Samuel Overturf and William P. Woodworth

submitted by Donna O'Neill

Her note: Most of this was handed down by my Aunt Virgie [Bandy] Carroll.

William P. Woodworth engaged in a nursery business in Pittsford township on Sec23.  He sold his nursery stock to Mr. Ferris (The Ferris nursery was in business for many years in Hampton, IA). He then returned to his native county in 1873 with his wife, Jane Miller.

NOTES FROM VIRGIE BANDY CARROLL as related to her by Louie Overturf: Known to the family as 'Uncle Will', William and wife Jane adopted Jane's sister's 2 daughters after the sister died.  Their names were Lucy and Carrie. A new Tombstone is now on Uncle Will Woodworth's lot.

SAMUEL OVERTURF (G-Great Grandfather)
Samuel, as a young boy in Pennsylvania attended an English school, where the teachers spelled his name'Overturf' instead of Oberdorf. This name was carried on through his life, as when he entered the Army, he entered under the name of Overturf. His four brothers  attended a German school and retained the name of Oberdorf.

NOTES FROM GRANDAUGHTER, IVA NEEDHAM BANDY: Grandpa Samuel Overturf gave Grandfather Charley Miller 80 acres if he would move to this county (Butler) from Penn. Samuel Overturf's moved later, about 20 miles  - neighbors to Silas Needham.  That is where Helen Overturf met Melville and they were married. Samuel bought the Miller home place near Aredale.

NOTES FROM GREAT GRANDAUGHTER, VIRGIE BANDY CARROLL: Samuel immigrated from Penn. and settled first in the vicinity of Joliet, Ill. before moving to Iowa.  While they lived in Joliet, Samuel visited the Joliet prison often and read the Bible to the prisoners. Samuel was a grape grower by trade and soon decided to move to Muscatine County in Iowa. Samuel built the first frame house in Pilltown, and the first election was held in that house.  This house still stands across the road from the Pilltown cemetery in which Helen, Melville and their son, Lewis along with several other pioneers are buried. When the house was built, the lumber was hauled by wagon from Cedar Falls, IA to Pilltown.  At that time it took about 10 days to make the trip with horses and wagon and now it takes less than an hour by car. The name of the cemetery was originally called 'Pilltown' cemetery, and later renamed 'Oak Hill Cemetery'.

"THEY USE FIRST SCHOOL AS MUSEUM"  - The Register's Iowa News Service

Allison, Iowa -- The Butler County Museum in Allison has its own historical background.  It was the first school house built in Butler County.

In 1860, Sam Overturf, who then lived in Pittsford Township south of Aredale, IA, decided that something had to be done to provide schooling for the children of the pioneer families.

SPECIAL ROOM: Overturf built a special room at his home for school purposes.  His daughter, Melissa was the first teacher. The next year a school was built further west on the south side of the road.  This school was later moved to the south west corner of the Uriah Pichard farm. In 1886 the old school house was moved to land granted for school purposes by the George Tallman estate.

NOTE: If you want more on this family. Donna will be glad to send it.  His daughter (Helen Francina [Overturf] Needham (1850 - 1942) was her Great Grandmother, and Donna remembers her from childhood.  She gave the family a lot of information.