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Contributed May 14, 2020 by Sr. Carrie Kirsch FSPA (Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of La Crosse, WI)

Theodore Wiskus Sr.
of Holsterbrink, Germany
Elizabeth Reicher
of Kruchten, Luxembourg now Germany

Married September 16, 1873 New Vienna, IA

Theodore Jr., Elizabeth, Barbara, Frank,
Rose, John H., Mary Anna, Joseph T.,
Katherine, Josephine
Theodore Sr. & Elizabeth Wiskus Family

Back Row:
John, Frank, Barbara, Rose, Josephine, Mary

Front Row:
Theo Jr., Joseph, Theo Sr., Anna, Elizabeth, Katherine, Elizabeth
Theodore Wiskus Jr. & Frances Steffes
11-28-1899 Roselle IA
George, Elizabeth, Margaret,
Mary (died in infancy),
Henry, Bernard, William, MaryAnn,
Rose, Andrew, Anton, Camelita,
Sr. Louise FSPA, Bernadine

P.S. These are my grandparents.
MaryAnn was my mother.
Elizabeth Wiskus & Theodore Tillman
1-31-1893 Willey IA
Katherine, Fred, Sr. Jovina FSPA, Julia,
Elizabeth (died in infancy),
Frank, Rosalia
Triple Wedding

Barbara Wiskus & Ludwig Irlbeck
1-29-1901 Willey IA
Theodore, John J., Fred, Edward, Rose,
Barbara, Clara, Cecelia, Dollie
~ * ~
Rose Wiskus & Herman Langreck
1-29-1901 Willey IA
Rosina, Julie, Edward, Victoria (twin),
Veronica (twin) (died at 3 yrs),
Cecilia, Veronica (died in infancy) Florence,
Matt, Alfred (died in infancy), Alma
~ * ~
Josephine Wiskus & Matt Steffes
1-29-1901 Willey IA
Edward, Leo, Josephine,
Fred, Berta, Alvin
Frank Wiskus & Emma Seidl
2-5-1907 Dedham IA
Florence, Matilda, Dorothy, Sr. Christella FSPA,
Alfred, Geneva, Leonilla, Clarence,
Louis Frank (died in infancy),
Darlene Elizabeth (died in infancy),
Frank (died in infancy)
John Henry Wiskus & Julie Kennebeck
2-9-1926 Willey IA
John (died in infancy)
Mary Wiskus & Anton Soppe
1-28-1908 Dedham IA
Mary, Frank, Edward, Leo,
William, Leonard, Cecilia,
Clarence, Lawrence, Fred,
Florence, Bernard, Katherine
Anna Wiskus & Theodore Meiners
9-23-1919 Dedham IA
Theodore Jr., Clara, Victor
Joseph T. Wiskus & Clara Kennebeck
1-3-1936 Lidderdale IA
Katherine Wiskus & Frank Kennebeck
10-16-1923 Dedham IA
Lorraine, Virgil, Frank Jr., Verlin, Dennis

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