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Birth Records

Misc. dates.

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Name Date Place Contributer
Gertrude F. ButtrickOct. 19, 1909 Lake City Cyndi Hailey
Charles William JordanFeb. 2, 1887 Rockwell City Mary Jordan
Russell William GardnerJan. 22, 1911 Yetter Fred Gardner
Paul Andrew StevensonSept. 3, 1901 Manson Joy Stevenson Ramaley
Maude Marie KornsNov.11,1885 Rockwell City Ann Mullen
Robert Allan McCorkindaleJan. 12, 1904 Rockwell City Jo-Anne McDonald
Herman John PohlAugust 7, 1880 Rockwell City Dale L. Pohl

    1899 - 1901

This is a compilation of Birth announcements that Cyndi found while transcribing the Lake City Grapic.

Name of Parents Gender Date of Birth Date of Paper City
Mr. & Mrs. Fred BlissBoyNov. 20, 190111/28/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel GreenBoyNov. 26, 190111/28/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. C. E. DanielsBoyJan. 28, 19012/7/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. A. L. SeelingerGirlJan. 31, 19012/7/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Earl WrightBoySept. 6, 19019/12/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. John WingersonGirlSept. 5, 19019/12/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. W. M. MaineGirlAug. 24, 19018/29/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Newton J. WilkinsGirlNov. 5, 190111/14/1901Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. AllenGirlOct. 25, 190111/7/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. GruverBoyOct. 2?, 190110/24/1901Gowrie
Mr. & Mrs. W. O. KittellBoyOct. 20, 190110/24/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. C. H. PackardBoyOct. 22, 190110/24/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. S. B. StewartBoyOct. 23, 190110/24/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. SmitzGirlOct. 14, 190110/17/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Robert JollyElmer Lorenzo JollyAug. 28, 1900 - Died Feb. 17, 19012/21/1901Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Will StennettunknownDec. 9, 189912/14/1899Camp Creek
Mr. & Mrs. Rolla Gist10 1/2GirlAug. 31, 18999/17/1899Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. A. J. PierceGirlAug. 27, 18999/7/1899Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. F. J. Berger12 lb GirlOct. 28, 189911/2/1899Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin E. WickBoyOct. 31, 189911/2/1899Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Wm J. StennettGirlDec. 9, 189912/21/1899Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. R. W. JacksonGirlDec. 22, 18991/4/1900Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. R. E. MosleyBoySept. 21, 18899/26/1889Lake City