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1874 - 1974

Contributed August 3, 2020 by Sr. Carrie Kirsch FSPA (Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of La Crosse, WI)

    All About Town

Story of How Roselle Pioneers
Died in Raging Storm Retold

By Dot Monahan

    While a certain allowance must be made for man’s weakness to exaggeration, each generation has had tales of the Big Storm of Such-and-Such a year. Many readers remember the storm of 1936, when many people were snowbound for three weeks, and a team of horses and sled were used to reach supplies for the farm population. There are those who tell of the telephone lines being within eye distance of the moving sleds because the drifts were actually that high!

    For the people who enjoy the Good Old Days series, we found an old story of the Great Storm of March 13, 1870. At that time a village of Hillsdale existed in what is now Roselle Township. Early that morning, the men arose early, tended to their chores, and collectively set out for Carroll and supplies. There were a total of 11 men in the Roselle Township area. Two elderly men stayed behind. There were bare patches of ground visible that late winter day, and the men remarked that spring be far behind? They had set out with three sleds and fur teams. The men’s names? Sam Todd, Joe James, Joe Mathias, Bussey, and Coppage. Horn and Ashelberger. And two young Germans not long from the old country (Germany), the Bruner brothers. The Bruner boys had brought a load of wheat and two teams into Carroll. It was a warm day for that season with some watery clouds, and it looked a little like rain. By noon, Sam Todd had finished his errands and he stood outside the cobblers with an eye to the northwest. A little snow was falling in flakes as ‘big as a man’s hand,’(?) Sam set out to look for the others. By the time he met the two Joes, a brisk wind had come up and the snow was coming harder.

    Then suddenly, came sharp lightning and thunder. The men remarked that it was best to leave errands go unfinished and start for home. In those days Carroll country boasted no fences, no feature to identify a man’s location. Not one solitary house stood between Carroll and the village of Hillsdale. It was open rolling prairie, and the snow hugged the hills to escape the wind. The river trail was not worth following, so a man must make his own trail and put his faith in his team. As the teams reached open country the snow was no longer wet dabs that disappeared on the skin, but stinging needles being flung from an angry wind. Every second the sky grew blacker, and the air colder. The men could no longer see their teams before them. Only were they reassured by the pull on their lines.

    Then Sam Todd felt the team rise and knew they were coming up a hill. Suddenly, they struck weeds, he knew to border his shack. At last he had reached home. The storm continued throughout the night, and following day and night, until four o’clock of the third day. It had remained 35 degrees below zero for 36 hours! The wind was so high once Sam Todd went outside to brace the cabin with the boom-pole of the hay wagon. The nails screeched in agony at their job of holding board to board. Once the storm subsided, the air remained full of snow, although the wind was gone. The hollows were were 20 feet deep; the hills, swept bare in spots. Bussy and Coppage had reached home. Horn and his party had not. The women and children were crying. A crowd of 50 men set out to search for the men of Hillsdale, for they felt certain all must be lost. At the bottom of a low gully a ghastly sight awaited them. The bodies of Horn and Ashelberger, one sitting upright on a pile of sacks, his head and face sheltered by his hands. This was Horn. Ashelberger was found lying on a blanket. Both men were frozen into solid chunks of ice. A mile away two of the horses were found, walking in a circle, gone mad, from sheer cold and hunger. The other team had found shelter on a place called Cole’s.

    The bodies of the young German immigrants, so new to this land, were found on the old mail road from Carrollton to Hillsdale. They had left their sled together and the weaker brother had fallen several times, while the stronger came to his aid. Finally the tracks showed the two no longer able to stand together, the stronger one left in seek of help. He had managed to crawl one mile, and with safety yet an impossible ten miles away, had died. The bodies were taken to the Horn and Ashelberger place, and laid on planks before a red hot stove. Years later, Sam Todd, was to relate that night as a horror he could never live through again. “Frequently, as their bodies thawed, they would move, and a good many times that long night my hair stood on end.”

