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The beneficent institution, which, although but seven years old, is one of the leading manufactories of Cass county, is a private enterprise owned and operated by J. A. Campbell & Son, by whom it was built in 1899, and has been managed ever since. It has a capacity of 150 barrels a day, and uses the modern roller process in making high grades of flour, which have been found so superior that they have a market throughout a very large extent of country, and everywhere enjoy a high reputation for all that is excellent in flour. The enterprising owners of this mill and elevator believe in home consumption, and as far as possible supply their machinery with grain raised in the surrounding country, thus affording a market for all that is produced within easy access of their plant. They also aim to dispose of the product of the mill within the State, making the people of Iowa the direct beneficiaries of their work in two ways. The elevator has a storage capacity of 20,000 bushels and can handle 1,000 bushels an hour. The plant employs ten men with a pay roll of over $500 per month, and thus keeps in active circulation a considerable amount of money in the community at all times.

JOSEPH A. CAMPBELL, the senior member of the firm, is a resident of Lincoln, Neb., where he lives practically retired from active pursuits, enjoying the rest he has earned by long years of well spent labor in business and a good citizen's zealous participation in the public affairs of his community. He was born in Ohio and lived in that State until about 1850, when his parents moved their family with teams to Iowa and located on a farm near Eddyville, Wapello county. His father was a millwright, put up one of the first mills in that county, and many years afterward died in this State. The son learned his trade under his father and worked at it for over fifty years in Iowa and Nebraska, erecting many of the best mills in those States. At the beginning of the Civil War he enlisted in a Missouri regiment for local defense of the country, and soon afterward was in active field service at the battle of Athens, Mo. But at the end of his term of enlistment he returned to his home, and steadily thereafter follwed the peaceful pursuits which had engaged his energies before.

CLYDE T. CAMPBELL, who has charge of the Atlantic business of the firm, is a native of Van Buren county, Iowa, where he was reared and educated, and has been associated with his father in an active and engrossing business since his youth. He is thoroughly fmiliar [sic familiar] with every detail of the work in which he is engaged, having served a studious apprenticeship in it from the very bottom, through all the subsequent gradation. He keeps his outfit up-to-date in every respect, and leaves nothing undone to make it turn out the very best products the circumstances allow. He is regarded not only as an excellent practical miller and a shrewd, capable and enterprising businessman, but also as a first rate citizen with an abiding interest in the welfare of his county and State, which finds expression in helpful service in behalf of every good undertaking for their advancement and improvement.

From "Compendium and History of Cass County, Iowa." Chicago: Henry and Taylor & Co., 1906, pp. 286-287.

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