1905 Iowa Census Register

Butler Township, Calhoun County

Page 1

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
1A H F BeaneKnoke
2Mary M BeaneKnoke
3Henry BeaneKnoke
4Oliver BeaneKnoke
5S SandersKnoke
6J H SandersKnoke
7Lily CoffmanKnoke
8H L PassowJolley
9Lizzie PassowJolley
10Harry PassowJolley
11Ruth PassowJolley
12Maple PassowJolley
13Grover PassowJolley
14R SmithJolley
15Thos Patterson, Sr.Jolley
16Christine PattersonJolley
17Peter PattersonJolley
18Margeret PattersonJolley
19Elsie PattersonJolley
20Joseph PattersonJolley
21Marion PattersonJolley
22Thos Patterson, Jr.Jolley
23John PattersonJolley
24Christine Patterson, Jr.Jolley
25W F CrismanJolley
26Lula CrismanJolley
27E CrismanJolley
28Thelma CrismanJolley
29Earl CrismanJolley
30Robert PattersonJolley
31Stacy HemmJolley
32Lizzie HemmJolley

Page 2

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
33Ralph HemmJolley
34Ferd BrugerJolley
35Sophie BrugerJolley
36Halla BrugerJolley
37Wm BrugerJolley
38Ella BrugerJolley
39Fred BrugerJolley
40John JohnsonJolley
41Trientje JohnsonJolley
42Katie JohnsonJolley
43Angie JohnsonJolley
44Jossie JohnsonJolley
45Gerhard JohnsonJolley
46Ed HuppJolley
47Lottie HuppJolley
48F HuppJolley
49Lenard HuppJolley
50Geo HeerenJolley
51Gesina HeerenJolley
52Helena HeerenJolley
53Anna HerrenJolley
54Minnie HeerenJolley
55John SchulzJolley
56Ada SchulzJolley
57Beulh SchulzJolley
58Agnes SchulzJolley
59Frank GrimesJolley
60Maggie GrimesJolley
61Ed GrimesJolley
62Basil GrimesJolley
63Bessie GrimesJolley
64Chas GrimesJolley

Page 3

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
65Reynold GrimesJolley
66Henry HeerenJolley
67C L BevierJolley
68Cynthia BevierJolley
69Alphens BevierJolley
70Chas MichaelKnoke
71Flora MichaelKnoke
72P N ElmoreKnoke
73Laura E ElmoreKnoke
74Dora ElmoreKnoke
75Ivola ElmoreKnoke
76Ruth ElmoreKnoke
77Vinginia ElmoreKnoke
78John ArmstrongKnoke
79Ida ArmstrongKnoke
80Clifford ArmstrongKnoke
81Chas ArmstrongKnoke
82M WilliamsJolley
83Laura WilliamsJolley
84M HawesJolley
85Fay HawesJolley
86S A BesettPomeroy
87Maritte L BesettPomeroy
88Milton BesettPomeroy
89Roy BesettPomeroy
90Albert BesettPomeroy
91John BesettPomeroy
92Edgar BesettPomeroy
93Maritte BesettPomeroy
95Augusta CrossKnoke
96Nana HankenKnoke

Page 4

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
97Matida HankenKnoke
98Learow HankenKnoke
99Emma HankenKnoke
100Arnold HankenKnoke
101Hulda HankenKnoke
102Daniel ClaassenJolley
103Fanny ClaassenJolley
104Katty ClaassenJolley
105Fanny Claassen, Jr.Jolley
106Siebolt ClaassenJolley
107Claud ClaassenJolley
108Rasie ClaassenJolley
109Menne ClaassenJolley
110Daniel Claassen, Jr.Jolley
111Jenny ClaassenJolley
112Pat FallonJolley
113Mary FallonJolley
114Mary Fallon, Jr.Jolley
115Maggie FallonJolley
116Katy FallonJolley
117John FallonJolley
118Julie FallonJolley
119Loreto FallonJolley
120Onnon EibenJolley
121Gracie EibenJolley
122Henry EibenJolley
123Tiene EibenJolley
124Edward EibenJolley
125T C TaylorJolley
126E M TaylorJolley
127C L TaylorJolley
128Harry TaylorJolley

