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To no class of our foreign born citizens is the United States more indebted for the great progress and development that have marked its history than those of German origin. The Germans are mighty toilers in any line of enterprise, and wherever they apply their patient and persistent energy, results soon show that masterful hands have charge of the work, and no effort will be omitted that can aid in bringing about the largest and best returns.

Carl Brehmer, one of the best known farmers of Washington township, this county, is a scion of the German race and affords a forcible illustration of the truth of what is said above. He was born in Pomman, Germany, on April 4, 1855, and is a son of August and Henrietta (Knapp) Brehmer, who were of the same nativity as himself. They were farmers and, seeking larger opportunities for success in their chosen vocation, came to the boundless prairies of the United States, arriving in September, 1869. On their arrival in this country, they came direct to Iowa and located in Cass county, acquiring for their home eighty acres of the farm on which their son Carl now lives. The land was wild and unimproved, and they went to work at once to break it up, bring it under systematic cultivation and transform it into a comfortable and profitable home. On this farm the mother died in 1874 and the father in 1898. They had three sons and one daughter. Of these the sons are living and all are residents of Washington township. The father served his time in the German army, and saw some of the hardships of military life. He was married three times and had one son by the last marriage. From his youth he was an earnest and loyal member of the German Lutheran Church.

Carl Brehmer, son of the above, grew to manhood in this county and assisted his father in breaking up the land and making a farm of it, attending also, when he had opportunity, the country school in his neighborhood; but as he ws the youngest of the children, and the only one at home, he had but little chance for anything but hard work. To this, however, he gave his energies with cheerfulness and fidelity; and he now has his reward in owning the homestead and 320 acres of fine farming land, all well improved, in Nebraska.

Mr. Brehmer was married on May 8, 1879, to Matilda Knop, a daughter of H. Knop, who was an early settler in Cass county. Two children have blessed their union, their son Frank and their daughter Freda, both of whom are at home. The mother of these children died on May 8, 1902, and in June, 1904, their father married a second wife -- Mrs. Cacelie Westphalen, a widow and a native of Germany, her birthplace being Holstein. Mr. Brehmer has always been deeply and intelligently interested in the township and county of his residence, and has done all in his power for their advancement and development. He has been one of the makers and builders of his locality, and as such has not only given an excellent example of good and useful citizenship, but has won the commendation, the respect and the good will of all who know him.

From "Compendium and History of Cass County, Iowa." Chicago: Henry and Taylor & Co., 1906, pp. 273-274.

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