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Henry Ackerman, the second German settler in Noble township, was a youth of sixteen when he came to America and settled as a farmer in La Salle county, Ill. The proceeds of his first year's work, $86, went to his brother to repay his passage money; the second year was more profitable, as he earned $100. In 1862 he married Candace McKernan, and in August of that year enlisted in Company F, 104th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He participated in many important battles, and was severely wounded at Huntsville, Ala., in consequence of which he was disabled for eleven months. He then rejoined his regiment at Chattanooga and started with Sherman's army for the sea, but was soon after returned to the hospital for a short time, joining his command again at Kenesaw mountain. Finally taking part in the Carolina campaign, he was present at the Grand Review at Washington, and was mustered out with his regiment at Chicago, in June, 1865.

After the war Mr. Ackerman farmed in Otter Creek township, La Salle county, and in the fall of 1869 sold his property there to come to Cass county, Iowa. He was a resident of Atlantic from November of that year, until January 1, 1870, when he moved to section 27, this township, where he had purchased 160 acres of wild land at $6 per acre. He built a good frame house, planted a grove and orchard, broke the land to crops or reserved it for grazing purposes, and prospered both as a farmer and a live-stock raiser. From time to time he added to his original purchase until he owned 440 acres of improved and valuable land, with substantial and commodious modern buildings. He had a family of eight children, and was in every way a credit to the Fatherland and the land of his adoption.

Messrs. Weirich and Ackerman were the advance pioneers of a large band of Germans who have since settled in Noble township, and have proved a strong bulwark to its respectability, industry and prosperity. The above, also, perhaps constituted the main figures in the founding of the township as now constituted.

From "Compendium and History of Cass County, Iowa." Chicago: Henry and Taylor & Co., 1906, pp. 213-214.

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