    There are many tales of storms on the Iowa prairie. Today to say we suffer from the elements is an untruth. We have communications, and conveniences. If you have ever wondered, however, how we Americans as a people would survive, a natural disaster of please-God-never a nuclear, attack, the community action during the recent storm, should reassure one. Our pioneer spirit is not dead, but merely buried beneath our worldliness.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Heilage Schutzengels Kirche und Schule

Inside of the first Holy Angels Church, built in 1874 and 1875

Roselle’s Past & Present History


    In 1874 Ulysses S. Grant was president of the United States. The nation was in the throes of one of its more serious depressions and the government was selling its land at $2.50 per acre. On one of his military expeditions, General George A. Custer discovered gold in the Black Hills. Certain areas of the Midwest were suffering from a severe grasshopper invasion. The nation as a whole was engaged in a great westward movement and everyone was thrilled with the network of railroads that crossed the nation like a huge spider web. The telephone was still a whole year from being invented and the electric light even further.

    All of these facts made the history books. But on the plains of western Iowa, an event, less noticed but equally significant, was taking place. A faith community of Catholic pioneers was taking formal shape, a faith community which has endured for one-hundred years and which celebrates in 1974 its centennial as a parish. That community is Holy Angels Parish in Roselle, Iowa.


    In 1874 there was no town of Roselle. A group of pioneers had settled a few years earlier in Roselle Township but the town was called Hillsdale, a name derived from a Mr. Hill who owned the land where the town was built. This town was one of the earlier settlements in Carroll County and was visited periodically by the United States mail stage which operated between Boone County on the east and Crawford County on the west. The name of Hillsdale gave place in 1875 to the name of Roselle.

    The town of Roselle today is not impressive in size among other towns in the county. However, in the 19th century it was rather substantial considering the times and the area. Older residents speak of the times when there were two general stores, both amply stocked, a creamery that sent its products to distant places, a barber shop, a blacksmith shop, a farm machinery store, and a large livery stable that housed fifty teams of horses. In addition there were two resident justices of the peace and from two to five saloons, depending on which year one is describing. The railroad never came to Roselle, however, and as a result the town’s growth was cut off.

    The people of Hillsdale were predominantly, if not totally, German Catholics. Carroll County had been organized in 1856. In the 1870’s both the Iowa State Board of Immigration and the Northwestern Railroad Company were promoting settlements in this area. As a result settlers from Eastern Iowa and foreign immigrants were moving into the county. Many of Hillsdale’s earlier settlers came from Northeastern Iowa, especially the Dubuque area.


    A Mr. Lambert Kniest, who had come from Dubuque to Carroll County in 1868, purchased large sections of land in what came to be called Kniest Township. It was in this area that the Carroll County settlement of Mount Carmel grew up. Mr. Kniest was a Catholic and, as a matter of policy, sold his first purchase of land only to German Catholics. As a result Mount Carmel was early in need of a pastor for its Catholic population. In response to this need, the Bishop of Dubuque, Bishop Hennessy, sent the Rev. Henry J. Heimbucher, a German priest to Mount Carmel in the latter part of 1868. A parish was formed there which included the Catholic residents of Roselle Township. In the early years Mass for the residents of the Township was celebrated in a schoolhouse near the village. Father Heimbucher was replaced in 1873 by Rev. Joseph Kempker. It was Father Kempker who on February 6, 1874, celebrated the first Mass to held in the actual village of Roselle. It is not known for sure just which home was the site for this event, but is believed to have been the family home of Joseph Buchheid.


Member of the congregation in 1874

  for support
of pastor
Bernard Lordemann 1.00 50.00 5.00 10.00
Joseph Buchheit 1.00 50.00 5.00  
Louis Schenking 1.00 50.00 5.00 25.00
Frank Wichmer 1.50 25.00 5.00 7.25
Frank Dengel   50.00 5.00 3.50
Raimund Dengel     2.00  
Henry Bruening 1.00 10.00 2.00  
Nicholas Kirsch   15.00 2.00 2.00
Nicholas Schumacher 1.00   1.00  
F. H. Wichmer   30.00 5.00 7.00
Mat Reinhard 1.00 35.00 3.00  
Peter Hausmann 2.00 25.00 1.00  
Frank Eich   15.00 1.00 25.00
John Waltersheid .65 10.00 0.50 25.00
John Gertner     1.00 14.00
Bernard Huessmann 1.00 25.00 5.00 16.50
Ven. Eschelbacher     .50  
Heinrich Halbur 1.00 35.00 4.00 23.00
Joseph James   50.00 4.00 6.50
Adam Williams   20.00 2.00 15.00
Leopold Loesch   11.00 1.50  
Philipp Schmitz     10.50  
Kathrina Schmitz   15.00    
Michael Werner     .50  
Heinrich Dopheide 1.00 25.00 2.00 9.00
J. W. Kennebeck 1.00 10.00 1.00  
Joseph Werner 1.00 15.00 1.00  
Heinrich Unhoefer 3.00 15.00 3.00  
George Kennebeck   25.00 2.00 13.50
Joseph Fischer 1.00 25.00 2.00 9.00
Bernhard Heithof   50.00 5.00  
Theodore Espenhofer 1.00 10.00 2.00  
J. B. Wichmer 1.00 25.00 4.00 13.00
John Meiers   40.00 4.00 12.00
Chris Meiers   40.00 4.00  
William Lordeman   35.00 3.00  
Heinrich Kaltermann   20.00 2.00 8.00
Anton Halbur   5.00 1.00  

