Butler County Genealogical Society

Some of the research data found on the Butler County IAGenWeb site has been transcribed and submitted by the Butler County Genealogy Society. Our thanks for their continued support. In turn, please support them if you have in-depth research needs or would like to purchase one of their publications.


The contact for the Genealogy Society, Herb Freese, has passed away.  Let me know if you know the new contact.  Karen Apr 2023

Microfilm Available for Research:


Allison, Shell Rock, Clarksville, Parkersburg and Dumont

Butler County Census

1852 State Census
1870 Federal Census
1880 Federal Census
1885 State Census
1895 State Census
1900 Federal Census
1910 Federal Census

Vital Records:

Register: 1880-1897, 1889-1900, 1902-1914
Records: 1897-1907
Volume 3 and 4 1902-1935
Register: 1880-1897
Records: 1906-1913, 1914-1921, 1921-1935
Register: 1880-1885
Records: 1854-1881, 1885-1929
Probates and Wills
Index to Probate 1866-1880
Wills: 1879-1894, 1893-1902, 1818-1910

Obituary Collection

Huge collection of obituaries. Many are of the Ostfriesen population. The majority of these obits are from Butler, Grundy and Hardin counties.

Books Available for Research

St James Lutheran, Allison
St John's Evangelical, Vilmar, Green
St John's Lutheran, Clarksville
Butler County Cemetery Books
Other Resources
Butler History 1883 and 1914
Aplington History Book
Allison History Book

The Butler County Genealogy Society
meets the third Saturday of alternate months: January, March, May, July, September, and November at the

Clarksville Public Library
103 W. Greene Street
Clarksville, IA 50619
(319) 278-1168

We gather at the library at 9 am for coffee and fellowship. Meetings begin at 10 am.

Dues are $12.00 per year, which includes a subscription to the quarterly newsletter.

$10.00 per hour plus copies and mailing. When requesting research, please be specific! You need to tell us only what you need from Butler County. We can't help you with your family before they came here or after they left. A time frame is very helpful.


Book for Sale

Mission in A Mile   $22.00
History and Records of Peace Lutheran Church and Ebenezer Lutheran Church



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