Page 5

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
129H A TaylorJolley
130Ella TaylorJolley
131Raymond TaylorJolley
132Edna TaylorJolley
133Vincent EmmigerJolley
134Martha EmmigerJolley
135John EmmigerJolley
136Arthur EmmigerJolley
137Franz EmmigerJolley
138Cicilia EmmigerJolley
139A E JohnsonJolley
140Elsie JohnsonJolley
141Ada JohnsonJolley
142Clifford JohnsonJolley
143Geo E WallJolley
144Sarah WallJolley
145Edda May WallJolley
146Edna P WallJolley
147Christe M WallJolley
148Edward H WallJolley
149Eurette M C WallJolley
150Armstead SlaonJolley
151Mary SlaonJolley
152Leona SlaonJolley
153Elmore WilliamsJolley
154Karrie WilliamsJolley
155Chas WittPomeroy
156Sophie WittPomeroy
157John WittPomeroy
158Hermann WittPomeroy
159Anna WittPomeroy
160Mich Kennedy, Jr.Pomeroy

Page 6

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
161Chas JohansonKnoke
162Anna JohansonKnoke
163Chas Johanson, Jr.Knoke
164Emma JohansonKnoke
165Michael MackKnoke
166Henriette MackKnoke
167Wm MackKnoke
168Geo MackKnoke
169Ernest MackKnoke
170Michael Mack Jr.Knoke
171Henry MackKnoke
172Henriette Mack, Jr.Knoke
173Maria MackKnoke
174Amalia MackKnoke
175Emma MackKnoke
176Anna MackKnoke
177John MackKnoke
178Christ MackKnoke
179C H OwenKnoke
180Kittie OwenKnoke
181Oliver OwenKnoke
182Viva OwenKnoke
183A W GrantKnoke
184Ella H GrantKnoke
185Elmore GrantKnoke
186Vannie GrantKnoke
187Wm AlbrechtPomeroy
188Margarta AlbrechtPomeroy
189August J AlbrechtPomeroy
190C T DonkinJolley
191F M DonkinJolley
192Ray DonkinJolley

Page 7

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
193Lillien DonkinJolley
194Kattie FrazerJolley
195H M WellsPomeroy
196Mattie WellsPomeroy
197Sarah WellsPomeroy
198Pearl WellsPomeroy
199John WellsPomeroy
200Hattie WellsPomeroy
201Harley WellsPomeroy
202Elmer PetersonPomeroy
203Peter TeyenPomeroy
204Lena TeyenPomeroy
205Alfred TeyenPomeroy
206Willie TeyenPomeroy
207Chas TeyenPomeroy
208Bouke TeyenPomeroy
209C A BriggsFonda
210Ada BriggsFonda
211John TwedaleFonda
212Rosie Ella TwedaleFonda
213Glabys Ellen TwedaleFonda
214Glen TwedaleFonda
215Henry HoutFonda
216Matilda HoutFonda
217Ernest HoutFonda
218Willie HoutFonda
219Emma HoutFonda
220Matilda Hout, Jr.Fonda
221Lizzie HoutFonda
222Chas HoutFonda
223Ruth HoutFonda
224Joseph HoutFonda

Page 8

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
225Karrie HoutFonda
226Fred HoutFonda
227Minnie HoutFonda
228Minnie Hout, Jr.Fonda
229Ella HoutFonda
230Grace HoutFonda
231Esther HoutFonda
232Lewis HoutFonda
233Clarence HoutFonda
234Loreen HoutFonda
235Maple HoutFonda
236Rieke HoutFonda
237P F WeidauerPomeroy
238J L DaltonPomeroy
239Margret DaltonPomeroy
240A G FullerPomeroy
241A FullerPomeroy
242Luther PerkinPomeroy
243Lewis CrossKnoke
244Emma CrossKnoke
245Wm NehmannKnoke
246Anna NehmannKnoke
247Fred NehmannKnoke
248Henry NehmannKnoke
249Ella NehmannKnoke
250Hermann NehmannKnoke
251Lewis NehmannKnoke
252Fred PohlmannKnoke
253Chas GrantKnoke
254Elice GrantKnoke
255Gladys GrantKnoke
256Geo HansonKnoke

Page 9

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
257Cora HansonKnoke
258John HansonKnoke
259Fred FreimuthJolley
260Ellie FreimuthJolley
261Fred Freimuth, Jr.Jolley
262John FreimuthJolley
263Carl BottinJolley
264Bertha BottinJolley
265Reinhold BottinJolley
266Walter BottinJolley
267Leonhard BottinJolley
268Arthur BottinJolley
269Edward BottinJolley
270Elvin E WeidauerPomeroy
271Ida WeidauerPomeroy
272Orvel WeidauerPomeroy
273Ernest WeidauerPomeroy
274Louis DillyKnoke
275Aka DillyKnoke
276Barbare DillyKnoke
277Lizzie DillyKnoke
278Louis Dilly, Jr.Knoke
279Jocab DillyKnoke
280Theordor DillyKnoke
281Fred DillyKnoke
282Bertha DillyKnoke
283Clara DillyKnoke
284F H MeyerPomeroy
285Katie MeyerPomeroy
286Otto MeyerPomeroy
287Clara MeyerPomeroy
288Fred MeyerPomeroy

