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The work of a physician and surgeon in active practice in a rural district is toilsome and exacting to the last degree, and it seldom brings a financial reward to be compared with the emoluments of other fields of labor in which the hours are not so long, the exposure is not so great, and the drafts upon the nervous system are not nearly so heavy. But it does bring compensation in the general regard in which the doctor is held by the people whom he serves, and the knowledge that his field of labor is a beneficent one and ministers to the relief of human sufferings and the sustenance of human hope. These compensations are enjoyed in full measure by Dr. Howard E. Campbell, of Anita, this county, who, during the ten years of his practice from that village as a base of operations, has won the universal respect and good will of the people, and has been so busily occupied that he has been able to contribute very considerably to their comfort. At the same time he has not been without a large measure of the pecuniary reward his services have been worth, for his practice is among a prosperous and progressive people.

Dr. Campbell was born at Plaingrove, Lawrence county, Pa., on November 16, 1865. (For a sketch of his parents, John M. and Levina (Lightner) Campbell, see the biography of his brother, Dr. E. L. Campbell, of Atlantic, on another page.) Dr. Howard E. Campbell was reared and educated in his native State, attending the public schools and the Presbyterian College at Grove City in the county of Mercer adjoining his own. He spent four years at this institution, and then four in the drug trade at Grove City, during the latter period reading medicine. In 1888 he entered the medical department of the University of New York City from which he was graduated in 1891. Beginning his practice in Pittsburg, Pa., as a relief surgeon, he remained there six months, then opened an office at Newcastle in the same State, where he remained two years and a half, being physician for the Shenango Valley Railroad Hospital, and having charge of the institution a portion of the time. In January, 1895, he came to Iowa and located at Lewis in this county, where he assisted his brother one year, at the end of which he moved to Cumberland. After spending three years there in active practice, he changed his residence to Anita, and this has been his home ever since. He is largely engaged in a general practice, and is a gentleman of great influence in the county. His skill as a physician is recognized on every hand, and it is kept abreast of the rapid advances in the profession by frequent recourse to the seats of learning devoted to it, he having taken post-graduate courses in the Post-Graduate School, Chicago, and in hospital work in connection therewith. He also gives due attention to the associations formed and conducted forthe benefit of his calling, being a member of the 'Botna Valley and Cass County Medical Societies, and the State and American Medical Associations. In political faith he is Republican, and as such has served in the City Council and as local health officer. Fraternally he is a Freemason, I. O. O. F. and a Knight of Pythias.

From "Compendium and History of Cass County, Iowa." Chicago: Henry and Taylor & Co., 1906, pp. 289-290.

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