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Old Carrollton Cemetery
Submitted by Martin Paulsen
Union Township
Carroll County, Iowa
NW corner of SW¼ of section 7
T 82 N R 33 W


“In 1854, at the end of a trail, on top of a hill overlooking the Middle Raccoon River, a cemetery was started.   It was designated as the first cemetery in the county and called Carrollton Cemetery.”

~ source: Carrollton History – Cookbook., Carrollton Community Club 1897 – 1997.

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NOTES by Martin Paulsen:

The information in this update would not be possible without the June 1990 information compiled by Darlene Antisdel, Bonnie Berns, Martie Roden, and typed by Betty Fisher. Without their efforts 22 years ago, much information would have been lost as many of the old marble stones have deteriorated and are no longer legible.   Additionally, there has been vandalism resulting in many broken and some completely missing stones.

I have followed their lead in defining the location of the stones.   The row numbers we used do not agree with the layout of the June 1928 “Plat of Carrollton Cemetery” created by I.W. Hoffman, Civil Engineer.  For example, the Plat indicates there should be 7 north-south rows in the east block.   We found ten distinct north-south rows in the east block.   My guess is families in the old days were not as particular about lining up their burial plots with others.

The cemetery is divided into two major sections by a north-south lane.   The rows in each section are numbered starting on the east side of each section.   Within each row, the stones are numbered sequentially, starting with the northern-most stone in the row.   For example, E-03-10 indicates the east section, 3rd row from the east, 10th stone from the north end.   Some stones have different names on two or more sides.   In these instances, there will be an E, N, S, or W as the last character of the stone location, to indicate the side on which the name appears.

Except for a couple stones in the west section, I have followed the layout of the 1990 compilation.   The one stone I could not locate was that of Laura Hupp at the south end of row 8 in the west section.

The cemetery map I’ve included is laid out as if you were standing at the gate in the NW corner and looking south towards the cemetery.

The pictures, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents used for this effort are included on a CD that will be provided with copies for the Trustees and Libraries.


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