rose Carline21 Mar. 1918CassMeyer0049B2256
Blunk, Lawrence18 Aug. 1917CassBebensee0019B2256
Blunk, Leonard William18 Aug. 1917CassBebensee0018B2256
Blunk, Viola Marie18 Mar. 1921CassFormhals0021B2257
Blunk, Wayne Werner04 Aug. 1920CassBebensee0269B2257
Blust, Norma Marie04 Aug. 1909CassMark0216B2253
Boas, Dale04 Sept. 1911CassCorbett0022B2254
Bode, Arline Gladys23 Apr. 1919CassCron0033B2256
Bode, Janice A.10 Mar. 1920CassRathkamp0092B2257
Bode, Maxine Lena21 Oct. 1920CassCron0349B2257
Boehmer, John Otto30 May 1919CassLayton0034B2256
Boff, Edward Leo26 May 1920CassAuerbach0142B2257
Bogges, Jean Louise11 May 1916CassPell0026B2255
Boggs, Roy21 Apr. 1916CassDuskin0022B2255
Boiler, Jane Rebecca16 May 1914CassScott0026B2255
Bomar, Virginia Maxine14 Sept. 1920CassBomar0311B2257
Bond, Thomas L.03 Sept. 1910CassPugh0035B2254
Bontrager, Frankie May24 July 1912CassMallory0023B2254
Bontrager, Opal25 July 1909CassMallory0213B2253
Book, James Don02 Apr. 1909CassWatson0192B2253
Book, Theodore Edward24 July 1918CassFells0050B2256
Booth, Marie M.26 Feb. 1910CassAggen0041B2254
Booton, Charles Winton05 Sept. 1910CassWilds0012B2254
Boozer, Zelda Anna13 Mar. 1913CassCarney0025B2255
Bopp, James Owen04 Mar. 1921CassGardener0022B2257
Bornholdt, Beulah Bernice03 Feb. 1920CassWinslow0052B2257
Bornholdt, Carl Arnold01 Dec. 1920CassBrink0413B2257
Borth, Howard Russel21 Jan. 1916CassAggen0031B2255
Borth, Irene Eleanor15 May 1915CassSmith0030B2255
Borth, Marle Margaret24 Jan. 1912CassAggen0026B2254
Borth, Myrnie Edna08 Sept. 1909CassSmith0228B2253
Borth, Russel M.29 May 1911CassSmith0016B2254
Boseck, Beryl Herbert15 Dec. 1917CassBilling0029B2256
Boseck, Cecil Edward12 Mar. 1919CassBillings0036B2256
Boseck, Faye Elsie22 Jan. 1916CassHampel0040B2255
Boseck, Fern31 Mar. 1914CassHampel0027B2255
Boseck, Louie S.G.30 Apr. 1910CassHampel0034B2254
Boseck, Maurice Justus30 Nov. 1911CassHampel0029B2254
Boseck, Yvonne Dorothy16 Nov. 1919CassHampel0037B2256
Boseck, Zoe Evelyn21 Dec. 1917CassHampel0026B2256
Both, Amber G.1912CassMorton0210B2254
Both, Geraldine Marie23 Mar. 1915CassIreland0036B2255
Both, Ivan George19 June 1916CassIreland0041B2255
Bourne, D.O.19 July 1909CassBicket0203B2253
Bourne, Joseph Lyle19 Nov. 1909CassBiddleman0225B2253
Bowen (Baby Girl)27 June 1913CassWheatley0026B2255
Bowen, Erle E.26 Dec. 1910CassMcGaffin0028B2254
Bowen, Hugh Roger19 June 1919CassRodgers0039B2256
Bowen, Merle Eugenia26 Dec. 1910CassMcGaffin0029B2254
Boyd, Mabel Lucile16 Jan. 1916CassBoyd0023B2255
Boygess, Dorthy E.07 Sept. 1912CassCorkle0020B2254
Bradbury, Mary Almeda25 May 1909CassAyers0205B2253
Bradley, Jane Lucile26 Jan. 1919CassLyon0040B2256
Bragg, Kathleen M.12 Dec. 1912CassLambert0014B2254
Brand, Lawrence Neville13 Aug. 1920CassDavis0270B2257
Brandon, Dora May30 Oct. 1915CassYarger0034B2255
Brandon, Merle Lawrence11 Nov. 1918CassYarger0051B2256
Brattain, Josephine19 Mar. 1916CassCary0042B2255
Braun, Miriam E.04 July 1913CassMilbrondt0018B2255
Brawe, Arthur Gehart05 May 1912CassCampen0030B2254
Brawe, Elsie Mildred09 Feb. 1914CassCampen0023B2255
Brawe, Harold Elmer07 Dec. 1916CassCampen0033B2255
Breckerbaumer, Fredrick William22 Sept. 1912CassBauerle0038B2254
Breckerbaumer, Iola Gladys08 July 1913CassCron0045B2255
Breckerbaumer, Owen Richard06 Mar. 1909CassBausley0201B2253
Breckerbaumer, Wilber J.11 Sept. 1910CassCrone0014B2254
Breckerbaumer, Wilma Augusta05 May 1916CassCrown0038B2255
Breece (Baby Boy)04 Apr. 1911CassBerry0036B2254
Breeling, Georgia Kathrina12 Oct. 1920CassLester0350B2257
Breeling, John Wesley08 Nov. 1918CassLester0052B2256
Brehmer, Alfred Otto30 Dec. 1914CassSchultz0016B2255
Brehmer, Dale Edwin20 May 1915CassPieken0022B2255
Brehmer, Della Edna20 May 1915CassPieken0021B2255
Brehmer, Earl31 Dec. 1918CassPicken0053B2256
Brehmer, Eleanor Sophie10 Aug. 1917CassPieken0022B2256
Brehmer, Emil K.A.27 Aug. 1911CassSchulz0025B2254
Brehmer, Esther Emilie Catharina22 Aug. 1916CassGrulke0027B2255
Brehmer, Lester Frank Henry05 Oct. 1913CassBrehmer0037B2255
Brehmer, Marieh Beathea20 Jan. 1909CassPekin0196B2253
Brehmer, Martha Emelie17 Dec. 1913CassPieken0032B2255
Brehmer, May LeRoy21 Mar. 1919CassPieken0041B2256
Brehmer, Paul Otto David28 Sept. 1913CassPieken0038B2255
Brehmer, Viola Emma07 July 1914CassGulke0009B2255
Brennan, William John19 June 1920CassCampbell0173B2257
Brewer, Charles Leson15 Sept. 1915CassLimfor0024B2255
Brewer, Maurice Eugene12 Apr. 1916CassRich0019B2255
Brewer, Rex Emmert23 Aug. 1919CassLinfer0042B2256
Brewer, Ruth Evelyn11 Nov. 1918CassOnken0054B2256
Brewner, Lee O.16 Sept. 1911CassRich0026B2254
Brillhardt, Gerald17 Aug. 1918CassHall0055B2256
Brillhart, Cecil Murice22 Aug. 1909CassKeller0194B2253
Brillhart, Meriam Laurel15 Aug. 1917CassHall0009B2256
Brink, John Earl09 Nov. 1911CassBurrows0044B2254
Brink, Kenneth Allen11 Nov. 1913CassBurris0035B2255
Briscoe, Francis Marguerite01 Apr. 1918CassWaters0056B2256
Briscoe, Mary Alberta13 Apr. 1921CassWaters0023B2257
Briscoe, Morris Edward27 Dec. 1909CassBurkhart0229B2253
Bristo, Margery Fayetta16 Dec. 1912CassGray0033B2254
Bristow, Ruth Harlene09 Mar. 1920CassGray0093B2257
Britt, Opal Irene12 Oct. 1918CassJohnson0057B2256
Britton, Robert George17 May 1920CassAnderson0143B2257
Brix, Elsie Leah15 Aug. 1909CassBaasch0206B2253
Brix, Fred01 Aug. 1916CassGuttenfelder0021B2255
Brix, Ivan Walter09 Jan. 1919CassWalter0043B2256
Brix, Robert06 Feb. 1911CassBaasch0035B2254
Brockert, Willis C.01 Jan. 1912CassLayton0041B2254
Brockman, Manuel Arthur05 Nov. 1909CassCarney0217B2253
Brockman, Maurice Edward06 Sept. 1915CassCarney0017B2255
Brockman, Ruby Myrtle16 Feb. 1909CassCarney0215B2253
Brodd, Harry Stanford16 June 1909CassCarlson0190B2253
Brooks, F. Lottie09 Mar. 1910CassCarney0039B2254
Brooks, Henry Alven26 Feb. 1909CassCarney0218B2253
Brooks, Marjorie10 Jan. 1918CassHurlburt0058B2256
Brooks, Merrice09 Mar. 1913CassHurlburt0022B2255
Brooks, Mildred Fay22 Mar. 1909CassJordan0210B2253
Brooks, Neil H.19 Mar. 1910CassHurlburt0011B2254
Brooks, William Lorenzo24 Sept. 1917CassArmstrong0027B2256
Brosam, Ethel Fern16 Feb. 1921CassHall0024B2257
Brosam, George28 Aug. 1920CassDye0271B2257
Brosam, Reva June09 Apr. 1919CassDye0044B2256
Browe, Ruby Irene05 Nov. 1919CassCampen0045B2256
Brown, Arthur Emery03 June 1921CassCampbell0025B2257
Brown, Byron04 Dec. 1918CassThompson0059B2256
Brown, Donald10 Nov. 1912CassBannester0031B2254
Brown, Donald26 Aug. 1918CassLoomus0060B2256
Brown, Donnabelle Muriel17 Mar. 1921CassThompson0026B2257
Brown, Dowe26 Aug. 1918CassLoomus0061B2256
Brown, Earl E.03 June 1910CassBenedict0026B2254
Brown, Frank29 June 1915CassHunter0014B2255
Brown, Gerald Keith24 Oct. 1916CassThompson0024B2255
Brown, Gertrude June28 Apr. 1918CassTobirsen0062B2256
Brown, Grace May03 Sept. 1915CassBannister0033B2255
Brown, Harry Howard24 Oct. 1918CassBell0063B2256
Brown, Hazel10 June 1919CassTobiesen0046B2256
Brown, Hazel Lorene30 Nov. 1919CassAbhau0047B2256
Brown, Hubert Leon26 June 1912CassStorer0018B2254
Brown, Jocelyn Luella26 June 1920CassBell0174B2257
Brown, John01 Apr. 1910CassStorer0040B2254
Brown, Kenneth Loomis01 Dec. 1909CassLoomis0207B2253
Brown, Leland Arthur24 May 1921CassDill0027B2257
Brown, Lester Edward24 Aug. 1913CassLoomis0040B2255
Brown, Louise06 Dec. 1916CassWalden0020B2255
Brown, Marjorie14 July 1915CassWalden0015B2255
Brown, Maurice Edward16 Aug. 1909CassEdwards0227B2253
Brown, Maxine24 Nov. 1911CassWestrope0020B2254
Brown, Merle Raymond06 Oct. 1920CassBlohn0351B2257
Brown, Morris D.10 May 1911CassWalden0027B2254
Brown, Myrtle L.24 June 1910CassBurdette0038B2254
Brown, Rose Lorrene03 Nov. 1912CassBurdette0037B2254
Brown, Ross Andrew27 May 1913CassEdwards0041B2255
Brown, Ruth20 Aug. 1918CassBannister0064B2256
Brown, Vernon Max21 Apr. 1919CassBlohm0048B2256
Brown, Viola Belle24 Nov. 1917CassDougherty0015B2256
Brown, Walter I.13 Jan. 1910CassSpies0037B2254
Brown, William15 Mar. 1909CassLowman0193B2253
Brown, William Agnes22 May 1916CassBoiler0037B2255
Brownlee, Jean Paulette19 Nov. 1920CassSwisher0382B2257
Brownlee, June Phanet05 July 1918CassSwisher0065B2256
Bruner, Bernard Earnest07 Apr. 1917CassBallenseifer0010B2256
Bruner, Helen Marie21 Mar. 1919CassBullensiefer0022B2256
Brunson, Mabel Arline14 Dec. 1913CassKelley0021B2255
Bryant, Julia C.31 May 1910CassSwift0032B2254
Buboltz, Elmer E.27 Feb. 1910CassGreenwaldt0024B2254
Buboltz, Hubert H.30 Oct. 1910CassKerkmann0021B2254
Buboltz, Van Allen24 Jan. 1909CassBarrowcliff0209B2253
Buckley, Gerald07 June 1912CassStone0015B2254
Buckley, Geraldine07 June 1912CassStone0016B2254
Buckley, Laura Marie07 May 1918CassScott0066B2256
Buckley, Preston John19 July 1914CassBuckley0008B2255
Buckley, Rose Mary21 Feb. 1921CassScott0028B2257
Buckman, Alice Imo02 Nov. 1911CassRoush0021B2254
Buckman, Leah Maribel02 Jan. 1910CassRoush0031B2254
Buckmaster, Larry Vern21 Sept. 1910CassBecker0042B2254
Buckner, Anita Marjorie18 June 1919CassChaffa0049B2256
Buckner, Virginia June20 June 1920CassChofa0175B2257
Bucksen, Cedric Bumann10 Nov. 1912CassBumann0017B2254
Budd, Cecil G.19 Jan. 1914CassJoy0010B2255
Budd, Gretchen15 Mar. 1916CassGlass0013B2255
Budd, John Edwin24 May 1912CassGlass0021B2254
Buegard, Lois Marie26 jan. 1920CassJuhl0004B2257
Bukman, Ballard Casper17 July 1918CassBallard0038B2256
Bullock, Frank05 May 1914CassStuller0030B2255
Bunell, James B.12 May 1909CassBurnes0223B2253
Bunnett, Robert Taft09 May 1909CassKreamer0222B2253
Burg, LaVonne Marie29 Apr. 1918CassGreenwalt0068B2256
Burg, Mildred Elizabeth15 Oct. 1919CassGreenwalt0050B2256
Burk, Mary Bernice15 Mar. 1920CassMiller0094B2257
Burke, Gail Ernest03 Dec. 1916CassBallenseiffer0018B2255
Burke, Raymond August29 May 1913CassBallensiefer0046B2255
Burkhalter, Bernard Lyle Jr.02 May 1920CassMudra0144B2257
Burkhart, Paul Newton18 June 1914CassGood0013B2255
Burkhead, Beatrice Jane23 July 1917CassHuntington0013B2256
Burmeister, Lucile Bernice06 Mar. 1921CassBehnken0029B2257
Burnes, Alta M.29 Dec. 1910CassHenkil0018B2254
Burnham, Carlos Brownlaw25 Feb. 1918CassHard0069B2256
Burns, Alice M.06 Oct. 1910CassGault0016B2254
Burns, Bernice H.20 Sept. 1909CassGault0015B2254
Burns, Emma Elizabeth12 May 1920CassWagner0145B2257
Burns, Maxine Marie28 Mar. 1919CassGault-Burns0052B2257
Burnside, Walter M.11 Aug. 1910CassBaker0013B2254
Buroughs, Harlan LeRoy30 Nov. 1918CassSolberg0070B2256
Burtchard, Claude Emmett07 Aug. 1918CassMontona0067B2256
Burtcheard, Francis16 May 1911CassMontonye0043B2254
Burtcheard, Mildred11 Apr. 1914CassMontonye0015B2255
Butler (Baby Boy)20 Feb. 1915CassSmith0035B2255
Butler, Helen Louise05 Feb. 1917CassSmith0032B2256
Butler, James Walter07 May 1920CassSmith0146B2257
Butler, Kenneth Raymond12 May 1921CassWalker0030B2257
Butler, Maxine Loraine26 Jan. 1921CassMesserschmidt0031B2257
Butler, Mildred Ruth09 June 1918CassMesserschmidt0071B2256
Calderone, Francis J.01 Sept. 1919CassGomez0053B2257
Caleron, Torbia Y.05 June 1918CassCaleron0072B2256
Calhoun, Vera L.24 Sept. 1913CassElliott0050B2255
Camblin, Roy F.10 Mar. 1913CassFerryman0052B2255
Camblin, Shirley Bernice04 Feb. 1920CassFerryman0053B2257
Cambridge, Vera Ellen18 Sept. 1909CassSimmaton0233B2253
Cameron, Frances Lorean27 Apr. 1921CassLinke0032B2257
Camp, Opal E.02 Jan. 1911CassPock0069B2254
Camp, Ralph Edward11 Sept. 1913CassPoch0051B2255
Campbell, Carrie Dale19 Aug. 1913CassGentle0063B2255
Campbell, Donald Robert10 Sept. 1913CassHaworth0072B2255
Campbell, Dora Jean23 Oct. 1918CassSmith0073B2256
Campbell, Dorres15 Mar. 1914CassMurphy0062B2255
Campbell, Elvin E.20 Dec. 1910CassMurphey0062B2254
Campbell, Francis Katherine14 Dec. 1914CassRiggs0037B2255
Campbell, Genevieve16 Aug. 1911CassCampbell0070B2254
Campbell, Helen Lela27 Jan. 1912CassHaworth0070B2254
Campbell, Howard Elmer Jr.22 Apr. 1921CassSmith0033B2257
Campbell, Iris20 June 1912CassMurphy0066B2254
Campbell, James Wilson05 May 1921CassMcNay0034B2257
Campbell, Luella G.20 Feb. 1917CassRiggs0044B2256
Campbell, Mildred Edith1914CassHaworth0055B2255
Campbell, Robert Max02 Jan. 1911CassGentle0066B2254
Campbell, Vera02 July 1909CassSmith0266B2253
Campton, Laurence27 Oct. 1916CassStratton0060B2255
Cannon, Marjorie Louise09 Dec. 1920CassDoyle0414B2257
Cannon, Mary Loretta07 Jan. 1916CassDoyle0058B2255
Cannon, Roscoe Leland03 Apr. 1912CassEblen0044B2254
Cannon, Varel Burton06 Mar. 1914CassEblen0064B2255
Cannon, Vernon L.15 Jan. 1911CassDoyle0054B2254
Cannon, Virgil LeRoy17 Jan. 1918CassCannon0074B2256
Cannon, Wilbur Claire04 Dec. 1909CassDoyle0260B2253
Canon, Bernard Dale29 Oct. 1913CassDoyle0061B2255
Canon, Edna29 July 1910CassSmith0050B2254
Carey, Cleo Chlorice24 Apr. 1921CassButler0035B2257
Carey, Cleo Elmer11 Dec. 1911CassBush0051B2254
Carey, Richard Joseph05 June 1920CassFanell0176B2257
Carlson, Eleanor Martha02 May 1914CassLofgren0058B2255
Carlson, Elmer Gustaf24 Apr. 1909CassCarlson0241B2253
Carlson, Helen Olive08 Apr. 1919CassAnderson0054B2257
Carlson, Margaret Elizabeth13 Dec. 1918CassLofgreen0075B2256
Carlson, Ralph Kenneth25 May 1910CassKay0047B2254
Carlson, Ruby Media20 Jan. 1917CassLofgren0054B2256
Carlton, Doris Evangaline13 May 1919CassSheeley0055B2257
Carlton, Virginia Kathleen12 June 1920CassDavis0177B2257
Carlton, Virginia Mercedes27 Jan. 1918CassSheeley0076B2256
Carney, Gordon1909CassBrockman0254B2253
Carpenter, Earl07 Sept. 1915CassUnknown0044B2255
Carper, Doris Darlene02 May 1918CassSilkelt0077B2256
Carr, Florence Ida26 Apr. 1921CassBrosam0036B2257
Carr, Floyd William26 Apr. 1921CassBrosam0037B2257
Carr, Lester Joseph02 Dec. 1911CassBurke0067B2254
Carson, Ronald Lionel26 Nov. 1909CassKuffer0231B2253
Carter, Floyd02 Sept. 1915CassPollock0058B2255
Carter, H.R.22 Sept. 1912CassBoggs0050B2254
Carter, Helen Margarrete12 Apr. 1921CassBell0038B2257
Carter, Robert Francis04 Jan. 1913CassBell0065B2255
Carter, Ruby22 Mar. 1912CassPollock0067B2254
Carter, Vera Esther11 Oct. 1910CassBoggs0048B2254
Cartwright, Ruth Helen12 Mar. 1921CassRamley0039B2257
Cary, Ruth Edna25 Apr. 1919CassBartling0056B2257
Casady, Byron K.1910CassKaiser0049B2254
Casady, Claud Franklin09 June 1912CassKoises0051B2254
Casady, Lester Morris17 Apr. 1909CassBrown0245B2253
Case, Lyman H.21 Nov. 1910CassWarren0055B2254
Case, Richard Victor11 Mar. 1921CassGreen0040B2257
Case, Rose Mary31 July 1916CassWerren0062B2255
Casey, Agnes Marie14 Aug. 1911CassMurray0065B2254
Casey, Carl Michal11 June 1912CassCurry0064B2254
Casey, Catherine Mary22 May 1914CassDwyer0068B2255
Casey, Earl Francis11 June 1912CassCurry0065B2254
Casey, Esther M.31 Aug. 1910CassMeyer0063B2254
Casey, James Francis07 Sept. 1913CassFlenniken0058B2255
Casey, John T.09 Nov. 1914CassMurray0059B2255
Casey, John Thomas05 May 1912CassDwyer0056B2254
Casey, Joseph James23 Sept. 1915CassCurry0062B2255
Casey, Joseph Vincent07 June 1919CassDwyer0057B2257
Casey, Margaret16 Dec. 1914CassMeyer0054B2255
Casey, Margaret Louise14 Feb. 1913CassMurry0062B2255
Casey, Margaret P.23 Aug. 1914CassGuthrie0069B2255
Casey, Mary C.28 Oct. 1913CassFoley0055B2255
Casey, Rosemary21 June 1916CassDwyer0068B2255
Casey, Sarah Marie11 June 1917CassCurry0053B2256
Casey, Teresa26 Aug. 1910CassFlenenken0054B2254
Casey, William Bernard08 Jan. 1914CassCurry0060B2255
Casperson (Baby Boy)27 Apr. 1909CassNelson0258B2253
Casteel, Loyd Merlin16 Feb. 1909CassStickens0240B2253
Caton, Mabel Burnette17 Oct. 1911CassCook0063B2254
Caurcier, William Eugene07 July 1916CassBrown0063B2255
Caywood, Florence Lucille01 Oct. 1909CassStory0261B2253
Caywood, Paul Taft1909CassSeabring0262B2253
Cecil, Alllison Boyd01 Jan. 1913CassHenry0073B2255
Cecil, Zela P.16 Aug. 1910CassHenry0059B2254
Chambers, Edith Estell08 Sept. 1918CassDenham0079B2256
Chambers, Edna M.09 May 1910CassChambers0066B2254
Chambers, Emma Lois21 Dec. 1913CassDenham0057B2255
Chambers, Ethel Thelma27 Feb. 1912CassDunham0061B2254
Chambers, Evelin S.30 Sept. 1915CassDenham0059B2255
Chaney, Dorothy Maxine31 July 1917CassAggen0048B2256
Chaney, John Devene06 Nov. 1918CassAggen0080B2256
Chaney, Kennard Wilworth19 Aug. 1915CassLucas0057B2255
Chapman, Bonnie Darlene11 Apr. 1914CassGarey0040B2255
Chapman, Beulah22 Feb. 1916CassSpaah0061B2255
Chapman, Claude Harlan01 Dec. 1915CassGarey0050B2255
Chapman, Dorothy D.03 Oct. 1910CassGarey0051B2254
Chapman, Earnest Warren07 July 1920CassGarly0219B2257
Chapman, Edith Marie26 July 1911CassStoughton0077B2254
Chapman, Ethel May05 Apr. 1914CassStoughton0039B2255
Chapman, Kenneth07 May 1915CassLivinger0049B2255
Chapman, Marie Frances28 Jan. 1916CassStoughton0057B2255
Chase, Horace Westley29 July 1918CassStonner0081B2256
Chase, Oscar Franklin24 Feb. 1920CassStormer0054B2257
Chenoweth, Eldon Dadney05 Aug. 1916CassDooley0091B2255
Chenoweth, Mary Lucile23 Dec. 1917CassDooley0042B2256
Chester, Arlene Lavina14 May 1920CassBehnken0147B2257
Chester, Dorothy E.23 Feb. 1910CassTracy0064B2254
Chester, Floyd1914CassMason0052B2255
Chester, Glenn E.16 Aug. 1914CassTracy0051B2255
Chester, Lawrence Alvin07 Dec. 1918CassBehnken0082B2256
Chester, Mary Louisa22 Sept. 1917CassMason0049B2256
Chester, Opal Irene04 Feb. 1911CassMason0055B2254
Chew, Earl Henry14 Dec. 1912CassBehrends0068B2254
Chew, Esther M.07 Oct. 1914CassBehrends0053B2255
Chew, John Marion14 Nov. 1917CassBehrends0050B2256
Chinn, Norma Joyce11 Apr. 1916CassMcEwen0047B2255
Chinn, Roger Hannibal19 Oct. 1913CassMcEwen0056B2255
Christensen (Baby Boy)10 May 1914CassAnderson0042B2255
Christensen (Baby Girl)13 June 1910CassKrogh0057B2254
Christensen, Alfred L.31 Jan. 1911CassPeterson0060B2254
Christensen, Anita15 Dec. 1918CassChristensen0083B2256
Christensen, Anna Elizabeth20 Sept. 1915CassHansen0051B2255
Christensen, Arthur D.21 Mar. 1917CassJensen0043B2256
Christensen, Arthur William06 July 1912CassPeterson0053B2254
Christensen, Carol Jean09 Dec. 1920CassChristensen0415B2257
Christensen, Chris Jr.28 Mar. 1919CassChristensen0058B2257
Christensen, Cornelia Lucile12 Jan. 1911CassGustovsen0071B2254
Christensen, Edward15 Oct. 1909CassGunderson0248B2253
Christensen, Eileen Clare23 July 1914CassCrouch0038B2255
Christensen, Ellen05 Jan. 1919CassAndersen0059B2257
Christensen, Elsworth21 Oct. 1917CassNelson0036B2256
Christensen, Elton17 Feb. 1916CassNelson0049B2255
Christensen, Frank Holger27 July 1911CassHansen0061B2254
Christensen, Georgia22 Feb. 1916CassRattenborg0056B2255
Christensen, Goldie Evylyn07 July 1916CassChristensen0050B2255
Christensen, Helen Marie08 Nov. 1914CassGunderson0045B2255
Christensen, Henry10 June 1911CassNelsen0074B2254
Christensen, Howard Irvin18 Feb. 1914CassCaughey0036B2255
Christensen, Irma Evelyn08 Jan. 1920CassNielson0005B2257
Christensen, Lelli12 Feb. 1915CassAnderson0045B2255
Christensen, Lloyd29 Oct. 1917CassNelson0038B2256
Christensen, Mary27 Oct. 1910CassNelson0058B2254
Christensen, Orville Lawrence16 May 1916CassNelson0059B2255
Christensen, Ralph Andy13 Apr. 1919CassGunderson0060B2257
Christensen, Roger George05 Mar. 1920CassHerbert0095B2257
Christensen, Ross LeRoy17 Dec. 1920CassStier0416B2257
Christensen, Viola19 July 1914CassChristensen0044B2255
Christenson, Earl01 Apr. 1912CassGunderson0049B2254
Christian, Alner J.19 Sept. 1919CassLamborn0061B2257
Christiansen, Ellsworth11 Feb. 1920CassNelsen0055B2257
Chubick, Herald George08 Aug. 1909CassPharo0238B2253
Cibert, Maxine17 Feb. 1911CassGant0073B2254
Cihak, Francis29 July 1911CassMaurital0075B2254
Clark (Baby Boy)04 Mar. 1920CassChandler0096B2257
Clark, Donald George15 May 1918CassJanssen0084B2256
Clark, Mary G.25 Mar. 1910CassClanton0068B2254
Clark, Roscoe Orlin23 Nov. 1913CassHuyck0054B2255
Clark, Viola02 Sept. 1917CassCross0037B2256
Clark, Wanda Mildred24 Mar. 1912CassStevans0052B2254
Clarke, Henry Joel17 June 1919CassCross0062B2257
Clarke, Marlin Charles30 Oct. 1918CassRose0085B2256
Clausen, Henry Harold30 Nov. 1919CassMartin0064B2257
Claussen, Clarence Richard12 Apr. 1913CassTibken0049B2255
Claussen, Elsie Marie17 Mar. 1909CassTibken0251B2253
Claussen, Esther Louise24 July 1919CassTiblan0063B2257
Clayton, Edna Louise20 Oct. 1919CassDeBus0065B2257
Clayton, Robert Harry21 July 1911CassChristensen0072B2254
Clayton, Walter James10 May 1916CassChristensen0051B2255
Clemmensen, Paul Frank23 Mar. 1919CassSibke0066B2257
Clinton, Bertha Catherine14 Apr. 1919CassCruise0067B2257
Clinton, Dorothy15 May 1910CassHerzog0052B2254
Clinton, Georgia01 Feb. 1920CassWaldron0056B2257
Clinton, Gladys Marcella16 Feb. 1913CassCruise0060B2255
Clinton, Harold Francis29 May 1915CassHerzog0064B2255
Clinton, Joseph Walter29 Apr. 1915CassCruise0065B2255
Clinton, Kenneth William15 June 1912CassHerdzog0058B2254
Clinton, Margritte R.13 Dec. 1910CassCruise0053B2254
Clinton, Merrill Patrick12 Nov. 1916CassWaldron0067B2255
Clinton, Ralph Lawrence18 Mar. 1915CassWaldron0066B2255
Clure, Mirle Maxine24 May 1915CassKirkpatrick0048B2255
Cocklin, Harold John10 May 1917CassGustafson0051B2256
Cocklin, Harvey Ross04 Nov. 1914CassGrunyer0056B2255
Cocklin, Mary Louise14 May 1918CassTroy0092B2256
Cocklin, Raymond Leon10 Sept. 1918CassGrenyer0086B2256
Cocklin, Ruth Ann10 June 1920CassGustafson0178B2257
Coffey, Alice06 Dec. 1913CassNeary0070B2255
Coffey, Theodore Alert11 Oct. 1909CassNeary0244B2253
Coffin, George Washington22 Sept. 1914CassWilderman0033B2255
Coker, Roger Dean17 Feb. 1921CassLilienthal0041B2257
Cole, Agnes May03 June 1918CassBlakely0087B2256
Cole, Cass Owen05 Jan. 1911CassJordan0064B2254
Cole, Evelyn M.30 Nov. 1913CassBleakly0064B2255
Cole, Gerald Albert28 Mar. 1912CassBlakely0059B2254
Cole, Hillas Fletcher26 Feb. 1920CassFletcher0057B2257
Cole, Leroy August28 Feb. 1916CassSimon0053B2255
Cole, Millree Virginia20 Jan. 1920CassOlds0006B2257
Cole, Wilber Blakely01 Dec. 1915CassBlakely0055B2255
Colfack, Audra04 Aug. 1912CassMontonie0073B2254
Colfack, Eudre04 Aug. 1912CassMontonie0074B2254
Collier, Marian Myldred02 Aug. 1916CassConine0055B2255
Collier, Russell Martin13 July 1917CassConine0040B2256
Collier, Wayne Franklin23 Aug. 1920CassConine0272B2257
Collins, Hearld James09 Apr. 1912CassBanks0057B2254
Collins, Verna Katherine21 Jan. 1909CassBanks0249B2253
Collins, William Allison15 Feb. 1919CassCerveny0068B2257
Collman, Eleanor Darlene16 Sept. 1919CassHickman0069B2257
Comer, Duane28 Feb. 1909CassBrand0242B2253
Comes, Angeline E.B.31 Dec. 1909CassMartine0237B2253
Comes, Jerome Zachariah28 Apr. 1912CassMartins0063B2254
Comes, Josephine Anna15 Dec. 1912CassZimmerman0062B2254
Comes, Louis Peter18 Jan. 1909CassMartine0236B2253
Comes, Mary B.13 Nov. 1910CassZimmermann0046B2254
Conderman, Marceyn03 May 1914CassFelker0057B2255
Conger, Elsie Florence06 Feb. 1920CassKerr0058B2257
Conklin, Clifford Junior24 June 1920CassLang0179B2257
Conley, Genevieve Elizabeth07 Aug. 1909CassMorgan0253B2253
Conn, Jessie Mary11 Aug. 1918CassFranklin0089B2256
Connor, Beatric Ellen20 July 1913CassDegen0048B2255
Connor, Bernard F.29 Feb. 1912CassWaters0043B2254
Connor, Bernard L.05 Dec. 1914CassWitzman0073B2255
Connor, Celia Helena11 Oct. 1913CassWaters0067B2255
Connor, Howard Francis25 July 1916CassRichards0069B2255
Connor, Isabelle06 Mar. 1911CassWaters0052B2254
Connor, James Russel21 July 1920CassParmely0220B2257
Connor, Kathrine M.25 Dec. 1910CassDegen0044B2254
Connor, Mary Arlene13 Sept. 1909CassWaters0264B2253
Connor, Mersedes Anna03 Nov. 1915CassDegen0053B2255
Connor, Norbert03 May 1915CassWaters0061B2255
Connor, Ralph Nicolas20 Apr. 1919CassWitzman0070B2257
Connor, Verrrel Patrick06 June 1919CassExlen0071B2257
Connor, Virgil Nicholas21 Mar. 1914CassEblen0071B2255
Conrad (Baby Boy)16 Dec. 1912CassEvans0048B2254
Conrad, Don Orville23 Jan. 1912CassEvans0047B2254
Conrad, Geneva Mary12 Apr. 1916CassSmith0064B2255
Conrad, Verl M.04 Oct. 1916CassEvans0065B2255
Conway, Paul11 July 1919CassPalmer0072B2257
Cook, Gilbert Forsythe13 Feb. 1920CassForsythe0059B2257
Cook, Helen Lucine23 Sept. 1918CassPooley0088B2256
Cook, William Glain11 Jan. 1920CassGlain0007B2257
Cooley, Merrill02 Sept. 1915CassCooley0046B2255
Cooper (Baby Girl)18 Sept. 1909CassDorsey0255B2253
Cooper, Jay Vernon12 Mar. 1909CassLeonard0239B2253
Coppoc, William Joseph14 July 1913CassFowler0068B2255
Corbin, Gladys Yvonne11 Jan. 1909CassLloyd0247B2253
Cordeman, Rex Devan29 May 1919CassFelker0073B2257
Cordery, Raymond Eugene07 Mar. 1920CassWaters0097B2257
Corey, Ivan Joseph16 Jan. 1921CassTaylor0042B2257
Corey, Mildred Morgan01 Apr. 1919CassTaylor0074B2257
Corley, Orville Newton26 Sept. 1913CassDugan0053B2255
Cornelison, Cecil Robert08 Apr. 1918CassToalson0090B2256
Cornell (Baby Boy)21 Jan. 1911CassRich0062B2254
Cornell, Charles Corbett06 Mar. 1915CassWerner0047B2255
Cornell, Charlotte Priscilla04 Dec. 1909CassHolmes0259B2253
Cornell, Dale Frederick08 July 1919CassEllick0075B2257
Cornell, Eloeyse29 Dec. 1912CassWerner0054B2254
Cornell, Jennie Ilene26 Dec. 1918CassWerner0091B2256
Cornell, John Wendall09 Dec. 1911CassHolmes0057B2254
Cornell, Winifred D.09 May 1914CassHolmes0050B2255
Cornett, Virginia Hellen17 Sept. 1912CassMumper0060B2254
Costello, Mary Sylvia10 Oct. 1918CassSanders0078B2256
Cottrell, Ross B.31 Oct. 1911CassBellmore0058B2254
Cottrill, Jack Graden25 Sept. 1909CassBellmore0234B2253
Coughlin, John Patrick19 Sept. 1914CassNeary0065B2255
Coughlin, Mary23 Aug. 1912CassNeary0045B2254
Coughlin, Thomas Alert11 Jan. 1920CassNeary0008B2257
Cox, Florence Nora20 Mar. 1920CassParker0098B2257
Cox, Harold Edwin04 Nov. 1920CassUnknown0383B2257
Cox, Mary Veneta24 May 1915CassDougherty0067B2255
Cox, Robert C.19 Dec. 1914CassCox0070B2255
Cozad, Evert Fred19 May 1911CassTodenlagen0049B2254
Cozad, Gladys Hazel27 Dec. 1912CassTodenhagen0046B2254
Cozad, Martin Franklin01 Nov. 1909CassTodenhager0263B2253
Cozad, Wesley Wilson18 Jan. 1915CassTodenhager0063B2255
Crandall, Arthur Junior11 Nov. 1917CassHenderson0035B2256
Crandall, Donald Fred23 May 1916CassDittman0048B2255
Crandall, Marian Alice24 Dec. 1919CassHenderson0076B2257
Crandall, Orpha Mae04 Sept. 1912CassHenderson0069B2254
Crandall, Roy Stanley09 July 1911CassHenderson0076B2254
Crane, Harold Lee30 Sept. 1914CassCrane0048B2255
Crane, Mary Madeline13 Mar. 1917CassChristensen0039B2256
Crane, Mildred Josephine31 July 1920CassChristensen0221B2257
Crane, Robbert Glen14 Jan. 1921CassRoe0043B2257
Cranston, Bennie C.13 Nov. 1910CassHoffman0061B2254
Cranston, George Charles Jr.21 May 1915CassHoffman0043B2255
Cranston, Kenneth Owen27 Oct. 1919CassHoffman0077B2257
Cranston, Pearl Edwin30 July 1917CassHoffman0045B2256
Craven, Ruth L.16 May 1910CassMountain0065B2254
Crawford, Agnes Rose Mary20 Sept. 1909CassDeere0235B2253
Crawford, Betsy Rose02 Feb. 1919CassJenkins0078B2257
Crawford, John Edward23 Dec. 1914CassDeer0061B2255
Crawford, Johnston Joseph18 Mar. 1921CassTurner0044B2257
Crawford, Mary Magdalen12 Feb. 1920CassDeer0060B2257
Crawford, Rita Cecelia03 Feb. 1918CassDeere0093B2256
Crawford, William Frank28 Mar. 1920CassJohnson0099B2257
Cribbs, Dorothea Alice26 July 1920CassCribbs0222B2257
