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on the 25th Anniversary Jubilee
Originally Published on Friday, 29 September 1899

Translated from German by David Reineke


      Frank Krauss retired from the saloon business last Saturday evening, and Mr. Gerh. Braggemann, his successor, set up shop. Both men welcomed their customers and provided them as many drinks on the house as they wanted. The festive entertainment was well attended, and all those present enjoyed themselves with singing, dancing, story-telling, and so forth. Everything proceeded in great harmony. No brawling, no arguments, nor anything of the sort came to pass. Such a gathering is wonderful, and we say that it is fine when people gather and depart again in good spirits. Speeches were given by John Giesling and Reinhard Button. The Mt. Carmel Brass Band provided excellent music, for which Mr. Braggemann thanked them heartily. We hate to see such a good inn-keeper as Mr. Krauss leave, but we are pleased to see that Mr. Braggemann, his successor, is equally good, and that he will take care of his customers. We know that he understands his business.

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