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Although Lewis Beason did not come to Benton township until its organization, in the fall of 1870, he was a worthy pioneer of what are now Atlantic and Grant townships. His later years were passed on one of the finest farms in Benton township, his elegant residence, beautiful lawns, thrifty orchard, and harmonious surroundings stamping him as a man of taste as well as wealth. In addition to his attractive homestead Mr. Beason also owned 460 acres of land in a fine state of cultivation and dealt largely in Shorthorn cattle and Poland-China hogs.

In 1854, as a young man of twenty, Mr. Beason had accompanied his father to Oregon and California on a mining tour. After an absence of two years they returned to their home in Logan county, Ill.; but in a short time the son started again for California. While passing through Cass county he met R. D. McGeehon and J. R. Kirk, old acquaintances, and was induced to remain. He settled on section 21, Atlantic township, where he remained for five years, after which he traded his property for what was long afterward known as the Beason Station, on the site of the later town of Anita. Although a man by the name of Gardner was appointed the first postmaster of Anita, Mr. Beason was the first to serve in that position, as he was the first incumbent of the old Lura postoffice. In 1866, 1867, and 1868, before coming to Benton township, Mr. Beason also represented Grant township (formerly Lura) on the County Board.

From "Compendium and History of Cass County, Iowa." Chicago: Henry and Taylor & Co., 1906, pg. 145.

Lewis Beason, an associate of Mr. Rowland in the trusteeship of the township, lived in Atlantic township for a number of years before settling, in 1861, on section 28, which was on the present site of Anita. Later, for a number of years, he also kept the stage station on the western line, and in the fall of 1870 removed to Benton township.

From "Compendium and History of Cass County, Iowa." Chicago: Henry and Taylor & Co., 1906, pg. 152.

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