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Among other settlers who followed regular trades there were Philander and H. K. Cranny, who appeared at Indiantown in 1853 as professional shingle makers. As building operations were rather slack they fell back upon outside sources of revenue. Philander, as one might suspect from his name, was adapted to shine in society, having among his other accomplishments Mr. Conrad's house, and there met with such success that he extended his operations to Iranistan, where he finally located and taught dancing at Wilson Smith's house.

H. K. Cranny was not accomplished, but he was practical, and when he found that shingle making was not a trade upon which to rear a family, located on a farm between Indiantown and Iranistan and thrived for several years as a tiller of the soil. Being a man of somewhat solid attainments, he also filled the office of clerk of the district court for the fall term of 1854. But by 1859 both H. K. and Philander had become wearied at the slow growth of the community and started for the farther West. Instead of the gay Philander, it was the substantial H. K. Cranny who deserted his wife in Nebraska and went to Logan, Utah, where he took three helpmeets unto himself and commenced the practice of medicine.

From "Compendium and History of Cass County, Iowa." Chicago: Henry and Taylor & Co., 1906, pp. 92-93.

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