Holy Angels Church before 1950


Parishioners Helped Build Their Church

  Donations Trips
from Halbur
work with
Rev. Ulrich Frey $1,000.00      
Joseph Werner 600.00 30 2  
Dominic Sibenaller 600.00 27 1 2
John Schornagel 500.00     100
Henry Starman 500.00 45 3 3 1/2
William Taphorn 500.00 45    
Henry Starman, Sr. 500.00 26    
Dick Renze, Sr. 500.00 12    
Henry Heithoff 500.00 52 3 1
Mrs. Catherine Dopheide 500.00 24    
Bernard Espenhofer 500.00 57 3 5
Adam M. Steffes 500.00 58 9 5
John Behrens 500.00 45   1
Mrs. Josephine Roth 500.00      
Mrs. Catherine Heithoff 400.00      
John Roth 400.00 43 1 1/2  
William Rupiper 400.00 50 2 1/2 10
Henry Haverman 400.00 47 5  
Mrs. J. Meyer 350.00 30 2  
Henry Buelt 350.00 50 1 1/2 4
John Irlmeier 338.00 8    
August Heithoff 325.00 52 1 1 1/2
Herman Hackfort 325.00 23    
Mrs. Stevens 320.00      
Bernard Heithoff 300.00 16 1  
Alois Stangl 300.00 38 3 4
Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffman 300.00 26 3  
Frank Roth 300.00 32 1  
Gerhard Overmohle 300.00 53 5 1/2 6
Peter Friedman 300.00 94 6 10
Bernard Wieners 300.00 42 4  
Peter Hoffman 250.00 25 1 1/2  
Theodore Espenhofer 250.00 16    
Martin Eischied 240.00 46 2  
Henry Rotert 200.00 21   2
D. Renze 200.00 14    
Frank Renze 200.00 16    
Henry Bengfort 200.00     7
Frederick Meier 200.00 18 2 1/2  
John Dopheide 200.00 24 2  
Frank Eich 200.00 29    
Conrad Sondgeroth 200.00 43    
Mathias Banscher 200.00 52    
Henry Drees 200.00 24 1 1/2 14
Henry Loxterkamp 200.00 6    
Stephan Arnold 200.00      
Clemens Kohorst 200.00     3
Theodore Vogt 200.00      
William Miller 200.00 14   1
Anton Riesenberg 200.00 16   1
Henry Korwes 200.00 32 6 1/2  
Joseph Puttman 200.00 11    
Nicholas Kirsch 200.00 28    
William Riesberg 200.00 16    
Leonard Mueller 200.00 21 1  
Mrs. John Klocke 200.00      
Michael Stitz 200.00 6    
Mrs. Walterschied 180.00      
William Schwaller 150.00 20    
Anton Hugeback 175.00 43   7
Frank Sturm 155.00 27 2 8
Henry Renze 150.00 12    
John Meyers 150.00      
John Neppl 150.00 22 1  
Peter Bellinghausen 150.00 31 1  
Bernard Gehling 130.00      
Joseph Wirling 100.00      
Bernard Bayerle 100.00 10 2 4 1/2
Miss Johanna Krisan 100.00      
John Bengfort 100.00 13 3  
Mrs. Hannasch 100.00 21    
Mrs. Theodore Reicks 100.00      
John Stangl 100.00 23 3 2
Henry Schwaller 100.00 14    
Miss Elizabeth Brincks 100.00      
Mrs. Otto Bierl 75.00 25    
Joseph Sturm 75.00 21    
Henry Fasbender 50.00     2
Frank Neppl 150.00 15    
August Eiffler 50.00      
Joseph Eiffler 50.00      
Elias Smith 50.00 24    
Michael Stangl 50.00 4 1  
Carl Loxterkamp 50.00      
Ulerich Herman 50.00      
Bernard Puttman 50.00      
Mrs. Husmann 50.00      
Bernard Kennebeck 50.00 10 1  
Isidore A. Hoffman 50.00 32   5
Joseph Klocke 50.00 9 2  
John Klocke 50.00 11 1  
Anton Bierl 50.00 9    
John Walz 40.00     40
Joseph Truhe 30.00 12   14
John Korwes 25.00 19    
Frank Keilmeier 25.00 2    
William Meisheid 25.00     12 1/2
Mrs. Catherine Baum 25.00      
John Mosman 20.00      
Bernard Hannasch 10.00      
Irlmeier, Sr. 10.00      
William Roth 5.00      
Theodore Buelt 5.00      
Louis Hannasch 5.00 24 1/2 1
Henry Schwaller 1.00      
Sylvester Schwaller 1.00      
Frank Gerber   16    
George Frank   16   4
Henry Erz   18    
John Pels   18   2
Bernard Starman   28    
Herman Bekehermes   26    
William Hannasch   36 1/2  
Isidore E. Hoffman   1    
Louis Schenkeng   1    
John Goetzinger       27 1/2
Frank Dultmeier       25
Joseph Truhe, Sr.       17
Henry Truhe       14
Peter Comes       12
Henry Vens       9
Nicholas Goetzinger       5

