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John C. Casey, who is passing the late years of his maturity on his large farm and comfortable homestead in Victoria township, is one of that former army of fearless frontiersmen which has been decreased by the hand of death to a small and honored company. He is a native of Ireland, born January 1, 1841, a son of John and Annie (McKiernan) Casey, both born in the green isle across the seas. He was a boy of about nine years of age when the family came to the United States and settled at New Haven, Conn. In that city he was educated and learned his trade of harness making.

Being of an enterprising and, at the same time, of rather a roving disposition, he went West when a youth, and for a number of years followed his trade at Missouri Valley, Iowa, and at different points in Nebraska. At the breaking out of the Civil War he was in Connecticut and was employed by contractors making equipments, during the whole period of war. He took charge of the saddlery department at Fort McPherson in March, 1868, and held the position until July, 1870, resigning the position to move on to his farm in Pleasant township, Cass county. In 1866 he first entered the county, visiting his sister (Mrs. O'Connor) during that year. He returned in 1868, and in 1870, as stated, settled on Pleasant Ridge, Pleasant township.

While living in Nebraska Mr. Casey had more than one exciting encounter with Indians and outlaws. He was well acquainted with "Buffalo Bill" and other frontiersmen of the far West, but had now determined upon a settled life. He therefore broke out the prairie land on Pleasant Ridge, and for twenty years clung to the continuous work of cultivation, planting of crops and trees, and the erection of farm buildings, until he had the satisfaction of creating a spendid homestead for his wife and large family.

On June 21, 1874, John C. Casey was united in marriage with Annie E. Clyne. His wife was brought to the United States from her home in Ireland in 1866, she being then twelve years of age. The family first settled in Connecticut. To Mr. and Mrs. John C. Casey were born nine children, viz.; Margaret C., now Mrs. Kellogg; John P., Thomas M., James B., Dennis F., Annie A., Charles H., Phillip W. and Francis. I.

In 1890 Mr. Casey removed from Pleasant township to Omaha, Neb., that he might give his children a better education than the home schools afforded, and for twelve years the family remained in that city engaged in that laudable work. They afterward resided for two years in Cuming county, that State, and in 1904 settled in Victoria township on their present fine homestead of 400 acres -- all of which is strictly modern -- residence, buildings for the farm work, implements and appliances of every description. The family are among the most prominent Catholics of this section of Cass county. Mr. Casey himself is a Democrat, and his deep personal interest in educational matters is being devoted to the benefit of the home community in his position of school director.

From "Compendium and History of Cass County, Iowa." Chicago: Henry and Taylor & Co., 1906, pg. 293-294.

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