1860 Butler Co. Federal Census - Canadian Born Residents


Transcribed and donated by Lynnda Wohleb Shaffer

"I found these names of the people born in Canada on the Butler Co., IA 1860 census. I came across the names while searching for my gggrandparents, Eben and Hannah Jane (WHITMORE) SHERWOOD, who left the Maynard, Grenville Co., Ontario area around 1865 moving to Ogle Co., IL , Butler Co. IA, and in 1870 homesteading in Franklin Co., NE."

Parkersburg, Albion Township

CORYELL, G.J.H. 32 farmer b Can
    Jane 30 b Can
    Liby A.  7 b Can
    Fred G. 5 b Can
    Minerva J. 3 b IA
    Frank N b IA

CONN, Samuel 30 Can
    Ann 30 b Can
    Samuel J. 9 b Can
    Jane A. 8 b Can
    Thomas 5 b Can
    Alice 4 b Can
    Mary E. 2 b IA
    Lucy E 1 b IA

SWANTON, Thomas 18 b Can

CRAMER, Samuel 42 farmer b Can
      Margaret 36 b Scotland
      Mary 16 b Can
      Adam 14 b Can
      Ada 11 b Can
      Thomas 9 b Can
      Ella 3 b IA
      Ethaleen 1 b IA
      James 46 farmer b Can

CARD, Perry 43 farmer b NY
      Eliza A. 38 b Can
      Aaron 14 b WI
      James 11 b WI
      Martha 7 b WI
      Jenette 4 b WI
      Jerome 2 b IA
      George 1 month b IA

Swanton, Albion Township

BARKER, Jno A. 50 farmer NY
    Catharine J. 44 Can
    Alvin C. 18 OH
    Chas M. 2 IA

CONN, Moses 39 farmer b Ireland
    Mary 29 b Can East
    John 11 b Can East
    George 9 b Can East
    Walter 7 b Can East
    May 5 b IA
    Margaret 3 b IA

Joseph 1 b IA

CONNELL, W.H. 27 farmer Eng.
    Clerinda 25 b MA
    John 6 b Can
    Oscar E. b 1 IA

New Hartford, Beaver Township

CONN, Samuel 30 farmer b Can
Ann 30 b Can
Samuel J. 9 b Can
Jane A. 8 b Can
Thomas 5 b Can
Alice 4 b Can
Mary E. 2 b IA
Lucy E. 1 b IA

BARTCH, S.H. 29 day laborer b Can East
BURTCH, Mary 28 b Eng
    H. D. (m) 7 b Can
    F. W. (m) 4 b WI
    Henrietta 3 b WI
    D.V. (f) 2 b IA

COLLINS, Joseph 36 tanner b Canada East
    Mary A. 29 b Ohio
    Wm. H. 10 b IL
    Edward U. 9 b IL
    Walter H. 7 b IL
    Joseph A. 5 b IL
    Ruth M. 2 b IA

FOLSOM, Jacob 50 farm laborer b Can
Daniel, 22 farm laborer b Can

LINDSAY, Tyler, 42 cooper b Can
Louisa M. 25 b CT

HALL, Gardner 67 day laborer b NY
    Melinda 65 b Can
    Caroline 13 b WI

Willoughby, Beaver Township

BUTTERFIELD, Edward 60 farmer b Can West
    Mary 56 b NY
    Sarah J. 22 b IL
    Thankful 28 b MI
    Mary A. 19 b IL
    Alex H. 16 b IL
    Jos D 5 b OH

HAZLETON, Samuel 48 farmer b Can
    Sarah 44 b NY
    Wm S 14 b NY
    Eunice 6 b IA
(I believe this family is from the Prescott area, Ont.
 Descendants of Henry and Elizabeth "Sally" SHERWOOD HAZLETON/HAZELTON.)

DONOHY, John 41 farmer b. Ireland
Julia 32 b Ireland
Ellen 12 b Can
Johanna 1 b IA
John 7months b IA

McKENZIE, David 28 day laborer b Can
Catharine, 29 b NY
Levi 5 b IL
Louisa J. 3 b IL
Caroline 1 b IL

Leoni, Bennezette Township

GALLIPO, Peter 38 farmer b Can
    Mary 24 b NY.
    Agnes R. 3 VT

CLOUKEY, Augustus 65 farmer b Can
    Mary A.  68 b Can
    Elizabeth 7 b Can

BRIEN, Timothy O. 75 farmer Ireland
    Catherine 70 Ireland
    Geo 26 farmer b on the Atlantic Ocean
    John 23 farmer b Can
    Catharine 19 Can
    Patrick 17 Can

Jackson, Butler Township

PATTERSON, Wm  48 farmer  b Can
            Maria  47  b NY
            Wm H.  21 farm laborer  b Can
            Sarah  13  b IL
            Olive  10  b IL
            Alonzo B.  9  b IL
            Abagail E.  5  b IL
            Esther DELONG  66  b NH