Page 10

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
289Geo MeyerPomeroy
290Matilda MeyerPomeroy
291Emma MeyerPomeroy
292O W BeckerKnoke
293Amanda BeckerKnoke
294Nillie C BeckerKnoke
295H J BeckerKnoke
296B J BeckerKnoke
297O F BeckerKnoke
298F W BeckerKnoke
299C W BeckerKnoke
300H M BeckerKnoke
301T C BeckerKnoke
302Alfred KnokeKnoke
303M S KnokeKnoke
304Clarence KnokeKnoke
305Adela KnokeKnoke
306Henry GeickPomeroy
307Wm GerjetsPomeroy
308Mary GerjetsPomeroy
309Minnie GerjetsPomeroy
310Manka GerjetsPomeroy
311Tiene GerjetsPomeroy
312Harry GerjetsPomeroy
313Annie GerjetsPomeroy
314Karrie GerjetsPomeroy
315Elmore GerjetsPomeroy
316Enno GerjetsKnoke
317Lena GerjetsKnoke
318Wessel GerjetsKnoke
319Willie GerjetsKnoke
320Fred ReichmannKnoke

Page 11

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
321Matilda ReichmannKnoke
322Wm BadkeKnoke
323Anna BadkeKnoke
324Willie BadkeKnoke
325Lizzie BadkeKnoke
326Alvina BadkeKnoke
327Fred BadkeKnoke
328Martha BadkeKnoke
329Mary BadkeKnoke
330Lewis BadkeKnoke
331Anna Badke, Jr.Knoke
332Puis ElsnerKnoke
333Bertha ElsnerKnoke
334Olga ElsnerKnoke
335Anna ElsnerKnoke
336Otto ElsnerKnoke
337H E JenksJolley
338A C JenksJolley
339Minnie JenksJolley
340Sadie JenksJolley
341Pearl JenksJolley
342Verne JenksJolley
343Geo JenksJolley
344August HammenJolley
345Katie HammenJolley
346Maggie HammenJolley
347Frieda HammenJolley
348Leo J HammenJolley
349Margott HammenJolley
350Chas SarensonPomeroy
351Margaret SarensonPomeroy
352John C SarensonPomeroy

Page 12

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
353Geo W SarensonPomeroy
354Johanna RickelsPomeroy
355J C RickelsPomeroy
356Cora M RickelsPomeroy
357Olive E N RickelsPomeroy
358Geo A IveyPomeroy
359Mary IveyPomeroy
360Florence IveyPomeroy
361Ella IveyPomeroy
362Owen IveyPomeroy
363C N MelohnPomeroy
364Katie MelohnPomeroy
365Wm HolstKnoke
366C L DrommerPomeroy
367Lucy DrommerPomeroy
368Nillie DrommerPomeroy
369John DrommerPomeroy
370Mildred DrommerPomeroy
371Chas DrommerPomeroy
372Geo H DrommerPomeroy
373S W DrommerPomeroy
374Christine DrommerPomeroy
375Fred BehrensPomeroy
376Lizzie BehrensPomeroy
377Emma BehrensPomeroy
378Lily BehrensPomeroy
379Anna BehrensPomeroy
380Fred Behrens, Jr.Pomeroy
381Edgar BehrensPomeroy
382Lizzie BehrensPomeroy
383Dooks TeyenKnoke
384Wm JesseKnoke

Page 13

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
385Augusta JesseKnoke
386Martha JesseKnoke
387Anna JesseKnoke
388Hermann JesseKnoke
389Wm Jesse, Jr.Knoke
390W F WallKnoke
391Mary B WallKnoke
392Ellon A WallKnoke
393Golda M WallKnoke
394Sammy WallKnoke
395Thos WallKnoke
396Christ ManningPomeroy
397Christ MeyerPomeroy
398Katie MeyerPomeroy
399Hermann MeyerPomeroy
400Ernest MeyerPomeroy
401Richard MeyerPomeroy
402Willie MeyerPomeroy
403Hermann BottinPomeroy
404Bertha BottinPomeroy
405Albret BottinPomeroy
406Louisa BottinPomeroy
407Margaret BottinPomeroy
408Olga BottinPomeroy
409Auguss BottinPomeroy
410Martha BottinPomeroy
411Erna BottinPomeroy
412Oscar BottinPomeroy
413Paul BottinPomeroy
414Laura BottinPomeroy
415Fred MelohnPomeroy
416Ricke MelohnPomeroy