Croghan, Evelyn May01 Feb. 1918CassNichols0094B2256
Croghan, Hester Arlene09 Feb. 1910CassNicholas0060B2254
Croghan, James A.30 Sept. 1911CassNichols0059B2254
Croisant, Iva Irene04 Nov. 1915CassHazard0052B2255
Croissant, Walter12 May 1913CassHazzard0047B2255
Croissant, Wilma23 July 1914CassHazard0046B2255
Crolley (Baby Boy)12 Feb. 1911CassHogan0053B2254
Crolley, Delores Elinor13 Oct. 1916CassHogan0052B2255
Crolley, Lewis04 Jan. 1909CassHogan0252B2253
Cron, Elenor Marie22 Dec. 1920CassBode0417B2257
Cron, L. Walter19 Feb. 1909CassStoll0246B2253
Cron, Lela Sophia27 Apr. 1915CassPrudia0056B2255
Crowley, Catherine04 Nov. 1914CassHogan0047B2255
Crowley, Cecil Warren07 Sept. 1920CassHogan0312B2257
Croxton, Ethel Maxine28 Jan. 1914CassCroxton0049B2255
Croxton, Lela May03 July 1919CassHardeson0079B2257
Croxton, Merle Leona28 July 1917CassHardersen0047B2256
Croy, Eugene30 June 1914CassParrott0043B2255
Crum, Bernice Celestia11 Sept. 1920CassRunsey0313B2257
Crum, Donna Glee18 Feb. 1921CassNeer0045B2257
Crum, Roy07 Aug. 1914CassWakefield0063B2255
Crum, Velma Blanche28 Aug. 1909CassMason0265B2253
Cue, Effie Mae25 Feb. 1913CassDurham0069B2255
Cue, Iva31 Dec. 1910CassMcWaters0067B2254
Cullen (Baby Girl)12 Sept. 1913CassCasey0059B2255
Cullen, Alice Marie08 May 1917CassMorrison0055B2256
Cullen, Frances Michael18 Feb. 1916CassCasey0070B2255
Cullen, Helen Marie01 Apr. 1913CassCasey0066B2255
Cullen, John William16 July 1918CassCasey0095B2256
Cullen, Joseph N.29 May 1916CassCasey0066B2255
Cullen, Margaret Elizabeth04 Dec. 1915CassMorrison0060B2255
Cullen, Marjorie May08 May 1914CassMorrison0066B2255
Cullen, Mary Cecelia15 Nov. 1914CassCasey0067B2255
Cullen, Mary Rebecca28 Oct. 1909CassCarrigan0243B2253
Cullen, Rosalia Marie24 May 1912CassCasey0055B2254
Cullen, Ruby Veronica05 Sept. 1918CassEblen0096B2256
Cullens, Edward Bernard29 Aug. 1911CassCasey0050B2254
Cullison, Robert M. Jr.04 Apr. 1920CassFeldhan0114B2257
Cummings, Johnnie26 Feb. 1917CassDennis0041B2256
Cummins, Albert25 June 1909CassMay0256B2253
Cummins, Edward04 Dec. 1912CassDennis0071B2254
Cummins, Marjorie Arlene23 Nov. 1914CassDennis0034B2255
Cummins, Robert C.10 Apr. 1913CassCollier0071B2255
Cummins, Roseland25 July 1919CassDennis0080B2257
Cunningham (Baby)07 Sept. 1910CassFeldman0069B2254
Cunningham, Tom08 Feb. 1909CassFeldmann0257B2253
Cupp, Mildred Hazel06 July 1917CassSportsman0052B2256
Cupp, Willliam Dean26 Aug. 1919CassShortsman0081B2257
Currier, Charley Wilis17 Aug. 1909CassDemming0232B2253
Curry, Lucile Marie16 Apr. 1909CassCullen0250B2253
Curry, Ralph S.24 July 1914CassGreenwalt0072B2255
Curtis, Burton W.17 Feb. 1915CassPreston0054B2255
Curtis, Claude Keith15 Sept. 1910CassHubbell0056B2254
Curtis, Robert Russell25 Dec. 1911CassPreston0068B2254
Curtis, Wilma Ruth08 Jan. 1916CassHubbell0054B2255
Cushing, Leo Vern28 June 1917CassKay0046B2256
Cushing, Rosalie Gertrude28 Apr. 1912CassCushing0072B2254
Daft, Glen Edgar12 Apr. 1921CassPetty0046B2257
Dahl, Furnis T.25 Apr. 1911CassWilliamson0083B2254
Dahnk, Mary Agnes08 Oct. 1920CassVolk0353B2257
Dallinger, Carl24 Nov. 1912CassGardner0086.5B2254
Dallinger, Gertrude E.06 Apr. 1917CassGardner0057B2256
Dallinger, Grace Helen10 Feb. 1921CassBarnard0047B2257
Dallinger, Lois13 Aug. 1919CassGardner0082B2257
Daniels, Beverly22 Dec. 1915CassFechitel0078B2255
Daniels, George Murry13 June 1912CassDisbow0083B2254
Daniels, Katherine01 Mar. 1919CassDisbrow0083B2257
Daniels, Roscoe Curtis05 July 1917CassIreland0067B2256
Darling, Charles Edwin24 Jan. 1913CassMeans0084B2255
Darling, Joe Walter29 Apr. 1911CassBornholdt0081B2254
Darling, Mabel Marcella09 Oct. 1917CassBarnholdt0061B2256
Darling, Marvel Louise12 Oct. 1919CassMeans0084B2257
Darling, Ruth Gertrude26 Feb. 1917CassMeans0059B2256
Darling, Walter Jr.15 May 1921CassMeans0048B2257
Darrow, Dorothy Elinn28 Nov. 1918CassDrake0098B2256
Dasher, Crystalle Leona27 Oct. 1911CassWheatley0080B2254
Daughenbaugh, Lawrence Leroy16 Feb. 1916CassHuff0084B2255
Daughenbaugh, Max Earl13 Feb. 1917CassBorth0060B2256
Daughenbaugh, Samuel John24 Jan. 1920CassHuff0009B2257
Daugherty, Charles Dudley20 Nov. 1915CassClinton0076B2255
Daume, Ida Cathrine13 Apr. 1911CassVon Bergen0091B2254
Daume, Melvine George11 Nov. 1916CassVan Berger0076B2255
Daume, Viola Martha13 June 1913CassVon Berger0087B2255
Davenport, Chauncey P.23 May 1915CassGriffith0072B2255
Davenport, Hope Ellen05 Nov. 1915CassSmith0077B2255
Davey, Rachel Venita27 Jan. 1921CassBohning0049B2257
Davis, Albert Thompson11 July 1918CassTaylor0099B2256
Davis, Bonnie B.30 June 1917CassBourk0068B2256
Davis, Erma Nell05 Nov. 1909CassWestfall0280B2253
Davis, Lyle DeLos28 Feb. 1918CassHawthorne0100B2256
Davis, Marjorie Maxine20 Aug. 1918CassVail0101B2256
Dealy, Frances M.06 Mar. 1910CassBlakely0072B2254
Dean, Doris Jannet22 May 1918CassMoore0102B2256
Dean, Floyd R.15 June 1917CassMosborger0058B2256
Dean, Gerald Ralph28 Nov. 1919CassMosbarger0085B2257
Dean, Kathryn05 Nov. 1914CassMoore0074B2255
Dean, William Everett22 Aug. 1909CassMosbarge0277B2253
DeBord, Norma Jean22 Nov. 1919CassDavis0086B2257
DeBord, Wilma Arleen22 Nov. 1919CassDavis0087B2257
Decker, Elenor Irene13 Jan. 1920CassSmith0010B2257
Decker, Melvin James24 May 1921CassSmith0050B2257
Deeming, Charles Lovell08 May 1916CassGoodpasture0071B2255
Deeming, Clara Virginia12 June 1909CassGlines0272B2253
Deeming, Fayette Ellen24 Sept. 1912CassSemmelroth0080B2254
Deeming, George William26 Dec. 1916CassLunnelroth0075B2255
Deeming, Gertrude Arline05 July 1912CassGoodpasture0081B2254
Deeming, Leonard M.24 Mar. 1910CassGoodpasture0078B2254
Deeming, Marjorie Wintha14 Apr. 1916CassGlines0073B2255
Deen, Darrel Milward19 Oct. 1914CassWright0076B2255
Deets, Margaret Melba07 Apr. 1916CassStanley0080B2255
Delaney, Woodrow Ernest11 Feb. 1919CassBelding0088B2257
Dement (Baby)11 July 1916CassShaltz0077B2255
Dement, Helen Genevive12 May 1918CassShultz0103B2256
Dement, Jane Mildred15 Oct. 1919CassSchultz0089B2257
Dement, Nellie25 Feb. 1910CassBarbor0074B2254
Dement, Ruth31 Aug. 1915CassBarber0068B2255
Denham, Clifford Ray28 July 1920CassDrenner0223B2257
Denham, Fay Madeline15 Nov. 1915CassErickson0075B2255
Denham, Max Allen30 Nov. 1917CassErickson0063B2256
Denham, William Joseph28 Feb. 1913CassErickson0079B2255
Denney, Max Lenard07 Sept. 1916CassDaughenbaugh0085B2255
Denney, Nellie Marie14 Feb. 1912CassDaughenbaugh0082B2254
Denney, Paul Frederick18 Sept. 1913CassDaughenbaugh0075B2255
Denney, Raymond W.25 Apr. 1910CassDaughenbaugh0079B2254
Dennison, Paul Marsh28 Oct. 1918CassMarsh0104B2256
Denny, Annabelle08 Jan. 1921CassSifford0051B2257
Denny, Harry Clifford28 Jan. 1918CassDaughenbaugh0105B2256
Derry, Merle Glenn30 May 1920CassDaughenbaugh0148B2257
Derry, Robert Owen10 Aug. 1920CassDerry0273B2257
Desmond, Bernard10 May 1916CassLeslie0081B2255
Desmond, Francis Ellen29 Aug. 1920CassDesmond0274B2257
Devore, Alice Alvina18 Sept. 1911CassPowell0087B2254
Devore, Arley Guy07 Jan. 1916CassFalconer0089B2255
DeVore, Earl Franklin01 Dec. 1915CassPowell0074B2255
DeVore, Harry William08 Oct. 1913CassPowell0078B2255
Devore, Lauren Russel05 Oct. 1917CassFalconer0070B2256
Devore, Nowal James17 Apr. 1914CassFalconer0082B2255
Devore, Ronald W.01 Dec. 1917CassPowell0064B2256
DeVore, Roy Eugene20 Oct. 1919CassPowell0090B2257
Devore, Velma M.03 Jan. 1910CassPowell0073B2254
DeVore, Watson LeRoy22 July 1919CassFalconer0091B2257
DeWitt, Clyde Pershing04 Aug. 1918CassShick0097B2256
Dickson, Anita Marie22 Nov. 1913CassMiller0076B2255
Dickson, Beulah Gladys07 May 1911CassMcLees0090B2254
Dickson, Clyde Everett30 Aug. 1918CassMiller0106B2256
Dickson, Evelin Faith11 Dec. 1916CassMiller0083B2255
Dill, Dorothy Irene05 June 1912CassKuhnke0086B2254
Dill, John Merrit30 Mar. 1916CassBorth0086B2255
Dilley, Alton George03 Apr. 1910CassSanford0077B2254
Dilley, Helen May17 Mar. 1909CassSlyke0273B2253
Dilley, Orin Burnell15 Feb. 1914CassVanSlyke0083B2255
Dillon, Donald Earl10 July 1919CassSandell0092B2257
Dillon, Dorothy Carol10 July 1919CassSandell0093B2257
Dimig (Baby Boy)10 Dec. 1916CassRichter0082B2255
Dimig, Clarence Henry13 Aug. 1914CassRichter0077B2255
Dimig, Hazel Mary08 Oct. 1918CassRichtes0107B2256
Dimig, Helen Cecelia27 Oct. 1913CassPaulsen0083B2255
Dimig, Leo Edward03 July 1911CassRichter0084B2254
Dimig, Marjorie Elizabeth17 May 1915CassPaulsen0071B2255
Dimig, Vincent12 Feb. 1910CassStrittmatter0071B2254
Dinkey, Louisa Helen15 Dec. 1918CassKing0108B2256
Dinkla, Clarence Raymond04 Oct. 1920CassDuden0354B2257
Dinkle, Elmer John23 June 1918CassJohanna0109B2256
Diven, Lyle E.27 July 1914CassEbert0080B2255
Diven, Wilma Irene19 July 1920CassEbert0224B2257
Dodge, Dorothy Dimple11 Jan. 1917CassKirkman0072B2256
Dodge, Helen Margery11 Dec. 1915CassKirkman0083B2255
Dodge, Lucele Irene01 Apr. 1920CassPugh0115B2257
Dodge, Varrold Elmer22 Aug. 1920CassKirkman0275B2257
Dodge, Vera Joge05 Oct. 1918CassKerdman0110B2256
Dolch, Bernice Minnie19 Feb. 1918CassShaffer0111B2256
Dolch, Gail Walter21 Jan. 1921CassShaffer0052B2257
Donahoe, Devee Rosey20 Sept. 1916CassWorthing0072B2255
Donahoe, Elmond Devie30 Nov. 1909CassWorthing0271B2253
Donahoe, John Thomas04 May 1919CassCaskey0094B2257
Donahoe, Joseph R.29 Mar. 1910CassRuckman0076B2254
Donahoe, William Francis21 Nov. 1917CassCaskey0066B2256
Donaldson (Baby Boy)1910CassReams0075B2254
Donaldson, Chester Arthur29 Oct. 1912CassReams0079B2254
Donaldson, Nellie E.01 Nov. 1909CassReams0269B2253
Donaldson, Norma I.11 Jan. 1911CassReams0085B2254
Donohoe (Baby Boy)02 Dec. 1911CassSwanson0086B2254
Doolittle, Mildred Lorraine16 Nov. 1920CassHarman0384B2257
Dorale, Clara L.11 Dec. 1913CassDasher0088B2255
Dorey, Corime Devee13 Aug. 1916CassHoffman0074B2255
Dorsey, Denise27 Aug. 1912CassHoffman0077B2254
Dorsey, Donald Heath29 Apr. 1912CassHeath0084B2254
Dorsey, Doris Elaine27 Jan. 1920CassHeath0011B2257
Dorsey, Dortha Lavay27 Jan. 1920CassHeath0012B2257
Dorsey, Gale Dean12 Oct. 1909CassBarnholdt0274B2253
Dorsey, Harry Edward28 Dec. 1915CassEdwards0069B2255
Dorsey, Jean Phyllis31 May 1917CassBilderback0065B2256
Dorsey, Leitha Myrtle21 May 1916CassHeath0079B2255
Dorsey, Lois Evaline25 Dec. 1917CassHeath0056B2256
Dorsey, Margerie Madeline23 July, 1912CassEdwards0078B2254
Dorsey, Neitha Maud21 May 1916CassHeath0078B2255
Dorsey, Stephen Don27 Oct. 1913CassBilderback0086B2255
Dorsey, Verlaine Marie25 Dec. 1913CassHoffman0074B2255
Dorsey, Wilbur25 Jan. 1914CassHeath0075B2255
Dorsey, Zella Leota22 Jan. 1918CassArcher0112B2256
Dorsheimer, Coryell LeRoy16 Jan. 1919CassChubick0095B2257
Dotson, George Sinder16 Sept. 1911CassSpencer0079B2254
Doty, Dale E.23 Aug. 1912CassWalters0076B2254
Doty, Pauline Mary04 Sept. 1909CassWalters0267B2253
Dougherty, Bernice Marie18 Dec. 1917CassWaters0071B2256
Dougherty, Darrel25 May 1911CassWaldron0078B2254
Dougherty, Ella Gerald25 Dec. 1915CassWaters0082B2255
Dougherty, Kenneth04 Aug. 1913CassWaldron0080B2255
Dougherty, Margarite Kathleen16 Feb. 1918CassClinton0113B2256
Dougherty, Regina Marie03 Aug. 1913CassClinton0077B2255
Dougherty, Verlee Loretta30 May 1913CassWaters0082B2255
Dougherty, Vivian Agnes08 June 1920CassWaters0180B2257
Doyle, Alice F.10 Jan. 1911CassWaters0089B2254
Doyle, Bernadine Emily08 Aug. 1915CassArcher0081B2255
Doyle, Frances Patricia03 Sept. 1917CassArcher0069B2256
Doyle, Marth Ellen15 Aug. 1909CassWaters0270B2253
Doyle, Mary Catherine14 Dec. 1915CassWaters0080B2255
Doyle, P atricia Veronica14 Mar. 1913CassWaters0081B2255
Drager, Lola May21 Aug. 1920CassTracy0276B2257
Dreager, Calsie Bertha05 June 1912CassMagarrell0085B2254
Dreager, Donald Bert William15 Feb. 1914CassMagarell0078B2255
Dreager, Esther Viola23 June 1909CassMost0278B2253
Dreager, Grethel Ardell09 Apr. 1916CassMichaels0087B2255
Dreager, Lester22 Dec. 1915CassDreager0070B2255
Dreager, Lucile May10 June 1909CassSampson0275B2253
Dreager, Ralph E.03 Nov. 1911CassSampson0088B2254
Dreager, Richard Albert22 May 1919CassShrock0096B2257
Dreager, Wilma Arlene03 July 1916CassHebing0088B2255
Drenner, Gerald Daniel27 Oct. 1918CassLehman0114B2256
Drenner, Walter Burton28 July 1914CassLohse0079B2255
Dressler, Dale Allen03 Dec. 1911CassJoy0092B2254
Dressler, Fred Vernon10 Sept. 1917CassJoy0062B2256
Dugan, Lilburn LeRoy25 Jan. 1920CassSutherland0013B2257
Duling, Clarence Benjamin04 Feb. 1920CassGust0062B2257
Duncan, Luella26 Jan. 1918CassMarvin0115B2256
Dunham, Marcella Jean03 Feb. 1918CassKerr0116B2256
Dunlap, Harold Dale25 July 1918CassMorgan0117B2256
Dunmire, Ruby C.27 Aug. 1914CassTonner0081B2255
Dunn, Lyle F.12 Feb. 1910CassShendby0070B2254
Dunne, Frank George07 Feb. 1920CassForester0061B2257
Durham, Arnold D.03 Mar. 1911CassInhofe0082B2254
Durham, Ethel Leona07 May 1915CassWinkel0079B2255
Durham, Mildred Milden03 Mar. 1909CassInhofe0279B2253
Durham, Wendell Inhofe29 Aug. 1913CassInhofe0085B2255
Duskin, Elsie May01 June 1909CassLamphier0276B2253
Duskin, Viola Doressen25 Jan. 1920CassTurpin0014B2257
Eagan, Frank Harold21 Mar. 1921CassSmith0054B2257
Earl, Glen Junior18 June 1920CassRiggs0181B2257
East, Robert Vail15 Dec. 1920CassBoothe0418B2257
Eastman, Franklin W.01 May 1911CassTwining0094B2254
Eberle, Ina Mary09 Aug. 1914CassSpies0094B2255
Eblen, Donald Francis16 Feb. 1921CassMaas0055B2257
Eblen, Evert1914CassConnor0096B2255
Eblen, Frances22 Oct. 1909CassReynolds0287B2253
Eblen, George Moore01 Oct. 1914CassMoore0092B2255
Eblen, Hobert Edward21 Nov. 1919CassFletcher0097B2257
Eblen, Kenneth Patrick17 Apr. 1912CassSinner0091B2254
Eblen, Lillian Emma11 June 1917CassLechner0083B2256
Eblen, Orville Guerney16 Dec. 1914CassSnook0093B2255
Eblen, Pansey Doris Mae09 Aug. 1909CassHartshorn0083B2254
Eblen, Regina Mary02 Jan. 1916CassSinner0093B2255
Eblen, Ruby19 Dec. 1911CassBasor0101B2254
Eblen, Ruth Ardell09 Aug. 1914CassLechner0090B2255
Eblen, Wilbur Francis16 Jan. 1914CassSnimer0095B2255
Ecinger, Homer Ralph06 Apr. 1919CassScarlet0103B2257
Eden, Donald Edward29 Jan. 1917CassBrawe0076B2256
Eden, Dorothy Lucille15 Nov. 1918CassBrawe0118B2256
Eden, Leonard Herald01 July 1918CassHiggen0119B2256
Eden, Russell Evert28 Jan. 1912CassBrawl0089B2254
Eden, Thelma L.Aug. 1913CassBrown0100B2255
Edgar, Freda Alice08 Aug. 1916CassSchwanker0094B2255
Edgar, Minnie Elizabeth27 Jan. 1914CassEdgar0088B2255
Edwards, Ada Estella19 Sept. 1916CassMcElfish0096B2255
Edwards, Alfred Ethelmer06 Oct. 1913CassMullen0098B2255
Edwards, Bertha04 June 1913CassWilkins0099B2255
Edwards, Ester Mary Uta13 Dec. 1918CassMallen0120B2256
Edwards, Helen Glee04 Apr. 1917CassBrown0077B2256
Edwards, Herbert18 Sept. 1915CassEblen0087B2255
Edwards, Jennie Marie19 May 1916CassBuboltz0095B2255
Edwards, Mary Elizabeth22 July 1914CassBissell0089B2255
Edwards, Mary Lucile27 May 1919CassBrown0098B2257
Edwards, Mary Rebecca24 Apr. 1921CassMcElfish0056B2257
Edwards, Valisa May02 Jan. 1914CassBrown0091B2255
Edwards, Walter Goldie23 July 1915CassWilkens0090B2255
Eggerling, Ethel Edna21 Apr. 1913CassEilts0095B2255
Eggers, Charlene Marie06 Nov. 1918CassStedwell0121B2256
Ehle, Arlene27 Sept. 1909CassBaier0284B2253
Ehle, Cadilene27 Sept. 1909CassBaier0285B2253
Ehlen, Dale Patrick01 Mar. 1921CassStarlin0057B2257
Eickhorn, Bernice Esther26 Nov. 1909CassJacob0281B2253
Eickhorn, Leonard Edmond26 Nov. 1912CassJacob0090B2254
Eickhorn, Louise Evelyn24 Sept. 1911CassJacob0096B2254
Eilts, Adolph G.27 Apr. 1910CassBonnett0081B2254
Eilts, Albert Ervin28 Aug. 1914CassBrauer0087B2255
Eilts, Alfred Robert26 Apr. 1914CassBonnett0085B2255
Eilts, Alma Amelia07 Mar. 1913CassWeichman0089B2255
Eilts, Amelia Anna09 Nov. 1912CassNagel0087B2254
Eilts, Arnold Edwrd19 Mar. 1917CassBrauer0075B2256
Eilts, Bernhard Wilfred29 Mar. 1919CassNagel0100B2257
Eilts, Clarence Marion04 Mar. 1918CassKloppenberg0122B2256
Eilts, Dorothy Elizabeth17 Jan. 1916CassBonnett0092B2255
Eilts, Eielene16 July 1914CassNagle0086B2255
Eilts, Esther Louise25 Jan. 1913CassBrauer0091B2255
Eilts, Esther Marie31 Oct. 1911CassBonnett0093B2254
Eilts, Leona Joana17 Nov. 1915CassEilts0086B2255
Eilts, Paul Henry29 July 1910CassWeichman0080B2254
Eilts, Pauline Charlotte1913CassBonnett0090B2255
Eilts, Ruth Margaret29 Sept. 1917CassBonnett0074B2256
Eilts, Viola Ruth08 May 1921CassNagel0058B2257
Elery, Louise Juanita23 Aug. 1915CassSteinmetz0085B2255
Ellenwood, Doris Eileen02 Feb. 1911CassBriscoe0100B2254
Eller, Katheleen27 Oct. 1912CassMcCoy0088B2254
Ellis, Marion James29 Jan. 1917CassFudge0078B2256
Ellis, Paul B.15 Dec. 1911CassFudge0098B2254
Ellis, Ralph05 Jan. 1913CassEllis0094B2255
Ellis, Ruth05 Jan. 1913CassEllis0093B2255
Ellis, Ruth E.29 Aug. 1910CassFerguson0082B2254
Ellis, Thomas Orville20 Feb. 1911CassLove0099B2254
Embree, Fred Dexter29 Aug. 1919CassThompson0101B2257
Embree, Margaret Marie25 June 1917CassThompson0079B2256
Enfield, Arnold03 Sept. 1913CassQuist0101B2255
Enfield, Dorothy May06 Sept. 1918CassQuist0123B2256
Enfield, Gladys04 Dec. 1909CassSmith0282B2253
England, Elvin Leroy14 Feb. 1912CassPeck0092B2254
England, Loretta Pearl05 Feb. 1917CassPeck0080B2256
England, Mattie M.06 Nov. 1910CassPeck0084B2254
England, Shelby H.01 Feb. 1915CassPeck0089B2255
Enix, Margerie Pauline08 Oct. 1909CassBaugham0283B2253
Enix, Margoria P.08 Oct. 1910CassBaughman0085B2254
Eppelscheimer, Bruce K.10 Oct. 1915CassKellogg0088B2255
Eppelsheimer, Doris13 Feb. 1913CassKellogg0096B2255
Eppelsheimer, Lorene Alma03 June 1920CassMeyer0182B2257
Eppelsheimer, Merril22 Feb. 1918CassKellogg0124B2256
Eppelsheimer, Neva01 Mar. 1911CassEppelsheimer0097B2254
Erdmann, Rose Amanda16 Oct. 1916CassEilts0097B2255
Erdmann, Violet Viena17 Jan. 1918CassEilts0125B2256
Erickson, Arthur Adolph29 May 1914CassAnderson0084B2255
Erickson, Clair Edwin10 Feb. 1917CassJohnson0082B2256
Erickson, Fred Dale14 Apr. 1921CassCarey0059B2257
Erickson, Russell Merel12 July 1920CassSullian0225B2257
Erickson, Wayne Merleon03 Apr. 1919CassJohnson0102B2257
Errickson, Don Vernon21 Mar. 1921CassJohnson0060B2257
Esbeck, Selma L.13 Sept. 1917CassThygesen0073B2256
Esbeck, Velma Christena13 May 1916CassThygesen0090B2255
Essington, Eula Lorena14 Dec. 1915CassStander0084B2255
Euken, Emert Ernest20 Jan. 1921CassThomsen0061B2257
Euken, Marvel Mae27 Sept. 1920CassSothman0314B2257
Euken, Mildred Lucile06 Nov. 1918CassSolhman0126B2256
Eusor, Edward Leon18 Sept. 1911CassLorah0095B2254
Evahn, Jack Raymond25 Sept. 1913CassOdem0092B2255
Evans, Dela Christiane10 Jan. 1909CassNielsen0286B2253
Evans, Othol Haworth16 Aug. 1913CassHaworth0097B2255
Everhart, Eugene Bell16 Aug. 1920CassBell0277B2257
Everhart, Hubert Donald20 Nov. 1915CassBell0091B2255
Ewart, Raymond Spittler01 Feb. 1917CassSpittler0081B2256
Exline, Elmo Verle25 June 1911CassHenderson0102B2254
Fahrion, Neoma Mildred24 Nov. 1913CassGulick0108B2255
Fahrion, Rolond Lee1916CassGulick0103B2255
Fahrion, Russell Edward28 Aug. 1918CassGullick0127B2256
Fairholm, Arthur Duane22 Oct. 1913CassHarmon0106B2255
Fairholm, Gertrude14 Dec. 1911CassHarmon0263B2254
Falk, Blaine Marion Le Roy24 July 1920CassAddison0226B2257
Falk, Harry William14 May 1914CassAddison0102B2255
Falk, Hazel June14 June 1916CassAnderson0109B2255
Falk, Helen Amanda18 Aug. 1912CassAddeson0096B2254
Farley, Thomas F.11 May 1910CassCurry0093B2254
Faulkner, Joan Harriett14 Apr. 1918CassReamer0128B2256
Fay, Bernard Emmet04 Oct. 1917CassFagan0088B2256
Fay, Zeta Eillen01 Apr. 1914CassEartles0101B2255
Fee, Julian Ehos04 Apr. 1912CassEmig0095B2254
Feldhohn, Robert Ernest24 Feb. 1921CassKauer0062B2257
Feldman, Mildred19 Aug. 1915CassGaulky0092B2255
Felt, Seth J.19 Sept. 1909CassStrong0291B2253
Fergeson, Dorothy Pearl12 Oct. 1913CassWilburn0105B2255
Ferguson, Ada Lucile30 Nov. 1919CassDroll0104B2257
Ferguson, Frank Morris27 July 1913CassDoll0104B2255
Ferguson, Moody B.07 Aug. 1911CassDoll0103B2254
Ferguson, Wells Edwin23 Dec. 1919CassBrockman0105B2257
Ferryman, Raymond Neil27 June 1920CassThomas0183B2257
Fick, Paul Edwin19 Jan. 1921CassBrown0063B2257
Figgins, Max LeRoy08 Apr. 1919CassPierson0106B2257
Finch, Evelyn Loraine27 Sept. 1919CassParker0107B2257
Finlayson, John D.13 June 1916CassDodd0101B2255
Finlayson, Mary E.24 Apr. 1917CassDodd0086B2256
Finley, Waren B.15 June 1917CassCook0087B2256
Fischer, Jacqueline Jeanne08 Aug. 1920CassParker0278B2257
Fischer, Laverta June15 June 1916CassSkow0099B2255
Fischer, Lillian Christina Johanna13 Feb. 1917CassRetz0084B2256
Fish, James Kenneth23 July 1916CassMyers0106B2255
Fisher, Arthur Henry05 Sept. 1913CassRose0103B2255
Fisher, Colleen Alice26 Feb. 1918CassCamp0129B2256
Fisher, Laura10 Nov. 1911CassRose0109B2254
Fisher, Leora M.09 Aug. 1911CassShade0108B2254
Fisher, Morris Edward07 Feb. 1919CassSchade0108B2257
Fisher, Walter Cecil20 Nov. 1918CassDaniel0130B2256
Flathers, Alice Bernese15 Jan. 1918CassJones0131B2256
Flathers, Gilbert Carl15 May 1914CassJones0098B2255
Flathers, Leonard Wilson24 Jan. 1916CassJones0100B2255
Flathers, Stella May21 Aug. 1912CassJones0097B2254
Fletcher, Charlotte Marie31 Dec. 1920CassRussmann0419B2257
Fletcher, Loren Floyd14 Sept. 1917CassRassmann0090B2256
Follman, Roy Bernard16 Aug. 1911CassHoladay0106B2254
Follmann, Ralph F.22 Feb. 1910CassHoladay0092B2254
Folly, Esther May10 Sept. 1914CassMurray0100B2255
Folly, Wayne C.11 Sept. 1916CassHeath0102B2255
Folsom, Ruth Imogene31 Aug. 1919CassMoore0109B2257
Fordyce, Dorthy May02 May 1920CassPlummer0150B2257
Forsbay, Dorothy Muriel03 Mar. 1918CassAldrich0132B2256
Forsbay, Menonah Aldrich13 Aug. 1909CassAldrich0292B2253
Forsbay, Roy11 Apr. 1911CassAldrich0110B2254
Forsyth, Charlotte Elizabeth02 June 1909CassThayor0295B2253
Forsyth, Elva A.27 Oct. 1910CassPatterson0088B2254
Forsyth, Elva Lucile28 Sept. 1920CassLischer0315B2257
Forsyth, Frank Gerald22 Dec. 1917CassLischer0095B2256
Forsyth, George Wesley23 Apr. 1913CassRedding0107B2255
Forsyth, Lawrence Ray18 Mar. 1912CassEgbert0098B2254
Forsyth, Robert Leroy22 June 1919CassPatterson0110B2257
Forsyth, Vernon16 June 1911CassMcFadden0104B2254
Forsyth, Verona16 June 1911CassMcFadden0105B2254
Forsythe, Elnor Jean13 June 1916CassSchofield0107B2255
Forsythe, Lenore12 Oct. 1916CassLisher0110B2255
Forsythe, Loretta Mae10 Feb. 1919CassRedding0111B2257
Foster, Edith A.21 Mar. 1910CassDavis0086B2254
Foster, Milo Sylvester15 Mar. 1916CassBalcom0108B2255
Fouts, Genevieve Louise11 June 1914CassSimmons0099B2255
Fouts, Marjorie Glee28 May 1920CassSimmons0149B2257
Fowble, Erma Henrietta24 Aug. 1917CassKirchhoff0092B2256
Fowble, Gerald Elmer13 June 1919CassKirchoff0112B2257
Fowble, Harold Raymond01 Apr. 1916CassKirchoff0105B2255
Fowler (Baby Boy)09 Dec. 1917CassFay0085B2256
Fowler, Lucille30 Sept. 1912CassStansberry0099B2254
Fox, Irvin Arnold05 Aug. 1918CassWeber0134B2256
Fox, Merrill Joseph21 Jan. 1916CassWebber0104B2255
Foy, Gracella Irene20 Oct. 1918CassReynolds0135B2256
Foy, Harold Eugene12 Apr. 1921CassReynolds0064B2257
Frank, Bernard Clair28 Jan. 1917CassMartens0094B2256
Frank, Calvin26 Aug. 1911CassTanner0107B2254
Frank, Daniel John05 Nov. 1917CassTanner0096B2256
Frank, Elizabeth Louise03 Apr. 1918CassWohlenhaus0136B2256
Frank, Grace22 Mar. 1915CassTanner0095B2255
Frank, Lewis Frederick21 Oct. 1920CassWohlenhause0355B2257
Frank, Merton Dale06 June 1915CassMartens0094B2255
Frank, Roland Ross03 May 1919CassMartens0113B2257
Franklin, Harold Charles23 Mar. 1913CassHelmts0102B2255
Frazier, Gerldin20 Sept. 1909CassEmigh0294B2253
Frederiksen, Andrey Elaine18 July 1920CassAndreasen0227B2257
Freeman, Mary Eloise11 Mar. 1920CassPursell0100B2257
Freilinger, Kathryn17 Dec. 1910CassJemmings0094B2254
Freilinger, William John06 Sept. 1909CassJeming0293B2253
Frent, Mary M. E.23 Oct. 1910CassWalters0090B2254
Frentz, Max A.07 May 1909CassWalter0288B2253
Frisbie, Roy M.04 Feb. 1910CassBrown0089B2254
Frisbie, Roy Robert28 Nov. 1909CassBrown0289B2253
Frisbie, Sylvia Lorada15 Sept. 1909CassMountain0290B2253
Frisby, Esther Marie17 Apr. 1921CassBrown0065B2257
Frisby, Harry Wilson28 Sept. 1918CassBrown0137B2256
Froman, Valda Margaret08 Dec. 1915CassSmith0093B2255
Froman, Ward Edward29 Oct. 1917CassSmith0089B2256
Frost, Jack Elwin03 Apr. 1920CassHill0116B2257
Frost, May12 Oct. 1910CassHill0095B2254
Fudge (Baby Boy)07 Jan. 1916CassRobinson0098B2255
Fudge, Ruby V.31 Mar. 1910CassRobertson0087B2254
Fudge, Will A.02 June 1912CassRobertson0093B2254
Fuglsang, Niels Carlsen24 Mar. 1918CassCarlsen0138B2256
Fulks, Margret Frances17 Sept. 1919CassLendeman0114B2257
Fulks, Max William05 Oct. 1914CassLindeman0097B2255
Fulton, Carrol Elliott03 July 1920CassElliott0228B2257
Funk, Darrell Howard04 Nov. 1918CassKnoke0139B2256
Furstenberg, Kenneth18 Mar. 1917CassGardner0093B2256
Gaffey, Donald Jerome16 Feb. 1919CassLinke0115B2257
Gaffey, Marie Francis27 Mar. 1913CassCallen0110B2255
Gaines, Georgia May07 Mar. 1917CassBurnes0100B2256
Gaines, Jessie Colleen13 Nov. 1920CassBurnes0385B2257
Gaines, Mary Jane15 June 1919CassGant0116B2257
Galiher, Max Gordon26 Aug. 1913CassJordan0112B2255
Galiher, Merica Grace06 Oct. 1918CassJordan0140B2256
Galiher, Myrtelle Gaynelle19 Apr. 1912CassJordan0101B2254
Gammel, Sharlene Doris12 Dec. 1920CassCollins0420B2257
Gammell, Eldon21 Jan. 1912CassCollins0105B2254
Gammell, Lenore E.31 Aug. 1910CassCollins0106B2254
Garside, Bonnie Beulah23 Oct. 1912CassMass0103B2254
Garside, Frances Irene14 Aug. 1915CassJoy0105B2255
Garside, Harvey Thomas01 Sept. 1915CassMaas0103B2255
Garside, Isabelle30 July 1910CassYarger0101B2254
Garside, Maudie Elizabeth16 July 1918CassMaas0147B2256
Garside, Merle William07 Oct. 1911CassJoy0117B2254
Garside, Vera Maxine05 Oct. 1918CassJoy0148B2256
Gates, Cecil Oren22 July 1915CassMyers0101B2255
Gaulke, Marjorie Louise10 Oct. 1920CassGaulke0356B2257
Gaulke, Wilma B.30 June 1916CassSkipton0119B2255
Gaylord, Jack Byron22 Sept. 1920CassMontague0316B2257
Gearheart, William J.07 Dec. 1914CassCousins0108B2255
Geber, Pearl Birtha Marie04 Feb. 1921CassHackwell0066B2257
Geiger, Fred09 Nov. 1914CassFogersen0104B2255
George, Ila Jean27 Apr. 1919CassWhited0117B2257
George, Norina Clarice11 Feb. 1918CassDailey0141B2256
Gerhardt, Earl George20 Dec. 1915CassPeterson0098B2255
Gerhardt, Paul L.07 Jan. 1913CassPeterson0115B2255
Gerhart, Blanche Cecelia21 Mar. 1911CassPeterson0113B2254
Gerhart, Irene A.25 Sept. 1910CassPeterson0098B2254
Gerhart, Irene Emelia25 Sept. 1909CassPeterson0303B2253
Gerlach, Lester L.15 July 1915CassWohlenhaus0108B2255
Gerlach, Neoma Louise10 Apr. 1919CassWohlenhaus0118B2257
Gerloch, William Jennings22 Aug. 1913CassLohse0119B2255
Getz, Leon Monroe10 Mar. 1915CassLong0096B2255
Getz, Lucille May04 May 1920CassLang0151B2257
Gibbons (Baby Girl)07 June 1913CassGibbons0114B2255
Gibbons, Maxine Eloise31 Dec. 1919CassKirk0119B2257
Gibson, Dorotha Cordelia15 Jan. 1918CassCline0142B2256
Gibson, Lillie Oral08 June 1919CassTurney0120B2257
Gibson, Mary Evelyn22 Aug. 1920CassCline0279B2257
Gifford, Henry Ford28 July 1913CassAckerman0121B2255
Gifford, Howard Arlin07 July 1909CassAckerman0302B2253
Gifford, Ila Laura28 July 1911CassAckerman0111B2254