GILBERT, Jonathan  35 farmer VT
    Maria S. 24 b Can

Leoni, Butler Township

SHANNON, John A. 34 master carpenter b Can
           Elizabeth  21  b NY.
           Eliza J.  3  b IA
           Costinah  3/12  b IA

GIGER, Henry 17 day laborer, b, Can

NELSON, Theodore,  29  farm laborer  b NY
           Amanda  21  b Can

           Alice  4  b IA
           Almira  1  b IA

TRUMBULL, M.M.  34  atty at law b Eng
            Christiana  28  b Can
            M.M.  10  b VA
            Casper  5  b MA
            Chas. B.  3  b IA

ADAMS  Jane  20  b Can   servant

ATCHINSON, Henry  28 farmer  b Eng
            Sophia  25  b Can
            Elizabeth Smith  7  b VT

CLOUKEY, Jos S. 19  day laborer  b Can

BURDICK, Francis 45 farmer Can
            Priscilla  44  b PA
            Wm H.  20  Blacksmith  b NY
            Mary E.  13 b MI
            Alice L.  11  b Can
            Francis A.  8  b Can
            Caroline  5  b NY

Elm Springs, Coldwater Township

CLOUKEY, Augustus 30 farmer b Can
     Ona L. 22 b Can
     Josephine 5 b VT
     Isabella 3 b IA
     Edmond 1 b IA

STRAWN, John 58 farmer b Can
     Mary 51 b Can
     Asahel 21 farm laborer b Can
     Jabus 19 farm laborer b IL
     Alvez 17 farm laborer b IL
     Nicholas 16 farm laborer
b IL
     Maranda 13 b IL
     Adaline 11 b IA

MILLER, Joseph M.  24 farmer b. IN
   Mary J. 26 b Can
   Florence F. 6 IA
   Lydia I. 3 b IA
   Aurora A. 1 MO

PALMER, John 28 farmer b Eng
   Louisa 28 b Eng
   Emanuel J. 5 b Can
   Silas G. 4 b IA

Leoni, Fremont Township

PRINGLE, Wm 58 farmer Eng
            Elizabeth  47  b Ireland
            Robert  11  b Can
            James  9  b MI
            George  b MI

Butler Center, Jefferson Township

STEWART, Charles 47 farmer b ME
Margaret A. 32 b New Brunswick
Joel A. 19 farn laborer b New Brunswick
Mary A. 16 servant b ME
Chas. J. 15 farm laborer b Can
Charles 14 b Can
Wm. H. 11 b Can
Geo E. 9 b Can
Eliza E. 3 b IA
Margaret E. 1 b IA

BEEKWITH, Wm. M.  24 farmer Can
      Amelia A. 19 MA
      Laura F. 1 IL

Algonquin, Monroe Township

CHAPMAN, John 44 farmer Eng
    Roseanna 37 b Eng
    Wm. 17 b NY
    Sarah 13 b Can
    Emma 6 b IL
    Hariet 2 b IA
STREETER, Joseph 70 b Eng
HARVEY, C. J. 12 b NY

Parkersburg, Monroe Township

HOPLEY, Wm. 33 farmer b Can East
    Matilda J. 31 b Can East
    Edw F. 2 b IA
    Jane HOPLEY  64 b Ireland

Swanton, Monroe Township

HOPLEY, Joseph 31 farmer b Can East
Eliza A., 22 b Can East
John H. 3 b IA
Hariet, 7 months b IA

CONN, Robt 28 farmer b Can East
Ellen 29 be Can East
Walter 2 b IA
Adaline 1 b IA

CONN, Adam 31 farmer b Can East
Sarah 33 b Can East
Mary J. 3 b IA

CONN, Thomas 72 farmer b Ireland
Jane 63 b Ireland
Joseph 33 b Can
Mary 28 b Ireland
Jos S 5 b Can

Boylans Grove, Pittsford Township

JANES, Henry H.  42 pastor of the 2nd Advent Church b VT
    Mary 36 b Can East
    Anna E. 15 b VT
    Sarah L, 12 b VT
    Frances A. 3 b IL

Island Grove, Ripley Township

HOPLEY, A. 26 farm laborer b Can

Shell Rock, Shell Rock Township

STEEL, Eli 36 farmer b Can
Mary 30 b NY
Wm 10 b MI
George 8 b MI
Charles 6 b MI

Ida M. 3 b IA
Alice 2 months b IA

AUSTIN, Benj 57 master carpenter b NY
Lois L. 53 b Can
Uselus A 17 b NY
Imogene 14 b NY
HAWLEY, Gustavus G. 22 b NY

Willoughby, Shell Rock Township

STANLEY, Robert 34 farmer Can
      Josephine 34 NY
      Wm. R. 2 IA

HARRIS, Tunis 33 farmer b NY
Ellen 35 b Can
Albert 9 b IL

Emma J 7 b IL
Sarah E. 2 b IA
Helen 2 months b IA

Boylans Grove, West Point Township

STRONG, Seth 47 farmer b Can
    Mary 25 b IN
    Nelson 16 farm laborer b MI
    Ezra 13 b IL
    CANNON, Jasper  7 b IL
    CANNON, Jane 6 b IL