    All the material for the church came by railroad. The Parishioners used their horses and wagons to haul all of it to Roselle from Halbur so they could build their church. In 1903 the old church was moved north and the foundation was put-in. The new church was built in 1904. Willy & Co. constructed the church. This cost $36,000.00.

The painting cost $2,200.00    Architects plan & travel 300.00
High Altar 1,600.00    Moving old church 787.00
Side Altars 1,000.00    Furnace 421.00
Angles 1,600.00    Blind floor 568.00
Pulpit 250.00    Foundation & labor 6,600.00
Pews 600.00       

Taken out of parish Financial and records books

Donated To Holy Angels Church By
Large Main Altar Family of Theodore Espenhofer
Two Side Altar Rev. Fr. Ulrich Frey
Communion Rail Family of John A. Hoffman
Stain Glass Windows:  
South Side North Side
1. Family of Tehodore Vogt 1. Family of Mathias Banscher
2. Bernard & Bertha Espenhofer 2. John & Marie Schornagel
3. Mrs. Augusta Reicks 3. Gerhard Overmohle and Heinrich Haverman
4. Frank & Katherine Eich 4. Miss Johanna Krisan
5. Heinrich & Katherine Starman  

Inside Holy Angels Church after 1904

Inside Holy Angels Church 1974

Families of Our Parish

Baumhover, Leon Haverman, Joseph Riesenberg, Edward
Behrens, James Haverman, Lawrence Riesenberg, Mrs. Henry
Behrens, John A. Haverman, Merlin Riesenberg, Raymond
Behrens, Joe Haverman, Robert Roth, John
Behrens, Lawrence Hoffman, Andrew Rupiper, Ernest
Berger, Arnold Hoffman, Lynn Rupiper, Jerome
Beyerink, Ralph Hoffman, Paul Rupiper, LeRoy
Bohnenkamp, Harry Hoffman, William Rupiper, Mrs. Louis
Brincks, Clarence Hulsing, Robert Rupiper, Norbert
Brincks, Cletus Kennebeck, Gerald Rupiper, Wayne
Brincks, Harry Kirsch, Andrew Jr. Schreck, Gerald
Brincks, Leo Kirsch, Mrs. Mary Ann Schwabe, Mrs. Henry
Brincks, Melvin Klocke, Alfred Seidl, Jospeh
Broich, Jerome Klocke, Mrs. Anton Sibbel, Melvin
Daniel, Andrew Langenfeld, Glen Sibbel, Raymond
Daniel, Edward Macke, Mrs. Matilda Sibenaller, Dominic F.
Dopheide, Edwin Nagl, Robert Sibenaller, Mrs. Frances
Dopheide, Ronald Neppel, Arby Sibenaller, Lawrence
Eich, Dr. Darrell Neu, Peter Sibenaller, Peter
Eich, Harold Overmohle, Joseph Simons, Thomas
Eischeid, Clifford Pietig, Ronald Sondgeroth, LeRoy
Eischeid, Marvin J. Reiling, Mrs. Joseph Staiert, Leo
Goetzinger, Vincent J. Reiman, Harold Starman, John
Haberl, Lenus Renze, Cyril Starman, Joseph
Hackfort, Lambert Renze, George Steffes, Luverne
Hahn, Lawrence Renze, John Stitz, Mrs. (Alice) Joseph
Hahn, Norbert Renze, Norbert F. Weitl, Marlo
Hahn, Raymond Renze, Norbert W. Weitl, Norbert
Halbur, Gary Riesberg, Edmund & Miss Irene Werimont, Victor
Halder, Dennis Riesberg, Wayne Willenberg, Paul
Hannasch, Leo Riesberg, William Williams, Virgil
Haubrich, Gerald Riesenberg, Alvin  