Gifford, Lloyd Max18 May 1909CassAckerman0301B2253
Gifford, Lucille Ruth04 May 1916CassUnderwood0121B2255
Gifford, Merle H.28 Apr. 1915CassAckerman0102B2255
Gilbert, Paul D.27 Apr. 1911CassSantee0112B2254
Gile, Margson26 Feb. 1918CassKern0143B2256
Gill, Albert Merle12 June 1916CassKern0113B2255
Gill, Harry Clair22 Apr. 1919CassKern0121B2257
Gillett, John13 Feb. 1918CassDavis0144B2256
Gillett, Luther Henry10 Mar. 1921CassBragg0067B2257
Gillett, William Clarence20 Aug. 1916CassDavis0115B2255
Gipple (Baby Girl)1910CassAnderson0104B2254
Gissibl, Buelah Mabel15 Oct. 1913CassScholl0113B2255
Gissible, Melvin Elmer22 Oct. 1911CassScholl0121B2254
Gissible, Raymond William12 July 1920CassScholl0229B2257
Gittens, John B.11 Dec. 1910CassAuld0105B2254
Gittins, Anna May04 Mar. 1918CassAuld0145B2256
Gittins, Grace11 Sept. 1915CassAuld0107B2255
Gittins, John07 Dec. 1911CassAuld0115B2254
Gittins, Lois16 June 1911CassStevens0116B2254
Gittins, Robert Charles31 July 1919CassAuld0122B2257
Gochanour, Alva18 Feb. 1909CassSmith0306B2253
Gochanour, Geneva Mae01 Oct. 1909CassBenham0298B2253
Gochanour, Leland Eugene14 Oct. 1919CassSmith0123B2257
Gochanour, Marguerite Imogene01 Mar. 1913CassTaylor0120B2255
Godden, Max Dennis06 Sept. 1920CassPeterson0317B2257
Goeken, Robert Lee13 Feb. 1921CassRollingham0068B2257
Goettsch, Alvin Theodore14 May 1921CassHansen0069B2257
Goff, Janice Rose14 Feb. 1921CassHughes0070B2257
Golay, Ellen Celia19 May 1918CassSingleton0146B2256
Goodell, Donald Elliott28 Dec. 1920CassYackey0421B2257
Goodpasture, C. Maria23 Feb. 1911CassFribble0120B2254
Goodpasture, Robert Abraham11 Oct. 1909CassTribble0307B2253
Goodwin, Clarabell10 Sept. 1917CassLeigan0097B2256
Goodwin, Kathleen30 June 1916CassRockwell0117B2255
Goodwin, Louie J.09 Sept. 1913CassRockwell0109B2255
Gordinier, Ted1921CassUnknown0071B2257
Gordon, Bill Henry16 Aug. 1909CassBrown0296B2253
Gordon, Donald M.24 Sept. 1914CassMiller0115B2255
Gordon, Glenn H.23 Jan. 1910CassBarber0102B2254
Gorgensen, Neel03 Aug. 1913CassMathews0118B2255
Goss, Eunice M.30 Apr. 1917CassLetner0098B2256
Goss, Samuel Frank07 Oct. 1914CassLetner0106B2255
Graham (Baby Boy)10 Nov. 1909CassPerry0308B2253
Graham, Claude03 June 1915CassKohlscheen0097B2255
Graham, Clyde D.16 Feb. 1909CassGraham0297B2253
Graham, Katharine Rose10 Sept. 1913CassGraham0117B2255
Graham, Marianna22 Feb. 1919CassDougherty0124B2257
Graham, Sarah E.03 Apr. 1916CassGraham0120B2255
Graham, Weseley James03 Oct. 1918CassHoover0149B2256
Grass, Cora Mary31 Oct. 1914CassCornell0107B2255
Grave, Lyle Harold12 May 1914CassGoulke0114B2255
Graves, Harold Woodrow09 Dec. 1918CassGraves0150B2256
Gray, Albert Monroe20 July 1917CassCrory0102B2256
Gray, Donald Glen20 Aug. 1918CassCrory0151B2256
Graybill, Lois Nettie22 May 1918CassHeazard0152B2256
Grazier, Glen William29 Aug. 1920CassLoy0280B2257
Grazier, James Darwin02 Oct. 1917CassBaller0099B2256
Green, Lyle Lischer31 July 1920CassLischer0230B2257
Green, Mildred E.02 Apr. 1916CassSands0111B2255
Green, Thelma09 Aug. 1910CassEmbry0099B2254
Green, Velma L.23 Sept. 1912CassSands0100B2254
Greenwaldt, Everett August18 Mar. 1921CassJohnson0072B2257
Greenwalt, Cecil Raymond22 July 1921CassScott0073B2257
Greenwalt, Helen Marjorie21 May 1917CassJohnson0101B2256
Greenwalt, Marie Leona12 Jan. 1920CassCosteel0015B2257
Greenwalt, Vern Norden26 Sept. 1920CassNorden0318B2257
Grennell, Eileen Elizabeth18 June 1916CassQuinn0122B2255
Grennell, Glendale Edna25 Mar. 1919CassHamlin0125B2257
Grennell, Lloyd Jerome11 May 1917CassHamlin0103B2256
Griffen, Frances Alice1916CassRorick0112B2255
Griffin, Helen22 Dec. 1914CassDelaney0110B2255
Griffin, Marjorie F.25 Oct. 1913CassConnor0116B2255
Griffith, Edwin Stewart26 June 1919CassStewart0126B2257
Griffith, Gene Grace11 Aug. 1914CassWillard0105B2255
Griffith, John Martin17 Mar. 1921CassStewart0074B2257
Grimes, Myron John12 Dec. 1919CassBaker0127B2257
Grimes, Ruby Evelyn04 June 1911CassBaker0118B2254
Grimes, Varel Selby13 Oct. 1915CassBaker0106B2255
Grimm, R. Sterling06 Mar. 1918CassGrimm0153B2256
Grimstead, Elmer Wart18 Jan. 1916CassCurrier0118B2255
Grodt, John George11 Apr. 1918CassReed0154B2256
Grodt, Rodman Maynard20 Nov. 1919CassReed0128B2257
Groshong, Eugene Arthur31 July 1920CassEberly0231B2257
Grove, Velma26 Dec. 1909CassGaulke0305B2253
Groves, Clair Howard06 Oct. 1915CassBrown0104B2255
Groves, Genevieve E.06 Oct. 1914CassBrown0112B2255
Groves, Robert Earl31 Oct. 1912CassBrown0102B2254
Grubb, Genene Barbara09 Feb. 1916CassGillispie0116B2255
Grulke, Bruce Hampton14 Mar. 1921CassTorrence0075B2257
Grulke, Carl Albert29 Oct. 1913CassAnderson0111B2255
Grulke, Eldon Painter08 Jan. 1909CassPainter0300B2253
Grulke, Elenore B. C.22 Aug. 1909CassBrehmer0299B2253
Grulke, Lydia G.18 Aug. 1910CassPainter0096B2254
Gulick, DorothyNov. 1911CassJohnson0119B2254
Gundersen, Earl H.27 Apr. 1910CassSmith0097B2254
Gundersen, Edward Lyle19 Apr. 1918CassGundersen0155B2256
Gundersen, Mary Carolyn10 Sept. 1920CassSmith0319B2257
Gundersen, Miriam Eleanor17 Apr. 1919CassSmith0130B2257
Gunderson, Lee William08 Sept. 1911CassSmith0114B2254
Gunderson, Paul William24 Dec. 1914CassSchultz0109B2255
Gunter, Bonnie Iona30 Nov. 1916CassWaters0114B2255
Gunter, Joseph Monroe18 Nov. 1918CassWalters0156B2256
Gunter, Myrtle Maxine18 Apr. 1921CassWaters0076B2257
Guske, Alice Maria Louise10 Feb. 1914CassHaworth0111B2255
Guske, Frank George23 Dec. 1912CassRaworth0104B2254
Guske, Verda Elsie10 Mar. 1915CassRaworth0100B2255
Guske, Verna Elva10 Mar. 1915CassRaworth0099B2255
Gustafson, Alfred Jonas09 Jan. 1920CassStohl0016B2257
Gustafson, Clarence Leonard10 Feb. 1921CassOnord0077B2257
Gustin, Janice Marie05 May 1919CassSampson0131B2257
Gustin, Nola Lois05 May 1921CassSampson0078B2257
Guthrie, Evelyn Alice22 Mar. 1914CassPlum0116B2255
Gutierrez, Feliz14 Nov. 1920CassOrtega0386B2257
Gutierrez, Isabel14 Nov. 1920CassOrtega0387B2257
Guttenfelder, C. William11 May 1910CassHansen0100B2254
Hafele (Baby Girl)31 Mar. 1916CassWight0127B2255
Hagelberger, Richard Callvin29 Apr. 1920CassOverstreet0117B2257
Hagen, Florine Eloise03 Jan. 1913CassWhitcomb0124B2254
Hahn, Lacheresia Lauradell11 Sept. 1917CassFiser0108B2256
Hair, Nancy Arlene12 Apr. 1919CassSewell0133B2257
Haist, Calvin15 Oct. 1911CassFopf0148B2254
Haist, Paul W.21 Nov. 1910CassCantfild0127B2254
Haldeman, Harrold O.20 Sept. 1919CassChristen0134B2257
Hall, Dale Joseph20 Jan. 1913CassBurg0129B2255
Hall, Ernest Ross18 Feb. 1919CassDoll0136B2257
Hall, Evelyn16 June 1911CassHawk0129B2254
Hall, Marcella E.04 Dec. 1915CassSchultz0121B2255
Hall, Mary Jane20 Nov. 1917CassGlines0116B2256
Hall, Melvin Lee23 Dec. 1920CassDoll0422B2257
Hall, Milford Ugene21 Mar. 1909CassHawk0311B2253
Hall, Pauline30 Nov. 1909CassMart0317B2253
Haltom, Russell Walter16 Feb. 1918CassFish0158B2256
Hamann, Arlene Katherine22 Feb. 1918CassPaulsen0159B2256
Hamann, Leona E.03 Sept. 1910CassBumann0115B2254
Hamann, Lester W.24 Mar. 1915CassPaulsen0111B2255
Hamann, Mabel Ida09 June 1913CassBumann0123B2255
Hamilton, Helen Patricia18 June 1921CassComry0079B2257
Hamilton, John Austin27 Oct. 1917CassConroy0111B2256
Hamilton, Leona04 July 1909CassConroy0319B2253
Hamilton, Mary Eileen10 Aug. 1913CassConroy0122B2255
Hamilton, Paul James01 June 1911CassConroy0145B2254
Hammond, Phillip Edwin26 May 1909CassCooley0325B2253
Hammond, Rosmary25 Aug. 1915CassSimecolla0115B2255
Hancock, Della Opal16 June 1911CassReed0126B2254
Hancock, Hazel Berniece12 Feb. 1915CassSheilds0119B2255
Hancock, Ida Ferne04 May 1911CassShields0138B2254
Hancock, Lula Winnifred18 Feb. 1916CassShields0142B2255
Hanna, Leona Mildred14 Dec. 1914CassSaunders0130B2255
Hannah, Louise Rachel06 Apr. 1918CassSaunders0160B2256
Hansen (Baby Boy)25 Dec. 1910CassRetz0116B2254
Hansen, Alva Leroy27 Feb. 1912CassBacksen0111B2254
Hansen, Anna L.04 Apr. 1910CassWalsh0128B2254
Hansen, Arlo Leon15 Jan. 1920CassHansen0017B2257
Hansen, Arnold Peter23 Oct. 1912CassLarson0108B2254
Hansen, Arnt Billy06 Aug. 1920CassRattenborg0281B2257
Hansen, Bernice Mary20 Jan. 1918CassChristensen0161B2256
Hansen, Beulah Mary31 Oct. 1911CassWalsh0149B2254
Hansen, Carleton Vermund19 July 1920CassHansen0232B2257
Hansen, Clayton Nels30 Dec. 1920CassNeisemier0422.5B2257
Hansen, Donald18 July 1916CassAnderson0132B2255
Hansen, Donald Merwyn14 July 1919CassFeldman0137B2257
Hansen, Dorothy Jacabine23 Sept. 1918CassHansen0162B2256
Hansen, Elmer18 Aug. 1909CassBacksen0320B2253
Hansen, Evelyn E.14 Aug. 1917CassBacksen0112B2256
Hansen, Frederick Jacob14 Feb. 1914CassBacksen0121B2255
Hansen, Gale06 June 1916CassFeldman0124B2255
Hansen, Helen M.13 Oct. 1911CassWindus0124B2254
Hansen, Inez Louise10 Dec. 1919CassHeiken0138B2257
Hansen, Iola Margaret20 Nov. 1915CassHansen0117B2255
Hansen, Marold R.20 June 1910CassPollock0125B2254
Hansen, Mildred Irene08 Oct. 1920CassPedersen0357B2257
Hansen, Olaf Clyde21 Dec. 1909CassCochran0323B2253
Hansen, Ralph Robert07 Sept. 1910CassMartens0109B2254
Hansen, Roy Henry18 Mar. 1917CassBehrends0117B2256
Hansen, Wilma Mae24 Sept. 1909CassWindus0329B2253
Hanson (Baby)24 Jan. 1912CassJensen0122B2254
Hanssen, Walter Gerhard20 Feb. 1913CassBehrends0141B2255
Happ, Howard Thomas06 June 1911CassThomas0143B2254
Harland, Harold Elmer09 Apr. 1920CassFlathers0118B2257
Harmon, Beatrice M.29 Oct. 1910CassSimpson0124B2254
Harmsen, Leona Sopha19 Nov. 1919CassChristensen0139B2257
Harmson, Harry Herman01 Oct. 1916CassChristensen0126B2255
Harper, Denzel27 July 1913CassStrong0132B2255
Harper, Lavere O.23 Oct. 1911CassStrong0136B2254
Harper, Mildred A.29 Apr. 1914CassHuff0125B2255
Harris, Boneta Fary12 Sept. 1914CassHarris0119B2255
Harris, Cary Eldon25 May 1921CassWalker0080B2257
Harris, Gail W.21 July 1914CassLandrum0120B2255
Harris, Glen Everit07 Oct. 1916CassJohnson0125B2255
Harris, Homer28 Dec. 1914CassMehlmann0126B2255
Harris, James Patton Jr.21 Mar. 1919CassFields0140B2257
Harris, Kenneth W.26 Sept. 1915CassLanedrum0112B2255
Harris, Lyle Edward24 Aug. 1917CassLandrum0110B2256
Harris, Melva Luerene16 July 1920CassMehlmann0233B2257
Harris, Mildred Luella22 Apr. 1918CassMehlmann0163B2256
Harris, Rowena May17 Nov. 1912CassMay0109B2254
Harris, Russell Everett15 June 1911CassMehlman0134B2254
Harris, William John24 Jan. 1918CassFields0164B2256
Harrison, George Houston14 Mar. 1910CassLuxford0120B2254
Harrison, Lanetta Grace30 July 1913CassStanbro0131B2255
Harry, Beth M.27 Sept. 1915CassWagner0114B2255
Harry, Max Wegner25 Nov. 1920CassWegner0388B2257
Harter, Geraldine Iona08 May 1914CassThomas0122B2255
Hartkopf, Donald Carroll12 July 1918CassSchoenbohm0165B2256
Hartkopf, Harold27 Mar. 1916CassSchoenbohn0129B2255
Hartman, Laverne26 June 1911CassRobberts0140B2254
Harwood (Baby Boy)07 June 1918CassSkinner0166B2256
Hastings (Baby Boy)19 May 1910CassRuch0110B2254
Hastings, Howard Emmert22 Oct. 1913CassRush0136B2255
Hatcher, Cecil H.04 Oct. 1910CassAyers0112B2254
Hatfield Walter Ross07 Aug. 1912CassBissell0117B2254
Hatfield, Adrian Marvin20 Feb. 1914CassLodwig0134B2255
Hatfield, Helen Ruth04 Sept. 1914CassBissell0127B2255
Hatfield, Thomas Rex22 May 1911CassBissell0135B2254
Hattesen, Howard1921CassUnknown0081B2257
Havens, Bertha B.11 Apr. 1910CassRothe0113B2254
Havens, Virginia Blanche02 June 1921CassRudig0082B2257
Haworth, Doris Corinne30 Dec. 1914CassCox0117B2255
Hayter, Charles Guy Jr.27 June 1917CassHarrison0104B2256
Hayter, Fay Lucele21 May 1921CassBrown0083B2257
Hayter, Irene Lorain16 Aug. 1917CassBrown0107B2256
Hayter, Loyall17 July 1912CassHarrison0112B2254
Hayter, Paul L.17 June 1910CassGochanour0119B2254
Hazard, Harriett Nivena12 July 1918CassBarnholdt0167B2256
Heady, Gladys16 Feb. 1913CassWilfong0124B2255
Heady, Grace16 Feb. 1913CassWilfong0125B2255
Heath, Eleanor Elizabeth11 Jan. 1915CassMeyer0122B2255
Heath, Helen Frances09 Sept. 1918CassMeyer0168B2256
Heath, Isabel23 Jan. 1912CassMeyer0116B2254
Heath, Marjorie Marie12 Dec. 1919CassFreeman0141B2257
Heath, Robert C.10 Sept. 1917CassFreeman0115B2256
Heathe, Earl Benjiman16 Feb. 1920CassWhitmore0063B2257
Hebing, Clair Lewis13 Oct. 1913CassWorthington0142B2255
Hebing, Wilburn Orval14 Jan. 1920CassMeyers0018B2257
Hebring, Pearl Elizabeth23 Feb. 1920CassBrown0064B2257
Hebring, Valera Evelyn01 Feb. 1919CassBrown0142B2257
Heck, Clyde10 Apr. 1913CassBiel0143B2255
Heckman, Donald Wilber25 Mar. 1913CassLenderman0145B2255
Heckman, Gale Wayne04 June 1920CassSinderman0184B2257
Heckman, Iris A.07 Mar. 1910CassLindeman0121B2254
Heckman, Wilbur Henry07 Aug. 1917CassLindeman0106B2256
Hedges, Helen Francis07 May 1916CassWolf0131B2255
Hedrick, Alice L.30 Sept. 1912CassHarris0110B2254
Hedrick, Donald C.07 May 1910CassHarris0107B2254
Hedrick, Lorian19 Sept. 1916CassHarris0134B2255
Hedrick, Ruby Marie13 Mar. 1919CassHarris0143B2257
Heeren, Harold George11 Sept. 1914CassIhnen0128B2255
Heeren, Luella Fredricka19 June 1918CassIhnen0170B2256
Hegler, Dorothy Ruth16 Dec. 1918CassChambers0171B2256
Helmets, Donald McGaffin23 Dec. 1911CassMcGaffin0131B2254
Helmts, Elizabeth29 Jan. 1918CassMcGaffin0172B2256
Henderson, Carl Clay29 Dec. 1918CassBell0173B2256
Henderson, Edwin Clay24 May 1912CassCrooks0114B2254
Henderson, Ewert Harold07 Apr. 1912CassHackwell0113B2254
Henderson, Gwenavere June22 June 1914CassWhite0140B2255
Henderson, Harold Bell19 Nov. 1916CassBell0133B2255
Henderson, John Crooks22 Oct. 1914CassCrooks0123B2255
Henderson, Marth Adline27 Jan. 1909CassCrooks0310B2253
Henderson, Mary Lucille15 Oct. 1917CassHackwell0105B2256
Henke, June Bernice24 June 1915CassKierch0116B2255
Henke, Leslie13 Jan. 1909CassKirsch0316B2253
Henke, Virginia Pauline21 Apr. 1921CassEarl0084B2257
Henneberg, Ethel Virginia15 Jan. 1919CassSandbeck0144B2257
Henniberg, Robert Edward18 Nov. 1916CassSandberg0123B2255
Henningsen, Selma Amelia14 Mar. 1911CassHansen0361B2254
Hensley, Margaret15 July 1909CassTrainer0327B2253
Herbert, Ada Peace12 July 1911CassSmith0132B2254
Herbert, Annabelle Mabel02 July 1914CassSmith0118B2255
Herbert, Harold William06 Apr. 1921CassStahl0085B2257
Herbert, J.K.06 Sept. 1920CassStevenson0320B2257
Herchenback, Francis Leo11 Oct. 1917CassConway0109B2256
Herman, Elmer Mack16 Mar. 1910CassWerner0108B2254
Herman, Pauline Marie23 Aug. 1918CassHerman0174B2256
Herzog, Helen27 Feb. 1916CassCurry0141B2255
Hess (Baby Girl)29 Dec. 1913CassNelson0133B2255
Hess, Bernice Barbara12 Nov. 1915CassNelson0123B2255
Hess, Kenneth August22 Jan. 1921CassNelson0086B2257
Hess, Ruby Gertrude01 Feb. 1912CassNeilson0115B2254
Hewitt, Emalou16 June 1918CassMcCullough0175B2256
Heyn, Charlotte18 Dec. 1913CassWestphal0134B2255
Heyn, Marie W.28 Apr. 1910CassWestphal0118B2254
Hickman, Julia Verna04 July 1918CassMoore0176B2256
Higgens, Donna Dee30 July 1911CassWebb0144B2254
Hilficker, Esther Louise03 Jan. 1921CassStilwell0087B2257
Hill, Marcellene Sylvia08 Sept. 1920CassMcCash0321B2257
Hill, Robert Everett09 Sept. 1918CassPeter0177B2256
Hilyard (Baby Girl)19 Dec. 1917CassTracy0121B2256
Hilyard, Mary Drusilla19 Jan. 1916CassHyndman0137B2255
Hilyard, Mildred LaVica24 July 1914CassTracy0133B2255
Hilyard, Ruth Evelyn17 Nov. 1918CassHyndman0178B2256
Hinds, Carl02 Mar. 1913CassCasperson0127B2255
Hines, John Franklin10 Nov. 1917CassMattheis0118B2256
Hines, Robert Edwin30 Oct. 1918CassIsaac0179B2256
Hines, Russell17 Jan. 1911CassMattheis0125B2254
Hobart, Maxine18 Dec. 1917CassReich0113B2256
Hobson, Patricia Jane06 Mar. 1919CassCardio0145B2257
Hoefner, John1915CassHiggan0118B2255
Hoegh, Adel Marjorie12 May 1913CassHansen0126B2255
Hoegh, Thelma Bernice06 Dec. 1915CassHansen0110B2255
Hoelscher, Theresa Grace12 Feb. 1921CassHoelscher0088B2257
Hoepner, Dortha Louisa12 Jan. 1921CassHiggins0089B2257
Hoffman, Harold Leo31 Aug. 1920CassSmith0282B2257
Hoffman, Hazel L.07 July 1913CassChristensen0138B2255
Hoffman, Russell Milo20 Feb. 1911CassSmith0141B2254
Hoffman, Virginia May12 May 1921CassConerd0090B2257
Hoffmeister, Frank Marker13 July 1918CassMarker0180B2256
Hofley, George Peter07 Apr. 1921CassHaw0092B2257
Hofmeister, Clarence Norman27 Mar. 1919CassMcIntyre0146B2257
Hogan, Carl R.08 Jan. 1910CassBagshaw0117B2254
Hogan, Donald F.16 Mar. 1911CassBarrowcliff0146B2254
Hogan, Donald Lyle03 Feb. 1918CassWhitcomb0157B2256
Hogan, Helen Gertrude19 Mar. 1919CassDenny0147B2257
Hogan, Ruth10 May 1920CassBagshont0153B2257
Hogan, Winefred Esther1909CassRife0314B2253
Holaday, Charles Arthur09 Aug. 1909CassFolmann0312B2253
Holaday, Harold Rex06 Jan. 1915CassJohnson0120B2255
Holaday, Howard H.14 Jan. 1912CassJohnson0120B2254
Holaday, Marjorie Lucille04 Mar. 1918CassTollman0182B2256
Holaday, Mildred Eva27 Apr. 1912CassFollmann0118B2254
Holfield, Ridi Maxine14 Dec. 1919CassBissell0135B2257
Holldorf, Delbert L.12 Aug. 1911CassTanner0139B2254
Holldorf, Hazel25 Nov. 1916CassTanner0139B2255
Hollen, Pauline Harriett13 June 1918CassBeyers0183B2256
Hollingsworth, Helen Gertrude02 Nov. 1918CassMushrush0184B2256
Hollis, Ben. W. Jr.06 June 1917CassArnold0114B2256
Holste, Bernard Arthur24 Mar. 1921CassRichardson0091B2257
Holste, Bertha M.01 Jan. 1911CassSchermer0147B2254
Holste, Dorothy Marie20 Apr. 1920CassSchermer0120B2257
Holste, Elva A. M.04 July 1914CassHess0137B2255
Holste, Erwin Edward23 Nov. 1916CassHess0140B2255
Holste, Fred William28 Mar. 1917CassMecklenburg0122B2256
Holste, George Frederick02 Dec. 1917CassScherner0123B2256
Holste, Lola Lillian07 July 1919CassHess0148B2257
Holste, Lucille Elsie30 Jan. 1913CassScherner0135B2255
Holste, Martten Lucill10 July 1920CassKopietz0234B2257
Holste, Merlin Louis26 Dec. 1918CassInnsley0185B2256
Holste, Norbert John William Henry30 Aug. 1909CassWille0321B2253
Holste, Norma Lois09 Oct. 1920CassTonnsley0359B2257
Holste, Verla Wilhelmine19 Feb. 1915CassSchermer0124B2255
Holste, Wallace Alfred08 Jan. 1919CassMecklenburg0149B2257
Honekin, Carl30 July 1909CassHedrick0315B2253
Honnald, Dorthea07 Dec. 1910CassScherdine0123B2254
Hood, Edna Louisea20 Mar. 1911CassHoleman0122B2254
Hood, Gordon Stanley14 June 1912CassHolman0119B2254
Hood, Marion27 Aug. 1914CassHoman0138B2255
Hopkins, Dortha27 June 1911CassWood0137B2254
Horendick, Mildred31 Aug. 1918CassBouvier0188B2256
Hornberger, Carl Edward15 Aug. 1918CassBrock0186B2256
Horton, Gladys W.07 Sept. 1914CassBriscoe0135B2255
Horton, William H.27 Jan. 1912CassBriscoe0107B2254
Hosfelt, Irwin08 Apr. 1909CassMayer0313B2253
Hosfelt, Lois Alida03 Feb. 1916CassMelzer0136B2255
Hosfield, Lyle Livingston16 Dec. 1919CassPieper0152B2257
Hoskins, Wilmer19 July 1914CassThompson0132B2255
Hottmeyer (Baby Girl)28 Nov. 1912CassArcher0121B2254
Houchen, Vinciet Vernon19 Mar. 1915CassHedrick0109B2255
Hough, Buel Eldred28 Apr. 1918CassWeaver0187B2256
Hover, Alice Sharlane05 Jan. 1921CassBrummer0093B2257
Hover, Donna Virgene23 May 1919CassBrummer0150B2257
Howard, Mildred26 Sept. 1911CassSmith0128B2254
Howell, Margaret Leon09 Apr. 1921CassAlexander0094B2257
Howland, John Clifford14 Nov. 1912CassDewolf0123B2254
Howlett, Russel M.27 May 1911CassMoreland0130B2254
Howlett, Ruth09 Jan. 1918CassMoreland0189B2256
Hoyt (Baby Boy)05 Mar. 1909CassDivault0331B2253
Hoyt, Francis28 Feb. 1914CassEdwards0136B2255
Hoyt, Herald Johnathan13 Sept. 1909CassEdwards0332B2253
Hoyt, Loren Vernon11 Jan. 1909CassFerguson0330B2253
Hoyt, Mary Mae19 Aug. 1912CassEdwards0106B2254
Hoyt, Thora Nadine13 Apr. 1914CassListon0129B2255
Hoyt, Velma Lucile03 Aug. 1913CassLafferty0140B2255
Hoyter, Alene02 Nov. 1914CassBrown0139B2255
Hoyter, Hester LaVerne15 Dec. 1913CassGochanour0144B2255
Hubbard, Francis Eugene05 Jan. 1920CassScanlan0019B2257
Hubbard, Mila Elane03 Mar. 1917CassScanlan0120B2256
Hubbell, Betty Lorrine31 July 1920CassCurtright0235B2257
Huckins, Robert30 Sept. 1916CassRoberts0138B2255
Huddleson, Albia Margaret28 Dec. 1916CassMaas0135B2255
Huddleson, Elta Harry08 July 1919CassMaas0153B2257
Huddleson, George08 Aug. 1913CassMurry0130B2255
Huff, Grace Irene28 Apr. 1909CassRobinson0326B2253
Huff, John Wesley18 Apr. 1911CassRobinson0127B2254
Huff, Joseph Elmer09 Feb. 1909CassPowers0322B2253
Huff, Ralph21 Apr. 1911CassPowers0123B2254
Huffman, Leland Leroy08 Nov. 1920CassSwin0390B2257
Huffman, Wilmer E.30 Aug. 1915CassSwin0113B2255
Huffstodt, Betty Jane28 Oct. 1920CassAntrim0360B2257
Hughes, Catherine Maurine22 Feb. 1918CassMiller0190B2256
Hughes, Francis02 Dec. 1911CassCasey0133B2254
Hughes, Mary Madalene27 Oct. 1919CassHughes0154B2257
Hughly, Josephine C.17 Oct. 1920CassGurside0358B2257
Huitt, Lela May07 Aug. 1914CassMarlenee0124B2255
Hully, Bernard C.05 Aug. 1910CassPogue0114B2254
Hully, Hugh H.16 May 1910CassSelby0122B2254
Hully, Mary Elizabeth24 Mar. 1913CassSelby0137B2255
Hunt, Anna R.15 Apr. 1909CassEbert0309B2253
Hunt, Evelyn Mae20 Mar. 1914CassEbert0131B2255
Hunt, Jenevis04 Oct. 1910CassEbert0111B2254
Hunt, Ruby12 Aug. 1913CassFudge0139B2255
Hunter, Gail21 Dec. 1919CassBarnett0155B2257
Hunter, Helen B.16 Oct. 1909CassBuckhart0324B2253
Hunter, Rose Alice17 May 1916CassBarnett0130B2255
Huntsinger, Roberta Susanna15 Nov. 1913CassCanaday0128B2255
Hupp, Dorothy Jane05 Oct. 1920CassThomas0361B2257
Hurley, Justeen Lucile10 May 1919CassParker0156B2257
Husman, Ehler Dale06 Aug. 1918CassSpiker0191B2256
Husmann, Laverne Ehler29 Aug. 1920CassFormhals0283B2257
Huss, Vads Elsie14 Apr. 1921CassWahlert0095B2257
Hutchins, Eugene D.06 June 1911CassWright0142B2254
Hyatt, Louene Amelia25 Apr. 1909CassAndersen0328B2253
Hyndman, Clarke Arthur30 Sept. 1909CassFranklin0318B2253
Ihnen, Arnold Edwin12 Sept. 1914CassEuken0143B2255
Ihnen, Edwin Elmer05 Jan. 1921CassEnken0096B2257
Ihnen, Walter George05 Dec. 1916CassEuken0143B2255
Ihnken, Elmer23 Sept. 1917CassJensen0124B2256
Ihnken, Otto Marten01 Oct. 1912CassJanssen0127B2254
Ihuken, Johannes08 Nov. 1909CassJanssen0333B2253
Ingram, Archie C.03 June 1910CassClayton0129B2254
Ingram, Clarence27 Dec. 1913CassClayton0146B2255
Ingram, Margareta E.23 July 1911CassClayton0150B2254
Inhofe, Lawrence Vincent04 Nov. 1920CassRhinehart0391B2257
Inhofe, Orville Wilson27 Sept. 1912CassBorth0126B2254
Inhoff, Betty Jean14 Jan. 1921CassInhoff0097B2257
Irelan, George E.15 Oct. 1914CassMartin0141B2255
Isaacs, Leo W.11 Jan. 1915CassRobersen0125B2255
Isaasic (Baby)11 Jan. 1914CassRobertson0142B2255
Ishmael, Avis M.06 July 1912CassWakefield0125B2254
Israel, Paul Darrell27 Mar. 1918CassNelson0192B2256
Jaberg, Ellowene Helen24 Oct. 1919CassDavis0157B2257
Jackson (Baby Boy)1909CassKobs0346B2253
Jacobsen, Lucy Idelle10 Sept. 1914CassCard0146B2255
Jahnke, Donald12 May 1918CassMeyers0193B2256
Jahnke, Evelyn Marie27 May 1921CassButenhoff0098B2257
Jahnke, George Cecil13 June 1919CassRobson0158B2257
Jahnke, Helen Beatrice30 Dec. 1909CassButenhoff0337B2253
Jahnke, Joseph Herman18 Apr. 1918CassCasky0202B2256
Jahnke, William Harry01 Oct. 1911CassKirchoff0151B2254
James, Bernard C.11 Sept. 1910CassIreland0130B2254
James, Carl08 May 1913CassLewis0158B2255
James, Claude26 Aug. 1910CassLewis0135B2254
James, Donald Lee24 July 1912CassIreland0141B2254
James, Lafayette18 June 1910CassRoss0138B2254
James, Leora Mae02 Nov. 1914CassIreland0151B2255
James, Ruth06 Nov. 1912CassRoss0132B2254
Jamison, Rose Ethel04 July 1911CassMcKeane0152B2254
Janss, Max Nancy09 Nov. 1914CassPieken0145B2255
Janss, Robet G.15 Oct. 1911CassLindeman0162B2254
Janss, Wilma Cecelia17 Aug. 1919CassKreinhop0159B2257
Janssen, Gisseul31 Aug. 1913CassIhuken0156B2255
Jarvis, Harley Forrest03 Dec. 1916CassTehrman0149B2255
Jarvis, Hazel Evelyn25 Jan. 1913CassLehman0155B2255
Jarvis, Leona Mildred05 Nov. 1914CassLehman0153B2255
Jay, Mary Lorena27 May 1915CassSisk0136B2255
Jay, Thomas Patrick14 Mar. 1912CassSisk0137B2254
Jenkins, Elbert Hugh13 Mar. 1911CassPowers0158B2254
Jenkins, Eloise04 May 1909CassWalker0334B2253
Jenkins, Esther Annetta14 May 1917CassForsyth0135B2256
Jenkins, John Lewis24 Oct. 1918CassForsythe0194B2256
Jenkins, Philip Coltes30 Apr. 1909CassColter0344B2253
Jennetta, Ivadel May20 May 1920CassHuska0154B2257
Jennings, Kathleen12 July 1920CassEblen0236B2257
Jennings, Paul A.21 Jan. 1914CassEblen0149B2255
Jensen (Baby Boy)29 Nov. 1920CassJacobson0392B2257
Jensen, Alfred C.16 Jan. 1910CassHansen0134B2254
Jensen, Alice08 Dec. 1910CassThomsen0133B2254
Jensen, Andes Aagaard09 Jan. 1917CassAagaard0126B2256
Jensen, Arnold Sandbeck05 Aug. 1912CassSandbeck0131B2254
Jensen, Charlie M.07 Feb. 1910CassHansen0132B2254
Jensen, Claire12 Sept. 1914CassHansen0148B2255
Jensen, Dorothy Margaret18 Apr. 1917CassBright0133B2256
Jensen, E.W.09 May 1911CassWiuff0159B2254
Jensen, Edna Marie21 Dec. 1915CassAagaad0129B2255
Jensen, Ethel Dorothy20 Mar. 1916CassJacobson0147B2255
Jensen, Evelyn Sanbeck04 Apr. 1917CassSanbeck0125B2256
Jensen, Floyd21 Sept. 1912CassThompsen0140B2254
Jensen, Harold Johannes07 July 1915CassThuken0134B2255
Jensen, Ida Marie10 Mar. 1916CassThompson0150B2255
Jensen, Isabell Marie05 Mar. 1920CassJohansen0101B2257
Jensen, James Agard08 Nov. 1913CassAgard0157B2255
Jensen, Jens Christian17 Mar. 1918CassChristensen0197B2256
Jensen, Kenneth06 Apr. 1914CassThompson0154B2255
Jensen, Leon Sandbeck30 Apr. 1920CassSandbeck0121B2257
Jensen, LeRoy Neal12 Apr. 1918CassJacobsen0196B2256
Jensen, Lloyd Jens24 Oct. 1917CassPaulsen0128B2256
Jensen, Louise Irene28 July 1919CassTompson0160B2257
Jensen, Marvin James23 Nov. 1920CassStone0393B2257
Jensen, Mary06 Feb. 1912CassHansen0129B2254
Jensen, Mary Louise21 Mar. 1920CassAnderson0102B2257
Jensen, May Elizabeth01 May 1912CassHansen0136B2254
Jensen, Noah Lawrence04 Apr. 1912CassBright0138B2254
Jensen, Roy17 Apr. 1909CassThomsen0338B2253
Jensen, Roy Eugene Milton19 June 1918CassCourier0198B2256
Jensen, Russell August Sandbeck14 May 1918CassSanbeck0199B2256
Jensen, Theodore Marinus14 June 1920CassChristenson0185B2257
Jensen, Velda Viola13 Dec. 1919CassJayne0161B2257
Jensen, Walter Licoln12 Feb. 1917CassHonsen0127B2256
Jensen, Wilmanelle14 Feb. 1914CassJacobsen0150B2255
Jepsen, Anna Catherine03 July 1909CassJuhler0342B2253
Jepsen, Anna Loraine20 Jan. 1920CassRoussean0020B2257
Jepsen, Carl Bendixen03 July 1918CassBendixen0200B2256
Jewett, Floyd Edwin21 Aug. 1911CassUnknown0163B2254
Jewett, Lawrence Elmer07 Aug. 1909CassLewis0345B2253
Jewett, Vernita May24 May 1912CassGochanour0134B2254
Jipsen, Alice May16 Nov. 1918CassLink0201B2256
Jipsen, Dale William06 Apr. 1916CassLink0145B2255
Jipsen, Harriet Olive26 June 1917CassRousseau0132B2256
Jipsen, Irma Dorothy26 June 1913CassJipsen0153B2255
Jipsen, John Bernard07 July 1913CassRousseau0148B2255
Jipsen, Linn H.23 Feb. 1911CassPieken0154B2254
Jisa, Adaline Mary01 Sept. 1919CassBlohn0162B2257
Jobe, Gladdis Laucrete21 May 1917CassCook0134B2256
Jobe, Harold Thomas29 Sept. 1914CassCook0152B2255
Johnsen, Raymond Frederick14 July 1920CassHazard0237B2257
Johnson, Anna Irene12 Dec. 1917CassLeFleur0131B2256
Johnson, Bernice Carol24 Sept. 1920CassHoward0322B2257
Johnson, Beulah11 July 1913CassKuntz0151B2255
Johnson, Dale Joseph07 Nov. 1915CassBurke0130B2255
Johnson, Doris Arlena10 Apr. 1921CassMcCall0099B2257
