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Abandoned Towns
and Post Offices





In the early days of Butler County, towns were few and sometimes far between.  Small  settlements sprang up.  Some prospered and are part of Butler County today.  Some were abandoned in time and are part of Butler County’s history.  Post Offices were established in these small towns only to also be abandoned in years to come.  Many post offices moved from one location to another for the convenience of the postmasters. 

The following are abandoned post offices and abandoned towns in the early days of Butler County.  Most can be found on old county maps. The towns and post offices, the townships and the section they were found in are listed below.

Post Office Township Section
Algonquin Washington 32
Ardale Pittsford 5
Beaver Grove Beaver 32
Belgrove Bennezette 12
Butler Center Jefferson 17
Butler Rapids Beaver 7
Clutterville Madison 17
Coldwater Bennezette 6
Coons Grove Butler 13
Coster Jefferson 22
Eleanor Monroe 15
Elm Springs Coldwater 12
Georgetown 4 corners of West Point, Jackson, Ripley and Jefferson  
Hartness Dayton 26
Hitesville Madison 19
Island Grove Madison 35
Leoni Butler 18
Lowell Butler 29
Maudville West Point 28
New Albion Jefferson and Albion 2 and 4
New Jerusalem Beaver 9
Prosper Fremont 10
Roots Siding Dayton 22
Swanton Albion 2
Union Ridge Pittsford 20
West Point West Point 19
Willoughby Beaver 9
Wilsons Grove Bennezette 15

~Much of the information on the towns and post offices comes from Microfilm Publication M841 from Washington D.C. Archives

Towns in 1883

Allison Demont New Hartford Shellrock
Aplington Greene Packard Shellrock Station
Bristow Kesley Parkersburg Sinclair
Clarksville Monmouth Shell Rock Vilmar

Note: Sinclair and Packard are now grain elevators in the country and Vilmar is the site of a long ago store and the Vilmar Church a mile down the road. ~ Contributed by Judy Poppen
~ source: The History of Butler and Bremer Counties, Iowa, Illustrated. Springfield, Illinois, Union Publishing Company, 1883

Towns of Today

Allison (county seat) Dumont
Aplington Greene
Aredale New Hartford
Bristow Parkersburg
Clarksville Shell Rock

~ePodunk for Butler County, Iowa



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