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 1904 Exposition Souvenir Album

Exposition Souvenir Album - 1904

Published by Democrat Publishing Company
Atlantic, Iowa

This is an index to the biographies in the Exposition Souvenir Album - 1904. It is not an index
of every name found in the book, but of the names for which biographical info was included.

Biographical Name Index
J.H. Alexander
P.I. Appleman
George Arnold
A.G. Arrasmith
Richard H. Bailey
Dr. C.V. Beaver
A.G. Beech
Richard R. Bell
Sam Berry
Charles M. Blakesley
Chas. Block
George C. Bohling
H.M. Boorman
Miss Mary B. Boyle
Almon E. Bronson
James E. Bruce (Bio 1)
James E. Bruce (Bio 2)
James E. Bruce (Bio 3)
W.C. Bryant (Bio 1)
W.C. Bryant (Bio 2)
James C. Bryant
W.C. Bryant
Emery Burgner
Joseph Burnea
Harley Butler
Dwight S. Cadwell
George B. Cadwell
Dr. C. Campbell
Dr. H.E. Campbell
Clyde T. Campbell
J.A. Campbell
Chas. M. Cardio
W.K. Carey
Edwin Cate
Frank M. Chapman (Bio 1)
Frank M. Chapman(Bio 2)
Edwin Percy Chase
Charles F. Chase
Junis Childs
A.L. Chrisman
Jacob Christensen
Curtis B. Clovis
M.P. Conway
C.P. Cornell
H.M. Crawford
Guy A. Curtis
J.W. Cuykendall
Nathaniel W. Deering
Wilbur J. Deering
L.L. Delano (Bio 1)
L.L. Delano (Bio 2)
Frank P. Dilger
Fred Dittman
Levi Downs
Hal. H. Egbert
W.P. Egbert
Warden B. Elliott
Dr. J.M. Emmert
Fred H. Falck
Charles E. Faulkner
Dr. Chas D. Finley
Geo. W. B. Fletcher
W.A. Follet
Byron D. Forshay
Fred H. Franklin
William N. Franks
John F. Fuhlendorf
Henry W. Fulton
S.J. Gillette
B.A. Goodspeed
Joseph S. Goss
E. H. Griffin
Dr. William Griffith
H.E. Griswold
William H. Hamm
B.C. Harris
W.J. Harris
W.C. Harvey
Walter E. Haynes
Chas. B. Hess
Alonzo C. Highley
George Highley
Russ W. Hodgkins
Samuel Hoffman, Jr.
Mrs. Geo. B. Holland
Henry E. Hollen
C.W. Huff, Jr.
S.G. Hunter
G.G. Jeck
Albert Johnson
Jacob H. Johnson
James B. Jones
Edward F. Jones
W.T. Joyce
Jens Kjar
Chas. B. Kolb
Frank D. Larsen
Rudolph Lorenzen
James W. Love
Dr. A.P. Macomber
Chas. W. Major
Dominick Mariotti
Geo. T. Marsh
Joseph Marshall
J.H. Marshall
Robert Marshall
William T. McConvill
Dr. H.V. McGregor
Prof. J.S. McMiniemee
Job Arthur McWaid
William A. McWaid
C.A. Melcher
Miss Dora Melcher
Camden A. Meredith
Sherman F. Meyers
Dr. G. Roscoe Miller
Dr. Thomas B. Morris
Dr. Ulysses S. Mullins
Emil H. Nebe
Frank M. Nebe
John H. Needles
Louis Neff
L.F. Nieman
Lewis Walter Niles
J.F. O'Connell
P.F. O'Connell
Cyrus B. Osborne
William T. Palmer
George E. Pennell
Carl W. Phares
Julian Phelps
E.S. Phillips
Dr. I.Z. Plunkett
Frank William Porterfield
Wilson Prall
James S. Pressnall
H.S. Rattenborg
L.O. Reinig
Hugh M. Reinig
Daniel M. Reynolds
W.L. Roberts
James B. Rockafellow
Ralph E. Ruth
Edward C. Schelm
John Schiappacasse
John W. Scott
Dr. William M. Semones
Jonas A. Shrock
W.E. Simpson
William M. Smiley
Theodore G. Steinke
Fred Stienke
James Stier
S.W.W. Straight
Chas. F. Strutz
Thomas B. Swan
L.R. Temple
Sam Temple
Peter Thomsen
Charles Thurman
Frank A. Thurman
Wm. Trede
Dr. George E. Uehran
John C. Voorhees
Arthur Walker
J.W. Wayne
Rudolph Westphalen
Frank E. Whipple
Frank H. Whitney
Eugene H. Whiteside
James G. Whitney
Val Wiegand
Andrew Wiegand
Hamilton Wilcox
Dr. C.V. Wilder
J.O. Wilken
Ezra Willard
Edward M. Willard
W.C. Williams
Jacob Leslie Winne
Charles F. Wolfinger
Emil J. Wolfinger
W.J. Woodward
W.Theo. Woodward
S.A. Worthing
A.H.F. Zeigler
Chas. Zook

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