Johnson, Edna May26 Sept. 1914CassMcCall0144B2255
Johnson, Edward04 May 1919CassHansen0164B2257
Johnson, Edwin George04 May 1919CassHansen0163B2257
Johnson, Eileen Rose27 July 1917CassBurke0130B2256
Johnson, Eloise Edith11 Dec. 1916CassTaylor0146B2255
Johnson, Ethel Radine23 Dec. 1911CassLeFleur0155B2254
Johnson, Floyd C.24 Apr. 1915CassPearce0133B2255
Johnson, Francis Albert11 Jan. 1914CassRobinson0147B2255
Johnson, Glen22 Oct. 1912CassBanning0139B2254
Johnson, Harold Arlo11 Feb. 1918CassTaylor0203B2256
Johnson, Hazel Marie Nivena25 Feb. 1912CassSpear0135B2254
Johnson, Howard Albert08 Oct. 1915CassHoward0126B2255
Johnson, Lucile Myrthel02 Sept. 1909CassLeFleur0335B2253
Johnson, Lyle Lester1909CassRatzlaff0336B2253
Johnson, Maxine Fern02 Aug. 1920CassSchmidt0284B2257
Johnson, Merle Erwin05 May 1916CassBanning0148B2255
Johnson, Neil Julian27 Sept. 1913CassHansen0149B2255
Johnson, Roy Vernon21 Feb. 1911CassPeterson0160B2254
Johnson, Samuel17 May 1919CassHazard0165B2257
Johnson, Victor D.09 Sept. 1913CassKaufman0150B2255
Johnson, Walter Lavere19 Apr. 1911CassThomas0161B2254
Johnson, Walter Waylan I.12 July 1919CassLaFluer0166B2257
Johnston, Clark28 Oct. 1909CassStuhlmill0339B2253
Johnston, Harriet Elizabeth29 Mar. 1919CassCrum0167B2257
Johnston, Marie Catherine20 Dec. 1909CassLarson0343B2253
Johnston, Stanford Samuel26 Feb. 1915CassSmith0127B2255
Jones, Bernard Ralph19 Mar. 1919CassDeming0168B2257
Jones, Clarice Erma27 June 1915CassRoberts0132B2255
Jones, Dortha E.26 May 1910CassTwinnig0136B2254
Jones, Madaline Maxine17 Sept. 1915CassEllison0128B2255
Jones, William David07 Aug. 1918CassDeeming0204B2256
Jordan, Jeneva A.15 Jan. 1911CassRussell0156B2254
Jordan, Russell17 Sept. 1919CassRussell0169B2257
Jorgensen, Carl William09 June 1912CassMatthews0133B2254
Jorgensen, Erma May20 July 1918CassBlom0205B2256
Jorgensen, Harold Theodore15 Sept. 1920CassMatthews0323B2257
Jorgensen, Helen Yvonne11 Jan. 1917CassManthies0136B2256
Jorgensen, Zela Roberta19 June 1915CassMathews0135B2255
Joy, Gladys H.30 Mar. 1910CassBiggs0137B2254
Joy, Imogene Etta30 Oct. 1916CassKarns0144B2255
Joy, Margaret Alice15 Sept. 1919CassKarns0170B2257
Joyce, Betty Janice23 Mar. 1921CassLanphere0100B2257
Joyce, Claude Lamphere21 Jan. 1909CassLamphere0341B2253
Joyce, Frank Owen08 Nov. 1913CassLamb0147B2255
Joyce, Gerald Arthur26 Dec. 1915CassEllis0131B2255
Joyce, Joseph E.07 Sept. 1912CassLamphere0130B2254
Joyce, Karen B.13 Dec. 1910CassBattersby0131B2254
Joyce, Maurice H.07 Aug. 1913CassEllis0154B2255
Joyce, Viola25 Nov. 1919CassEllis0171B2257
Joyce, Violet25 Nov. 1919CassEllis0172B2257
Joyce, Wayne E.07 Jan. 1912CassEllis0128B2254
Joyce, William K.28 Aug. 1909CassLamb0340B2253
Juelke, Della Ruth22 Mar. 1913CassJohnson0152B2255
Juhler, Emery Norman08 July 1920CassOlsen0238B2257
Juhler, Herold A.09 Dec. 1917CassChristensen0129B2256
Juhler, Marie Jorgena15 May 1921CassChristensen0101B2257
Juhler, Milo Ole12 July 1918CassOlsen0206B2256
Kahiro, Thelma Kohiva19 Apr. 1914CassBrown0156B2255
Kaiser, Bernard Richard16 July 1918CassWernick0207B2256
Kaiser, Bruno John17 Mar. 1918CassAlday0208B2256
Kaiser, Corinne Eleanor21 Oct. 1920CassWernick0362B2257
Kaiser, Earl Robert15 Mar. 1913CassWernick0174B2255
Kaiser, Harold Glenn02 Oct. 1919CassOldoz0173B2257
Kaiser, Olga Marie28 May 1921CassAlday0102B2257
Kaldenberg, Phillip Edwin1916CassKirchner0163B2256
Kamhlen, Gust J.15 Dec. 1909CassJelfond0369B2254
Kaplan, Harry06 Mar. 1914CassGalfant0155B2255
Kaplan, Mary27 Aug. 1916CassGalpin0157B2256
Karas, Elwin Charles23 May 1918CassHarris0209B2256
Karas, Ethel Leona13 July 1911CassMurray0171B2254
Karas, Leona Grace07 May 1913CassHarris0168B2255
Karas, Lucile Margaret21 Nov. 1913CassMurry0167B2255
Karas, Marvin16 Aug. 1916CassMurry0160B2256
Karas, Robert Richard01 Aug. 1920CassHarris0285B2257
Karnes, Howard LeRoy17 June 1920CassMallory0187B2257
Karns, Edwin Charles18 Jan. 1909CassWorthing0363B2254
Karns, Elmer Roland22 July 1914CassWoods0167B2255
Karns, Hallie Rosella05 Sept. 1914CassWorm0166B2255
Karns, Harriet Brucilla18 Jan. 1918CassMallory0210B2256
Karns, Kazel07 June 1911CassWorthing0172B2254
Karns, Lillian Mary04 Mar. 1915CassMallory0142B2255
Karns, Marjorie Irene26 Aug. 1920CassGipple0286B2257
Karns, Paul Bennett17 Aug. 1909CassMallory0362B2254
Karstens, Edna Gerberdena29 July 1911CassSandhorst0164B2254
Karwal, Harold Lester20 Nov. 1914CassHarris0035B2255
Kaufman, Louis Charles07 Mar. 1916CassHood0168B2256
Kaufmann, Emma Dora12 Jan. 1909CassMeyer0352B2254
Kay, Gail B.09 Mar. 1910CassMiller0141B2254
Kay, Gerald LaVerne02 Feb. 1919CassSanny0174B2257
Kay, Harry16 June 1912CassSanny0146B2254
Kay, Henry Sanny19 June 1916CassSanny0158B2256
Kearney, Maude15 Sept. 1913CassSunderman0161B2255
Kearney, Roseann27 Jan. 1916CassSunderman0164B2256
Keasy, Ray A.27 Mar. 1910CassWhited0140B2254
Kedbarn, Thelma1909CassWorthing0360B2254
Keeley, Martin Emery08 Aug. 1911CassWilcox0170B2254
Kees, Marien01 Mar. 1915CassHoward0140B2255
Keesee, Rexel Eldon03 Mar. 1921CassMyers0103B2257
Keffer, Bernard William06 Feb. 1914CassWheeler0163B2255
Keffer, Bernice Marie06 Feb. 1914CassWheeler0162B2255
Keffer, Donald J.07 Jan. 1911CassWheeler0177B2254
Keffer, Harold Paul14 May 1912CassWheeler0143B2254
Keffer, Max20 Mar. 1912CassBoze0144B2254
Keffer, Robert Edwin07 Dec. 1913CassWheeler0178B2255
Keffer, Suzanne T.09 June 1920CassMilliet0188B2257
Keiser, Edwin Charles19 Oct. 1911CassWeirich0176B2254
Keiser, Jack Walter13 July 1920CassKeiser0239B2257
Keith, Cecil Raymond14 Nov. 1916CassHoyt0161B2256
Keith, Clyde Raymond22 Mar. 1920CassGunderson0103B2257
Keith, Vera Marie21 Feb. 1918CassGunderson0211B2256
Keller, Willard Duane22 Aug. 1919CassSutton0175B2257
Kelley, Genevive06 Nov. 1909CassGreen0353B2254
Kelley, Henry Phillips Jr.06 Oct. 1918CassWilde0212B2256
Kelley, Wayne Joseph13 June 1917CassStennett0137B2256
Kelly, Donald Marion18 May 1921CassStennett0104B2257
Kelly, Muriel Josephine13 Apr. 1919CassStennett0176B2257
Kelso, William Robert23 Aug. 1920CassBerry0287B2257
Kemp, Maurice Delbert25 Sept. 1918CassScott0213B2256
Kenedy, Dorothy May19 Feb. 1909CassReed0370B2254
Kennedy Opal09 Mar. 1914CassWalburn0158B2255
Kennedy, Dorothy Mary12 Nov. 1916CassFulton0155B2256
Kennedy, Jesse Rice24 Apr. 1909CassRice0351B2254
Kennedy, Kennard Wilfred13 Jan. 1921CassBehnken0105B2257
Kennedy, Lela Irene19 July 1916CassWelburen0152B2256
Kennedy, Richard James21 Nov. 1919CassMontague0177B2257
Kerchevall, Kenneth Leroy08 Mar. 1914CassNichols0160B2255
Kerchevall, Robert Edwin15 June 1921CassCraigbaum0106B2257
Kerkman, Norval William25 June 1912CassHolste0150B2254
Kerkmann, Lillian Wilhelima Elizabeth27 Nov. 1909CassBergen0356B2254
Kerkmann, Ruth18 Jan. 1912CassBergen0151B2254
Kern, Trangate E. H. J.16 June 1911CassHockgraeber0173B2254
Kerney, Ralph Leroy17 Apr. 1909CassBassari0349B2253
Kiehl, Priscilla M.11 Jan. 1911CassSmithers0179B2254
Kiehl, Richard02 June 1914CassSmithers0157B2255
Kilgore, Clyde07 Nov. 1917CassKinney0149B2256
Kilgore, Eveline Irene05 June 1913CassKeeney0172B2255
Kilmer, Helen Naomi25 Apr. 1919CassBonker0178B2257
Kilpatrick, Max L.23 Apr. 1910CassMcKeig0145B2254
Kimball, Mariane R.16 Sept. 1909CassBrown0354B2254
Kinen, Gertrude A.07 July 1912CassHerchenback0148B2254
Kinen, William Fredrick06 July 1909CassHerchenback0350B2253
King, Byron Dee24 Aug. 1915CassScholl0145B2255
King, Edith16 Jan. 1909CassGriep0368B2254
King, Mildrede Margaret11 Dec. 1910CassScholl0151B2254
King, Virgil S.15 June 1917CassScholl0146B2256
Kingsbury, Edna Marie01 Apr. 1919CassNelson0179B2257
Kingsley, Claire Phyllis19 Dec. 1917CassPhyllis0141B2256
Kinnard, Ella Hallie18 Aug. 1909CassArnold0367B2254
Kinser, Dowaine Albert29 Nov. 1918CassSalyers0214B2256
Kirby, Cleo Elizabeth09 Nov. 1918CassIreland0215B2256
Kirchevall, Louis May01 Apr. 1916CassNichols0153B2256
Kirchner, Francis Leonard18 Feb. 1919CassMartin0180B2257
Kirchner, Maggie Leona10 Dec. 1913CassMartin0173B2255
Kirchner, Marie I.17 Dec. 1910CassMartin0139B2254
Kirchner, Marie Irene17 Dec. 1909CassMartin0371B2254
Kirchner, Marssic29 Oct. 1916CassMartin0162B2256
Kirchner, Opal Bell08 Mar. 1912CassMartin0152B2254
Kirchoff, Dale Herald14 June 1911CassRobson0168B2254
Kirchoff, Paul Benjaman14 Sept. 1912CassRobinson0154B2254
Kirk, Gretchen08 Aug. 1912CassShannon0155B2254
Kirk, Martha Florine09 Oct. 1919CassSeastrom0181B2257
Kirk, Ruby Arlene21 Nov. 1919CassAagaard0182B2257
Kirkham14 Jan. 1909CassDyden0361B2254
Kirkman, Herbert Frederick27 June 1915CassHolste0148B2255
Kirkpatrick, Genevieve04 June 1921CassSchilling0107B2257
Kitchen, Carl Robert10 Nov. 1916CassAcker0154B2256
Kitchen, Claire Clyde09 July 1913CassAcker0163B2255
Kitchen, Merle Leroy04 Aug. 1920CassAcker0288B2257
Kitchen, Shirley Ida15 July 1915CassArcher0144B2255
Kitelinger, Keith13 Mar. 1914CassMiller0159B2255
Kitelinger, Kennith H.24 June 1910CassMiller0148B2254
Kjar (Baby Boy)25 Feb. 1911CassSorenson0169B2254
Kjar (Baby)02 Mar. 1912CassLorensen0147B2254
Kjar, Frank19 Aug. 1915CassUnknown0138B2255
Kjar, Fredy17 May 1913CassSornsen0177B2255
Kline, Lawrence Alexander28 Oct. 1916CassSchmidt0159B2256
Kline, Robert Carol07 July 1912CassBruner0142B2254
Kling, Elder26 July 1919CassCarlson0183B2257
Kling, Mildred L.23 Aug. 1914CassCarlson0165B2255
Kling, Velma Marie02 Apr. 1916CassCarsen0165B2256
Kloppenberg, Alfred G.19 Oct. 1911CassDrummond0165B2254
Kloppenberg, Dorothy Irene20 Feb. 1920CassMarline0065B2257
Kloppenberg, Nellie Margaret06 Sept. 1913CassHiggen0176B2255
Kloppenberg, Paul Ewald29 Mar. 1918CassBrummund0221B2256
Kloppenburg, Arthur G.09 Feb. 1910CassMeents0149B2254
Kloppenburg, Kermit Henry19 Jan. 1917CassTibken0145B2256
Kloppenburg, Roy Elmer04 June 1909CassTibken0358B2254
Kloppenburg, Ruby Marie25 July 1919CassHiggen0184B2257
Kluever, Doris Marjorie13 Mar. 1913CassWilds0165B2255
Knapp, Frank Lewis24 Mar. 1913CassBortsch0175B2255
Knapp, Melvin A.23 Dec. 1910CassBartsch0144B2254
Knittle, Marjorie Pearl18 Dec. 1915CassLayrd0137B2255
Knoke, Corrine Evlin24 May 1913CassAllison0171B2255
Knoke, Gale R.02 Oct. 1914CassKnoke0164B2255
Knoke, Harold Dale20 June 1920CassAllison0189B2257
Knoke, Margaret Sharlene02 Nov. 1920CassRudy0394B2257
Knoke, Norma Jean07 Mar. 1921CassWright0108B2257
Knop, Cecil Otto01 Aug. 1918CassMartin0216B2256
Knop, Donald Herman25 Mar. 1921CassMartins0110B2257
Knop, Eleanor Collier05 Feb. 1917CassCollier0139B2256
Knop, Eloise Pearl13 Jan. 1921CassReimke0111B2257
Knop, Eltha Lois24 June 1920CassTalbott0190B2257
Knop, Gerhart Herman29 May 1915CassBootjer0143B2255
Knop, Leona Bertha15 July 1914CassWilliams0161B2255
Knop, Louise Freda10 Jan. 1920CassScherrinsky0021B2257
Knop, Marjorie Mathilda31 Mar. 1917CassAuerbach0143B2256
Knop, Maxine Anna24 Jan. 1917CassWilliams0140B2256
Knop, Maxine Bernice07 Sept. 1916CassFeldman0151B2256
Knop, Ralph William15 Mar. 1913CassAuerbach0159B2255
Knopp, Elwood A.31 Oct. 1913CassShepperd0160B2255
Knopp, Wilbur Herman23 Sept. 1918CassCollier0217B2256
Knouf, Scott Elmer10 Apr. 1912CassJames0149B2254
Knowlton, Beth Fern17 May 1918CassFickle0218B2256
Knowlton, Donald Merrill30 Sept. 1913CassFickle0164B2255
Knowlton, Edna Fay17 May 1918CassFickle0219B2256
Knowlton, John Dale11 Dec. 1918CassFickle0220B2256
Knowlton, Margaret Ellen25 May 1921CassCampton0109B2257
Knowlton, Ted28 Nov. 1909CassFickel0359B2254
Knudson, Ruby Maxine05 Apr. 1921CassRathbun0112B2257
Kobert, Leona Karolina15 Aug. 1920CassCocklin0289B2257
Kock, Anna Emma07 May 1920CassWilliams0155B2257
Koebel, Kenneth17 Nov. 1919CassMadison0185B2257
Koebel, Noima June11 July 1920CassAllen0241B2257
Kohl, Elveta LeVerne02 Aug. 1909CassSimon0365B2254
Kohl, Isabelle Louise09 Apr. 1918CassSimons0222B2256
Kohl, Margret31 Mar. 1912CassSimon0153B2254
Koob, Hallie Mae12 Sept. 1914CassWilson0168B2255
Koob, Helen E.Dec. 1909CassKoob0364B2254
Koob, Kenneth Gail17 June 1909CassDavis0366B2254
Koob, Ruth24 Dec. 1918CassWilson0223B2256
Kopp, Helen Josephine04 July 1918CassBurg0224B2256
Kopp, John Joseph28 Mar. 1921CassBurg0113B2257
Kordick, Paul Vincent07 Mar. 1912CassAnstey0145B2254
Krambeck, John Edward02 Dec. 1917CassKellog0138B2256
Krause, Harold Leroy14 Dec. 1913CassDowney0166B2255
Krause, Ruby27 Dec. 1909CassLackey0355B2254
Krauth, Carl Wraymond20 Mar. 1909CassWychoff0357B2254
Krauth, Eric25 Mar. 1913CassKranth0170B2255
Krauth, Ethel Mina08 Mar. 1913CassSelee0169B2255
Krauth, Maurice Bernard20 Feb. 1916CassSelee0167B2256
Krauth, Mildred Bernice25 Oct. 1920CassMills0363B2257
Krauth, Rex N.12 Aug. 1916CassMills0166B2256
Krauth, Roy Edward31 Mar. 1919CassMills0186B2257
Krauth, Wilma Margaret05 Apr. 1921CassJohannes0114B2257
Kreamer, Edna28 Feb. 1919CassHamlin0187B2257
Kreitzberg, Cecil Lewis07 Sept. 1918CassSmith0225B2256
Kreitzberg, Ella Marie02 Oct. 1909CassSmith0348B2253
Kreitzberg, Henry William02 Sept. 1913CassSmith0162B2255
Kreitzberg, Lora M.04 Dec. 1910CassSmith0146B2254
Kreitzberg, Roy Edward22 May 1921CassSmith0115B2257
Krietzberg, Grace Irene03 Nov. 1915CassSmith0146B2255
Krietzberg, Ruth E.27 Dec. 1911CassSmith0174B2254
Kringel, Elaine Verdella08 Apr. 1921CassSornson0116B2257
Krogh, Myrtle30 May 1915CassLilianhall0139B2255
Krogman, Louise M. A.07 Jan. 1910CassSchmieding0150B2254
Kuehl, W. Harold Henry10 Aug. 1918CassHausen0226B2256
Kuehn, Kenneth Maxwell03 Feb. 1915CassCampbell0141B2255
Kuehn, Lowell Dean27 Apr. 1920CassCampbell0122B2257
Kuehn, Lyle Roger27 Apr. 1920CassCampbell0123B2257
Kuehn, Robert Adolph17 Mar. 1918CassCampbell0227B2256
Kuehn, Russell Dale15 Oct. 1918CassGessible0228B2256
Kuesel, Elda Ladina25 Apr. 1917CassReichardt0150B2256
Kuesel, Ruth Julia01 Apr. 1920CassReichardt0124B2257
Kuester, Dale Morris06 Mar. 1918CassWeaver0229B2256
Kuester, Irvin L.10 June 1911CassDussler0175B2254
Kuester, Marie G.31 July 1915CassDussler0147B2255
Kuester, Norman Dallas11 Dec. 1920CassDussler0423B2257
Kuhl, Evelyn Loraine10 Aug. 1919CassConlee0188B2257
Kuhl, Lawrence L.02 May 1917CassMcConlee0142B2256
Kuhl, Mary Caroline23 May 1916CassMcConnely0156B2256
Kuhl, Ralph E.13 May 1910CassLinke0142B2254
Kuhl, Ralph Emil Marion13 May 1909CassLinke0347B2253
Kuhl, Robert Wayne28 Jan. 1920CassLinke0022B2257
Kuhr, Earl Bernhardt12 Jan. 1919CassJohnk0189B2257
Kunge, Edgar Julius11 Aug. 1917CassMarch0147B2256
Kuntz, Vyrtle Cleo04 Feb. 1910CassFranklin0147B2254
Kuntze, Marian William10 Oct. 1918CassFarmhall0230B2256
Kunze, Dean Allen23 Feb. 1921CassAllen0117B2257
Kunze, Loyd Alvin06 July 1920CassMarsh0240B2257
Kunze, Neil26 July 1911CassAllen0167B2254
Kunze, Rhoda A.12 Nov. 1910CassMarsh0143B2254
Kunze, Robert09 Jan. 1920CassRossell0023B2257
Kunze, Rose Marie14 July 1917CassRossell0148B2256
Kussman, Edward William25 June 1919CassStender0190B2257
Kuypers, Theodore Herbert04 Sept. 1917CassFoster0144B2256
Laartz, Carl Myer28 June 1909CassMeyers0372B2254
Laartz, Pauline A.19 Oct. 1911CassMeyers0185B2254
LaChine, Wilhelmina May25 Oct. 1918CassJennings0231B2256
Lackey, Grant20 Apr. 1910CassConine0155B2254
Lackey, Guy03 May 1911CassConine0190B2254
Lackey, Helen Joyce24 June 1918CassHusmann0232B2256
Lamb, Arthur William1912CassBayleys0157B2254
Lamb, Donald A.13 Aug. 1909CassBaylies0379B2254
Lamb, Nona May21 Oct. 1914CassBaylis0173B2255
Lambertson (Baby Girl)11 Dec. 1912CassAndersen0158B2254
Lamborn, Charles Wilson02 May 1915CassGittens0159B2255
LaNd, Wilmer Waldoren17 Feb. 1918CassMeyers0233B2256
Landon, Alton McCelland01 May 1918CassBrown0234B2256
Landon, Arnold Dale06 June 1920CassBrown0191B2257
Landon, George William Landon17 Jan. 1920CassWilkins0024B2257
Landon, Harley William23 Nov. 1909CassHarper0088B2253
Landon, Harold Leon28 Mar. 1918CassMcClain0235B2256
Landon, Helen Roselyn04 May 1919CassMcClain0191B2257
Landon, John D.29 Dec. 1916CassCameron0181B2256
Landon, Ronald15 Dec. 1915CassMcLain0163B2255
Landon, Ronald W.19 Jan. 1914CassMcLain0183B2255
Landon, Susie May10 May 1918CassCameron0236B2256
Landon, Vera Mildred21 Apr. 1912CassBrown0170B2254
Landon, Wendel Milton11 May 1914CassBrown0181B2255
Landon, Wilona Doris06 Apr. 1921CassMcClain0118B2257
Lane, Dorthy May19 May 1921CassMarshal0119B2257
Lane, Frank15 Sept. 1919CassMarshall0192B2257
Lane, Pauline Maris26 Feb. 1917CassMarshall0154B2256
Lane, Robert Woodrow17 Mar. 1913CassMarshall0182B2255
Lang, Alice Fae09 Feb. 1918CassSandhorst0237B2256
Lang, Avis Idelle14 Sept. 1914CassPatten0169B2255
Lang, Dorothy Marie15 Dec. 1919CassOrtgies0193B2257
Lang, Esther Ione07 May 1909CassPetton0382B2254
Lang, George Franklin13 July 1915CassOrlegies0151B2255
Lang, Irma Lavena06 Apr. 1915CassSandhorst0155B2255
Lang, Mary C.31 May 1913CassGillett0192B2255
Lang, Maxine Juanita10 Sept. 1919CassCadey0194B2257
Lang, Robert F.21 Jan. 1917CassGillett0157B2256
Lang, Shirley Ann01 May 1917CassCady0153B2256
Langworthy, Thayer Lucene25 Feb. 1913CassAyers0185B2255
Lantis, Daniel Woodrow07 Oct. 1918CassHines0238B2256
Lantis, Juaneta21 Nov. 1915CassHines0157B2255
Lantis, Ruth Eilme04 Aug. 1912CassHines0169B2254
Lantis, Verneta21 Nov. 1915CassHines0158B2255
Lantz, Ardell26 Mar. 1911CassFaulkner0181B2254
Larey, Doris11 June 1913CassWilson0189B2255
Larey, Maxine23 Nov. 1912CassJarvis0168B2254
Largey, George E.03 Feb. 1910CassGilpatrick0159B2254
Largey, Wilber Charles05 Sept. 1912CassGilpatrick0162B2254
Larimer, Winston07 Sept. 1917CassStratton0151B2256
Larsen, Beth Lucile14 Sept. 1918CassPeterson0239B2256
Larsen, Derwin Julian06 Feb. 1914CassNelson0170B2255
Larsen, Emmert James01 July 1915CassHansen0149B2255
Larsen, Ernest Arnold03 Feb. 1920CassMikkelsen0066B2257
Larsen, Howard William10 Nov. 1920CassTamke0395B2257
Larson, Elmer Christian03 July 1913CassNelson0181B2255
Larson, Gleowen V.23 Nov. 1914CassOlsen0174B2255
Larson, Izroa Maxine26 Mar. 1916CassOlson0169B2256
Lary, Beatrice B.08 Dec. 1910CassWeaver0156B2254
Lary, Cris E.11 Dec. 1909CassMattheis0375B2254
Lary, Dale Loyd03 Apr. 1910CassJarvis0161B2254
Lary, Ellen Lucile07 June 1916CassMattheis0178B2256
Lary, Esther Amanda09 June 1914CassMatthies0179B2255
Lary, Gordon L.17 June 1913CassWeaver0179B2255
Lary, Leona Myrtle01 Oct. 1912CassMattheis0166B2254
Lary, Lois Mae14 May 1917CassHolmes0161B2256
Lary, Lucille Hazel21 Sept. 1915CassWilson0160B2255
Lary, Theresa B.05 Sept. 1910CassWilson0157B2254
Lattig, Clarice Jeanice26 July 1919CassDorsey0195B2257
Lattig, Delmar Dana26 Mar. 1913CassDorsey0184B2255
Lattig, Ethelyn Dorsey11 Jan. 1912CassDorsey0160B2254
Lattig, Lucy Lorraine10 Sept. 1916CassDorsey0175B2256
Lattimer, George Henry25 Oct. 1914CassStockhouse0180B2255
Lauritzen, Leonard Beck17 June 1911CassPeterson0191B2254
Laursen, Gladys06 Dec, 1914CassNelson0171B2255
Lawborn, Genevieve Priscilla01 Apr. 1909CassGittens0089B2253
Lawborn, Samuel25 July 1911CassGittins0187B2254
Lawson, John Arthur27 Dec. 1913CassCasey0188B2255
Lawton, Kenneth Burdette22 May 1921CassBaxter0120B2257
Lawton, Virginia Josephine06 Nov. 1916CassBaxter0170B2256
Lawton, William Henry01 Mar. 1918CassBaxter0240B2256
Layton, Beverly Blanch31 May 1920CassLayton0156B2257
Leach, Theodore R.03 Jan. 1910CassAndrews0153B2254
Leach, William Morton20 Dec. 1914CassAndrews0172B2255
Leahman, Loyd Elston26 Nov. 1909CassSpry0384B2254
Lechner, Gddie Marie26 Dec. 1913CassLeslie0195B2255
Lechner, Virgil Carl21 Jan. 1916CassLeslie0182B2256
Lee, Genevieve Irene18 May 1919CassDevann0196B2257
Lee, Viola02 Feb. 1909CassHall0380B2254
Lehman (Baby Boy)09 Nov. 1918CassNeary0241B2256
Lehman, Bernice Beaulah31 Oct. 1915CassPorter0161B2255
Lehman, Dortha M.22 Mar. 1910CassWilliams0152B2254
Lehman, Edna L.14 Oct. 1912CassPorter0156B2254
Lehman, Evelyn Ruth13 Dec. 1919CassNeary0198B2257
Lehman, Gladys P.03 Dec. 1913CassShepherd0196B2255
Lehman, Morris Malcom09 Nov. 1918CassPorter0242B2256
Lehman, Ralph Alvah Lehman16 Mar. 1915CassWilliams0162B2255
Lehman, Robert M.16 Aug. 1911CassWilliams0182B2254
Lehman, Ross Warren04 Sept. 1919CassWilliams0197B2257
Lehman, Wilma Evelyn21 Aug. 1914CassPorter0182B2255
Lehmkuhl (Baby Boy)17 Jan. 1920CassWohlenhaus0025B2257
Lehmkuhl, Grover Roy12 Mar. 1921CassWohlenhause0121B2257
Lehmkuhl, John H.28 Feb. 1910CassMueller0154B2254
Leigan, Louise Josephine19 May 1918CassHausen0243B2256
Lenhart, Phyllis Elizabeth29 Oct. 1920CassFlathers0364B2257
Lent, Otis Capps12 Nov. 1915CassCapps0152B2255
Lester, Ines Darlene24 Sept. 1914CassLester0178B2255
Lester, Leland Claire23 Apr. 1913CassSouth0186B2255
Lester, Lillian Idahgene28 May 1919CassSouth0199B2257
Lester, Linnie Ruth24 Feb. 1919CassMyers0200B2257
Lett, Ralph James06 Mar. 1920CassHawkins0104B2257
Lewis, Dale William19 May 1921CassKamusky0122B2257
Lewis, Danell Vicent16 July 1918CassHess0245B2256
Lewis, Donald25 Apr. 1918CassO'Neal0244B2256
Lewis, Donald Edward07 Jan. 1921CassBelding0123B2257
Lewis, Elmer07 Sept. 1920CassLewis0324B2257
Lewis, Elvin DeWayne30 May 1917CassKaininky0091B2256
Lewis, Evelyn27 July 1918CassWainer0246B2256
Lewis, Harold Jack04 Oct. 1913CassBaker0180B2255
Lewis, Iowne Maude28 Apr. 1918CassBaker0247B2256
Lewis, Joseph27 May 1916CassWarner0173B2256
Lewis, Lawrence Paul13 May 1916CassO'Neal0171B2256
Lewis, Leland Lee14 Nov. 1917CassThomson0152B2256
Lewis, Margarett15 Aug. 1912CassNeal0172B2254
Lewis, T. Bernice08 Apr. 1911CassLewis0194B2254
Lewis, Thomas Eugene1916CassFlamuntz0172B2256
Lickner, Lucy May01 May 1909CassHudleson0377B2254
Lilly, Gussie Berdeau24 Apr. 1918CassTaylor0248B2256
Lind, Carl06 Dec. 1915CassOlsen0153B2255
Lind, Helen Margrat21 July 1912CassOlsen0159B2254
Lindblom, Florence Marie17 Apr. 1918CassHill0249B2256
Lindeman, Alice Loretta30 Sept. 1915CassBoreck0154B2255
Lindeman, Helen Maud21 Nov. 1919CassWilson0201B2257
Lindeman, Joseph Fred03 Sept. 1912CassBoseck0164B2254
Lindeman, Lois09 Jan. 1921CassWohlenhaus0124B2257
Lindeman, Loretta Jean15 Jan. 1921CassLackey0125B2257
Lindeman, Lorraine Georgia20 Oct. 1918CassLackey0250B2256
Lindeman, Pauline Ruth22 Mar. 1919CassWohlenhaus0202B2257
Linderman, Howard Mason03 Jan. 1919CassCilrak0203B2257
Linderman, Ronald Arthur04 Mar. 1916CassHarris0177B2256
Lindquist, Clarence E.26 June 1910CassOlson0163B2254
Lindquist, Esther Marie12 July 1913CassAckerman0187B2255
Lindquist, Joy Arthur T.01 Aug. 1911CassOstrum0188B2254
Lindsey, Dorothy Belle27 Apr. 1913CassPierson0191B2255
Lindsey, Julia Elaine11 May 1920CassWest0157B2257
Line, Eileen Margaret19 Aug. 1909CassWatters0381B2254
Lines, Donald George08 Setp. 1913CassParker0183B2255
Linfor, Robert G.17 Feb. 1913CassKevan0197B2255
Link, Guy Thomas25 Apr. 1912CassPartridge0167B2254
Linke, Billy28 Jan. 1920CassDruffess0026B2257
Linke, Dale Dean31 Mar. 1915CassBarnholt0150B2255
Linke, Edwin Jr.14 Apr. 1920CassMartin0125B2257
Linke, Walter Junior14 Mar. 1921CassDraffen0126B2257
Linn, Ruth Mabelle22 Mar. 1918CassGittins0251B2256
Lippold, Charles Edward29 Dec. 1919CassNiehrens0204B2257
Lippold, Paul Edgar07 Mar. 1918CassMehrens0252B2256
Lischer, Dale Wilber11 May 1916CassMcCaskey0176B2256
Lischer, Harrison Wade08 Feb. 1913CassKeeney0190B2255
Lischer, Maxine16 Dec. 1915CassKeeney0156B2255
Lischer, Raymond Fred12 Jan. 1918CassMcCaskey0253B2256
Liston, Charles Bourck16 Aug. 1909CassBourck0085B2253
Liston, Cynthia Imogene15 Feb. 1911CassDenman0193B2254
Liston, Marvel Esther19 Feb. 1909CassHoward0385B2254
Livingston, Carl22 Dec. 1911CassFerguson0183B2254
Livingston, Eleanor07 Dec. 1919CassWarren0205B2257
Lloyd, Lyle Leonard14 Aug. 1920CassLantz0290B2257
Logue, Donald Clair14 July 1910CassPaup0158B2254
Logue, Margaret Pearl31 Mar. 1909CassGoudy0086B2253
Logue, Ruth Orlean23 Aug. 1918CassGoudy0254B2256
Long, Alberta Caroline17 Feb. 1914CassNelson0176B2255
Long, Earnest W.15 June 1911CassSandhorst0180B2254
Long, Jack Chester05 June 1918CassKaskey0255B2256
Long, Leona Marie16 Apr. 1912CassNelson0161B2254
Longstreet, Samuel C.23 Feb. 1909CassRoots0376B2254
Loomis, Iowa Grace17 Mar. 1909CassDaniels0090B2253
Lorenzen, Howard Otto24 July 1912CassStier0171B2254
Lorenzen, Raymond Harrison03 Feb. 1917CassStillion0155B2256
Lorenzen, Roger Everett14 Oct. 1909CassStier0383B2254
Lovett, Robert Lawrence23 Feb. 1917CassGothard0156B2256
Lowary, Harrold Hurberd05 Nov. 1916CassThomason0179B2256
Lowden, Jennie Allegra22 Dec. 1920CassGardner0424B2257
Lowenberg, Clara Mae02 July 1919CassTheis0206B2257
Lowers, Hazel17 May 1916CassBazer0180B2256
Lowman, Thelma A.20 July 1910CassPatterson0162B2254
Loy, Lola Lorene17 Sept. 1914CassSmith0175B2255
Luckman, Margaret Elizabeth25 Oct. 1916CassWhisler0174B2256
Ludwig, Perry Gilbert30 May 1909CassWakefield0087B2253
Luehring, Elizabeth Doris15 Dec. 1912CassReichardt0163B2254
Luke, Denzel Rex10 Feb. 1917CassPigg0160B2256
Luke, Inez Pearl22 Nov. 1911CassAndrew0189B2254
Luman (Baby Girl)13 May 1917CassWilliams0159B2256
Luman, Louise Henrietta11 Mar. 1914CassLuman0177B2255
Luman, Russell Edwin09 Oct. 1912CassWilliams0165B2254
Lund, Irene Minnie14 June 1919CassKrup0207B2257
Lund, Leonard Clarence23 Oct. 1917CassKnop0158B2256
Lund, Raymond Harry11 Sept. 1913CassKnop0194B2255
Lundblom, Agnes16 Aug. 1909CassHill0374B2254
Luxford, Gladys F.05 Feb. 1910CassNichols0160B2254
Lymonds, Dale Laverne11 May 1913CassWalker0276B2255
Lynch, Loraine Sherman22 Jan. 1920CassGriffith0027B2257
Lynch, Percy05 Mar. 1909CassPrall0378B2254
Lynch, Robert M.09 Aug. 1911CassPrall0184B2254
Maas (Baby Boy)14 Mar. 1919CassNecklmann0218B2257
Maas, Ellen Rosina26 July 1914CassMehlmann0199B2255
Maas, Harold Leroy20 Oct. 1909CassKuesel0109B2253
Maas, John Henry28 Mar. 1921CassMehlmann0130B2257
Maas, Leona Marie29 Jan. 1912CassKuesel0178B2254
Maas, Marion LeRoy29 May 1912CassMehlmann0183B2254
Maas, Mildred Ellen25 Oct. 1913CassJohnson0205B2255
Maas, Mildred Luella20 Dec. 1917CassBehnken0174B2256
Maas, Minnie Eileen29 Dec. 1916CassJohnson0198B2256
Maas, Pearl Mildred04 Feb. 1914CassMaas0196B2255
Maas, Rex27 May 1911CassJohnson0201B2254
Maas, Varel Herbert21 Oct. 1913CassBower0206B2255
Maas, Velda Emogene27 Nov. 1920CassBower0396B2257
Maas, Velma LaRue01 July 1914CassJohnson0198B2255
Maas, Verna Mae12 Apr. 1916CassKuesel0196B2256
Mackrill, Joseph Max12 Nov. 1919CassMcKely0220B2257
Macomber, Frank J. Jr.03 May 1912CassEnghberg0174B2254
Madden, Arvella Lorraine24 Feb. 1920CassCulver0068B2257
Maddox, Naomi M.27 June 1914CassRussell0188B2255
Maddux, Donald L.02 Sept. 1913CassRussell0209B2255
Maddux, Glenn W.09 Sept. 1910CassRussell0173B2254
Madsen, Elmer LeRoy04 Oct. 1920CassChristensen0365B2257
Madsen, Harold09 Feb. 1918CassChristensen0264B2256
Madsen, Nellie Leota13 June 1915CassChristensen0176B2255
Madsen, William Mose10 Nov. 1912CassChristensen0181B2254
Maeder, Alice23 Mar. 1914CassWaters0204B2255
Maeder, Bertha Ellen12 Feb. 1920CassWaters0070B2257
Maeder, Edna Margurite08 June 1920CassCrone0193B2257
Maeder, Letha Marie22 Nov. 1915CassCron0190B2255
Maeder, Rosella Ilene19 Mar. 1916CassWaters0205B2256
Magarell, Arthur Leroy21 Mar. 1917CassRosine0169B2256