Page 14

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
417Ester MelohnPomeroy
418Luther MelohnPomeroy
419Nellie MelohnPomeroy
420Vern MelohnPomeroy
421Christ MelohnPomeroy
422Minnie MelohnPomeroy
423Mary MelohnPomeroy
424Emma MelohnPomeroy
425Sadelia MelohnPomeroy
426L C MeyerPomeroy
427Alma MeyerPomeroy
428Victor MeyerPomeroy
429Henry LangePomeroy
430Margerta LangePomeroy
431Julius LangePomeroy
432Emma LangePomeroy
433Alvina LangePomeroy
434Bertha LangePomeroy
435Henry Lange, Jr.Pomeroy
436Minnie LangePomeroy
437Harry LangePomeroy
438Katie LangePomeroy
439Anna LangePomeroy
440Harry RennickKnoke
441Henry DudenPomeroy
442Totter DudenPomeroy
443Ede DudenPomeroy
444John DudenPomeroy
445Annie DudenPomeroy
446Grace DudenPomeroy
447Geo DudenPomeroy
448Hanna DudenPomeroy

Page 15

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
449Tilda DudenPomeroy
450Ulferd DudenPomeroy
451Henry KuhrtPomeroy
452Tillie KuhrtPomeroy
453Arthur KuhrtPomeroy
454Wm KuhrtPomeroy
455Franz WenzelPomeroy
456Emma WenzelPomeroy
457Paul WenzelPomeroy
458Hermann WenzelPomeroy
459Richard WenzelPomeroy
460Frank WenzelPomeroy
461Emma Wenzel, Jr.Pomeroy
462Willie WenzelPomeroy
463Clara WenzelPomeroy
464Clarence WenzelPomeroy
465Wm FrickePomeroy
466Minnie FrickePomeroy
467Wm Fricke, Jr.Pomeroy
468P J HeidePomeroy
469Mattje HeidePomeroy
470J H G HeidePomeroy
471H O HeidePomeroy
472Erich DicksPomeroy
473H A AlbrechtPomeroy
474Hanna AlbrechtPomeroy
475Willie AlbrechtPomeroy
476Luella AlbrechtPomeroy
477Albert AlbrechtPomeroy
478John AlbrechtPomeroy
479Emma AlbrechtPomeroy
480Henry Albrecht, Jr.Pomeroy

Page 16

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
481James FlohrKnoke
482Geo FlohrKnoke
483J H AlbrechtPomeroy
484Elisa AlbrechtPomeroy
485Chas MohrPomeroy
486Alma MohrPomeroy
487Mary MohrPomeroy
488Annie MohrPomeroy
489J H HoltorfPomeroy
490Dora HoltorfPomeroy
491J H Holtorf, Jr.Pomeroy
492Emil MartensPomeroy
493Anna MartensPomeroy
494Fred HoltorfPomeroy
495Bertha HoltorfPomeroy
496M Louisa HoltorfPomeroy
497Dora HoltorfPomeroy
498C W KuklenzKnoke
499L A M KuklenzKnoke
500Willie J KuklenzKnoke
501Esther Ellen KuklenzKnoke
502John KnokeKnoke
503Mary KnokeKnoke
504Willie KnokeKnoke
505W G KnokeKnoke
506Annie KnokeKnoke
507Mary KnokeKnoke
508John KnokeKnoke
509Dora KnokeKnoke
510Willie KnokeKnoke
511Geske DuisPomeroy
512Dave SmidtKnoke

Page 17

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
513J J HeidePomeroy
514Antje HeidePomeroy
515John HeidePomeroy
516Lena HeidePomeroy
517Mollie HeidePomeroy
518Fred HeidePomeroy
519Lizzie HeidePomeroy
520John M HarrisonPomeroy
521Hattie HarrisonPomeroy
522Dora HarrisonPomeroy
523Wm HarrisonPomeroy
524Annie HarrisonPomeroy
525Alfred HarrisonPomeroy
526Henry SchroederPomeroy
527Altieg SchroederPomeroy
528Altieg Schroeder, Jr.Pomeroy
529Ede RoosPomeroy
530A W HoltorfPomeroy
531Tillie HoltorfPomeroy
532Erich C H HoltorfPomeroy
533Jens SorensonPomeroy
534C M HoltorfPomeroy
535Afke HoltorfPomeroy
536Emil WeidauerKnoke
537Mary WeidauerKnoke
538Emil Weidauer, Jr.Knoke
539Clara WeidauerKnoke
540Elsie WeidauerKnoke
541Minnie WeidauerKnoke
542Annie WeidauerKnoke
543Walter WeidauerKnoke
544G H MohrPomeroy

Page 18

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
545Christine MohrPomeroy