Buena Vista County, IA
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1895 Reported Deaths in Buena Vista County
Contributed by Sheryl McClure

Lewis, Nathan C.; 77yr; farmer; died 1/24/1895; married; born Maine; died Newell of tubercular catarrh; buried 1/25/1895 in Newell

Way, S. B.; 72yr 2mo.; farmer; died 1/15/1895; married;  born Canada; died BV county of neuralgia of heart; buried 1/17/1895 in Newell

Johnson/Johnsen, Harry; 5mo 15da; died 1/11/1895; born Newell (Danish); died in Newell of pneumonia; buried 1/14/1895 in Newell

Copprud/Copperud, George; 6 yr; died 2/27/1895; born Norway; died Barnes Twp. of erysipelas

Kendall, Nora; 4yr; died 2/27/1895; born Alta; died Alta of measles;buried 2/18/1895

Schult, Mary; 42 yr 5 mo; housekeeper; 2/16/1895; born Germany; died Brook Twp. of puerperal peritonitis

Peterson, Elwood; 14 da; 3/19/1895; born Alta; died Alta of pneumonia; buried Alta 3/20/1895

Joray, Howard; 2 yr 10 mo; died 3/15/1895; born Storm Lake; died Storm Lake of meningitis; buried near Storm Lake 3/17/1895

Johnsen/Johnson, Allen P. 68 yr 6 mo; died 3/22/1895; widower; born Sweden; died Alta of cerebral hemorrhage; buried 3/24/1895 in Alta

Pickering, Della; 26yr 6mo 2da; died 3/26/1895; died Spencer IA of pulmonary consumption

Tebbits/Tibbits, Sam; died 3/28/1895 in Laurens of typhoid pneumonia

Holm, :Louis 53 yr; died 3/20/1895; married; born Sweden; died Fairfield Twp. of cancerous tumor; buried 3/22/1895 in Fairfield Cemetery

Elklund, Ida; age 24; died 4/11/1895; married; born Sweden; died Alta of tuberculous pulmonalis; buried 4/1`4/1895

Jensen, Magna; 2 yr; died 4/12/1895; died Scott Twp. of pertussis

Boldt, Rosetta; 39 yr; died 4/19/1895; married; born New York; died Lincoln Twp. of heart failure; buried 4/21/1895 in Lincoln Twp.

Shell, C.; 61 yr; farmer; died 5/11/1895; born NY; died Alta of supposed heart disease (sudden death);  buried Alta 5/14/1895

Grauge/Grange, Nellie; 12 yr; died 5/5/1895; born Alta; died Alta of general peritonitis; buried Alta 5/6/1895

Holtz, Hannah; 74yr 10mo; housewife; died 5/16/1895; born Germany; died apoplexy; buried 5/17/1895 in Newell

Stetson, Charles; 94yr; born Maine; died Newell of old age;  buried Newell 6/7/1895

Leighton, Mrs. Adelia; 73yr; housewife; died 6/15/1895; born NY; died Newell of acute tuberculosis; buried 6/16/1895 in Newell

Hansen, Henry; 40 yr; farmer; died 6/3/1895; born Denmark; died Alta of strangulation of testicle by tortion of cord resulting in peritonitis; buried Elk Cemetery 5/5/1895

Isenenger, Eva; 2 years; died 6/12/1895; born Storm Lake; died Storm Lake of measles; buried Newell

Stott, Erwin; 9mo; died 7/10/1895; born Newell; died Newell of accidental drowning; buried 7/11/1895 in Newell Cemetery

Davis, Minnie; 26yr; dressmaker; died 7/16/1895; born Iowa; died Newell of Bright’s disease; buried 7/17/1895 in Newell

Betsworth, Myrtle; 12 yr; died 7/19/1895; born Alta; died Alta of convulsions; buried 7/21/1895 in Alta

Bell, Abner; 73 yr; laborer; died 7/22/1895; born NJ; died Sioux Rapids of rheumatis and rheumatic endocarditis, complicated by severe burn on face; buried Sioux Rapids 7/24/1895