Magill, Ruth Louise11 Oct. 1919CassFoley0221B2257
Mahar, Eileen Catherine26 Feb. 1917CassBarrett0165B2256
Mahar, Margaret Elizabeth12 Apr. 1915CassBarrett0164B2255
Maher (Baby Boy)02 Jan. 1913CassBarrett0200B2255
Maher, Mary V.08 Dec. 1911CassBarrett0205B2254
Mailander, Francis Peter21 Mar. 1909CassHerchenback0096B2253
Mailander, Harold Henry03 Mar. 1909CassEhrman0105B2253
Mailander, Joseph Clifford01 Nov. 1919CassHerchenbach0222B2257
Mailander, Marie Barbara26 Oct. 1910CassMetz0179B2254
Mailander, Morris Paul05 July 1909CassMetz0104B2253
Mailander, Paul Joseph31 July 1914CassWalters0194B2255
Malone, Claude R.21 July 1909CassHarris0101B2253
Malone, Mary Angela08 July 1920CassRuane0242B2257
Malone, Richard Maurice06 May 1916CassRuane0194B2256
Mank, Dorothy June01 Dec. 1919CassShindley0223B2257
Mank, Maggie Irene30 Aug. 1909CassSteavens0098B2253
Mank, Orvel Junior25 Jan. 1921CassShindley0131B2257
Manriquez, Alfred30 May 1921CassLevano0132B2257
Manriquez, Francisco07 Oct. 1919CassLeubano0224B2257
Marcum, Robert Dale29 Jan. 1921CassSmith0133B2257
Marker, George Clifford22 July 1914CassSheets0202B2255
Marlow, Velma28 June 1909CassPorter0100B2253
Marlowe, Delpha D.27 Dec. 1915CassPorter0180B2255
Marlowe, Gerald Eugene21 Aug. 1916CassWarfield0197B2256
Marlowe, Harry Junior11 Jan. 1920CassWarfield0029B2257
Marlowe, Verna31 Dec. 1919CassPorter0225B2257
Marlowe, Virginia E.06 Oct. 1915CassBell0197B2255
Marsh, Chester24 Oct. 1918CassHusmann0265B2256
Marsh, Christobel17 Aug. 1918CassLindeman0266B2256
Marsh, Joseph Ezra07 Sept. 1920CassPaulson0327B2257
Marsh, Lois Elizabeth02 Mar. 1913CassDewitt0208B2255
Marsh, Lola Maud11 Feb. 1918CassPaulsen0267B2256
Marsh, Lowell Deane25 July 1920CassHusmann0243B2257
Marsh, Max Emmet31 May 1915CassEakin0167B2255
Marsh, Roy Elmo10 Apr. 1915CassDeWitt0181B2255
Marshall, Charles Benedict21 Sept. 1914CassNordman0193B2255
Marshall, Cora Evelyn26 May 1921CassPeck0134B2257
Marshall, Howard Junior30 Mar. 1918CassBerry0268B2256
Marshall, Jessie Margaret01 Jan. 1915CassDavenport0165B2255
Marshall, Mary Catherine04 Apr. 1911CassQuinn0209B2254
Marshall, Mary Ruth19 Aug. 1910CassPeck0174.5B2254
Marshall, Mollie17 Mar. 1909CassPeck0114B2253
Marshall, Paul Michael28 June 1912CassQuin0177B2254
Marshall, Rex31 May 1912CassHarris0173B2254
Marshall, Ruby Bell19 Aug. 1910CassPeck0174B2254
Marshall, Ruth Hazel19 Sept. 1913CassHarris0199B2255
Marshall, Sylvia06 Nov. 1911CassPeck0203B2254
Martens, Bernice Hazel15 Feb. 1920CassNetty0069B2257
Martens, Clara Catherine29 July 1915CassBannick0179B2255
Martens, Emil Henry09 June 1909CassFrank0093B2253
Martens, Freman George20 Mar. 1921CassFranks0135B2257
Martens, Gladys R.22 Aug. 1917CassDuden0182B2256
Martens, Jasos Earl17 Aug. 1918CassNeltz0269B2256
Martens, Jessie Otha23 Sept. 1915CassNetz0183B2255
Martens, John D.24 July 1909CassBannick0111B2253
Martens, Leona Louise10 June 1913CassDuden0198B2255
Martens, Leonard F.07 Nov. 1910CassFrank0176B2254
Martens, Mabel10 Apr. 1917CassVetter0181B2256
Martens, Maxine03 Aug. 1914CassInhofe0203B2255
Martens, Richard Charles23 Apr. 1921CassHones0136B2257
Martens, Travis Lyle08 Feb. 1917CassInhofe0184B2256
Martin (Baby Girl)01 Nov. 1913CassBelding0201B2255
Martin, Carl Walter08 Oct. 1920CassStrittmatter0366B2257
Martin, Evelyn Dorthy01 Dec. 1915CassHerriz0171B2255
Martin, Grant Richard06 Aug. 1914CassBaker0187B2255
Martin, Joseph Jr.23 Dec. 1916CassBaker0184B2256
Martin, Obera Phyliss10 July 1913CassBoldt0202B2255
Marxen, Maurice Lawless21 Oct. 1920CassLawless0367B2257
Marxen, Maxine Iona26 July 1920CassJahnke0244B2257
Masteller, Seth William29 May 1917CassMcVay0171B2256
Matheny, John Cleo03 Apr. 1918CassGalvin0270B2256
Mattews, Kenneth Cecil14 Mar. 1915CassCaywood0186B2255
Mattheis (Baby Boy)15 Nov. 1917CassParker0163B2256
Mattheis, Carlyle Warren14 Mar. 1921CassEngles0137B2257
Mattheis, Clarence Dwight07 Mar. 1916CassParker0188B2256
Mattheis, Dorothy Beth15 June 1919CassParker0226B2257
Mattheis, Elizabeth Irene07 May 1917CassFollman0175B2256
Matthew, Fern Lucia11 Aug. 1909CassHarms0108B2253
Matthews, Archie C.07 July 1911CassCaywood0202B2254
Matthews, Catherine Marie21 Dec. 1917CassChristensen0166B2256
Matthews, Garnet N.14 Mar. 1913CassCaywood0213B2255
Matthews, Mary11 Jan. 1914CassLloyd0185B2255
Matthews, Maud Zelma08 July 1909CassCaywood0112B2253
Mauk, Alberta Marie10 Oct. 1914CassStevens0190B2255
Mayberry, Eldon Duane22 Mar. 1919CassFelt0227B2257
Mayberry, Eloise T.04 Nov. 1917CassFelt0173B2256
Mayberry, Elwood John06 Feb. 1918CassBest0271B2256
Mayberry, Irwin Gordan25 Jan. 1915CassFelt0169B2255
Mayberry, Lavonne Mae21 Apr. 1920CassBest0128B2257
Mayberry, Owen Orien25 Jan. 1915CassFelt0170B2255
Mayberry, Quinton V.14 Feb. 1915CassBest0168B2255
McAfee, Conrad T.11 May 1916CassScholt0213B2256
McAfee, Janet Elizabeth15 May 1918CassScholl0256B2256
McAfee, William Fielding05 Feb. 1920CassScholl0067B2257
McCain, Delbert Harvey22 June 1912CassPfan0193B2254
McCain, Glenn Leroy22 Sept. 1913CassPfan0218B2255
McCain, Naomi Merle30 Oct. 1911CassAnderson0216B2254
McCain, Verda Iola08 July 1917CassAnderson0189B2256
McCall, Eugene05 May 1921CassJones0127B2257
McCartney, Artelle Janis19 Feb. 1919CassKarr0208B2257
McCartney, Maxine Louise15 June 1920CassStocklaur0192B2257
McCauley (Baby Boy)14 Oct. 1909CassMurphey0124B2253
McCauley, Mary Jane10 Apr. 1921CassMurphy0128B2257
McClane, Roy13 Feb. 1911CassWakefield0210B2254
McClintock, Harrold A.23 Jan. 1911CassYoung0214B2254
McClintock, Vernon N.12 Sept. 1909CassYoung0116B2253
McConnell (Baby Boy)1914CassJennings0214B2255
McConnell, Evaline CarolineNov. 1912CassJennings0195B2254
McConnell, Gladys29 Aug. 1914CassStone0213B2255
McConnell, Leona Alberta15 Mar. 1918CassJennings0257B2256
McConnell, Lorraine Katherine01 Sept. 1920CassStone0325B2257
McConnell, Lucile N.01 June 1911CassDemming0213B2254
McCord, Cecil Charles15 Jan. 1909CassToepfer0115B2253
McCord, Charles10 Sept. 1910CassToepfer0185B2254
McCord, Keneth G.10 Feb. 1910CassMarsh0184B2254
McCord, Leland Gale29 Aug. 1912CassToepeflee0194B2254
McCrary, Martin Earl03 June 1917CassKrauth0192B2256
McCrory, Dale16 Mar. 1919CassWalter0209B2257
McCrory, Edna M.31 Aug. 1910CassWalter0191B2254
McCrory, Esther Louise02 Aug. 1916CassMcVey0208B2256
McCrory, Florence Virginia20 Apr. 1920CassMcVey0126B2257
McCrory, George William18 Dec. 1912CassMcCrory0196B2254
McCrory, Harold20 Oct. 1916CassWalter0215B2256
McCrory, Helen Ruth13 Sept. 1913CassWalter0217B2255
McCrory, Mary E.28 Dec. 1910CassMcVey0187B2254
McCrory, Robert20 Oct. 1916CassWalter0214B2256
McCuen, Max Howard31 Aug. 1912CassTownsend0200B2254
McCuen, Morris Leander31 Aug. 1912CassTownsend0201B2254
McCullogh, Kenneth Charles01 Sept. 1918CassPartridge0258B2256
McCurdy, Edna Agnes25 May 1918CassBrown0259B2256
McCurdy, Leo Walter14 Mar. 1920CassBrown0105B2257
McCurry, Walter Roy19 Sept. 1918CassKrauth0260B2256
McDaniel, Pearl Callie05 Apr. 1918CassSnyder0261B2256
McDermott, Frederick C.28 Mar. 1916CassMalone0211B2256
McDermott, Harry F.17 Jan. 1910CassFloyd0189B2254
McDermott, Hazel Marie04 Nov. 1914CassFloyd0219B2255
McDermott, Lela May23 May 1909CassNordman0117B2253
McDermott, Randall Clark27 Aug. 1916CassClark0207B2256
McDermott, Thomas Luke18 Jan. 1920CassMalone0028B2257
McDowell, Dean Casey21 Dec. 1917CassStewart0188B2256
McDowell, Lois Zeta12 July 1912CassStuart0199B2254
McElfish, Henry C.26 Aug. 1916CassMatty0216B2256
McEvoy, Mary03 Feb. 1916CassBrock0209B2256
McFadden, Andrew Graham09 Oct. 1914CassGraham0215B2255
McFadden, Barton Paul31 May 1913CassLinderman0219B2255
McFadden, Cathalene Georgia01 Mar. 1918CassAbhau0262B2256
McFadden, Chio Velma24 June 1911CassHarris0217B2254
McFadden, Cleo Thelma24 June 1911CassHarris0218B2254
McFadden, Delbert Harris14 Dec. 1914CassHarris0211B2255
McFadden, Opal Virginia19 Oct. 1919CassAbhan0210B2257
McFadden, Phoebe Ellen29 Apr. 1909CassPotter0121B2253
McFadden, William J.15 Oct. 1910CassGraham0186B2254
McFadden, Willma Beatrice10 Feb. 1909CassDunham0122B2253
McFarland, Beulah M.15 Jan. 1910CassSmith0183B2254
McFarland, Donald03 Apr. 1912CassSmith0191B2254
McFarland, Florence Esther03 Aug. 1912CassPatterson0197B2254
McFarland, Ruby25 Sept. 1914CassSmith0210B2255
McGaffin, Beulah L.28 Mar. 1910CassSchmidt0188B2254
McGaffin, Branice May02 May 1914CassSmith0209B2255
McGinnis, William Louis24 Mar. 1919CassJohnston0211B2257
McGovern, Anna Louise23 Feb. 1911CassCampbell0212B2254
McGovern, John06 Nov. 1914CassCampbell0212B2255
McIntire, William Russel16 June 1913CassPettit0216B2255
McIntosh (Baby Boy)26 Feb. 1912CassDirrim0192B2254
McIntyre, Dorthy Maxine09 Apr. 1920CassPetit0127B2257
McIntyre, Esther Mae08 Jan. 1916CassPetit0206B2256
McIntyre, Lois Jeanette30 Dec. 1917CassPetit0186B2256
McJurland, Chester E.07 Dec. 1913CassGriffiths0221B2255
McKee, Billie Harding24 Apr. 1921CassMathatis0129B2257
McKee, Clarence Eugene23 Apr. 1918CassHeath0263B2256
McKee, Dorotha Dimple22 May 1916CassHeath0218B2256
McKee, Elnora Irene28 Mar. 1917CassMattheis0193B2256
McKee, Harry Jr.11 Dec. 1919CassFletcher0212B2257
McKee, Lola Deloris29 Apr. 1911CassMathais0220B2254
McKee, Lola Lucile03 Dec. 1917CassFletcher0194B2256
McKee, Marion Manford26 Feb. 1912CassHeath0198B2254
McKee, Rex14 Apr. 1914CassFletcher0218B2255
McKee, Veronica08 Dec. 1911CassFletcher0221B2254
McKeever, Waller Leo26 July 1916CassMcKeever0217B2256
McKinley, Ralph L.02 Dec. 1910CassKelly0190B2254
McLaren, Donald W.13 Apr. 1917CassErickson0191B2256
McLaren, James Erickson01 July 1912CassErickson0190B2254
McLaren, John Malcolm26 June 1915CassErickson0194B2255
McLaren, Joseph C.12 Jan. 1914CassErrickson0217B2255
McLaren, Kathryn Madelene21 Mar. 1919CassErickson0213B2257
McLaren, Kennith Leroy24 Sept. 1920CassErickson0326B2257
McLaughlin, Goldie Iowa28 Feb. 1909CassWhite0123B2253
McLaughlin, Margery15 Mar. 1915CassWhite0193B2255
McLaughlin, Philip Duane18 July 1913CassWhite0222B2255
McLaughlin, William T.08 June 1914CassSaunders0216B2255
McMahon, Frances Lydia29 June 1916CassShey0212B2256
McMahon, Leland20 Feb. 1910CassQuinlain0193B2254
McMahon, Leo F.20 Feb. 1910CassQuinlain0192B2254
McMahon, Margaret Katherine21 Oct. 1909CassRobinson0118B2253
McMahon, Walter Paul17 Nov. 1919CassShey0214B2257
McMartin, Joe03 Feb. 1911CassRobison0211B2254
McMenamin, Edwin A.08 Sept. 1913CassStrittmatter0220B2255
McMenamin, Frank Daniel1909CassStrittmatter0120B2253
McMenamin, John Oliver17 July 1917CassStrittmater0187B2256
McMenamin, Mildred Frances12 Nov. 1919CassDill0217B2257
McMenamin, Raymond J.1911CassStrittmatter0215B2254
McMenamin, Robert William25 Oct. 1918CassDill0284B2256
McMillan, Dorothy Virginia04 July 1917CassPhares0190B2256
McMiniman, May Catherine12 Sept. 1916CassDill0210B2256
McNamara, Agnes Francies24 Sept. 1919CassLuke0215B2257
McNeil, Dorothy Birdine09 Oct. 1911CassLimbaugh0219B2254
McNierney, Lenora Mary21 Jan. 1915CassUnderwood0192B2255
McPherrin, Beverly Blanche08 Oct. 1919CassMcCue0216B2257
Meader, Burton Benjamin08 May 1918CassWaters0272B2256
Meader, Opal Marcella22 May 1918CassCron0273B2256
Meek, George Orville19 Sept. 1914CassSmith0186B2255
Meek, Leila Bernice07 Sept. 1916CassSmith0183B2256
Meek, Lula Pearl23 Jan. 1911CassSmith0208B2254
Meek, Percy Alvin13 Aug. 1912CassSmith0176B2254
Meeks, Irene Frances06 Nov. 1919CassJoseph0228B2257
Meeks, Opal Evangeline06 Oct. 1909CassSmith0106B2253
Mehlman, Imogene Louise02 May 1920CassWare0158B2257
Mehlmann, Donald William18 July 1920CassWatson0245B2257
Mehlmann, LeRoy Merrill22 Oct. 1914CassMatthies0200B2255
Mehlmann, Lura Belle13 June 1919CassMatthias0229B2257
Mennealy, Harold Clayton05 Mar. 1919CassConard0230B2257
Mennealy, Helen Mary07 June 1921CassConrad0139B2257
Mennealy, Leonora Elizabeth15 June 1921CassDale0138B2257
Menswanger, David C.25 Feb. 1912CassShours0175B2254
Mercer, Isabel Josephine30 Nov. 1919CassCatternole0231B2257
Meredith, Gaylord Allen07 Nov. 1911CassAllen0206B2254
Meredith, Owen Asher09 Aug. 1918CassAsher0275B2256
Meridith, Vesta Margaret12 Dec. 1920CassAslev0425B2257
Mertz, Pearl Elsie31 May 1918CassMertz0276B2256
Mertz, Viola Ruth15 Sept. 1919CassSmith0232B2257
Messer, Frances12 Sept. 1916CassCary0200B2256
Metz, John P.16 Dec. 1910CassBentner0178B2254
Metz, Joseph William10 Mar. 1915CassRobinson0172B2255
Metz, Lillian Catherine29 Apr. 1909CassRobinson0095B2253
Metz, Michel Joseph02 Oct. 1912CassRobinson0179B2254
Metz, William Woodrow17 Dec. 1918CassRobinson0277B2256
Mewhirter, Helen07 Feb. 1913CassWilson0207B2255
Meyer, Elmer Clarence20 Dec. 1915CassIhnen0178B2255
Meyer, Elsie Anna23 Aug. 1911CassIhnen0196B2254
Meyer, Harold William09 Dec. 1913CassWohlenhaus0210B2255
Meyer, Walter Gerhardt28 June 1915CassCampen0173B2255
Meyer, Wilma15 Oct. 1914CassIhnen0201B2255
Meyers (Baby Boy)28 Feb. 1921CassBrosam0140B2257
Meyers, Mildred Loraine19 Sept. 1918CassSticken0278B2256
Michaels, Agnes Neoma08 May 1912CassMcCosh0184B2254
Michaels, Loyd Chester08 Feb. 1909CassMcCosh0107B2253
Middaugh, Marguerite Elaine10 Mar. 1920CassMartens0106B2257
Middleton, Jack15 Mar. 1921CassMcKibben0141B2257
Milford, Donald Ernest08 Feb. 1921CassWebber0142B2257
Milford, Robert Paul01 Sept. 1918CassWebber0279B2256
Miller (Baby Boy)19 Aug. 1916CassSpiker0185B2256
Miller, Bruce04 Oct. 1914CassHopley0191B2255
Miller, Carl Lloyd14 Mar. 1914CassUry0189B2255
Miller, Charles L.02 Sept. 1914CassBisom0195B2255
Miller, Clara Glades09 May 1909CassMcCartney0097B2253
Miller, Donna Mary18 Jan. 1918CassBrooks0280B2256
Miller, Eunice Irma20 Nov. 1917CassGaylord0164B2256
Miller, Forest Scott22 July 1909CassPeir0110B2253
Miller, Fred Arnold20 June 1915CassMullen0188B2255
Miller, Ida Louise Miller20 June 1915CassMullen0189B2255
Miller, Irene Regine01 Nov. 1916CassMcCarty0191B2256
Miller, Karl Francis04 Aug. 1918CassMcDonald0281B2256
Miller, Max Harris31 Oct. 1918CassHarris0282B2256
Miller, Ray23 Mar. 1910CassAuxier0180B2254
Miller, Robert C.13 July 1910CassGray0171B2254
Millhollin, Earl Lee16 Sept. 1909CassHawks0099B2253
Mills, Charles Chester24 Jan. 1911CassNeary0207B2254
Mills, Davis Martin03 Mar. 1915CassNeary0191B2255
Mills, Gertrude Levina19 Jan. 1918CassNeary0283B2256
Minor, Donald21 July 1910CassJohnson0182B2254
Misner, Jean DeLis10 Apr. 1921CassKing0143B2257
Missing DocumentCass0041B2255
Missing DocumentCass0231B2254
Missing DocumentCass0304B2253
Missing DocumentCass0113B2255
Missing DocumentCass0007B2254
Missing DocumentCass0119B2256
Missing DocumentCass0091B2254
Missing DocumentCass0218B2254
Missing DocumentCass0350B2254
Missing DocumentCass0126B2254
Missing DocumentCass0166B2254
Missing DocumentCass0373B2254
Missing DocumentCass0178B2254
Missing DocumentCass0303B2255
Missing DocumentCass0042B2254
Missing DocumentCass0180B2254
Missing DocumentCass0068B2253
Missing DocumentCass0186B2254
Montonye, Earl M.07 Oct. 1915CassPeters0166B2255
Montonye, Royce Wallis07 Aug. 1918CassPebis0285B2256
Moon, Glen Newell05 Apr. 1916CassAllen0190B2256
Moon, Greta Naomi28 July 1913CassAllen0204B2255
Moon, Harry H.28 June 1910CassAllen0181B2254
Moon, John Dale17 May 1919CassFocht0233B2257
Moon, Lester Owen12 Nov. 1910CassFoeht0164B2254
Moore (Baby Boy)27 Jan. 1919CassDooley0234B2257
Moore, Agnes Leola01 Mar. 1915CassThomson0177B2255
Moore, Arline Lucille08 Aug. 1918CassWorm0286B2256
Moore, Bell Moore08 Jan. 1910CassThomson0166B2254
Moore, Charles Warren13 Apr. 1921CassDooley0144B2257
Moore, Donald Harlan17 Sept. 1920CassWoodall0328B2257
Moore, Evelyn Elizabeth18 Nov. 1918CassSheakley0287B2256
Moore, Helen Virginia05 July 1918CassRathbun0288B2256
Moore, Jay Calvin09 Nov. 1911CassThomsen0197B2254
Moore, Jean Elizabeth06 Apr. 1917CassRahman0179B2256
Moore, Keith Norman13 May 1918CassClayton0289B2256
Moore, Melvin Earl04 July 1917CassWorne0167B2256
Moore, Roseline Harriet22 Apr. 1916CassWorn0192B2256
Moore, Ruth Marie13 June 1918CassBoockman0290B2256
Moore, William Frank31 Dec. 1918CassSelby0291B2256
Moreland, Gladys Esther04 May 1916CassMoreland0186B2256
Moreland, Mildred26 July 1912CassSchoenbohm0187B2254
Moreland, Ronald Monroe04 Mar. 1914CassMendenhall0206B2255
Morgan (Baby Girl)19 Nov. 1910CassVaughn0168B2254
Morgan, Albert Barns20 Feb. 1921CassMorgan0145B2257
Morgan, Beryl Eileen25 Dec. 1917CassHendricks0176B2256
Morgan, Charles Herbert10 Dec. 1920CassVaughn0426B2257
Morgan, DeLois L.19 Jan. 1913CassSinderson0215B2255
Morgan, Dorlenne Loretta19 Sept. 1914CassSinderson0208B2255
Morgan, Harley Edward28 Sept. 1911CassSpies0195B2254
Morgan, Leland Roscoe24 Mar. 1916CassGoodwin0187B2256
Morgan, Margaret Geraldine30 July 1913CassPratt0214B2255
Morgan, Margaret Grace14 Mar. 1916CassShires0202B2256
Morgan, Neola Ethel28 Jan. 1909CassSpies0113B2253
Morgan, Norman Gail23 Sept. 1918CassGoodwin0292B2256
Morgan, Paul Albert01 Jan. 1917CassBarnholdt0172B2256
Morley, Frank George31 Oct. 1920CassWeaver0368B2257
Morrill, Addie May09 Nov. 1919CassCaldwell0235B2257
Morrill, Hazel Alice10 Feb. 1914CassBowman0184B2255
Morrill, Robert C.04 Oct. 1917CassColwell0168B2256
Morrison, Clarence C.20 May 1916CassMarsh0199B2256
Morrison, John Clinton04 July 1915CassClinton0187B2255
Morrison, Robert Anthony21 Apr. 1917CassClinton0185B2256
Morrison, William C.13 May 1914CassDaugherty0205B2255
Morrow, Louise23 Feb. 1921CassStier0146B2257
Morten, Delphine Emma28 Nov. 1917CassHerig0178B2256
Morton, Harlan W.29 Aug. 1911CassCollins0198B2254
Morton, Harry W.20 June 1910CassScarr0165B2254
Morton, Marjery Illene05 Feb. 1916CassMullin0201B2256
Morton, Mary Jane08 Dec. 1912CassScarr0186B2254
Most, Arlene Edith10 Sept. 1914CassBell0192B2255
Most, Robbert Lyle09 Apr. 1919CassBell0236B2257
Most, Thelma19 Nov. 1910CassBell0169B2254
Most, Thelma Lucille1909CassBell0102B2253
Mott, Pauline A.19 Oct. 1910CassVail0170B2254
Moulton, Wilber Eugene23 Sept. 1913CassLandon0203B2255
Mountain, Bert29 May 1910CassAnderson0172B2254
Mountain, Dorothy E.09 May 1917CassAndersen0177B2256
Mountain, Edward Levi22 Apr. 1920CassAnderson0129B2257
Mountain, Lorene30 Nov. 1916CassHarrison0203B2256
Mountain, Marian Abbey21 Dec. 1913CassAnderson0212B2255
Mountain, Merrill Elmer14 June 1919CassHarrison0237B2257
Mountain, W. Mae29 Dec. 1911CassAnderson0204B2254
Mountain, Wayne Levi04 Aug. 1914CassNichols0207B2255
Mountain, Wesley Morgen10 Feb. 1911CassMorgen0200B2254
Mountain, Wray28 Sept. 1915CassAnderson0175B2255
Mueller (Baby Boy)05 Jan. 1915CassBerg0182B2255
Mueller, Clara Mary Dora29 Apr. 1909CassWohlenhaus0092B2253
Mueller, Everett Ellis27 Nov. 1919CassSchultz0238B2257
Mueller, Gilbert19 Oct. 1916CassWeide0204B2256
Mueller, Lester22 Oct. 1910CassBerg0175B2254
Mueller, Lillian Dorthy25 July 1919CassMueller0239B2257
Mueller, Lloyd Edwin30 Apr. 1909CassBerg0091B2253
Mueller, Lola Blanche20 May 1920CassBerg0159B2257
Mueller, Loretta30 Apr. 1915CassBerg0184B2255
Mueller, Marvin William23 July 1909CassBerg0094B2253
Mueller, Ralph10 Oct. 1915CassMueller0185B2255
Mueller, Virginia M.13 June 1921CassMueller0147B2257
Muller, Clifford E.08 July 1917CassMuller0183B2256
Muller, Newton Bruce21 Oct. 1917CassSchuler0180B2256
Mumgaard, Wynona Rose17 Dec. 1920CassChristensen0427B2257
Murphy, Anna N.M.29 Dec. 1910CassMcEvoy0177B2254
Murphy, Francis Lawrence09 Jan. 1909CassMcEvoy0103B2253
Murphy, Lester Daune29 Jan. 1920CassMurphy0030B2257
Murphy, William Joseph16 July 1919CassMcEvoy0240B2257
Murray, Darlene May19 Dec. 1920CassBrisler0428B2257
Murray, Edith Avery09 Oct. 1916CassGravely0193B2256
Murray, Edith Avery09 Oct. 1917CassGravely0170B2256
Murthall, Frances Lorraine07 June 1920CassPeterson0194B2257
Musson (Baby Girl)05 Mar. 1912CassHedges0188B2254
Musson, Jane Elizabeth03 Aug. 1912CassDowns0189B2254
Musson, Mary Elizaabeth15 June 1918CassDowns0293B2256
Muzzy, Herald J.22 May 1911CassMeier0199B2254
Myer, Jeanette John24 Oct. 1916CassGunderman0189B2256
Myers, Elberta Winfred06 July 1913CassBrunner0211B2255
Myers, Gail G.11 Jan. 1910CassRoberts0167B2254
Myers, Ila Francis07 Mar. 1912CassRoberts0185B2254
Nave, Inez Viola1909CassAnderson0129B2253
Neal, Virginia Janet23 Sept. 1915CassBerry0196B2255
Neary (Baby Boy)15 Oct. 1911CassMcMenamin0222B2254
Neary, Esther Lucile13 Mar. 1918CassWalters0294B2256
Neary, Virginia Anna10 July 1914CassRoberts0224B2255
Nebe, Frederick Martin06 July 1918CassBrewster0295B2256
Neelsen, Peter Krogsgard13 Apr. 1921CassKrogsgard0149B2257
Neer, Burnita Arlene02 June 1920CassNeer0195B2257
Neer, Marilyn Mairea25 Jan. 1919CassSmith0241B2257
Neer, Myrle Eleanor19 Aug. 1910CassMiller0201B2254
Neff, Lucile Marie09 Sept. 1920CassNeff0329B2257
Neff, William Lyle20 July 1915CassLindeman0195B2255
Neisona, Elsie26 Oct. 1916CassPaterson0220B2256
Nelsen, Blance19 July 1916CassSorenson0221B2256
Nelsen, Edna Marie24 Mar. 1917CassJensen0195B2256
Nelsen, Telme04 Dec. 1909CassAndersen0125B2253
Nelsen, Thelma Johannah12 Mar. 1920CassPeterson0107B2257
Nelson (Baby Boy)02 July 1920CassHansen0246B2257
Nelson (Baby Boy)14 Nov. 1911CassAnderson0225B2254
Nelson (Baby Girl)1910CassJensen0194B2254
Nelson (Baby Girl)02 Jan. 1916CassJensen0223B2256
Nelson, Anna Christina17 Mar. 1910CassChristensen0197B2254
Nelson, Armo Glen01 Aug. 1911CassNelson0226B2254
Nelson, Beulah24 Feb. 1920CassOlsen0071B2257
Nelson, Doris Lula12 Mar. 1917CassPieken0199B2256
Nelson, Evelyn Jane23 Apr. 1914CassPicken0223B2255
Nelson, Genevieve Irene17 Mar. 1909CassUnknown0133B2253
Nelson, Glen W.27 Sept. 1912CassPicken0202B2254
Nelson, Helen Agnes27 Aug. 1913CassRich0223B2255
Nelson, Herald02 Mar. 1911CassPiken0223B2254
Nelson, Iva Dale19 May 1909CassRich0127B2253
Nelson, Iva Dale19 May 1909CassRich0196B2254
Nelson, James Edward01 June 1918CassWilson0296B2256
Nelson, John Antonne22 May 1920CassOlson0160B2257
Nelson, Lena08 Dec. 1914CassNelson0221B2255
Nelson, Lorna20 July 1909CassNelson0134B2253
Nelson, Lowell Anthon17 Apr. 1918CassWhite0297B2256
Nelson, Margery Elizabeth06 Aug. 1915CassBrown0197B2255
Nelson, Mary Christina16 Oct. 1918CassOlson0298B2256
Nelson, Mervin Albert23 June 1918CassRich0299B2256
Nelson, Nels Moris07 Sept. 1918CassJensen0300B2256
Nelson, Paul18 Nov. 1916CassRich0219B2256
Nelson, Pearl11 Sept. 1911CassOlson0224B2254
Nelson, Robert Clinton15 May 1921CassWilson0150B2257
Nelson, Robert Franklin28 May 1919CassStoffer0242B2257
Nelson, Roscoe Everett04 July 1917CassJensen0198B2256
Nelson, Thelma I.1910CassAnderson0195B2254
Nelson, Thowald02 Aug. 1910CassAnderson0198B2254
Nelson, Vera Violet04 Mar. 1913CassOlsen0225B2255
Nelson, William Jackson15 Feb. 1918CassGibson0301B2256
Netty, Gladys Virginia04 Sept. 1919CassPaulsen0243B2257
Newell, Renah M.21 July 1910CassMeckey0202B2254
Newlin, Gladys Elva28 July 1917CassJohnson0196B2256
Newlin, Jack31 Oct. 1917CassPeters0197B2256
Newman, Evelyn26 Oct. 1909CassWahe0132B2253
Newman, Roy Edwin14 Nov. 1914CassWahe0225B2255
Newton, Clarence Leroy11 Oct. 1909CassWhitemore0126B2253
Newton, Helen Arline16 Jan. 1919CassRhinehart0244B2257
Nichols, Edwin Evan02 Feb. 1909CassBrown0130B2253
Nichols, Gay Helen03 Sept. 1918CassMarsh0302B2256
Nichols, Gladys Rachel08 Feb. 1913CassBaer0224B2255
Nichols, Gregory Bunton21 June 1918CassBunton0303B2256
Nichols, Lloyd E.20 Apr. 1910CassShenton0200B2254
Nichols, Mary June26 Aug. 1915CassMarsh0198B2255
Nichols, Pauline21 Dec. 1920CassJohnson0429B2257
Nichols, William Edward07 Mar. 1914CassThomas0220B2255
Nicholson, Donald Ross09 July 1909CassRunte0128B2253
Nielsen, Lillian Anogutte10 May 1918CassWilson0304B2256
Nielsen, Ross Allan12 May 1918CassEsbeck0305B2256
Nielson, Lelong Bethren06 Apr. 1914CassNelson0222B2255
Niklason, Harold Franklin Jr.19 Aug. 1920CassSwezey0293B2257
Niles, Lydia22 Mar. 1911CassPross0227B2254
Niles, Mabel Agnes27 Sept. 1916CassPross0222B2256
Nissen, Hilwar George20 Jan. 1921CassJessen0151B2257
Nixon, Ivan Ronald16 May 1920CassCook0161B2257
Nixon, Myrtle Lillah04 June 1918CassCook0306B2256
Nolte, William Henry30 Nov. 1920CassSchmedtjen0397B2257
Nord, Gustav Robert26 Sept. 1918CassLarson0307B2256
Nord, Helen Eva28 Nov. 1920CassGustason0398B2257
Nordman, Margaret Cathrine11 Dec. 1909CassHerbert0131B2253
Oakes, Claude W.20 July 1913CassHaworth0228B2255
Oakes, James14 Oct. 1909CassHaworth0139B2253
Oakes, Paul LaVerne14 Dec. 1911CassHaworth0232B2254
Oaks, George W.18 Dec. 1910CassCrisman0203B2254
O'Byrne, Anna Mae02 May 1909CassMcNealty0143B2253
O'Connell, John Francis03 June 1920CassCasey0196B2257
O'Connell, Marcella Agnes29 June 1909CassEvans0136B2253
O'Connell, Raymond M.09 Nov. 1913CassEvans0227B2255
Oconnor, Ines19 Oct. 1910CassJohnson0206B2254
O'Dea, Dorothy May02 June 1914CassGaines0226B2255
O'Dea, John Jr.12 July 1914CassBrookner0228B2255
Odem, Gail Gordan06 May 1914CassMills0227B2255
Odem, James Maurice18 Apr. 1911CassByers0230B2254
Odem, Norma Lulu26 Nov. 1915CassPotts0203B2255
Odem, Wilber J.04 July 1911CassBrown0231B2254
Odena, Arnold J.31 May 1909CassDemon0138B2253
Odene, Doris Frances03 Aug. 1909CassPotts0135B2253
O'Donnell, Marjorie Margaret15 June 1915CassVonMotz0199B2255
Oestereich, Ersel Eugene06 Jan. 1918CassMarshall0308B2256
Oestereich, Janeth Lorine23 Nov. 1914CassMarshall0231B2255
Oestereich, Louis E.13 Aug. 1912CassMarshall0205B2254
Oestereich, Orris Erle01 June 1920CassMarshall0197B2257
Oesterlich, Edward W.25 Nov. 1913CassMarshall0230B2255
Oglebay, Robert Rutleg31 Dec. 1920CassJoy0430B2257
Oglesbe, Dalbert31 Dec. 1914CassTwining0233B2255
Oglesbee, Leta Elizabeth12 Aug. 1912CassTwining0208B2254
Oglesbee, Warner11 July 1909CassTwining0137B2253
Olds, Geneva Ruby29 Dec. 1914CassPatterson0232B2255
Olds, Gordon Lynn21 Aug. 1914CassDaniels0229B2255
Olds, Ralph M.28 Apr. 1912CassDaniels0209B2254
Oler, Arleen Ethel28 Mar. 1912CassHumphrey0204B2254
Oler, Laura Mary24 Nov. 1913CassHumphrey0226B2255
Oler, Lillian Grace17 Aug. 1918CassHumphry0309B2256
Olney, Eva Leona24 Dec. 1915CassToepfer0201B2255
Olney, Marlin E.23 July 1919CassToepfer0245B2257
Olney, Mary Elizabeth17 Aug. 1920CassToepfer0294B2257
Olsen, Arthur Raymond04 Nov. 1911CassJensen0229B2254
Olsen, Esther22 June 1915CassJensen0202B2255
Olsen, Howard31 Mar. 1916CassJensen0224B2256
Olson, Harold Pete24 May 1909CassJensen0140B2253
Olson, Hilda Irene14 Feb. 1919CassCampen0246B2257
Oren, David Reed12 June 1917CassIngess0200B2256
Oren, Edwin J.21 Mar. 1911CassMyers0233B2254
Oren, Robert22 Oct. 1915CassMyers0206B2255
Ortgies, Alvina Marie Amelia29 Sept. 1909CassLuedtke0141B2253
Ortgies, John A.28 July 1914CassSundtke0230B2255
Ortgies, Minnie Amelia02 Sept. 1912CassBraner0206B2254
Ortgies, Sophie M.11 Oct. 1910CassBrauer0205B2254
Orton, Bruce D.27 May 1914CassNelson0234B2255
Orton, Cleon N.09 Aug. 1910CassNelson0204B2254
Orton, Dwayne Burnel06 June 1909CassNelson0144B2253
Orton, Grethel Ierne04 Aug. 1919CassNelson0247B2257
Orton, Olive Marie22 Sept. 1912CassNelson0207B2254
Orton, Walter Frank07 Oct. 1916CassNelson0225B2256
Orvis, Mabel Leora28 July 1918CassRictor0310B2256