First couple married in present church was Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Starman on January 31, 1905.

First baby baptized was William Heithoff on September 25, 1954.

Mrs. Louis Rupiper is the oldest lady that lived all her life around Roselle.

Present couples living all their lives at Roselle:

Mr. & Mrs. John Renze Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. John Roth Mr. & Mrs. Lambert Hackfort
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Hannasch Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Haverman
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Overmohle Mr. & Mrs. Harold Eich
Mr. & Mrs. John Starman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Dopheide

Holy Angels Record 1874 – 1974 to date:

Baptisms 2,907
Marriages 725
Burials 754

Present Day

Convent side of school, very early church and Jr. High School

Rectory built in 1877 by Father Theo. Wegman except the south addition was built on in 1888 by Father Ulrich Frey.

Holy Angels School and Convent built in 1888 by Fr. Ulrich Frey.

Parish Hall built in 1949 by Father Bernard Montag.

Junior High School built in 1916 by Nick Goetzinger.

Photo taken sometime after 1960 of the community of Roselle, Iowa.
The church is Holy Angels Catholic Church

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

List of Priests Who Grew Up in Roselle, Iowa

The Most Rev. Henry Patrick Rohlman
Dubuque Archbishop
Son of Mr & Mrs Bernard Rohlman
Bride Att. – Kate Heithoff

Rev. Fr. Edward C. Meyers
about 1880-1936
Son of Mr & Mrs John Meyers, Sr.

Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Neppl
Son of John & Walburga (Geiger) Neppl

Rev. Fr. John J. Neppl
Son of John & Walburga (Geiger) Neppl

Rev. Fr. Joseph Neppl
Son of John & Walburga (Geiger) Neppl

Rev. Fr. P. M. Sturm
Son of Frank & Frances (Wier) Sturm

Rev. Fr. Joseph N. Sibenaller S.J.
Son of Michael & Katherine (Kirsch) Sibenaller

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Lawrence Hoffman
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Hoffman

Rev. Fr. Louis J. Sondgeroth O.M.I.
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Sondgeroth

Rev. Fr. Darrell Rupiper O.M.I.
Son of Norbert & Rita (Horbach) Rupiper

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

1st Ten Sisters Enter Mount St. Francis, Dubuque Ia.

Sister Mary Adelheid (Anna Geiger)
Birth: Mar. 15, 1856
Entrance: Mar. 21, 1894
Death: Feb. 23, 1932
Sister of Mrs. John Neppel

Sister Mary Cherubim (Gertrude Fassbinder)
Birth: Mar. 5, 1862
Entrance: Aug. 8, 1891
Death: Nov. 6, 1929
Daughter of Henry & Christine Fassbinder

Sister Mary Seaphia (Louise Rohlmann)
Birth: Apr. 13, 1867
Entrance: Apr. 2, 1891
Death: Feb. 27, 1930
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Rohlman
Sister of Archbishop Rohlman of Dubuque, IA