Houlton, Levina B.; 67 yr; wife; died 7/9/1895; born VA; died Storm Lake of chronic erysipelas; buried Storm Lake

Heede, Maria; 53 yr; died 6/21/1895; married; born Denmark; died Alta of peritonitis; buried 6/25/1895 in Alta

Johnson, Chas.; 12 yr.; died 6/21/1895 ; born Alta; died Alta of pericarditis; buried 6/23/1895 in Alta

Brown, German; 43yr; farmer; died 6/14/1895; married; born Norway; died Linn Grove of heart trouble; buried 6/16/1895 of heart trouble

Evanson, Oscar I.; 6 mo; died 7/14/1895; born Iowa; died Lee Twp. of cholera infantum; buried Little Sioux

Phelan, Julia; 2 mo; died 7/25/1895; born Iowa; died Brooke Twp. of cerebral meningitis; buried 7/26/1895 in Peterson

Otto, male infant; 2 da.; died 7/9/1895; born Brooke Twp.; died Brook Twp. of unknown; buried Oakland Cemetery 7/10/1895

Redfield, Ruth; 7mo.; died 7/24/1895; born Fonda; died Newell of dysentery; buried 7/25/1895 in Fonda

Peterson/Petersen, Hans; 25yr; blacksmith; died 8/1/1895; born Denmark; died Newell of typhoid fever; buried 8/2/1895

Haight, male; 6 mo.; died 8/5/1895; born Brooke Twp.; died Brooke Twp of cholera infantum; buried Elkton Cemetery 8/6/1895

Dunker, Irwin 1yr 8da; 8/18/1895; born Sioux Rapids; died Sioux Rapids of cerebro spinal meningitis; buried Sioux Rapids

Waterbury, female; no age; died 9/19/1895; born BV county; died BV county; buried 9/19/1895 BV county

McDermaid/McDermott, Edna W.; 5yr; died 9/12/1895; born Storm Lake; died

Storm Lake of typhoid fever; buried 9/13/1895 in Newell (Catholic?)

Rockwell, female; 1yr 2mo; died 9/16/1895; born Newell; died Newell of cholera infantum; buried Newell 9/16/1895

Stratton, Rae; 4 mo.; died 9/13/1895; born Sulphur Springs; died Sulphur Springs of cholera infantum; buried Storm Lake 9/14/1895

Hoffman, Elmer; 2 mo.; died 9/15/1895; born Storm Lake; died Storm Lake of cholera infantum; buried Storm Lake 9/16/1895

Kline, Oscar; age 14 yr; died 7/24/1895; born PA; died Storm Lake of obstruction of bowels; buried Storm Lake 7/27/1895

Livingstone, Eva; 4 mo; died 8/31/1895; born Sulphur Springs; died Sulphur Springs of cholera infantum; buried Storm Lake 9/1/1895

McCord, Jennie; 51 yr; died 10/6/1895; born Illinois; died Storm Lake of apoplexy and paralysis;  buried Illinois

Medlicott, Arthur; 63 yr; died 10/1/1895; married; died of cancer of stomach

Erickson, Albin Malcom; 3 mo 24 da; died 10/16/1895; born Brook Twp.; buried Swede’s Cemetery, Elk Twp., 10/18/1895

Jeppesen, Minnie; 20yr; housewife; died 11/16/1895; born Denmark; died Newell of consumption; buried 11/17/1895 in Newell

Flannigan, Mary A.; 28yr 4 mo.; housekeeping; died 11/5/1895; born Dubuque; died of malarial; buried Lohrville 11/7/1895

Meader, infant female; 4 da; died 10/25/1895;  died BV county of meningitis

Jensen, John; 56 yr 7 mo; died 21/1/1895; died of cancer of liver; buried 12/4/1895 in Elk Twp.

Smith, Harry 7 yr; died 11/19/1895; born Independence IA; died Storm Lake of typhoid fever; buried Storm Lake 11/20/1895

McCord, Mrs. Oliva; 67 yr; housewife; died 12/18/1895; born Canada; died of apoplexia; buried Storm Lake 12/19/1895