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Andrew P. Erickson is an industrious, persevering, able and reliable son of Sweden, and represents a nationality which has had much to do with the wonderful prosperity of agricultural communities in the State of Iowa. The date of his birth was January 31, 1858, and his parents, John E. and Aneka Erickson, were also natives of his fatherland. The family came to the United States in 1868, settled in Princeton, Ill., and resided altogether in Bureau county until 1881. In that year they located in Massena township, where the father purchased the prairie land which, through his well directed labors and those of his sons, Andrew P. and Gustave, has since become one of the best homesteads in the county. Its attractive and convenient residence, commodious barns and other buildings found on a well conducted farm, its beautiful groves and generally fine location, indicate its owner to be a man of unusual taste as well as of ample means. Both of the parents died on this homestead -- the father in December, 1887, and the mother in February, 1896. Of their children, Andrew and Gustave, and a daughter (now Mrs. Hunter), are living.

Andrew P. Erickson, the oldest member of the family, passed his boyhood and early manhood on Illinois farms, and, while assisting his father, was also laying up a valuable stock of experience for his future career in the same line. He also accompanied the family to Massena township and has there spent the balance of his life to the present time, with the exception of eight years which he passed in Montgomery county while improving farm property in that section of the State. He is now in company with his brother, Gustave.

In 1894, Mr. Erickson was married to Emma J. Darnold, the marriage occurrring while he was a resident of Montgomery county. His wife is a native of West Virginia. They have two adopted children -- Hazel and Fern. The family is identified with the M. E Church and highly respected.

From "Compendium and History of Cass County, Iowa." Chicago: Henry and Taylor & Co., 1906, pg. 328.

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