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Carroll, Iowa—Organized April 16, 1904—Charter No. 643

Mrs. E. M. Leffingwell, Regent

Contributed by a Carroll Co. Volunteer
January 12, 2023

Ruth Olivia Culbertson. No. 43894 Josiah Wood, Jr.  Mrs. R. O. Culbertson, Worland, Wyoming. 
Mary Wood Culbertson. No. 45744 Lt. Col. Robt. Culbertson.  Mrs. L. W. Culbertson, Worland, Wyoming.
Mrs. Etta Belle Culbertson. No. 45743 Capt. Caleb Farley. Mrs. E. B. Culbertson, Carroll, Iowa.
Julia Bogart Moorehouse. No. 60928 Peter Rinnan. Miss J. B. Moorehouse, Glidden, Iowa.
Mary E. B. Moorehouse. No. 57035 Peter Rinnan. Mrs. M. E. B. Moorehouse, Glidden, Iowa.
Lois B. Rowland.  No. 47115 James Bangs. Mrs. L. B. Rowland, Chicago, Ill. 
Elizabeth M. Leffingwell Snook.  No. 65182 Job Packard. Mrs. E. M. Leffingwell Snook, Guthrie Center, Iowa.
Edith Leffingwell Snook. No. 70307 Job Packard. Mrs. E. D. Snook, 619 West St., Grinnell, Iowa.
Anna Temple Quinn.  No. 72121 Elihu Marvin.  Mrs. A. T. Quinn, Carroll, Iowa.
Mary Makepeace Morris. No. 57773 William Makepeace.  Miss Mary M. Morris, Atlantic, Iowa. 
Abbie Judkins Russell. No. 46679 Gen. Henry Butler. Mrs. A. J. Russell, Carroll, Iowa.
Rebecca Frost Daniel. No. 46678 Samuel Delavan.  Mrs. R. F. Daniel, Carroll, Iowa.
Helen Coburn Howell. No. 47648 Eleazer Coburn.  Mrs. H. C. Howell, Worland, Wyoming. 
Florence Bowen Pickens. No. 47112 Henry Bowen. Mrs. F. B. Pickens, Carroll, Iowa. 
Mabel Bowen Boardman. No. 41113 Henry Bowen. Mrs. M. B. Boardman, Okeene, Okla.
Mira E. Chubbuck. No. 42398 Oliver Ellsworth. Mrs. Mira E. Chubbuck, Carroll, Iowa.
Katherine R. Maze. No. 47114 Col. David Jamison.  Mrs. K. R. Maze, Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Susan A. Bowman Hoyt. No. 47649 Walter Bowman. Mrs. S. A. Hoyt, Carroll, Iowa.
Mrs. Beryl Anna Hoyt Spinney.  No. 47690 Walter Bowman. Mrs. B. H. Spinney, Carroll, Iowa
Mrs. Rose R. C. Waldron. none under review Mrs. Rose R. C. Waldron, Carroll, Iowa.
Mrs. Hannah Temple. none under review Mrs. Hannah Temple, Carroll, Iowa.
Mrs. Cornelius A. Voris. none under review Mrs. Cornelius A. Voris, Des Moines, Iowa.
Mrs. Emma E. Worster. none under review Mrs. Emma E. Worster, Blairstown, Iowa.

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