Osen, Ethel Margaret02 Dec. 1920CassMyers0431B2257
Osen, Mary Elizabeth20 June 1913CassMyers0229B2255
Ostrus, Aubrey Orion Tokheim24 Sept. 1915CassTokheim0205B2255
Ostrus, Donald Carlyle06 Apr. 1921CassRice0152B2257
Ostrus, Esther Aniola15 Aug. 1915CassJosephine0204B2255
Ostrus, Merrill Joseph13 Jan. 1919CassTokheim0248B2257
Ostrus, Ruth Marjorie04 Nov. 1909CassRice0142B2253
Owens, Clyde24 Apr. 1911CassStovall0228B2254
Owens, Helen Theodosia31 May 1912CassStovall0203B2254
Pace, Bonnie May13 Feb. 1917CassWalker0208B2256
Pace, Dale Francis16 May 1914CassWalker0250B2255
Pace, Darline Ardis12 Nov. 1919CassDodge0249B2257
Pace, Don Eblen18 Nov. 1912CassEblen0219B2254
Pace, Leon Everett13 Aug. 1918CassDodge0311B2256
Pace, Leonard Dewey14 Jan. 1916CassSouth0240B2256
Pace, Paul Darrel19 Jan. 1918CassSouth0312B2256
Pace, Rex A.25 Aug. 1911CassWalker0251B2254
Pace, Viola20 Feb. 1911CassChilson0238B2254
Page, Marie Florence12 Feb. 1920CassPage0072B2257
Painter, Ira V.14 Sept. 1910CassFlemming0207B2254
Painter, Myrle07 Dec. 1914CassThomason0245B2255
Painter, Otis14 June 1909CassFleming0146B2253
Palmer, Priscilla Hazel09 Apr. 1921CassKennedy0153B2257
Papathakos, Louie24 May 1919CassGianos0250B2257
Parchen, Arline Lillian16 June 1913CassCarey0236B2255
Pardee, Charles Edgar13 May 1921CassPardee0154B2257
Pardee, Edwin L.18 Dec. 1910CassFudge0220B2254
Pardee, Lorraine Opal09 Mar. 1921CassSmart0155B2257
Parker, Audry13 Apr. 1914CassMattly0249B2255
Parker, Beth Edna27 Oct. 1913CassToben0233B2255
Parker, Genevieve Isabel18 Apr. 1916CassTohan0236B2256
Parker, Hazel May17 May 1914CassSmith0236B2255
Parker, Helen Maxine16 July 1918CassSmith0313B2256
Parker, Mildred21 June 1909CassOlden0153B2253
Parker, Robert E.11 Feb. 1919CassBray0251B2257
Parker, Roy Cyril09 Sept. 1914CassSelby0251B2255
Parker, Ruth Marie08 Sept. 1918CassSelby0314B2256
Parmley, Dollie Clarine11 Jan. 1921CassParmley0156B2257
Parmley, Katheryn Lillian09 Apr. 1917CassConnor0205B2256
Parriott, Arline Mae22 Nov. 1920CassReading0399B2257
Parrish, Jennie A.20 Dec. 1910CassHaworth0212B2254
Parrott, Arlene Francis15 Sept. 1919CassLudland0252B2257
Parrott, Burdette23 Aug. 1920CassNewport0295B2257
Parrott, DeVerda Beatrice15 Aug. 1910CassLugland0223B2254
Parrott, Donna Daphene05 Mar. 1918CassBeuham0315B2256
Parrott, Virgil Leroy04 Feb. 1913CassLugeland0239B2255
Paul, Edward Philip22 May 1920CassChristensen0162B2257
Paul, Laverne Doris12 Nov. 1919CassHowland0253B2257
Paulsen, Clarence H.06 Oct. 1916CassKerchoff0243B2256
Paulsen, Erma Irene29 Dec. 1911CassHenricksen0247B2254
Paulsen, Glea Gearleand11 Oct. 1917CassChristensen0204B2256
Paulsen, Hazel Arleen13 Jan. 1909CassKirchoff0145B2253
Paulsen, John Fredrick17 Nov. 1912CassKirchoff0226B2254
Paulsen, Max Homer13 Nov. 1909CassOlsen0152B2253
Paulsen, Velma Gwendolyn11 Feb. 1915CassOlsen0209B2255
Paulsen, Virginia Zelda17 July 1916CassChristensen0229B2256
Paulson (Baby Girl)03 Nov. 1919CassChristensen0254B2257
Paulson, Della Ione10 Apr. 1920CassArmstrong0130B2257
Paulson, Evalyn06 Apr. 1910CassStoll0224B2254
Paulson, Harriet June23 July 1919CassGreene0255B2257
Paulson, Pauline Adela23 Apr. 1919CassMadsen0256B2257
Pawley, Duval G.24 Dec. 1909CassRoots0148B2253
Peacock, Mable Jaqualine26 Sept. 1919CassCollins0257B2257
Peacock, Mary Jane19 Dec. 1914CassCollins0235B2255
Pearce, Estes Garner06 July 1918CassSmith0316B2256
Peasce, Alva08 Feb. 1912CassPeterson0217B2254
Pedersen, Elsie Christine06 Feb. 1912CassPaulsen0221B2254
Pedersen, Esther Lilly11 Apr. 1914CassPaulson0239B2255
Pedersen, Harold03 June 1913CassErickson0245B2255
Pedersen, Harold28 July 1919CassOlsen0259B2257
Pedersen, Helen Christine26 Apr. 1914CassPedersen0242B2255
Pederson, Christene Amelia04 Feb. 1918CassPaulson0319B2256
Peebles, Clarence R.14 Feb. 1916CassPierson0245B2256
Peebles, Rita Marie09 Mar. 1919CassO'Connell0260B2257
Peebles, William Russel13 Sept. 1916CassKail0247B2256
Peer, Alta Elizabeth27 Feb. 1912CassAllen0213B2254
Peiken, Dorothy Louise07 Aug. 1920CassWheeler0296B2257
Peiken, Esther Lydia03 Oct. 1912CassPross0214B2254
Pellett, Bruce G.28 Oct. 1913CassMayberry0242B2255
Pellett, Glee Maxine05 Oct. 1911CassStevenson0239B2254
Pellett, Marjorie Luena30 Apr. 1913CassBecker0232B2255
Pellett, Paul Eugene25 Dec. 1919CassMayberry0261B2257
Pellett, Thomas Ambrose1915CassWood0210B2255
Pellett, Valentine A.30 Oct. 1915CassMayberry0211B2255
Pellett, Wendell Clarence15 Mar. 1917CassMayberry0203B2256
Pelser, Ernest Evert01 May 1918CassHarsha0320B2256
Pelzer, Albert P.12 Apr. 1916CassBorth0230B2256
Pelzer, Elsie Loraine08 July 1909CassBorth0150B2253
Pelzer, Gerald19 Oct. 1912CassBorth0211B2254
Pelzer, Lester Elmer21 Aug. 1911CassEshelman0242B2254
Pelzer, Maurice D.02 July 1911CassWasmer0241B2254
Pelzer, Maurice Russell04 June 1911CassBorth0248B2254
Pelzer, Maxine Grace10 Jan. 1916CassWasmer0248B2256
Penfold, Marvin Lyle08 June 1919CassConrad0262B2257
Penquite, Donald Owens20 June 1913CassOwens0238B2255
Perdue, Helen Charlotte25 Jan. 1920CassCollins0032B2257
Perdue, Roberta Mae08 Oct. 1920CassCollins0369B2257
Perdue, Wahline Lavina12 May 1917CassPurcell0215B2256
Perkins, Nadyne Obera07 July 1915CassAnderson0207B2255
Perley, Mabelle Jeane01 Feb. 1920CassCraig0073B2257
Pernell, Loyd Alfred30 July 1920CassParrish0247B2257
Perrin, Charles Denzil27 Apr. 1918CassHawks0321B2256
Perrin, Virgil C.28 June 1918CassShadle0322B2256
Perry, Chester T.11 June 1911CassChristensen0250B2254
Perry, Hubert Mills21 July 1919CassMills0263B2257
Persels, Doris Olive03 Sept. 1918CassDrenner0323B2256
Persels, Dorothy Anna07 May 1916CassDrenner0241B2256
Peterman, Emory LaVerne13 Jan. 1921CassClaussen0157B2257
Peters, James Logan08 Nov. 1918CassWright0324B2256
Peters, Kathrine A.21 July 1913CassHebing0243B2255
Peters, Paul Louis20 May 1920CassMiller0163B2257
Peters, Sarah May26 Mar. 1915CassHebing0213B2255
Petersen (Baby Boy)29 Apr. 1921CassLarsen0158B2257
Petersen, Alice Martha24 June 1915CassLyne0219B2255
Petersen, Avis I.13 Oct. 1910CassRuch0222B2254
Petersen, Beulah Esther19 Oct. 1919CassDreager0258B2257
Petersen, Donald Fredrick13 Feb. 1919CassBook0266B2257
Petersen, Dorothy May22 May 1921CassJohnson0159B2257
Petersen, George Hans17 Dec. 1920CassBornholdt0432B2257
Petersen, Janet Lavon31 May 1921CassLarsen0160B2257
Petersen, Julius Max02 June 1916CassBook0228B2256
Peterson (Baby Boy)24 Mar. 1909CassSmith0154B2253
Peterson (Baby Girl)1911CassEriksen0252B2254
Peterson, Alvin Paul06 June 1910CassBurns0209B2254
Peterson, Anna Maria20 Dec. 1919CassGaber0264B2257
Peterson, Anna Mary02 Oct. 1917CassPeterson0207B2256
Peterson, Bula Geneva26 Feb. 1919CassGustavison0265B2257
Peterson, Dale A.26 June 1912CassWoolsey0227B2254
Peterson, Donald Haus26 Feb. 1920CassJorgensen0074B2257
Peterson, Eynar04 Oct. 1914CassPeterson0237B2255
Peterson, Frances Marguerite17 June 1920CassLouridson0198B2257
Peterson, Helen Marie27 June 1918CassJohnson0325B2256
Peterson, Henry Dale29 Jan. 1919CassBaugham0267B2257
Peterson, Herbert29 Oct. 1913CassHansen0237B2255
Peterson, Irvin Edwin10 Sept. 1916CassWalter0232B2256
Peterson, J. Donald09 May 1916CassBangham0238B2256
Peterson, Leona T.12 Feb. 1911CassPaulsen0249B2254
Peterson, Nadene Laurel09 Nov. 1918CassWoolsey0326B2256
Peterson, Ralph02 Apr. 1916CassJohnson0233B2256
Peterson, Vera R.25 Dec. 1914CassThompson0238B2255
Pettegrew, Ferne27 Apr. 1921CassWarner0161B2257
Petty, Laura26 Aug. 1914CassHougham0247B2255
Pfoltzgroff, Hazel10 Apr. 1915CassGruber0221B2255
Phares, Dan Earl19 Apr. 1916CassMcDonnald0234B2256
Phillips, Geraldine08 July 1919CassPalmer0268B2257
Phillips, John Edwin23 Sept. 1918CassMiller0327B2256
Phillips, Patricia05 Feb. 1917CassWoodward0216B2256
Pickens, Jean Louise12 Oct. 1919CassTrisler0269B2257
Pickerell, Ricky Hazel13 Feb. 1919CassDarnold0270B2257
Pickrell, Bernard Earl10 May 1914CassCosteel0243B2255
Pickrell, Izola Marie02 Nov. 1916CassCasteel0239B2256
Pickrell, Lawrence Oliver06 Apr. 1912CassCasteel0218B2254
Piearson, Marcia J.24 Mar. 1915CassClinton0223B2255
Pieken, Harry Kenneth10 Nov. 1919CassPross0271B2257
Pieken, Walter Otto10 Mar. 1912CassWheeler0215B2254
Pieken, William Chester24 Jan. 1920CassMartin0031B2257
Pierce, Corrinne Mabel25 Feb. 1919CassCrum0272B2257
Pierce, Florence Evelyn07 Sept. 1912CassGoodpasture0225B2254
Pierce, Maria Hazel14 Jan. 1917CassCrumb0214B2256
Pierce, Marjorie Irene28 Apr. 1920CassCrum0131B2257
Pierce, Pearl A.21 Apr. 1910CassGoodpasture0214B2254
Pierce, Phyllis Jane18 May 1920CassMewhirter0164B2257
Pierson, Francis Earl26 July 1918CassPlinton0328B2256
Pierson, Regena Floy16 July 1918CassMoon0317B2256
Pierson, Rex Moon16 July 1918CassMoon0318B2256
Pigg, Lyle Wendell22 Mar. 1921CassLeGrande0162B2257
Pigg, Margurett Louise15 Apr. 1919CassRoberts0273B2257
Pigg, Ronal A.13 Sept. 1910CassPigg0221B2254
Pigsley, Mercy Marie18 Oct. 1909CassWatson0149B2253
Pike, Keneth03 Feb. 1911CassDuskay0246B2254
Pine, Herold Eugene13 Feb. 1916CassMiller0226B2256
Pine, Melvile Lavern10 Apr. 1917CassMiller0201B2256
Pine, Rose Lucille18 Aug. 1918CassMiller0329B2256
Piper, Barbara Cronise29 Aug. 1919CassMessinger0274B2257
Pipgrass, John Paul27 Feb. 1919CassBrit0275B2257
Pittman, Donald Albert19 Aug. 1918CassWheatley0330B2256
Platt, Keith R.01 Mar. 1915CassHarland0214B2255
Ploghoft, Cecil Everett29 June 1915CassMoore0216B2255
Ploghoft, Dorthy June20 June 1921CassFreeman0163B2257
Ploghoft, Hazel29 Sept. 1915CassWinterstine0220B2255
Ploghoft, Ila Maxine03 Dec. 1919CassFreeman0276B2257
Ploghoft, Richard Moore22 Dec. 1917CassMoore0212B2256
Plumer, Ila A.18 Sept. 1910CassMewhirter0216B2254
Plummer, Aldse Alma17 July 1913CassMewhirter0241B2255
Plummer, Wava Bernice18 Sept. 1914CassWilson0244B2255
Plummer, Word31 Aug. 1915CassMewhirter0218B2255
Plunket, Leota Maxine13 July 1911CassElliott0245B2254
Plunkett, Viola R.25 Jan. 1910CassElliott0211B2254
Polley, Dick Theodore08 Nov. 1916CassSampson0231B2256
Pollock, Beulah M.13 Apr. 1912CassLang0223B2254
Pollock, Leora Aillene29 Nov. 1917CassMills0211B2256
Pollock, Malcom Kirk11 Feb. 1918CassKirk0332B2256
Pollock, Mannce Owen26 Sept. 1912CassMills0224B2254
Pollock, Wilma Mae11 Nov. 1917CassLang0210B2256
Pond, Anna May02 June 1919CassCoffet0277B2257
Pond, Clyde Loyd30 Sept. 1920CassCoffelt0330B2257
Pond, Ruby V.14 Feb. 1916CassHarper0242B2256
Pont, Claude William18 Aug. 1910CassMcFadden0208B2254
Pont, Dorothy Marie06 Nov. 1918CassHancock0333B2256
Pont, Leota04 Aug. 1918CassMcFadden0334B2256
Pont, Leroy04 Aug. 1918CassMcFadden0335B2256
Pont, Martin Gethro06 Dec. 1916CassMcFadden0246B2256
Porch, Patricia Jean28 July 1920CassSmith0248B2257
Porter, Arlie15 Jan. 1915CassConnor0222B2255
Porter, Carl Archa06 Mar. 1911CassCannon0234B2254
Porter, David Robert02 Mar. 1914CassLivingston0246B2255
Porter, Doris Lavern17 Nov. 1920CassLogue0400B2257
Porter, Ester Leola25 Nov. 1918CassSmith0336B2256
Porter, Gail Ezra02 Aug. 1917CassShaver0209B2256
Porter, Hover Powell28 Dec. 1911CassRoberts0235B2254
Porter, Irene23 June 1913CassCannon0244B2255
Porter, James Jr.10 Apr. 1920CassLivingston0132B2257
Porter, Levina Marie12 Jan. 1919CassCameron0278B2257
Porter, Max Elwood30 Jan. 1921CassSmith0164B2257
Porter, Pollyanna02 Oct. 1917CassLivingston0213B2256
Porter, Ross C.02 Apr. 1912CassLivingston0212B2254
Porter, Vallie Lucille17 Mar. 1917CassCannon0217B2256
Porter, Vera Nuiz12 May 1921CassStover0165B2257
Porter, Wanda Neoma12 Apr. 1917CassSmith0218B2256
Porter, Zura Lillian25 Feb. 1912CassBissell0216B2254
Potter, John Alonzo19 Dec. 1918CassDurham0337B2256
Pouder, Frank Russell06 Oct. 1910CassCroghan0217B2254
Powers, Beatrice L.28 Mar. 1910CassStillman0213B2254
Powers, Golda11 Oct. 1911CassStillman0243B2254
Powers, Mabel A.11 Oct. 1911CassStillman0244B2254
Prall (Baby Girl)02 July 1913CassWorth0235B2255
Prall, Bernice E.16 Apr. 1921CassWorth0166B2257
Prall, Betty E.16 Apr. 1921CassWorth0167B2257
Prall, Elberta Elsie18 Nov. 1917CassScherrinsky0206B2256
Prall, Elsie Lucille15 Nov. 1915CassPrall0208B2255
Prall, Raymond K.1911CassMcKnight0240B2254
Prall, Robert Wilson28 Oct. 1919CassScherrinsky0280B2257
Prather, Lester V.21 Dec. 1911CassSnyder0236B2254
Prather, Roscoe C.23 Oct. 1913CassSnyder0240B2255
Pratt, Charles Elliott16 Apr. 1919CassYoung0279B2257
Pratt, Lena Beverly29 Nov. 1916CassGochanour0227B2256
Pratt, Marjorie L.03 Jan. 1910CassAlexander0215B2254
Presonall, Helen Marie01 June 1919CassPaeperal0281B2257
Pressnall (Baby Girl)06 Feb. 1918CassPaymal0338B2256
Preston, Betty Jane31 July 1920CassHughes0249B2257
Preston, Emma Jean08 Aug. 1920CassTemple0297B2257
Preuss, Elmer Fredrick12 Aug. 1914CassLeusch0240B2255
Preuss, Raymond H.P.06 Oct. 1910CassLensch0210B2254
Preuss, Walter Woodrow Wilson03 Dec. 1912CassLeusch0220B2254
Price, Ona Blanche26 Aug. 1909CassSmith0151B2253
Prickett, Rozella C.20 Sept. 1915CassMorris0215B2255
Pringey, Letha G.28 Dec. 1916CassWorthington0244B2256
Pringey, Walter Wayne08 Mar. 1919CassWorthington0282B2257
Proctor, Angela Ruth01 Apr. 1918CassKnoke0339B2256
Proctor, Lloyd Heston15 Oct. 1914CassMcGinnis0248B2255
Proctor, Lorene Grace16 Aug. 1912CassKnoke0222B2254
Proctor, Maurice John14 June 1911CassKnobe0237B2254
Proctor, Phyllis Iva15 May 1918CassSmith0340B2256
Proehl, Louise24 May 1915CassBehrends0217B2255
Proehl, Nellie Elizabeth09 Aug. 1910CassBehrends0219B2254
Proehl, Walter21 May 1914CassBehrends0241B2255
Pross, Frank Arthur18 Feb. 1920CassSwolley0075B2257
Pross, J.E.16 Aug. 1910CassSwolley0225B2254
Pross, James Matthew08 Mar. 1918CassSwolley0341B2256
Pross, Margaret Lucille29 Apr. 1916CassSwolley0237B2256
Pross, Minnie Mildred23 Jan. 1913CassSwolley0234B2255
Pugh, M. Rose02 Oct. 1910CassMcGrath0226B2254
Pulley, Edward William23 Sept. 1918CassTrent0342B2256
Pulley, Loren Richard03 June 1921CassTrent0168B2257
Purdy, Ruby Lelah17 Apr. 1909CassListon0155B2253
Putnam, Lenora Nell08 May 1909CassSexton0147B2253
Quick, Charles Donald13 Oct. 1911CassMartin0253B2254
Quick, Dortha N.29 May 1910CassAyers0227B2254
Quick, Ira Edna20 Oct. 1909CassMartin0157B2253
Quinlan, Geneve Mary05 Aug. 1909CassCarver0156B2253
Raatz, Aaron16 Aug. 1916CassHapke0262B2256
Rabe Mabel L.15 Oct. 1910CassReideman0237B2254
Rabe, Delmar14 Nov. 1915CassSchroder0232B2255
Rabe, Erma Ethel22 July 1909CassSchrader0160B2253
Rabe, Evelyn10 Nov. 1913CassSchroder0248B2255
Rabe, Fern Agnes25 Mar. 1917CassReedaman0231B2256
Rabe, Irene Alvina12 Nov. 1914CassReideman0266B2255
Rabe, Lester William09 Feb. 1913CassSchrader0320B2255
Rabe, Maurice Wesley30 Oct. 1920CassReidemann0370B2257
Rabe, Ross03 Sept. 1914CassTanner0267B2255
Raben, Abe28 Jan. 1919CassGalfond0283B2257
Raben, Rosie08 Nov. 1920CassGulfant0401B2257
Rachels, Anna Marie15 Feb. 1919CassRachels0284B2257
Rachels, Lyle Theodore13 July 1920CassLester0250B2257
Radliff, Meredith Howard18 May 1921CassWhitlow0169B2257
Raff, Betty Ruth17 Aug. 1919CassSuttony0286B2257
Ragan, Inas Marie15 Dec. 1909CassShoaptall0167B2253
Ragan, Iona Gertrude15 Dec. 1909CassShoaptall0166B2253
Railsback, Bernece M.31 Jan. 1919CassEastman0285B2257
Railsback, George Clarke11 Apr. 1911CassBaughman0258B2254
Railsback, Mary Ann08 Nov. 1911CassTempleman0257B2254
Railsback, Robert Alfred13 Apr. 1916CassBerg0263B2256
Rake, Catherine27 Sept. 1912CassPelikan0228B2254
Ramsey, Albert07 June 1909CassMcKee0168B2253
Ramsey, Louise Grace27 June 1910CassStevenson0234B2254
Ramsey, Reva Pauline22 Oct. 1911CassStevenson0272B2254
Ramsey, Ruby Bernice17 Feb. 1915CassStevenson0228B2255
Ramsey, Ruby Margaruite08 Aug. 1912CassMcKee0236B2254
Rapp, Robert Earl04 Sept. 1919CassStolly0287B2257
Rasmuson, Cloud Donald17 Dec. 1918CassKaiser0343B2256
Rasmussen, Anna25 Nov. 1909CassCrane0169B2253
Rasmussen, Betty Marie11 Dec. 1920CassLindeman0433B2257
Rasmussen, Kenneth Claude27 Oct. 1918CassIrwin0344B2256
Rasmussen, Ruth Alice20 Feb. 1921CassKeiser0170B2257
Rasmussen, Sene30 Sept. 1913CassRay0250B2255
Rassmussen, Clarence Frank25 Apr. 1917CassIrwin0221B2256
Rathkamp (Baby Girl)23 Dec. 1912CassBonnett0229B2254
Rathkamp, Everett30 Aug. 1914CassBonnett0270B2255
Rathkamp, Verlain Mueller05 Apr. 1920CassMueller0133B2257
Rathman, Carl Eilts12 Mar. 1912CassEilts0230B2254
Rathman, Herbert J.09 Feb. 1910CassEilts0228B2254
Rathmann, Paul09 May 1914CassEilts0261B2255
Ratzlaff, Maurice Walter23 Apr. 1914CassGrulke0260B2255
Ray, Dell Christ01 Dec. 1919CassAndersen0307B2257
Ray, Ivan Lloyd31 Mar. 1918CassAndersen0345B2256
Read, Alice Mildred04 Dec. 1909CassChonongton0162B2253
Reason, Alice Alpha24 Jan. 1909CassGalvin0173B2253
Reason, Clyde Robert01 Feb. 1918CassFredrickson0346B2256
Reason, Kenneth Mack19 May 1911CassCederel0264B2254
Reason, Maxine Arlene07 July 1916CassHaudly0257B2256
Reason, Muriel Gwendolyn06 June 1909CassBrown0172B2253
Redburn, Gwenedere20 Aug. 1914CassWorthing0259B2255
Redding, John Elsworth01 Jan. 1919CassLattimer0288B2257
Reed, Arthur Winfred20 Apr. 1909CassBishop0179B2253
Reed, Ben E.25 July 1912CassEvans0233B2254
Reed, Carl Leroy14 July 1915CassRice0229B2255
Reed, Frank Elmer17 May 1917CassReed0226B2256
Reed, Harlan Wallace28 Apr. 1913CassBishop0252B2255
Reed, Harry Beatty18 Aug. 1911CassSandon0276B2254
Reed, Jennie Metler05 Jan. 1920CassSandham0033B2257
Reed, Raymond15 Aug. 1914CassReed0262B2255
Reed, Thomas Nelson08 Oct. 1913CassRice0249B2255
Reich, Nadine19 Sept. 1919CassJustesen0289B2257
Reich, Vernon03 Feb. 1917CassGustason0223B2256
Reichardt (Baby Girl)1910CassDeVore0229B2254
Reichardt, Alvina Lois21 Mar. 1909CassMelzer0171B2253
Reichardt, Mayo Melzer28 May 1915CassMelzer0235B2255
Reichardt, Robert Ralph22 Jan. 1912CassMelzer0234B2254
Reidemann, Maynard Blakely02 Apr. 1921CassSchrader0171B2257
Reidemonn, Henry24 Dec. 1916CassTracey0266B2256
Reimers, Arthur Raymond08 May 1918CassChallenger0347B2256
Reimers, Dorthy Marion05 Aug. 1919CassChallenger0290B2257
Reis, Francis Clarence31 Oct. 1912CassFollmann0235B2254
Reis, Lawrence02 Feb. 1909CassFollmann0165B2253
Reis, Velma M.07 Jan. 1911CassFollmann0262B2254
Remien, Hazel L.24 Nov. 1910CassKrambeck0235B2254
Remien, Howard William05 Apr. 1918CassWhite0348B2256
Remien, John C.14 Oct. 1915CassWheatley0227B2255
Rendemann, Louis Virgil10 Nov. 1913CassTracey0247B2255
Renisen, Mildred Grace25 May 1919CassWheatley0291B2257
Repass, Dorothy Alice07 Mar. 1919CassJennings0292B2257
Repass, Margaret Lillian18 Mar. 1920CassJennings0108B2257
Retallic, LeRoy Beekman04 May 1916CassBeekman0256B2256
Retz, Francis Ilene02 Dec. 1918CassReason0349B2256
Retz, Gladys Marie21 Apr. 1916CassHamann0254B2256
Retz, Maxine Elizabeth02 Oct. 1917CassHamann0222B2256
Reynolds, Alfred Dale27 Dec. 1914CassPeerman0256B2255
Reynolds, Berton Dean26 Jan. 1921CassOlson0172B2257
Reynolds, Betty Jean26 Jan. 1921CassOlson0173B2257
Reynolds, Doris Irene18 June 1918CassOlsen0350B2256
Reynolds, Doris Irene18 June 1917CassOlson0227B2256
Reynolds, Hazel Dell21 Oct. 1919CassOlson0293B2257
Reynolds, Iola25 Oct. 1910CassBlakeslee0236B2254
Reynolds, Loren S.30 Sept. 1914CassReynolds0263B2255
Rhinehart (Baby Girl)28 Feb. 1920CassKningel0076B2257
Rhinehart, Marian Louis10 July 1918CassWhite0351B2256
Rhinehart, Muriel Ruth15 Aug. 1919CassWhite0294B2257
Rhinehart, Owetah Pearl03 May 1921CassKringle0174B2257
Rhoades, Cora May09 Mar. 1919CassClanton0295B2257
Rhoades, Helen05 July 1914CassWalter0264B2255
Rhoades, Isabella Dorine14 Apr. 1919CassHighby0296B2257
Rhoades, Lillian27 Apr. 1921CassWalter0175B2257
Rhoads (Baby Boy)06 Dec. 1911CassWalters0268B2254
Rhoads, Gail Donald12 Nov. 1913CassHighley0251B2255
Rhodes, LeVerne04 Apr. 1911CassHighley0274B2254
Rhodes, Willard Harrison10 June 1911CassEblen0271B2254
Rhods, Ida O.05 Apr. 1909CassWalters0158B2253
Rich, Bernice Eloise28 Jan. 1921CassArps0176B2257
Rich, Hazel Anna22 Aug. 1919CassTempleman0297B2257
Rich, Pearlie A.02 Aug. 1911CassTempleman0260B2254
Richter, Francis Velma15 Aug. 1918CassBirge0352B2256
Richter, Freda Marie20 Dec. 1916CassBirge0250B2256
Richter, Opal Pearl23 Jan. 1920CassChapman0034B2257
Richter, Robert Harvy21 May 1919CassWagner0298B2257
Richter, Virginia Gayle05 Aug. 1920CassGipple0298B2257
Rickle, Marion Leroy17 July 1920CassPorch0251B2257
Rieken, Albert Ernest28 Apr. 1916CassMartin0235B2256
Riggs, Doris May27 Apr. 1915CassEarl0226B2255
Riggs, Howard Eugene11 Nov. 1909CassWallace0170B2253
Riggs, Mildred Ruth27 Sept. 1920CassEarl0331B2257
Riggs, Robert08 Nov. 1918CassEarl0353B2256
Roatz (Baby Girl)11 July 1911CassHopka0265B2254
Robbert, Ralton26 Sept. 1914CassBecker0268B2255
Robberts, Alvin D.02 Jan. 1917CassBaker0234B2256
Robberts, Esther20 Aug. 1909CassSpieker0178B2253
Robberts, Fredrick Henry29 May 1921CassBaker0177B2257
Robberts, Grace29 Dec. 1918CassBacker0354B2256
Robberts, Hilda M.M.26 Aug. 1910CassBacker0232B2254
Robbins, Ena Mae07 Jan. 1919CassRobbins0299B2257
Robbins, Layson Manford22 June 1916CassMereer0260B2256
Roberson, William M.J.28 Sept. 1910CassSchmitzen0240B2254
Roberts, Billie Ross06 Feb. 1921CassShellburg0178B2257
Roberts, Catherine Valora05 Mar. 1917CassShellberg0232B2256
Roberts, Cecil10 June 1911CassSpieker0255B2254
Roberts, Charles John08 Apr. 1912CassConway0232B2254
Roberts, Dale Eugene29 Mar. 1916CassAnderson0253B2256
Roberts, Donald Frank03 Apr. 1914CassEnfield0265B2255
Roberts, Donald L.01 Dec. 1911CassLischer0259B2254
Roberts, Francis N.16 Mar. 1909CassConway0163B2253
Roberts, Gertrude Arlene28 Apr. 1918CassDoggett0355B2256
Roberts, Helen Loretta05 July 1916CassFlatt0261B2256
Roberts, Howard Leon31 July 1918CassFlatt0356B2256
Roberts, Kenneth Irvin09 Dec. 1913CassLockoff0246B2255
Roberts, Lile Haworth31 Dec. 1912CassHaworth0239B2254
Roberts, Lyle Haworth31 Dec. 1911CassHaworth0254B2254
Roberts, Mildred Francis18 Sept. 1918CassShellberg0357B2256
Roberts, Rollan Levi28 Mar. 1917CassEndfields0229B2256
Roberts, Vera Eloine30 May 1917CassLockoff0225B2256
Robinson, Bernice May29 May 1919CassGrinstead0300B2257
Robinson, Bertha May16 Feb. 1909CassHolton0175B2253
Robinson, Betty Jean01 Nov. 1920CassSullivan0402B2257
Robinson, Bruce Winton28 Nov. 1914CassCooper0252B2255
Robinson, Cleo Anna29 Oct. 1909CassPatty0161B2253
Robinson, Florence Pearl01 Nov. 1915CassPetty0230B2255
Robinson, Frank Oliver17 Sept. 1912CassArmstrong0238B2254
Robinson, Harold Elmer28 May 1918CassArmstrong0358B2256
Robinson, John Marion06 Nov. 1918CassReynolds0359B2256
Robinson, Maurice William20 Nov. 1915CassWeber0231B2255
Robinson, May Melvene27 Dec. 1911CassPetty0261B2254
Robinson, Valera Dore30 Jan. 1920CassHandman0035B2257
Robison, Amy Isbelle17 Sept. 1920CassBailey0332B2257
Robison, Enid10 Mar. 1913CassBailey0253B2255
Robison, Louis Bailey25 Nov. 1911CassBailey0273B2254
Robison, Merle I.17 Jan. 1910CassBiggs0239B2254
Robson (Baby Boy)21 Jan. 1912CassWheatley0237B2254
Robson, Alice Isabel06 Apr. 1920CassWhentley0134B2257
Robson, Ben04 Feb. 1909CassGrovall0164B2253
Robson, Charles Robert06 June 1911CassWheatley0275B2254
Robson, Morris Henry30 Nov. 1917CassWheatley0219B2256
Robson, Mylo Alger Donald19 Feb. 1916CassHerrick0251B2256
Rodenbeck, Betty Caroline29 Feb. 1920CassThompsen0077B2257
Rodenbeck, Fredrick L.09 May 1918CassThomsen0360B2256
Rodgers, Doris Imogene08 Jan. 1918CassRobinson0361B2256
Rodgers, Faye Arba16 Aug. 1920CassRobinson0299B2257
Rodgers, Kathryn Eileen05 Feb. 1916CassRobison0258B2256
Rodgers, Melvin Leo29 Jan. 1909CassMcGeorge0174B2253
Roe, Ernestine Alexandria21 Apr. 1909CassStrater0177B2253
Roe, Gretchen Elaine20 July 1916CassWiegand0249B2256
Roe, Roger Louis11 Aug. 1914CassDippel0253B2255
Rogers, Violet Ilene29 Mar. 1918CassWood0362B2256
Rogge, Neola Fredia Amelia08 Mar. 1917CassParmby0224B2256
Rogge, Nettie Marie07 July 1919CassParmley0301B2257
Rolee, Blanche30 Nov. 1910CassTanner0231B2254
Roots, Earl W.24 Oct. 1910CassAtchison0238B2254
Rootz, Ella14 Mar. 1910CassHopka0233B2254
Rose, Alice L.26 Sept. 1911CassSunderman0266B2254
Roserick, Perle Margaret27 Oct. 1919CassBebce0302B2257
Ross, Alice Imogene28 June 1914CassEdwards0269B2255
Ross, Frances Gloria21 Jan. 1917CassEdwards0236B2256
Ross, Jno. Carles15 Jan. 1919CassEdwards0303B2257
Ross, John Wesley20 June 1912CassReese0240B2254
Rossell, Alvin Lewis18 Nov. 1918CassSmith0363B2256
Rossell, Herald Segel15 Nov. 1911CassStock0256B2254
Rothchild, Dan06 June 1914CassMoritz0258B2255
Rothchild, Dick M.16 June 1914CassMoritz0257B2255
Rothe, Beula Harriet Mary08 Aug. 1909CassBell0159B2253
Rothe, Dorathy16 Apr. 1915CassPitz0234B2255
Rothe, Elmer A.14 July 1917CassPitz0233B2256
Rothe, Irene L.07 Apr. 1915CassRathkamp0233B2255
Rothe, Jacob Willard27 May 1916CassPitz0265B2256
Rothe, Jane Helen27 Dec. 1920CassPetz0434B2257
Rothe, Leona Laura02 July 1919CassEppelsheimer0304B2257
Rothe, Lynn Theo23 Apr. 1919CassPitz0305B2257
Rothe, Opal S.01 June 1917CassRathkamp0235B2256
Rothe, Ralph11 Dec. 1911CassBell0267B2254
Rotherham, Alice D.04 Aug. 1911CassKeith0269B2254
Rotherham, Genevieve11 Apr. 1916CassKith0255B2256
Rotherham, Julia Rachel01 Sept. 1909CassKeith0176B2253
Rourick, Harold John25 July 1918CassBeebe0364B2256
Rourick, Lois Fern22 Sept. 1920CassHusman0333B2257
Rourick, Mary Elizabeth02 Jan. 1921CassBebee0179B2257
Rousseau, Leila Louise19 July 1920CassPaulsen0252B2257
Routh, Elzene Lois07 Aug. 1916CassCartwright0259B2256
Rowe, Donald Lee25 Mar. 1911CassSchmitzen0270B2254
Rowe, Jane Louis26 Dec. 1915CassTemple0225B2255
Rowe, Jean Lucille26 Dec. 1915CassTemple0224B2255
Rowe, Robert James19 Dec. 1914CassSchnitzen0254B2255
Rowley, Fred Conklin24 Jan. 1914CassConklin0255B2255
Rudy, Marjorie Evelyn06 Feb. 1920CassMoon0078B2257
Rudy, Richard11 Mar. 1917CassHavens0228B2256
Rudy, Russell C.31 May 1918CassHavens0365B2256
Ruggles, Evangeline30 Dec. 1916CassWillison0252B2256
Rupp, Shirley Emma13 July 1918CassBaxter0366B2256
Russ, Eva Arlene21 Jan. 1910CassSamson0230B2254
Russell, Eloise Bernice19 Aug. 1917CassJohnson0230B2256
Saemisch, Eda Charlotte25 May 1909CassPelzer0184B2253
Saemisch, Lawerence L.20 June 1910CassRose0267B2254
Saemisch, Rachel05 Jan. 1911CassPelzer0297B2254
Sagar, Albert Leroy26 July 1919CassLodwig0308B2257
Sager, Gladys May11 Jan. 1911CassLudwig0311B2254
Sager, Hazel Nellie16 Dec. 1916CassLodwig0280B2256
Saly, Harold Adolph09 Sept. 1920CassHarding0334B2257
Saly, Isabelle Rosalie08 Apr. 1918CassHarding0367B2256
Sammy, Clarence D.15 June 1912CassKnop0250B2254
Sampson, Berma May22 Sept. 1917CassSprouse0260B2256
Sampson, Harley Raymond12 June 1918CassFowler0368B2256
Sampson, Lorene Velma20 Mar. 1920CassFowler0109B2257
Samson, Alice Ann10 Jan. 1920CassSprouse0036B2257
Samson, Irene Glee24 Apr. 1911CassSpiker0298B2254
Samson, Lloyd Elwood30 Mar. 1919CassSpiker0309B2257
Samson, Wenda I.18 Apr. 1910CassSprouse0255B2254
Sanders, Emily Marie04 Nov. 1909CassCartright0005B2253
Sanders, Irene M.23 Apr. 1912CassCartwright0279B2254
Sandhorst, Carlton Lee26 Mar. 1921CassPeterman0180B2257
Sandhorst, Charles Raymond10 Sept. 1920CassSell0335B2257