Sister Mary Lucy (Gertrude Eich)
Birth: Jul. 2, 1867
Entrance: Nov. 3, 1886
Death: Apr. 13, 1946
Daughter of Frank & Catherine Eich

Sister Mary Notburga (Mary Overmohle)
Birth: Aug. 6, 1869
Entrance: May 21, 1890
Death: Jan. 9, 1955
Daughter of Gerhard and Mary Overmohle

Sister Mary Reynalda (Wilhelmina Haverman)
Birth: Nov. 14, 1874
Entrance: Jan. 10, 1898
Death: Feb. 17, 1970
Daughter of Henry & Anna Haverman

Sister Mary Cleopha (Mary Luehrs)
Birth: Feb. 11, 1875
Entrance: Sep. 22, 1893
Death: Aug. 24, 1913
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leuhrs

Sister Mary Sylvia (Christine Fassbinder)
Birth: Aug. 27, 1879
Entrance: Sep. 27, 1900
Death: Mar. 23, 1947
Daughter of Henry & Christine Fassbinder

Sister Mary Concordia (Gertrude Baum)
Birth: Nov. 16, 1879
Entrance: Aug. 9, 1894
Death: Aug. 24, 1953

Sister Mary Petrine (Magdalene Friedmann)
Birth: Jan. 23, 1903
Entrance: Aug. 25, 1928
Death: Jun. 25, 1985
Daughter of Peter & Margaret Friedman

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Sisters Enter Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Sister M. Merici (Clare) Espenhoever
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs Theo. Espenhoever
1905 - Deceased

Sister M. Protas (Elizabeth) Bellinghausen
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bellinghausen
1907 - Decease

Sr. M. Hedwigis (Elizabeth) Overmohle
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gerhard Overmohle
1917 - 1987

Sr. M. Eulalia (Magdalen) Hoffman
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Francis Hoffman II
1932 - 1984

Sr. Louise Wiskus
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Theo. Wiskus
1940 - 2012

Sr. M. Mardelle (Alma) Bellinghausen
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Bellinghausen
1943 - 2011

Sr. Marcella Steffes
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John A. Steffes
1947 -

Sr. Caroline Kirsch
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Nick Kirsch
1962 -

Sr. Rosemary Riesberg
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Riesberg
Entered August 25, 1972
Notvitiate, August 22, 1973

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Golden Weddings

Mr. & Mrs. William Rupiper Sr.
Golden Wedding April 18, 1921

Mr. & Mrs. Adam Steffes
Golden Wedding May 1, 1927

Mr. & Mrs. Gerhard Overmohle
Golden Wedding Sept. 11, 1938

Mr. & Mrs. Eli Smith
Golden Wedding Aug. 12, 1934

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hoffman
Golden Wedding Feb. 12, 1939
Mr. & Mrs. Barney Kennebeck
Golden Wedding Oct. 5, 1941

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rotert
Golden Wedding Feb. 21, 1945

Mr. & Mrs. John Pels
Golden Wedding Oct. 13, 1953

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Hoffman
Golden Wedding Oct. 14, 1953

Mr. & Mrs. William Rupiper
Golden Wedding Feb. 9, 1954

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kirsch Sr.
Golden Wedding Nov. 28, 1955

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rupiper
Golden Wedding Jan. 29, 1957

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Buelt
Golden Wedding Nov. 24, 1957

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Reisberg
Golden Wedding Oct. 10, 1961

Mr. & Mrs. John Siepker
Golden Wedding Sept. 5, 1965

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Renze
Golden Wedding Aug. 19, 1964

Mr. & Mrs. George Mashing
Golden Wedding Sept. 5, 1965

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rupiper
Golden Wedding Sept. 7, 1964

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Hoffman
Golden Wedding Jan. 24, 1967

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Starman
Golden Wedding Jan. 16, 1967

Mr. & Mrs. William Sondgeroth
Golden Wedding April 16, 1967

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Hahn
Golden Wedding Jan. 25, 1966

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Renze
Golden Wedding March 6, 1966

Mr. & Mrs. Herman Bekehermes
Golden Wedding Jan. 20, 1965

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Neu
Golden Wedding April 12, 1971

Mr. & Mrs. X. F. Hoffman
Golden Wedding Jan. 27, 1973

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

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