J. A. Barlow

Butler county has been signally favored in the class of men who have occupied her public positions, in which connection J. A. Barlow should be mentioned, as he is now capably filling the office of county treasurer. Allison numbers him among her native sons, his birth having here occurred April 27, 1886. His parents, John and Bell (Oleson) Barlow, are residents of Dumont, where the father is engaged in the banking business. He was filling the office of county clerk at the time of the birth of his son, J. A. Barlow, and after Ms term of office had expired he removed with
the family to a farm in Ripley township, five miles southwest of Allison, there residing for five years. He next returned to town, the family taking up their abode in Dumont when J. A. Barlow was but nine years of age.

The subject of this review had acquired his education in the public schools of Dumont and was employed in his father's bank for six years, or until his election to his present position in November, 1912. He then returned to Allison, his native city, and assumed the duties of the office of county treasurer on the first of January, 1913. He is systematic, methodical, prompt and reliable and is making a most creditable record in office. He was elected on the republican ticket, having always been a supporter of the party since age conferred upon him the right of franchise. He likewise served as town clerk for four years while in Dumont. He belongs to the Knights of Pythias fraternity and has many friends in that organization as well as in other connections. Those who know him esteem him for his sterling worth and none hold him in as high regard as those who have known him longest, a fact which indicates a well spent life.