Sandhorst, Harold William17 Nov. 1911CassDuden0279B2254
Sandhorst, Ralph Carl15 June 1916CassDuden0278B2256
Sandhorst, Viola G.12 Feb. 1910CassDuden0242B2254
Sands, Mary Geralin22 Aug. 1920CassPayne0300B2257
Sankey, C. Lyle25 Dec. 1911CassSelby0301B2254
Sankey, Elsie Beryl10 Mar. 1914CassSelby0296B2255
Sankey, John Ruben Selby30 Sept. 1916CassSelby0286B2256
Sankey, Ruth Elizabeth31 Aug. 1909CassLamoreaux0028B2253
Sanny, Dorothy Bertha02 Jan. 1917CassDreager0238B2256
Sanny, Lloyd26 May 1914CassDreager0285B2255
Sarsfield, Ethel26 Nov. 1911CassThomas0306B2254
Sarsfield, Ronald Clyde25 Apr. 1909CassReason0030B2253
Sasse, Earl Leroy04 Apr. 1915CassBlack0254B2255
Sasse, Mildred Lucile19 Jan. 1917CassBlack0262B2256
Sathman, Leverne Lanetta22 Feb. 1919CassMeyers0310B2257
Saunders, Gerald23 Aug. 1909CassDolan0036B2253
Saunders, Helen Margurite01 Dec. 1919CassJennings0311B2257
Saunders, Joseph17 June 1917CassDolan0267B2256
Saunders, Josepha Eileen28 Mar. 1915CassDolan0271B2255
Saunders, Katherine23 Aug. 1909CassDolan0037B2253
Saunders, Margarette Catherine24 Sept. 1918CassAnstey0369B2256
Saunders, Mary Alice24 June 1920CassAnstie0200B2257
Saunders, Mary Regina10 Oct. 1912CassDolan0243B2254
Scarf, Esther Myrtle29 Jan. 1920CassRussell0037B2257
Scarf, Robert Cummins05 Mar. 1909CassRussell0040B2253
Scarlett, Louise Catherine30 July 1920CassKurtenbach0253B2257
Scase, George Nelson Jr.09 Feb. 1918CassHuff0370B2256
Schaake, Charles08 Mar. 1915CassLester0249B2255
Schaake, Evlyn Leona13 May 1913CassLester0269B2255
Schaake, Max William06 Dec. 1919CassLester0312B2257
Scharf, Arnold William17 Oct. 1913CassRathcamp0256B2255
Scherdin, Beulah Della03 July 1914CassJacobsen0277B2255
Scherdin, Raymond Ellsworth02 Oct. 1916CassJacobson0275B2256
Scherdin, Robert Lewis07 Nov. 1920CassFulton0403B2257
Schimmele, Cafter Thomas05 June 1918CassBrinley0371B2256
Schmedtjen, Dorothy K.08 Nov. 1918CassAldag0372B2256
Schmidt, Alvin R.31 July 1917CassRisttgard0247B2256
Schmidt, Meda01 Jan. 1912CassHanner0274B2254
Schmidt, Paul Theodore26 Apr. 1916CassHannes0283B2256
Schmidtjen, Luella23 Dec. 1915CassAldag0252B2255
Schoenbohm, Louise M.01 Dec. 1910CassIhnen0278B2254
Schoenbohm, Ruby Anna02 July 1918CassIhnen0373B2256
Schoenbohn, Hazel Vernus09 Oct. 1920CassIhnen0371B2257
Schoenbohn, Viola02 May 1915CassIhens0260B2255
Scholl, Beatrice Arlene07 Sept. 1920CassBills0336B2257
Scholl, Charles Edward02 Dec. 1914CassScholl0291B2255
Scholl, Edwin LeRoy09 June 1920CassGisseble0201B2257
Scholl, Freda24 Mar. 1910CassSaunders0280B2254
Scholl, James Phrenaldo09 Jan. 1919CassNichols0314B2257
Scholl, Janis Louise11 Apr. 1920CassShannon0135B2257
Scholl, John Dwight23 Sept. 1916CassNichols0268B2256
Scholl, Leila Mae24 Mar. 1911CassNichols0290B2254
Scholl, Leo William04 Aug. 1912CassGissible0262B2254
Scholl, Leona Muriel12 Dec. 1912CassNichols0273B2254
Scholl, Lillian Rosella27 July 1909CassBrockman0024B2253
Scholl, Lyle Joseph04 Apr. 1916CassGissible0281B2256
Scholl, Marie Margret14 Dec. 1912CassWhite0264B2254
Schoof, Leona30 July 1910CassRathcamp0263B2254
Schrader, Dorothy Arlene24 July 1917CassDrenner0259B2256
Schrader, Eulah Leigh17 Aug. 1920CassMullen0301B2257
Schrader, Harold Blakely08 Apr. 1915CassDrenner0253B2255
Schrader, Margaret Elzene05 July 1920CassDrenner0254B2257
Schrader, Mildred Vere28 Mar. 1921CassSimpson0181B2257
Schrader, Onelda Rose14 Nov. 1920CassMueller0405B2257
Schrader, Williard14 Mar. 1915CassRabe0269B2255
Schrier, Frank Marritt1911CassReed0278B2254
Schroder (Baby Boy)11 Feb. 1914CassRabe0298B2255
Schroder, Gordon W.10 May 1916CassRabe0292B2256
Schroder, Opal Lucile13 Oct. 1917CassRobe0266B2256
Schroeder, Don Gerlock27 Feb. 1916CassGerlock0284B2256
Schroeder, Orville W.30 Oct. 1910CassDrenner0261B2254
Schuler, Bernice B.20 June 1910CassWasmer0265B2254
Schuler, Geneve14 Mar. 1910CassSaemisch0266B2254
Schuler, Genevieve Katherine29 Jan. 1912CassPelzer0330B2254
Schuler, Gerald Smith07 July 1913CassSmith0259B2255
Schuler, Gladys04 Mar. 1916CassPelzer0295B2256
Schuler, Grace22 Mar. 1910CassEppelsheimer0275B2254
Schuler, Max Theodore02 Feb. 1916CassWassmer0296B2256
Schuler, Rachel20 May 1919CassSaemisch0315B2257
Schuler, Roger Frederick23 June 1909CassPelzer0182B2253
Schuler, Royal W.17 Nov. 1910CassPelzer0264B2254
Schuler, Willis K.11 May 1916CassSaemisch0294B2256
Schultz, Max18 Feb. 1909CassPoulson0027B2253
Schwab, Leonard Marvin13 Aug. 1909CassWilliams0033B2253
Schwenke, David Rheinhold21 Apr. 1917CassWilson0254B2256
Schwenke, Esther May03 Sept. 1915CassWilson0258B2255
Schwenneker, Leonard ElRoy10 Sept. 1918CassParrott0375B2256
Schwenneker, Lynn George22 May 1920CassCochran0165B2257
Scott, Anna May20 Nov. 1914CassCurrier0280B2255
Scott, Edgar Wendell13 Feb. 1912CassDemming0259B2254
Scott, Eunice Bernice11 Sept. 1914CassDemming0281B2255
Scott, Evelyn Antonette06 Dec. 1909CassDemming0018B2253
Scott, Francis Eleanor13 May 1916CassForsythe0290B2256
Scott, Gordon Charles03 Jan. 1920CassForsythe0039B2257
Scott, Harry Eugene01 Mar. 1918CassBowen0376B2256
Scott, Leo Laverne14 Sept. 1920CassKenyon0337B2257
Scott, Mabel Helen01 Nov. 1911CassBowen0291B2254
Scott, Martha Lucile02 Sept. 1913CassBowen0272B2255
Scott, Mary Virginia31 Aug. 1918CassDolch0377B2256
Scott, Robert Ernest10 May 1919CassJohnson0316B2257
Scott, Victor Donald17 Dec. 1917CassScott0255B2256
Scott, Viola Nellie17 Jan. 1920CassBowen0038B2257
Scott, Vivian L.11 Apr. 1910CassBowen0268B2254
Scott, Warren Zane05 June 1915CassBowen0262B2255
Scott, William Roy25 Jan. 1918CassForscythe0378B2256
Scull, Estalia Glee30 Oct. 1909CassKreamer0029B2253
Seaburg, Max Andrew25 Oct. 1917CassMainquist0261B2256
Seaburg, Robert Phelix15 Jan. 1920CassMainquist0040B2257
Seastrom, Jenior Raymond27 Sept. 1919CassMills0317B2257
Selders, Blanche Lucille14 Jan. 1911CassAuxier0277B2254
Selders, Ethel Leola02 June 1918CassAuxier0379B2256
Selders, Leta Viola07 Feb. 1913CassAuxier0280B2255
Sewell, Erma L.03 Sept. 1910CassHitchcock0244B2254
Sewell, Lucile Bernidena07 Mar. 1921CassAnderson0182B2257
Sexton (Baby Boy)30 Dec. 1916CassGuttenfelder0277B2256
Sexton, Alvin Joseph23 Apr. 1918CassGudenfelder0380B2256
Seybert, John Chester20 Nov. 1917CassHenderson0239B2256
Seymour (Baby Boy)02 Dec. 1912CassJones0266B2254
Seymour, Dale21 Apr. 1918CassJones0381B2256
Seymour, Ethel Grace11 Feb. 1921CassJones0183B2257
Seymour, Evelyn16 Sept. 1914CassJones0289B2255
Seymour, Florence May05 Nov. 1916CassJones0270B2256
Seymour, Merton L.11 Aug. 1911CassJones0295B2254
Seymour, Robert LeRoy22 July 1919CassJones0318B2257
Shaffer, Cecil Paul02 June 1911CassWyman0289B2254
Shaffer, Charles Curtis23 May 1913CassWyman0277B2255
Shaffer, Evelyn Esta04 Sept. 1919CassJohnson0313B2257
Shahan, Walter Wayne18 May 1919CassNelson0319B2257
Shahan, William Grant18 Oct. 1912CassNelson0251B2254
Sharp, Charles Wayne25 Dec. 1913CassWoolsey0261B2255
Sharp, Edward Dale04 Dec. 1919CassSharp0320B2257
Sharp, Gerald Clyde16 Nov. 1909CassWoolsey0032B2253
Shaver, Virginia Marie23 May 1920CassHoliday0166B2257
Shaw, Ralph Howard06 Nov. 1909CassKendall0012B2253
Shearer, Rose Mary06 June 1915CassThompson0259B2255
Shearer, Zone L.14 June 1910CassGrimm0249B2254
Shearman, Ivan M.15 July 1910CassSamson0256B2254
Sheets, Danial Merritt08 Nov. 1918CassBaker0382B2256
Sheets, George Gerald26 Apr. 1911CassBaker0299B2254
Sheets, Melvin Leslie25 Aug. 1920CassHendrickson0302B2257
Sheldon, Eleanor Edna30 Nov. 1912CassElliot0270B2254
Sheldon, Maurice Elliott06 Mar. 1914CassElliott0295B2255
Shellberg, Alice Louise19 Nov. 1919CassMigon0321B2257
Shelton, Lawrence T.04 Oct. 1910CassNoyes0258B2254
Shepard, Anna Maxine08 Dec. 1918CassReed0383B2256
Shepherd, Roger John05 Sept. 1918CassAdams0384B2256
Sherwood, Annis Jane31 Aug. 1920CassEvans0303B2257
Sherwood, Robert Bruce01 Jan. 1917CassEvans0244B2256
Sheumaker, Frank Clifford02 Jan. 1909CassSimertin0014B2253
Shields, Addie Arline07 June 1913CassEdwards0273B2255
Shields, Glenn Arthur22 July 1918CassEdwards0385B2256
Shields, James William17 Sept. 1915CassEdwards0264B2255
Shields, Pearl L.07 Oct. 1910CassEdwards0269B2254
Shields, Warren Logue02 Nov. 1920CassLogue0404B2257
Shiflett, Marie Josephine08 Nov. 1913CassShiflett0279B2255
Shiflett, William H.30 Mar. 1911CassCollier0283B2254
Shike, Myron R.04 Mar. 1914CassReed0294B2255
Shinkley, Charles Clair16 Feb. 1915CassSmith0257B2255
Shipman, Donald Elias30 Aug. 1915CassDonahoe0250B2255
Shirk, Helen Esther03 Feb. 1912CassLenhart0283B2254
Shirk, Helen Esther13 Feb. 1913CassLenhart0254B2255
Showers, Gail John04 Apr. 1911CassFinesaw0300B2254
Showns, William P.02 Apr. 1910CassFeinsan0257B2254
Shranger, Virginia22 Jan. 1921CassPrentiss0184B2257
Shrauger, Harold F. Jr.26 May 1916CassPrentiss0276B2256
Shreve, Kieth K.17 July 1917CassHopkins0263B2256
Shultz, Charles W.09 Nov. 1910CassHull0247B2254
Shultz, Margarett E.13 Aug. 1912CassHull0280B2254
Shultz, Vernon McDade29 Aug. 1915CassHall0255B2255
Shultz, Virginia Edith23 Feb. 1920CassHully0079B2257
Sick, Albert Henry09 June 1911CassPriegel0307B2254
Sidener, William S.22 May 1910CassMorford0274B2254
Sierr, Paul Bruce27 Oct. 1919CassKoepke0322B2257
Sievers, Lois Estelle27 July 1920CassEhlert0255B2257
Sievers, Walter Ralph29 Apr. 1918CassEhlert0386B2256
Silvey, Edward Earnest04 Feb. 1920CassTurk0080B2257
Silvey, Elry27 July 1913CassTurk0264B2255
Silvey, Lester27 Nov. 1917CassTurk0242B2256
Silvius, Dee Wilson25 May 1912CassKing0263B2254
Silvius, Isa Imogene27 Feb. 1911CassKing0312B2254
Silvius, Sol Henry28 Mar. 1909CassKing0026B2253
Simon, Harold August20 Oct. 1913CassKahl0285B2255
Simons, Marjorie Lucille10 Jan. 1919CassKohl0323B2257
Simonsen, Beulah Marie19 Apr. 1914CassNelson0287B2255
Simonsen, Glea Lebon10 Dec. 1919CassNelsen0324B2257
Simonson, Louis Samuel07 Oct. 1918CassNelson0387B2256
Sims, Phil Richard Jr.27 June 1920CassCook0202B2257
Simuniaci, Francis William21 Feb. 1920CassLangenfeld0081B2257
Sisler, Ellen Laurina08 Dec. 1915CassFarwell0241B2255
Sisler, Lula M.18 Sept. 1910CassFarewell0272B2254
Sivadge, Randall William30 May 1921CassMcConnell0185B2257
Skang, Alice Lucile31 Dec. 1916CassGray0274B2256
Skang, Martin W.21 Feb. 1915CassGray0239B2255
Sknow, Thelma Lilhan20 Feb. 1913CassMathias0270B2255
Slaughter, Gracie May17 May 1920CassMendall0167B2257
Slocum, Arthur Dean28 Apr. 1912CassFairholm0276B2254
Slocum, Ramona R.08 Mar. 1909CassGraham0008B2253
Slocum, Yvonne Lucile07 May 1912CassGraham0277B2254
Small, Edwin J.16 Nov. 1911CassWeirick0282B2254
Small, Lily C. J.18 June 1910CassWeirich0276B2254
Smart, Ira Dean10 Apr. 1915CassBaker0256B2255
Smart, Ruley Helen14 June 1920CassBaker0203B2257
Smether, Charles Worthing01 Jan. 1909CassWorthing0009B2253
Smiley, Edwin29 May 1918CassIngram0388B2256
Smiley, Geraldine Evelyn15 Oct. 1916CassIngram0287B2256
Smiley, Leland E.21 Jan. 1910CassBuchanan0281B2254
Smiley, Lester Wilmot05 Feb. 1912CassBuchanan0265B2254
Smiley, Robert Edward21 Jan. 1920CassIngram0041B2257
Smith (Baby Boy)19 Dec. 1914CassWeidermann0276B2255
Smith, Albert Leeland20 July 1909CassSaxton0020B2253
Smith, Anna Mary02 Mar. 1921CassGraham0186B2257
Smith, Bert15 Mar. 1912CassAlden0261B2254
Smith, Chester Allen12 Mar. 1912CassFudge0255B2254
Smith, Chr. Borden29 May 1913CassDorp0266B2255
Smith, Curtis C.11 May 1921CassPotter0187B2257
Smith, Dean Harvey02 Aug. 1920CassBoeshart0304B2257
Smith, Elaine Ruby27 Feb. 1918CassHampel0390B2256
Smith, Ernest Merle28 Dec. 1919CassLoumen0325B2257
Smith, Evelyn Lorraine21 Mar. 1921CassDrake0188B2257
Smith, Floyd Noel1909CassNelson0180B2253
Smith, Harry Burton06 Apr. 1911CassScarlett0313B2254
Smith, Hazel10 Feb. 1911CassSimmon0284B2254
Smith, Helen Rose28 Nov. 1915CassSimel0245B2255
Smith, Inez Darlyne12 Feb. 1917CassPotter0264B2256
Smith, James William06 Oct. 1909CassHamilton0002B2253
Smith, Lee Anderson28 Jan. 1918CassAnderson0391B2256
Smith, Levita Earnestine12 May 1913CassOlden0265B2255
Smith, Lola B.20 July 1917CassEmbree0265B2256
Smith, Lyle Richard29 July 1915CassSluder0268B2255
Smith, Lyle Welloy14 Apr. 1918CassWelton0392B2256
Smith, Margaret13 Sept. 1914CassHarris0283B2255
Smith, Mary Ellen22 July 1920CassForsythe0256B2257
Smith, May Simon30 July 1912CassSimon0267B2254
Smith, Merle M.08 Jan. 1910CassSoaper0279B2254
Smith, Mildred Dorris31 May 1915CassStorm0244B2255
Smith, Mildred Emma19 May 1919CassBuckley0326B2257
Smith, Mildred IomaOct. 1909CassSmith0019B2253
Smith, Olga23 July 1911CassSoper0309B2254
Smith, Opal Lenore16 Apr. 1918CassStone0393B2256
Smith, Opal P.03 Jan. 1910CassEagan0241B2254
Smith, Paul H.05 July 1912CassHerbert0249B2254
Smith, Ralph James04 Apr. 1916CassHampel0285B2256
Smith, Raymond William02 July 1919CassPotter0327B2257
Smith, Robert C.02 Feb. 1910CassFudge0245B2254
Smith, Roscoe01 Dec. 1913CassSimon0284B2255
Smith, Ruby Marie01 May 1920CassWoodliff0168B2257
Smith, Ruth Geneva01 July 1913CassShider0257B2255
Smith, Simon Donold02 May 1915CassSimon0243B2255
Smith, W. Floyd Jr.18 Dec. 1917CassForsythe0245B2256
Smith, Willard Leroy06 Feb. 1916CassBary0288B2256
Smith, Zelma M.28 Jan. 1911CassHarris0287B2254
Smither, Claude Oliver24 Dec. 1912CassTurner0257B2254
Smither, LaVerda12 Jan. 1914CassWorthing0279B2255
Smithers, Mary Verbuda12 Feb. 1916CassWorthing0267B2256
Smyley, Donald Thomas14 Oct. 1914CassSmyley0290B2255
Snodgrass, Maxine Edith04 Sept. 1915CassKnove0236B2255
Snyder, Charles William18 Aug. 1918CassPeron0394B2256
Snyder, Florence Ada13 Nov. 1919CassMantz0328B2257
Snyder, Francis M.1911CassTurner0280B2254
Snyder, Josephine Beatrice27 Feb. 1920CassPeron0082B2257
Snyder, Lawrence Herbert24 Aug. 1909CassMantz0001B2253
Snyder, Maran Mable20 May 1915CassMantz0267B2255
Soper, Anita Evylyn23 May 1909CassNoyer0025B2253
Soper, John27 Apr. 1912CassSwartz0254B2254
Soper, Madeline31 Dec. 1916CassMcCue0282B2256
Soper, Marguerite04 July 1912CassNoyer0260B2254
Sorensen (Baby Girl)06 Aug. 1916CassAnderson0273B2256
Sorensen, Alvie C.06 Apr. 1917CassJohnson0243B2256
Sorensen, Andrew25 June 1918CassJensen0395B2256
Sorensen, Charles29 Oct. 1911CassNielsen0310B2254
Sorensen, Dorothy21 Nov. 1918CassBorchardt0396B2256
Sorensen, Francis Cathern26 May 1915CassJohnson0237B2255
Sorensen, Gladys Viola13 Nov. 1911CassRetz0296B2254
Sorensen, Lilly20 June 1917CassNelson0237B2256
Sorensen, Sterling A.24 July 1910CassBrande0273B2254
Sorenson, Carl James05 Nov. 1911CassThomsen0294B2254
Sorenson, Ernest01 Oct. 1916CassRitz0272B2256
Sorenson, Ettla22 Nov. 1914CassJensen0286B2255
Sorenson, Howard Paul24 May 1916CassThompson0269B2256
Sorenson, John Henry26 Feb. 1914CassThompson0288B2255
Sorenson, Mildred Ruth28 Apr. 1919CassThomsen0329B2257
Sothman, Aletha Edna26 Jan. 1919CassFrank0330B2257
Sothman, Arlene M.12 Nov. 1916CassFrank0293B2256
Sothman, Clara14 July 1913CassCooper0258B2255
Sothman, Herman Henry15 June 1921CassFrank0189B2257
Sothman, Lawrence Irvin20 June 1921CassMeyer0190B2257
Sothman, Ruby Alberta11 June 1920CassDreden0199B2257
Sothman, Velma09 Feb. 1914CassDuden0292B2255
Sothman, Vergal William21 Jan. 1910CassCooper0260B2254
South, Ada27 Oct. 1913CassBogshaw0281B2255
South, Averal M.15 Dec. 1911CassHarper0293B2254
South, Burnell O.04 June 1910CassWaldron0270B2254
South, Denzel Artie21 Apr. 1921CassHarper0191B2257
South, Donald Clyde03 Jan. 1921CassEarl0192B2257
South, Doris M.24 Dec. 1913CassHarper0271B2255
South, Dorothy Edna22 June 1912CassPamp0272B2254
South, Hazel Irene13 Dec. 1919CassBogshaw0331B2257
South, Helen Maxene03 Apr. 1917CassScott0256B2256
South, Herbie Franklin29 June 1921CassLoy0193B2257
South, Lela May11 May 1909CassBlankenship0039B2253
South, Lorene Marjorie04 Jan. 1920CassLoy0042B2257
South, Louise12 Apr. 1920CassEdwards0137B2257
South, Morris Max06 Aug. 1909CassHarper0010B2253
Southwick, Donald Edward01 Sept. 1912CassSouthwick0284B2254
Sovett, Paul Adrian24 Apr. 1918CassGothard0397B2256
Spangler, Bertie Lyle04 Sept. 1916CassMotz0289B2256
Spangler, Edwin15 Sept. 1912CassMotts0281B2254
Spangler, Lester LeVerne19 May 1918CassMotz0398B2256
Sparling Harry12 Feb. 1909CassNaylor0021B2253
Sparling, Alice Isabelle27 Jan. 1918CassNaylor0404B2256
Sparling, Hallie12 Feb. 1909CassNaylor0022B2253
Spear, Junior Harold01 Feb. 1920CassAtwood0083B2257
Speiker, Morris Albert10 Mar. 1921CassRundel0194B2257
Spence, John William17 Oct. 1918CassWilgard0399B2256
Spence, Marjorie24 July 1912CassWiegand0258B2254
Spencer, Janell12 July 1920CassStephens0257B2257
Sperry, Forest Lee08 Mar. 1918CassConrad0400B2256
Spieker (Baby Girl)04 Sept. 1916CassWilson0299B2256
Spieker, Hazel Arlene01 Aug. 1919CassPond0332B2257
Spieker, Helem Belle09 June 1914CassRundell0303B2255
Spieker, Helen Irene01 Aug. 1919CassPond0333B2257
Spieker, Hyllis Maxine01 Aug. 1919CassPond0334B2257
Spieker, Ira Elmer04 Sept. 1916CassWilson0298B2256
Spieker, Opal Glee09 Apr. 1920CassWilson0138B2257
Spieker, Wilma Livern01 Jan. 1913CassWilson0274B2255
Spieker, Zoe Lodine25 Oct. 1912CassPond0244B2254
Spiers, Mildred Linabelle28 Aug. 1912CassMiller0268B2254
Spies, Ada Katherine29 Jan. 1920CassAnstey0043B2257
Spies, Cleone Marguerite03 July 1915CassAnsley0265B2255
Spies, D. Eugene15 Jan. 1921CassTracy0195B2257
Spies, Henry John27 Dec. 1909CassBarnholdt0015B2253
Spies, Juanita L.14 May 1917CassAnstey0258B2256
Spies, Lorraine Deloris22 Sept. 1920CassHoliday0339B2257
Spies, Mary Jane05 June 1921CassAustey0196B2257
Spies, Maurice Gilbert23 May 1921CassTrent0197B2257
Spies, Muriel Dolores15 Nov. 1913CassAustey0282B2255
Spies, Violet May08 May 1913CassBarnholdt0260B2255
Spies, Virgil C.23 Sept. 1912CassAnstey0278B2254
Spiker, Dorothy Marie06 Feb. 1920CassBenesh0084B2257
Spiker, Vernon Leslie05 May 1916CassCary0291B2256
Spry, Clyde L.01 Jan. 1910CassLewis0271B2254
Squires, Clarabel27 Jan. 1918CassRemier0401B2256
Squires, Harold I.14 Dec. 1914CassRoberts0284B2255
Squires, Lester Webber21 Dec. 1911CassWeber0305B2254
Squires, Lois Irene07 Oct. 1917CassRoberts0253B2256
Squires, Roseland Adalene23 Oct. 1919CassRoberts0335B2257
Squires, Thelma E.24 Oct. 1912CassRoberts0252B2254
Squires, Vera Jeanette23 Aug. 1912CassRemien0253B2254
Stacks, Virginia Irene02 Nov. 1911CassDavenport0304B2254
Stadsvold, Thorvald W.17 Oct. 1915CassWad0242B2255
Staeger, Evelyn Eva16 Jan. 1913CassParker0268B2255
Staley, Noah William13 Sept. 1915CassBright0263B2255
Staley, Wayne Eugene08 June 1919CassIre0336B2257
Stalnaker, Claud Eldon25 Apr. 1909CassStalnaker0006B2253
Stamp, Elenor Louise25 Mar. 1918CassPeterson0402B2256
Stamp, June A.20 June 1915CassPetersen0238B2255
Stamp, Leota Amanda07 Jan. 1913CassPeterson0255B2255
Stanley, Lowell01 Feb. 1909CassCollman0007B2253
Stapleton, Harry William03 Feb. 1915CassBrown0266B2255
Stapleton, James Wilbur11 June 1917CassBrown0257B2256
Star, Delphine Ellen09 July 1920CassSheets0258B2257
Starlin (Baby Girl)10 Sept. 1915CassLandon0270B2255
Starlin, Anna Lavaughn02 June 1919CassEblen0337B2257
Starlin, Delbert William03 Jan. 1914CassLandon0301B2255
Starlin, Dorthy M.01 May 1912CassLandon0245B2254
Starlin, Floyd Lincoln22 June 1918CassJohnson0405B2256
Starlin, Glen Lester07 June 1918CassEblen0403B2256
Starlin, Martha Lovita20 Nov. 1920CassEflen0406B2257
Starlin, Maxine10 Mar. 1918CassSandow0406B2256
Starlin, Russel J.14 Nov. 1914CassJohnson0302B2255
Startzer, Reva M.11 Mar. 1910CassLaartz0248B2254
Startzer, Rexiene14 Sept. 1914CassLartz0282B2255
Startzer, Roy M.05 Feb. 1912CassLaartz0247B2254
Startzer, Ruene Maxine05 Mar. 1918CassLaartz0410B2256
Stauffer, Allen Elmer24 Mar. 1909CassAllen0023B2253
Stecks, Donald Lloyd10 June 1920CassBarker0204B2257
Steffen (Baby Boy)23 Jan. 1919CassPaulsen0338B2257
Steffen, Donald Bill07 Feb. 1921CassSchrader0198B2257
Steffen, Morris Normand21 Nov. 1920CassPaulsen0407B2257
Steffens, Albert Herman15 Jan. 1909CassEilts0034B2253
Steffens, Ella21 July 1914CassEilts0293B2255
Steffens, George24 Mar. 1913CassEilts0283B2255
Steffens, Mabel06 May 1911CassKay0288B2254
Steffens, Walter11 Dec. 1910CassEiltz0277B2254
Steinbeck, Clarence28 Nov. 1909CassPelzer0183B2253
Steinke, Carl Frederick24 Aug. 1918CassWheatley0407B2256
Stender, Arlene Julia11 Feb. 1918CassLarson-Dreaser0408B2256
Stender, Helen10 Aug. 1912CassLarson0242B2254
Stengel, Max Lyle15 Feb. 1921CassBrillhart0199B2257
Stephens, Colleen E.10 Oct. 1915CassYoung0261B2255
Stevens, Beatrice A.30 Mar. 1910CassSands0246B2254
Stevens, Francis Matthew10 Oct. 1914CassFay0272B2255
Stevenson, Geraldine23 July 1912CassGillett0248B2254
Stevenson, Lewis05 July 1912CassMichell0275B2254
Stevinson, Gertrude Morine04 Apr. 1918CassGillett0409B2256
Stewart, Clifford Winfield21 Aug. 1913CassWilds0278B2255
Stienke, Evelyn Marie1914CassWheatley0278B2255
Stier, Bessie Irene22 Oct. 1909CassHastings0011B2253
Stier, Florence Claudine14 Mar. 1915CassHastings0240B2255
Stilhan, Louis L.23 Oct. 1911CassWilliams0303B2254
Stillian, Clifton Eugene16 July 1917CassWilliams0250B2256
Stillian, Fritz Leonard10 Aug. 1914CassWilliams0271B2255
Stillian, Jack Earl20 Jan. 1921CassTalty0200B2257
Stillian, Wanda Mildred05 Feb. 1919CassTalty0339B2257
Stillinas, Rex23 Apr. 1909CassWilliams0031B2253
Stoffs, Beatrice Fern13 Oct. 1909CassLester0016B2253
Stoffs, Georgia Eva02 Nov. 1915CassLester0246B2255
Stoffs, L. Virginia07 June 1913CassLester0267B2255
Stone, Elmer Evald21 Oct. 1909CassJohnston0004B2253
Stone, Geroto Floyd17 Feb. 1909CassMyers0017B2253
Stone, Harold Lester01 July 1917CassMcConnell0248B2256
Stone, Lola Glee26 Aug. 1912CassMcConnell0256B2254
Stone, Robert Elston10 Aug. 1910Cass0250B2254
Stoodt, Charles I.12 May 1910CassJones0243B2254
Storbach, Mary Katherine24 Nov. 1914CassLeonard0274B2255
Storebeck, Berndette Frances13 Oct. 1920CassLenard0372B2257
Stormer, Lester Henry31 Dec. 1915CassDolch0251B2255
Stormer, Mable Evelyn22 Aug. 1912CassDolch0271B2254
Stormer, Rose Mary08 Dec. 1920CassLane0436B2257
Stout, Orval Dale01 Feb. 1913CassBarnett0263B2255
Stout, Verne M.27 Feb. 1911CassBarnett0286B2254
Stover, Hobart Allen21 Oct. 1920CassMunn0373B2257
Stover, Margaret25 July 1915CassMunn0247B2255
Stover, Mildred25 July 1915CassMunn0248B2255
Strain, June Nadine11 Aug. 1919CassWeber0340B2257
Strittmatter, Edwin A.30 Apr. 1911CassBallenseifer0285B2254
Strittmatter, Julia Marie05 Sept. 1917CassKlahs0240B2256
Struthers, John Robert26 Jan. 1917CassGillett0241B2256
Strutz, William B.28 Jan. 1917CassAnderson0251B2256
Studyvin, Glenn Alfred23 June 1919CassHarrel0341B2257
Sturges, Herbert French01 Mar. 1921CassFrench0202B2257
Sturges, Philip Carl08 May 1917CassFrench0249B2256
Stutelburg, Harold Henry24 Apr. 1921CassJorgensen0203B2257
Stuva, Marjorie Eleanor15 Oct. 1920CassWarrior0340B2257
Suhrbier, Paul Christoph19 Sept. 1909CassArfken0181B2253
Sullivan, Anastasia02 Sept. 1917CassTrehy0268B2256
Sullivan, Anna18 Mar. 1916CassTrehy0301B2256
Sullivan, Catherine Dorothy21 Feb. 1912CassJennings0246B2254
Sullivan, James Francis09 June 1909CassTrehy0013B2253
Sullivan, Julia Veronica29 Jan. 1915CassTrehy0272B2255
Sullivan, Mary Cathrine05 Dec. 1913CassTrehney0275B2255
Sullivan, Michael Hubert19 Nov. 1909CassJennings0035B2253
Sullivan, William B.29 May 1914CassJennings0300B2255
Sullivan, William J.29 Aug. 1910CassTrahy0252B2254
Suman, Pearl Roena10 June 1919CassWilliams0342B2257
Sunderman (Baby Boy)14 Nov. 1914CassSunderman0299B2255
Sunderman, Darlene31 May 1919CassAbhan0343B2257
Sunderman, Floyd W.30 Jan. 1910CassMueller0262B2254
Sunderman, Greta22 Mar. 1921CassMueller0204B2257
Sunderman, Hubert09 July 1909CassKaiser0003B2253
Swain, Amy E.19 Sept. 1914CassOlson0305B2255
Swain, Chester Harold26 June 1921CassOlson0205B2257
Swain, Lester Glenn26 June 1921CassNelson0206B2257
Swain, Lewis Edwin24 Jan. 1919CassOlson0344B2257
Swain, Raymond Richard25 June 1916CassOlsen0300B2256
Swales, Ruthie Elida03 May 1916CassNoisington0271B2256
Swanson, Albert Dale06 July 1920CassGoessling0259B2257
Swart, Kenneth H.02 Sept. 1911CassHayes0281B2254
Swartz, Robert Frank08 June 1920CassPalmer0205B2257
Sweet, Paul Lawrence24 Feb. 1918CassVine0412B2256
Swett, Florence M.28 Mar. 1911CassField0302B2254
Swett, Wilbur F.13 Oct. 1914CassField0297B2255
Switzer, Evelyn Jean28 July 1910CassGraham0259B2254
Swolley, Anna Marie25 Mar. 1921CassGillet0207B2257
Swolley, Carl George08 Apr. 1914CassGillett0275B2255
Swolley, Frank Cecil21 Sept. 1912CassRandolph0282B2254
Swolley, Genevive E.13 Apr. 1913CassAnderson0262B2255
Swolley, Mable May30 July 1917CassGillett0246B2256
Swolley, William Jr.23 Apr. 1918CassRandolph0413B2256
Swolley, Yvonne Marie11 Sept. 1914CassRandolph0273B2255
Symonds, Carl LeRoy18 Dec. 1919CassWalker0345B2257
Symonds, Eillen01 Apr. 1911CassVitterick0308B2254
Symonds, Francis M.30 Nov. 1914CassWalker0304B2255
Symonds, Glenda M.30 Mar. 1910CassVetterick0253B2254
Symonds, Olive Belle07 Oct. 1916CassWalker0297B2256
Symonds, Robert Merlin02 Feb. 1912CassWalker0269B2254
Symonds, Russel W.29 Aug. 1910CassWalker0254B2254
Talbott, Margaret Winifred27 May 1909CassJohnston0046B2253
Talge, Evalyn Venelda30 Dec. 1915CassHinkle0287B2255
Talty, Mary C.08 Dec. 1910CassMcMahon0289B2254
Talty, Norbert Leo21 Apr. 1911CassWaters0327B2254
Tando, Ermin E.04 July 1910CassBoyer0291B2254
Tando, Maxine Viola23 May 1912CassRoberts0289B2254
Tanner, Dale Virgil17 Aug. 1915CassFrank0280B2255
Tanner, Della31 Dec. 1911CassFrank0324B2254
Tanner, Harley F.19 Aug. 1911CassFrank0323B2254
Tanner, Helen Gertrude03 Aug. 1915CassFrank0285B2255
Tanner, Hilda F.28 Aug. 1913CassFrank0287B2255
Tanner, Irene02 Dec. 1917CassFrank0274B2256
Tanner, Raymond Lyle10 Oct. 1913CassFrank0292B2255
Tarpenning, Lucy09 Sept. 1912CassNalton0291B2254
Tatge, Edna Velva10 Aug. 1912CassHinkle0293B2254
Taylor (Baby Boy)19 Mar. 1911CassArnold0315B2254
Taylor (Baby Girl)19 Mar. 1911CassArnold0316B2254
Taylor, Claire Eugene22 Aug. 1920CassSchmidt0305B2257
Taylor, Dale W.10 Feb. 1911CassWerner0288B2254
Taylor, Elene L. Taylor25 Nov. 1919CassTrainor0346B2257
Taylor, Eloise Eleanor25 Nov. 1915CassRatzlaft0274B2255
Taylor, Glen Arnold28 Mar. 1913CassArnold0293B2255
Taylor, Gujline1909CassTrainer0058B2253
Taylor, Guy29 Dec. 1910CassTrainer0285B2254
Taylor, Klive Marlowe13 May 1915CassTrainer0284B2255
Taylor, Madaline Lenora26 Mar. 1915CassDorsey0283B2255
Taylor, Madeline Arvilla04 May 1909CassNaylor0057B2253
Taylor, Marian Jean16 July 1920CassBrooks0260B2257
Taylor, Maurice L.22 May 1911CassSheumaker0317B2254
Taylor, Max Clifford02 Feb. 1921CassGray0209B2257
Taylor, Maxene Letha30 Dec. 1917CassTrainer0271B2256
Taylor, Maxine A.12 Nov. 1910CassNaylor0293B2254
Taylor, Norma Winona31 July 1916CassArnold0306B2256
Taylor, Owen Eugene21 Mar. 1913CassWerner0286B2255
Taylor, Willard Walter24 June 1915CassBarnholt0273B2255
Templeman, Dale19 Oct. 1914CassRich0309B2255
Templeman, Ethel L.24 May 1911CassMcConnell0318B2254
Templeman, Gen. Edward25 June 1909CassMcConnell0056B2253
Templeman, Harley E.21 Nov. 1911CassRich0320B2254
Templeman, Max Albert21 Nov. 1914CassMcConnell0308B2255
Templeman, Ralph Clayton03 May 1913CassRich0291B2255
Ternahan, Lola B.03 Nov. 1914CassPeterson0316B2255
Theede, Alvin Chris17 May 1909CassMadison0043B2253
Theede, Charles Clarence08 Aug. 1918CassHelmts0414B2256
Theile, Lawrence Cris30 Sept. 1909CassNelson0045B2253
Themason, Gladys Irene05 June 1909CassMcFadden0052B2253
Thomas, Beatrice Fay19 July 1920CassSmith0261B2257
Thomas, Lena Marie10 July 1909CassSperry0059B2253
Thomason, Glenn Oliver15 Jan. 1918CassMcFadden0415B2256
Thomason, Robert William25 July 1915CassMcFadden0279B2255
Thompson, Averille Albert01 Apr. 1909CassMattheis0047B2253
Thompson, Edna Naomi15 Aug. 1914CassBennington0307B2255
Thompson, Eleanor Ruth12 Jan. 1912CassMasteller0295B2254
Thompson, Esther Christine16 Nov. 1916CassNielson0302B2256
Thompson, Gail Dean01 June 1920CassSpies0206B2257
Thompson, George Richard23 Jan. 1919CassNelson0347B2257
Thompson, Howard Andrew11 Oct. 1919CassMasteller0349B2257
Thompson, Irma21 Sept. 1920CassHernback0341B2257
Thompson, Irma Genevieve13 Sept. 1909CassSmith0048B2253
Thompson, Marcus M. Jr.16 Feb. 1919CassMorgan0348B2257
Thompson, Opal Pauline18 May 1911CassBowman0325B2254
Thompson, Rita Maxine27 Sept. 1919CassConklin0350B2257
Thompson, Ross C.30 Oct. 1909CassEmigh0050B2253
Thomsen, Doris Gensine27 Jan. 1920CassChristenson0044B2257
Thomson, Earl Vernon16 Apr. 1918CassHornback0416B2256
Thomson, Mildred29 July 1910CassShort0286B2254
Thomson, Rachel Viola07 Apr. 1915CassShort0278B2255
Thomson, Vale Ulan01 Feb. 1915CassConklin0286B2255
Thorn, Ella Gracie Gusta22 May 1909CassBaldrian0119B2253
Thulin, James Albert31 Jan. 1909CassStartzer0060B2253
Thulin, John Anthony23 Mar. 1916CassStartzer0309B2256
Thulin, Ross Francis04 Nov. 1911CassStartzer0321B2254
Thurman, Leo H.C.07 Dec. 1910CassZellmer0295B2254
Tibken, Albert Henry28 Apr. 1912CassKloppenberg0296B2254
Tibken, Alice Marie10 Aug. 1920CassClaussen0306B2257
Tibken, Amanda Amelia03 Dec. 1912CassClaussen0297B2254
Tibken, Bertha Elise12 Mar. 1917CassClaussen0272B2256
Tibken, Carl21 Apr. 1914CassKloppenberg0314B2255
Tibken, Leona Elizaabeth29 May 1913CassEuken0288B2255
Tibken, Ruth Lillian29 Oct. 1918CassClosson0417B2256
Tibken, Walter29 Sept. 1914CassClausen0315B2255
Tidwell, Farrar Francis05 Dec. 1918CassGibbons0418B2256
Tidwell, Mary Elizabeth01 Jan. 1921CassGibbons0210B2257
Tillotson, Alyce Elizabeth04 Nov. 1919CassBrown0351B2257
Tingle, Mary Louise01 Apr. 1915CassWarman0277B2255
Tingle, Maxine E.14 Mar. 1917CassWerman0273B2256
Tingle, William04 Aug. 1918CassWarman0419B2256
Tinnel, Clyde Forest08 Aug. 1911CassBarnes0314B2254
Tobias, Clara May11 Aug. 1910CassLamb0282B2254
Todhunter, Frank Albert28 Apr. 1919CassCasad0352B2257
Todhunter, Lucile18 July 1913CassReed0289B2255
Todhunter, Lucile18 July 1914CassTodhunter0313B2255
Toepfer, Arthur John09 Apr. 1916CassPatterson0303B2256
Toepfer, Bernard William11 Dec. 1912CassTowler0292B2254
Toepfer, Donald John27 May 1918CassTolar0420B2256
Toepfer, Ethel May20 June 1909CassPatterson0051B2253
Toepfer, Evelyn Christina10 May 1915CassFowler0288B2255
Toepfer, Gale Francis29 June 1913CassPaterson0294B2255
Toepfer, Harold F.28 Nov. 1910CassTaller0290B2254
Tomlinson, Jean Marie04 Jan. 1921CassKing0211B2257
Tompkins, Donald Frank23 June 1919CassRecter0353B2257
Town, Shirley05 July 1911CassSmith0322B2254
Townsend, Marion Ashley26 May 1919CassAshely0354B2257
Tracy, Pearl Agnes23 Jan. 1919CassKrause0355B2257
Tracy, Ruby26 Feb. 1916CassShepherd0307B2256
Trailer, Agnes Gwendolyn22 Sept. 1909CassStattler0053B2253
Trailer, Arthur Cecil28 Mar. 1909CassClenoweth0054B2253
Trailer, Gertrude Louise04 Apr. 1911CassYoung0326B2254
Trailer, Gladys V.25 Sept. 1910CassGraves0287B2254
Trailer, Grace04 Jan. 1914CassYoung0311B2255
Trailer, Helen Mary08 May 1912CassYoung0285B2254
Trailer, William A.09 May 1914CassGraves0310B2255
Trego, Maurice Wilton18 Apr. 1916CassWelton0308B2256
Trent, Phillip Wesley14 May 1915CassMudra0281B2255
Trimmer, Dale Hazen18 June 1920CassMcCain0207B2257
Trimmer, Donold Irwin01 May 1915CassBooth0282B2255
Trimmer, Joseph Andrew04 Nov. 1909CassHunter0055B2253
Trimmer, Marilda Elizabeth22 Apr. 1912CassHunter0286B2254
Troup, Henry01 Sept. 1909CassCren0041B2253
Troy, Lawrence Robert22 Aug. 1919CassBrookhouse0356B2257
Truax, Helen C.23 Mar. 1910CassWard0292B2254
Truax, Homer Leroy19 June 1909CassTruax0049B2253
Truman, Mary Jean15 Feb. 1916CassWelding0304B2256
Tuch, Lucelle Cecile22 Nov. 1916CassCain0305B2256
Turk, Rosella Hanna08 Nov. 1917CassLane0269B2256
Turk, Walter Carl04 Sept. 1914CassLane0306B2255
Turner, Bearile Aileen21 July 1912CassOsborn0290B2254
Turner, Blanch I.01 Mar. 1911CassOsman0319B2254
Turner, Floyd Vernon25 Dec. 1920CassJones0437B2257
Turner, Gladys May05 Apr. 1921CassBuckingham0212B2257
Turner, Hazel Ammanda17 Aug. 1909CassBickett0042B2253
Turner, Ivan L.20 Oct. 1910CassHendricks0294B2254
Turner, Leanore Elizabeth01 Aug. 1909CassPrather0044B2253
Turner, Lela Gertrude02 Dec. 1917CassJones0270B2256
Turner, Leland Roscoe02 Mar. 1918CassPine0421B2256
Turner, Maurine A.25 Feb. 1910CassPeterson0283B2254
Turner, Max Bicket26 July 1914CassTurner0312B2255
Turner, Paul Duncan08 July 1912CassPrather0294B2254
Turner, Percival Dean23 Sept. 1913CassOsborne0290B2255
Turner, Ruth Ann25 Aug. 1918CassPrather0422B2256
Turner, Ruth Isabel30 Mar. 1919CassBuckingham0357B2257
Turner, T.G.27 Nov. 1910CassLloyd0284B2254
Turnner, Roy Gail23 Oct. 1912CassLloyd0288B2254
Turratt, Wilbur Ross02 Jan. 1915CassLyons0275B2255
Turrner, Grace17 Mar. 1912CassBoeyckman0287B2254
Tye, Vera Jeanne17 July 1920CassSmith0262B2257
Ulbrich, Frances Maxine15 Nov. 1914CassSnouffer0317B2255
Ulbrich, June17 June 1918CassSnouffer0423B2256
Upson, Evelyn Jane16 June 1913CassWheeler0295B2255
Upson, Owen Bert24 Apr. 1921CassCarson0213B2257
Ury, Raymond Leroy27 Apr. 1909CassMaddux0061B2253
Vail, Norene Mary17 Sept. 1917CassNoyes0276B2256
Van Aernam, Lela Arem17 May 1918CassParrott0424B2256
Van Brocklin, H. Ralph19 Nov. 1910CassJohnson0297B2254
Van Vlack, Lawrance Hall21 July 1920CassStone0263B2257
Van Vlack, Mildred Lucele27 Feb. 1919CassStone0358B2257
Vanaernam, Elva Anetta18 Mar. 1920CassParrott0110B2257
Vanderpool, Margaret Louise10 Nov. 1916CassLanver0310B2256
Vaughn, Edna Magnolia26 Feb. 1915CassKnight0289B2255
Vaughn, Ruby10 Oct. 1910CassAsher0298B2254
Vedane, Paul B.14 Mar. 1914CassBruce0318B2255
Vernon, Eva Lenora04 Sept. 1919CassNeth0359B2257
Vernon, Glen Oren10 Aug. 1918CassChubick0425B2256
Vetrick, Marlan Dale1909CassCollman0062B2253
Vetter, Joseph Max30 Dec. 1919CassBurkhart0360B2257
Vetterick, Evelyn May08 Dec. 1919CassErickson0361B2257
Vetterick, Irwin Lee23 Dec. 1914CassErickson0319B2255
Vetterick, Lulu Eilan23 Jan. 1917CassErickson0277B2256
Vincent, Ross Ira18 Oct. 1910CassBragg0296B2254
Voided DocumentCass0157B2254
Voided DocumentCass0302B2254
Voided DocumentCass0313B2255
Voided DocumentCass0231B2255
Voorhees, Ida May08 Sept. 1909CassPervin0063B2253
Voorhees, Janeree12 May 1912CassPurvis0299B2254
Voorhees, Jeanette12 May 1912CassPurvis0298B2254
Voorhees, John Coerte30 June 1917CassTrimmer0275B2256
Voorhees, Priscilla22 Feb. 1921CassTrimmer0214B2257
Voss, Roy C.12 May 1913CassArmstrong0296B2255
Waggoner, Romaine Carol14 Mar. 1914CassSchilling0320B2255
Waggoner, Velma Mae12 Apr. 1918CassSchilling0426B2256
Wagner, Floyd V.20 Apr. 1910CassWarrior0306B2254
Wagner, Oliver27 Oct. 1909CassWoods0070B2253
Wagner, William W.20 Feb. 1910CassRolland0317B2254
Wahe, Dean Albert21 Jan. 1921CassSchuler0215B2257
Wahe, Leland05 Apr. 1912CassCase0308B2254
Wahlert, Hazel Eunice03 Mar. 1913CassMinerman0314B2255
Wair, Doris Bessie06 Aug. 1916CassIsham0319B2256
Wair, Hazel Laurine25 July 1914CassIsham0328B2255
Wair, Lela Faye25 May 1911CassIsham0342B2254
Wair, Lula Maye25 May 1911CassIsham0343B2254
Wair, Rodney Arthur15 Sept. 1918CassIshan0427B2256
Waldon, Pauline Marie11 May 1917CassDuden0290B2256
Waldron, James Thomas25 Dec. 1911CassHufford0358B2254
Waldron, Leona May15 Dec. 1914CassWilloughby0340B2255
Waldron, Norman Dale24 Sept. 1911CassWilloughby0346B2254
Walkenshaw, Warrern Vernon27 Oct. 1920CassGary0375B2257
Walker, Adair Marjorie10 Dec. 1920CassHusmann0438B2257
Walker, Alice Margaret Walker10 Dec. 1920CassHusmann0439B2257
Walker, Betty Lorraine08 Apr. 1920CassBaumgardner0139B2257
Walker, Irlyn Elaine18 Dec. 1917CassHusman0280B2256
Walker, Irving Elwood18 Dec. 1917CassHusman0281B2256
Walker, Marjorie12 Aug. 1914CassBreede0324B2255
Walker, Merrvyn Fredrick10 Nov. 1909CassBreede0065B2253
Walker, Ruby Lloeyn25 Mar. 1917CassBreade0282B2256
Walker, Schiller Maxwell11 Feb. 1909CassMarsh0075B2253
Wall, Anna Maurice23 Aug. 1914CassMoore0346B2255
Wallace, Alverna Josephine02 Dec. 1916CassPeterson0322B2256
Wallace, Esther May11 Apr. 1911CassGiles0352B2254
Wallace, Marjorie Eleanor03 Apr. 1909CassGiles0074B2253
Wallace, Marvin Elmer01 Dec. 1918CassFlemming0428B2256
Walling, Eva Marie10 Nov. 1913CassAtwood0301B2255
Walter, Alice Katharine24 Oct. 1920CassPaulsen0376B2257
Walter, Genevieve Lucile09 May 1919CassPaulsen0364B2257
Walter, Lauraine Leila03 Aug. 1918CassComer0429B2256
Walter, Lee Boyd19 Aug. 1917CassWorth0296B2256
Walton (Baby Boy)01 Dec. 1915CassStarlin0313B2255
Walton, Clara Marie18 Sept. 1917CassPrall0288B2256
Walton, Dorothy17 Oct. 1914CassPrall0326B2255
Walton, Dortha Leola16 Feb. 1915CassProll0298B2255
Walton, Melba Lorene06 Feb. 1919CassEastman0365B2257
Ward, Leo29 July 1910CassWatson0251B2254
Ward, Malcolm05 Feb. 1911CassWilson0359B2254
Wardrip, Edward Keith26 Mar. 1921CassWard0216B2257
Ware, Elsworth W.02 Jan. 1910CassRoss0312B2254
Ware, Jerome Winslow10 Nov. 1919CassFisher0366B2257
Warnaca, Grover William03 Feb. 1912CassGordon0314B2254
Warnaca, Ruby Olive27 Feb. 1914CassGordon0348B2255
Warner, Evelyn Alice13 Apr. 1919CassSwart0367B2257
Warner, Kendle23 Dec. 1920CassGill0440B2257
Warren, Anthony Lyman29 Nov. 1915CassReed0306B2255
Warren, Chester Ernest22 Sept. 1918CassReynolds0430B2256
Warren, Glyn James25 July 1914CassShepperd0327B2255
Warren, Jennie Marie08 Oct. 1912CassSheppard0305B2254
Warren, Rollin James10 Apr. 1914CassKing0329B2255
Warren, Thelm E.23 Aug. 1910CassShepherd0303B2254
Warren, William James31 Dec. 1916CassReynolds0332B2256
Wasmer, Ilene Adeline10 Mar. 1918CassWalkenshaw0432B2256
Waters (Baby Boy)10 Nov. 1910CassClinton0300.5B2254
Waters (Baby Girl)01 Apr. 1917CassLargey0252B2256
Waters (Baby Girl)13 Feb. 1920CassForester0085B2257
Waters, Alice Margarite28 Jan. 1921CassPhares0217B2257
Waters, Alice Marguerite21 June 1920CassKustabother0208B2257
Waters, Berna A.09 Oct. 1911CassLargey0340B2254
Waters, Bernard Cecil01 Mar. 1916CassBarnes0329B2256
Waters, Charles Edwin27 Oct. 1913CassSchroder0299B2255
Waters, Delbert C.08 Oct. 1917CassForester0286B2256
Waters, Edward William20 Feb. 1921CassLargey0218B2257
Waters, Eugene Edward13 Jan. 1920CassPhares0045B2257
Waters, Harold10 Nov. 1910CassClinton0300B2254
Waters, Mary Isabelle28 Jan. 1921CassPhares0219B2257
Waters, Tersenee24 Aug. 1912CassClinton0306B2254
Waters, Veronica26 Aug. 1919CassHartshorn0368B2257
Watkins, Frank Lewis30 Nov. 1918CassLewis0433B2256
Watson, Helen Pearl24 Jan. 1912CassLewis0318B2254
Watson, Maurice George08 Feb. 1921CassPierce0220B2257
Watson, Nadine30 Jan. 1921CassWeston0221B2257
Watson, Wilma Lora29 June 1914CassGraham0342B2255
Way, Aletha May09 Nov. 1915CassJiles0307B2255
Way, Dee B.18 Feb. 1909CassRobinson0080B2253
Way, Ena E.17 Sept. 1910CassRobinson0318B2254
Way, Florence Amy09 July 1916CassRobinson0325B2256
Way, Frances04 Dec. 1918CassLautz0434B2256
Way, Harold Giles20 June 1919CassGiles0369B2257
Way, Howard Raymond25 June 1914CassWay0334B2255
Way, Loren Lennard20 Sept. 1912CassRobinson0309B2254
Weatherby, Alene Emily22 Feb. 1909CassHorton0066B2253
Weatherby, Floyd25 June 1911CassHorton0341B2254
Weatherby, Leila Anita19 Jan. 1916CassHorton0317B2256
Weaver, Esther P.26 Mar. 1910CassKepfer0308B2254
Weaver, Harry LeRoy15 Mar. 1915CassBorth0312B2255
Weaver, Lester Leonard13 Jan. 1913CassBorth0297B2255
Weaver, Maxine28 Nov. 1916CassBorth0337B2256
Weaver, Stanford Henry08 Nov. 1918CassBorth0435B2256
Webb, Arlene10 Feb. 1919CassGould0370B2257
Webber, Betty Jean11 Aug. 1919CassEllett0371B2257
Webber, Joseph Wayne20 Oct. 1920CassEllett0377B2257
Webber, Virginia Belle12 Feb. 1917CassEllett0289B2256
Webster, Donald Lewis25 Apr. 1919CassLewis0372B2257
Webster, Max Everet01 July 1912CassLewis0319B2254
Webster, Theriso Viola18 Aug. 1916CassLewis0333B2256
Weichert, Esther Berniath08 Feb. 1911CassBillings0335B2254
Weichman, Arthur Anton08 June 1913CassHinricks0298B2255
Weichman, Earnest Paul23 Sept. 1915CassHenricks0303B2255
Weichman, Girhard H.18 Sept. 1910CassHeirich0299B2254
Weiderman, Dorthy May14 Aug. 1912CassPreston0320B2254
Weidman, Edith B.07 June 1910CassMulford0314B2254
Weirich, Helen08 Jan. 1914CassGoessling0345B2255
Weirich, Lucile G.26 Mar. 1911CassGraham0351B2254
Weise, Gale Albert17 July 1913CassLevartz0300B2255
Welch, Armelda08 Nov. 1920CassJones0408B2257
Welch, Betty Lorene11 Nov. 1919CassJones0373B2257
Welch, Howard J.03 July 1911CassJones0338B2254
Welch, James Richard15 Oct. 1916CassJones0334B2256
Wells, Fred LeRoy26 Jan. 1918CassJohnson0436B2256
Wells, Marguerite Celia19 Apr. 1921CassBarron0222B2257
Wells, Melva Marie09 Nov. 1915CassJohnson0309B2255
Welsch, Dorthy Myrle29 Oct. 1909CassAllen0067B2253
Welsch, Frances G.12 Feb. 1910CassMcMenamin0311B2254
Welsh, Eva Ruth10 June 1919CassGray0374B2257
Welton, Betty June03 June 1920CassBell0209B2257
Welton, Merritt Junier31 Aug. 1915CassBell0302B2255
Welton, Richard John10 Oct. 1909CassBoshult0082B2253
Welton, Robert Claire15 Mar. 1918CassBell0437B2256
Wendling, John23 Mar. 1910CassNelson0305B2254
Westfall, Yvonne Edith18 Dec. 1914CassCox0349B2255
Westphal, Albert Frederick23 Mar. 1912CassHuddelson0303B2254
Westphal, Macel Emma06 Oct. 1916CassDiers0326B2256
Westphal, Marrin Levi26 Apr. 1919CassDiers0375B2257
Westphalen, Albert F.27 Mar. 1912CassHuddelson0304B2254
Westphalen, Dale T.18 Mar. 1913CassSpry0306B2255
Westphalen, John Henry03 July 1912CassAnderson0302B2254
Westphalen, Marie15 June 1920CassWestphalen0210B2257
Westphalen, Ruby19 Sept. 1915CassAnderson0297B2255
Wheatley, Alfred Johnie03 Mar. 1920CassHemingson0112B2257
Wheatley, Benjamin W.11 Oct. 1915CassPeterson0295B2255
Wheatley, Dearie Marie29 May 1921CassPedersen0223B2257
Wheatley, Dorothy Mary13 Nov. 1916CassPederson0320B2256
Wheatley, Elizabeth Emma18 Sept. 1919CassMiller0377B2257
Wheatley, Eloise G.02 Feb. 1914CassPalmer0330B2255
Wheatley, Etta11 Jan. 1918CassPeterson0438B2256
Wheatley, Etta May02 Mar. 1916CassMiller0324B2256
Wheatley, Frank26 May 1917CassPeterson0284B2256
Wheatley, Frankie26 May 1917CassPeterson0285B2256
Wheatley, Gertrude Maxine03 Feb. 1917CassParmley0283B2256
Wheatley, John Otis04 Nov. 1914CassMiller0333B2255
Wheatley, Joseph H.11 Sept. 1914CassHennigsen0331B2255
Wheatley, Leon Gael18 Apr. 1919CassSimons0376B2257
Wheatley, Lester Warren Jr.08 Oct. 1915CassPederson0296B2255
Wheatley, Paul Eugene13 June 1917CassSimon0279B2256
Wheatley, Ralph John27 July 1914CassSimon0351B2255
Wheatley, Susie M.14 May 1911CassParmley0357B2254
Wheeler, Alice Heath17 Dec. 1912CassHeath0316B2254
Wheeler, Charles William01 Oct. 1920CassLay0378B2257
Wheeler, Gretchen Geneva27 Sept. 1911CassHeath0347B2254
Wheeler, Hazel Bernice30 May 1909CassHeath0078B2253
Wheeler, Jacob Marion13 July 1918CassFranklin0439B2256
Wheeler, John Franklin10 Sept. 1916CassFranklin0330B2256
Wheeler, Viola May14 Dec. 1910CassWheeler0307B2254
Wheeler, Virginia Ruth12 Oct. 1917CassKeeley0287B2256
Wheeler, Walter Albert27 Oct. 1912CassElan0310B2254
Whepler (Baby Girl)25 Feb. 1911CassHufmaster0354B2254
White, Delores Madeline24 June 1915CassPieper0301B2255
White, Florence E.10 Nov. 1912CassJennings0300B2254
White, Harley William28 June 1912CassPurdy0313B2254
White, Ira Gail23 Feb. 1918CassGray0440B2256
White, Lloyd Elreha13 Apr. 1920CassGray0140B2257
White, Marion Carroll21 Nov. 1909CassScarlett0079B2253
White, Merle Marseillies05 Nov. 1918CassScarlett0441B2256
White, Norwood Edward31 Mar. 1911CassJenkins0328B2254
White, Paul Leroy31 July 1919CassWhite0379B2257
White, Teddie Wilmont04 June 1921CassHammons0224B2257
Whited, Edna Margaret06 Aug. 1909CassScarlett0081B2253
Whitmore, Charles Horace29 June 1914CassBaldwin0322B2255
Whitmore, Imogene Viola17 May 1918CassPearson0442B2256
Whitmore, Muriel Virginia26 Oct. 1916CassPearson0316B2256
Whitney, Enid Marie23 Dec. 1911CassShaver0345B2254
Whitney, Forest Huntingdon06 July 1915CassTaylor0291B2255
Whitney, Francis Marion03 Apr. 1912CassNaylor0312B2254
Whitney, Leon Earl16 Sept. 1920CassShaver0342B2257
Whitney, Lloyd William16 Dec. 1914CassShaver0339B2255
Whitney, Louis27 Jan. 1916CassShoger0339B2256
Wickey, Harold Addison07 Oct. 1914CassCastell0336B2255
Wickey, Mildred Ella13 July 1918CassHosfelt0443B2256
Wickey, Myrna May03 July 1916CassHosfelt0328B2256
Wickey, Ruby Eleanor30 July 1914CassHosfelt0337B2255
Wickey, Samuel A.19 May 1910CassHosfelt0309B2254
Wickham, Edward James18 Oct. 1912CassJohnston0315B2254
Wickham, Frank Joseph02 Nov. 1918CassJohnson0444B2256
Wickham, Mary E.13 May 1910CassJohnson0310B2254
Wickham, Mary Elizabeth07 May 1916CassJohnston0327B2256
Wiechman, Amanda Esther09 Nov. 1917CassHendricks0292B2256
Wiechman, Roy Walter28 Feb. 1920CassHinrichs0086B2257
Wiese, Clara Elizabeth13 Dec. 1919CassSwartz0380B2257
Wiese, Clarke Winston13 Dec. 1919CassSwartz0381B2257
Wiese, Marquerite17 Nov. 1916CassSwartz0312B2256
Wiese, Mildred17 Nov. 1916CassSwartz0313B2256
Wiges, Anna Marie19 Dec. 1920CassSunersen0442B2257
Wilber, Helen Elvero21 Aug. 1919CassOlson0382B2257
Wilbourn, John Douglas09 June 1920CassFox0211B2257
Wilburn, Dollie Iona15 July 1917CassNorris0278B2256
Wild, Katherina Clara01 Oct. 1912CassSchaake0307B2254
Wild, Mary Agnes18 Dec. 1916CassShaake0314B2256
Wilkerson, Evelyn Lorraine12 Feb. 1916CassIngeborg0321B2256
Wilkins, Berenice Roella24 Mar. 1919CassErickson0383B2257
Wilkinson, Donald Levern13 Oct. 1909CassRustan0071B2253
Wilkinson, John Dwight05 Oct. 1911CassClay0356B2254
Wilkinson, Robert L.15 Aug. 1911CassRuston0344B2254
Will, Deal Frank28 June 1913CassVernon0308B2255
Will, Gerald Pershing10 Nov. 1918CassVernon0445B2256
Williams, Fern Emmeline28 July 1918CassHill0446B2256
Williams, James Arthur24 Dec. 1915CassWhite0292B2255
Williams, Kenneth Edward14 Oct. 1916CassLarson0315B2256
Williams, Lucille May22 May 1918CassWhite0447B2256
Williams, Patricia Lorraine27 June 1919CassBell0384B2257
Williams, Robert Calvin25 June 1915CassBeard0294B2255
Williamson (Baby)26 Dec. 1909CassMurray0076B2253
Williamson, Boyd N.26 Sept. 1911CassLeap0349B2254
Williamson, Clair Ross22 Aug. 1913CassLeap0304B2255
Williamson, Eva Lucile16 June 1916CassMurray0318B2256
Williamson, Irma E.20 Sept. 1913CassEvans0307B2255
Williamson, Pauline15 Sept. 1911CassMurey0331B2254
Williamson, Pearl Eleose14 July 1915CassSaap0310B2255
Willis, Addie M.12 June 1910CassHoffman0301B2254
Willis, Fred Walter01 Dec. 1913CassHoffman0311B2255
Willis, George William01 Mar. 1912CassHoffman0311B2254
Willis, Mildred Viola10 Sept. 1920CassWillis0343B2257
Willis, Valda Lois02 Feb. 1917CassHoffman0291B2256
Willison, Arlene Emaline12 Feb. 1909CassGissible0077B2253
Willison, Dorthy Nancy04 Aug. 1919CassGessible0385B2257
Willison, Max Bert12 May 1913CassGissibl0316B2255
Willoughby, Beryl Marabelle21 May 1916CassSmith0331B2256
Willoughby, Dale Clifford11 Dec. 1919CassPatch0386B2257
Willoughby, Sam Luther07 Aug. 1919CassWilloughby0387B2257
Willson, Evilin Ella16 May 1913CassParks0312B2255
Wilshnsen, Arthur W.10 Nov. 1912CassWichanann0301B2254
Wilson, Catherine Mary29 Mar. 1917CassPutt0293B2256
Wilson, Corwin Franze15 Apr. 1914CassWilson0350B2255
Wilson, Forrest S.06 Sept. 1915CassReed0300B2255
Wilson, Harold Lee16 Sept. 1918CassCambridge0448B2256
Wilson, Howard David29 May 1913CassWorthington0310B2255
Wilson, Lois Lucile02 Nov. 1915CassCopeland0311B2255
Wilson, Lucelia19 July 1911CassParks0353B2254
Wilson, M. Ellen21 Feb. 1910CassWilson0315B2254
Wilson, Maurice Hamilton13 Oct. 1914CassFormhals0325B2255
Wilson, Walter G.21 Feb. 1910CassWilson0316B2254
Wilson, Woodrow03 Mar. 1913CassWilburn0302B2255
Winchester, Geraldine06 Nov. 1918CassStrater0449B2256
Winston, Gladys V.13 July 1910CassLink0304B2254
Winston, Ruth Elizabeth24 Nov. 1912CassLink0317B2254
Winters, Donovan H.29 July 1911CassHarwood0348B2254
Winters, Ronald A.23 Oct. 1914CassHarwood0335B2255
Winterstien, Desda Ruth24 July 1916CassCocklin0336B2256
Wise, Mabel Marie29 Feb. 1920CassBurns0087B2257
Wise, Marie Ellen11 Apr. 1913CassJohnson0315B2255
Wissler, Gail Frances31 Oct. 1909CassStartzer0072B2253
Wissler, Helen LaVere02 Sept. 1919CassGreenwalt0388B2257
Wissler, John Leo05 Nov. 1909CassNoyer0069B2253
Wissler, Loraine Clara04 Dec. 1912CassJones0323B2254
Wissler, Myrrle B.05 Apr. 1914CassBerry0341B2255
Wissler, Norman F.30 Dec. 1910CassJones0362B2254
Wissler, Robert Lee15 Apr. 1918CassDilts0450B2256
Wissler, Rodney Lynn12 Aug. 1919CassDilts0389B2257
Wissler, Wendal Warren21 Jan. 1921CassDilts0225B2257
Witzman, Clifford Earl12 Dec. 1919CassLehman0390B2257
Witzman, Homer R.29 Nov. 1910CassLehman0323B2254
Witzman, Opal Margarette10 Nov. 1912CassLehman0329B2254
Witzman, Ruth Estella23 Dec. 1916CassLehman0338B2256
Wiuff, Lea18 Jan. 1914CassAnderson0321B2255
Wiuff, Norma06 Sept. 1920CassAndersen0344B2257
Wiuff, William29 July 1916CassAnderson0323B2256
Woefer, Marjorie Agnes07 July 1916CassJordan0311B2256
Wohlenhaus, Clair Lyle08 July 1919CassSunderman0391B2257
Wohlenhaus, Dorothy21 Aug. 1914CassBlaser0347B2255
Wohlenhaus, Harold Fred30 July 1911CassMartens0329B2254
Wohlenhaus, Henry V.09 Aug. 1911CassMorford0337B2254
Wohlenhaus, Joseph13 Apr. 1910CassBloser0320B2254
Wohlenhaus, Leta Odessa05 Apr. 1917CassSunderman0298B2256
Wohlenhaus, Loyd Newel16 Oct. 1911CassSunderman0330B2254
Wohlenhaus, Nellie E.10 Mar. 1919CassSullivan0363B2257
Wohlenhaus, Roselda Lulu12 Dec. 1920CassMuller0443B2257
Wohlenhaus, Vernon D.17 July 1920CassMartens0265B2257
Wohlenhause, Bernice M.30 June 1917CassBicking0295B2256
Wohlleber, Doris Mae22 July 1920CassAlexander0264B2257
Wolfkill, Albert Gale02 Feb. 1914CassDavis0343B2255
Wolfkill, Irene M.13 Apr. 1917CassDavis0297B2256
Wolfkill, Leona Lorene15 Sept. 1915CassDavis0304B2255
Wolfkill, Mary Verginia07 Jan. 1921CassDavis0226B2257
Wolford, Donald Glenn18 Jan. 1918CassTowne0451B2256
Wolford, Vernon Dale29 Aug. 1916CassTown0340B2256
Wolford, William Earl29 June 1920CassTowne0212B2257
Wollenhaupt, Arlene Ruth22 June 1918CassVetterick0452B2256
Wollenhaupt, Fern Esther18 Dec. 1915CassGaulke0308B2255
Wollenhaupt, Ralph Eugene09 May 1918CassGaulke0453B2256
Wollenhaupt, Roberta Moree21 Nov. 1917CassTitus0294B2256
Wollenhaupt, Wray Walden04 May 1914CassGaulke0338B2255
Wood (Baby Boy)05 Mar. 1919CassTeigan0392B2257
Wood, Clifford D.07 Mar. 1911CassChew0332B2254
Wood, James25 Jan. 1918CassMaker0454B2256
Wood, John B.30 Oct. 1912CassBlock0322B2254
Wood, Louise Grace26 Apr. 1909CassBeckhart0073B2253
Wood, Mary Lucile26 June 1915CassMohar0290B2255
Wood, Maxine Pauline21 Feb. 1920CassAllbright0088B2257
Woods, Lewis H.07 May 1910CassDressler0319B2254
Woods, Margaret Jeanette19 Nov. 1918CassHughes0455B2256
Woodward, Annabelle17 Sept. 1915CassLawton0305B2255
Woodward, Frances A.12 Apr. 1913CassPhilipps0305B2255
Woodward, Gladys A.07 Nov. 1911CassJohnson0339B2254
Woodward, Jack Edward29 Mar. 1921CassPierce0227B2257
Woodward, Shirley Beth27 May 1920CassPhillips0169B2257
Woodward, Wilbur Reginald07 Feb. 1918CassLawton0456B2256
Wooley, Catherine Clare26 Jan. 1921CassMacpherson0228B2257
Wooley, Harvey Dean19 July 1920CassDean0266B2257
Woolsey, Clyde Junior10 Oct. 1920CassDaughenbaugh0379B2257
Woolsey, Leonard05 Aug. 1911CassLittler0192B2254
Worron, Mae Sckorlett01 July 1918CassSheppard0431B2256
Worth, Opal Margarett03 Mar. 1919CassGrulke0393B2257
Worth, Wilma Helen05 June 1914CassGrulke0332B2255
Worthing, George Osbourn09 Sept. 1915CassMeinhardt0299B2255
Worthing, Solon Augustus11 Feb. 1914CassMeinhardt0323B2255
Worthington, Chet Gerald08 June 1918CassBilderbock0457B2256
Worthington, Edith Mildred02 June 1911CassEngle0333B2254
Worthington, Esther Elisabeth04 Mar. 1921CassEblen0229B2257
Worthington, John17 Sept. 1915CassBilderback0314B2255
Worthington, Marjorie Ruth27 Sept. 1913CassEugle0309B2255
Worthington, Wilma17 Oct. 1911CassBildirbach0334B2254
Wright, Betty Bernice17 July 1918CassEarl0458B2256
Wright, Dale Earl01 Mar. 1911CassEarl0363B2254
Wright, James Wesley27 June 1918CassEarl0459B2256
Wright, Lois Mary28 Aor, 1915CassCarl0293B2255
Wright, Lucill May10 July 1919CassJacobsen0394B2257
Wright, Mary01 Feb. 1912CassEarl0321B2254
Wright, Robert Wayne08 July 1911CassFranks0355B2254
Wright, Wilma Marie18 Aug. 1920CassEarl0307B2257
Wright, Zenas Kimball1909CassKimball0064B2253
Wyatt, Alice Luella10 Apr. 1916CassElston0335B2256
Wyatt, Edith May16 June 1914CassElston0344B2255
Wyatt, Elston14 June 1920CassElston0213B2257
Wyman, Donald E.09 Nov. 1911CassWinterstein0336B2254
Wyman, Glenn M.21 Dec. 1910CassLewis0313B2254
Yarger, Beulah Beryl09 May 1913CassArcher0318B2255
Yarger, Donald Leroy04 Apr. 1912CassJones0325B2254
Yarger, Ethel L.18 Aug. 1911CassHockenberg0360B2254
Yarger, John Solomon14 May 1921CassHowks0230B2257
Yarger, Mildred14 June 1909CassHawks0083B2253
Yarger, Wilma Arline28 Oct. 1919CassConine0395B2257
Yorgensen (Baby Boy)10 Feb. 1919CassMatthews0396B2257
Young, Dan13 Nov. 1917CassMagerell0299B2256
Young, Darwin Ruby23 Sept. 1912CassIreland0324B2254
Young, Eloise Jeane29 June 1913CassFleming0317B2255
Young, James Hartford14 Oct. 1915CassMagarrell0315B2255
Young, Lloyd12 June 1914CassGeorge0352B2255
Young, Lyle12 June 1914CassGeorge0353B2255
Young, Ruth Lella17 Dec. 1912CassFlemming0326B2254
Zanders, Doris Elieen06 Nov. 1913CassRoter0319B2255
Zellmer, Alvin Albert23 Dec. 1914CassPreuss0355B2255
Zellmer, Clarence Paul18 July 1912CassWalter0328B2254
Zellmer, Ervin Earnest30 July 1916CassPreuss0341B2256
Zellmer, Harold C.06 Aug. 1910CassKrup0321B2254
Zellmer, Mildred Mary06 Oct. 1912CassKnop0327B2254
Zelmer, Earl Edward07 Nov. 1920CassPreuss0409B2257
Zike, Arthur M.03 Feb. 1910CassHall0322B2254
Zimmerman, Edna11 Mar. 1909CassAuxier0084B2253
Zuch, Agnes Paulina12 Mar. 1914CassCain0354B2255
Zuch, Anna Eileen25 Apr. 1918CassKing0460B2256

Source: State Birth Records index at https://iowaculture.gov/history/research/collections/vital-records. (Scroll down page, under "Birth Records", "State Birth Records Index", select "Cass County" to view the Cass County birth records 1909-June 1921). Downloaded for Cass IAGenWeb by Cheryl Siebrass, December 14, 2017. Posted with permission granted by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

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