Buena Vista County, IA
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1893 Reported Deaths in Buena Vista County
Contributed by Sheryl McClure

Schofield, David Wilbur age 39y 9m; born N.Y.; married; died 1-8-1893 in Alta of pneumonia; buried 1-11-1893 in Alta

Martinsen, Annie age 44; born Denmark; married; died 2-1-1893 in Alta of heart disease precipitated by change of life; buried 2-4-1893

Oleson, William age 7; born Elk Twp. died 2-17-1893 in Nokomis Twp. of congestion of the brain; buried 2-20-1893

DeVries, Harold age 9m; born Alta; died 2-19-1893 in Alta of spinal fever; buried 2-21-1893 in Alta

Olsen, Lars age 57; born Denmark; died 1-29-1893 in Newell of unknown causes; buried 2-1-1893 at Newell

Christensen, Olaf F. age 4m; died 2-8-1893 in Newell of a cold; buried 2-12-1893 in Newell

Christensen, Nels Julius age 3m; died 2-9-1893 in Newell of a cold; buried 2-12-1893 in Newell

Moulton, Rev. T. P. age 85; born Hatley, Quebec, Canada; widower; died 2-25-1893 in Newell of acute catarrh of bladder; buried 2-27-1893 in Newell

Gertson, Evard age 21; born Denmark; single; died 3-7-1893 in Alta of fibroid phthisis; buried 3-8-1893 in Swedish Cemetery

Mohror, Charlie age 11d; born Brooke Twp.; died 3-5-1893 in Brooke Twp. of convulsions; buried 3-6-1893 in German Cemetery

Barstad, Ingebor Maria age 55; born Norway; married; died 3-26-1893 in Barnes Twp. of acute hepatitis; buried Sioux Rapids

Holbrook, Franklin age 83; born Vermont; married; died 3-12-1893 in Newell of catarrhal fever; buried 3-14-1893 in Newell

Nielsen, Baby Boy age 3 weeks; born Coon Twp.; died 3-7-1893 in Coon Twp. of unknown cause; buried 3-11-1893 in Newell

Christensen, Hans C. age 4m; born Newell; died 3-31-1893 in Newell of tuberculosis; buried 4-2-1893 in Newell

Jeffrey, Joseph age 60; widower; died 3-29-1893 in Newell of pneumonia; buried 3-31-1893 in Newell

Smith, Mary Jennie age 50; born Columbus, Ohio; married; died 4-21-1893 in Marathon of cerebral hemorrhage; buried 4-30-1893 in Marathon

Patterson, Elizabeth Cook age 85y 6m; born Scotland; widow; died 5-5-1893 in Storm Lake of old age; buried May 7, 1893 in Storm Lake

Gardner, Christine age 28; born Sweden; married; died 4-11-1893 in Alta of puerperal fever; buried 4-12-1893 in Alta

Van Cleve, Mildred age 4m; born Nokomis Twp.; died 5-1-1893 in Alta of whooping cough; buried 5-2-1893 in Alta

Ecklund, Baby Girl age 6m; born Alta; died 6-14-1893 in Alta of cerebral meningitis; buried 6-15-1893 in Alta

Johnson, John age 71; born Sweden; married; died 7-9-1893 in Nokomis Twp. of heart disease; buried ?

Olson, Clarence J, age 4y 6m; born Elk Twp,; died 7-18-1893 in Elk Twp. of scarlet fever; buried Swedish Cemetery

Christensen, Nels Peter age 44y 10m; born Denmark; married; died 7-12-1893 in Brooke Twp. of pneumonia; buried Elk Twp. Cemetery 7-14-1893

Smith, Henry H. age 65y 10m; born Penn.; married; died 7-8-1893 in Alta of heart disease; buried 7-12-1893 in Alta

Braley, Alice age 36 born England; married; died 6-20-1893 in Storm Lake of consumption and cancer of the breast; buried Storm Lake

Brecher, Dora age 5y; born Storm Lake; died 7-6-1893 near Storm Lake--killed by cyclone; buried 7-9-1893 in Alta

Brecher, Jacob age 58; born Germany; died 7-6-1893 near Storm Lake--killed by cyclone; buried 7-9-1893 in Alta

Johannessen, Bernard age 22y 3m; born Iowa; died 7-6-1893 in Nokomis Twp.--killed by cyclone; buried 7-9-1893 in Alta

Wart, Jennie age 14; born Newell; died 6-5-1893 in Newell of consumption; buried 6-7-1893 in Newell

Frandsen, Christian age 54; born Denmark; married; died 7-6-1893 in Newell of probable apoplexy; buried 7-7-1893 in Newell

Erickson, G. Alvin age 10y 16d; born Brooke Twp.; died 8-20-1893 in Brooke Twp. of acute Bright's Disease precipitated by scarlet fever; buried 8-21-1893 in Elk Twp.

Brickson, May age 4; born Iowa; died 8-7-1893 in Nokomis Twp. of dysentery; buried 8-9-1893 in Alta

Long, Andula age 14m; born Iowa; died 9-13-1903 in Fairfield Twp. of catarrhal pneumonia; buried 9-15-1893

Haight, Jesse B. age 3m 1d; born Brooke Twp.; died 9-20-1893 in Brooke Twp. of cerebral spinal meningitis; buried 9-21-1893 in Elk Cemetery

Johnson, Alfred J. age 7m; born Alta; died 9-11-1893 in Nokomis Twp. of cholera infantum; buried Swedish Cemetery

Colby, Ole A. age 17y 1m 7d; born Aurelia; died 10-1-1893 in Barnes Twp. of tuberculosis; buried Aurelia

Simonson, Martin age 2; born Barnes Twp.; died 10-26-1893 in Barnes Twp. of congestion of the lungs; buried ?

Arnesen, Andrew age 14m; born Marathon; died 10-19-1893 in Marathon of congestion of the lungs; buried 10-22-1893 in Marathon

William, Mary age 13y 2m; born Barnes Twp.; died 12-16-1893 in Martin's Ferry, OH of remittent fever; buried 12-18-1893 in Barnes Twp.

Heiden, Mandy age 5y 1m born Brooke Twp; died 12-27-1893 in Brooke Twp. of diphtheria; buried 12-29-1893 in Afton Twp., Cherokee Co.

Kruse, Mary Work age 33; born Denmark; married; died 9-21-1893 in Newell  of tubercular consumption; buried 9-23-1893 in Newell

Stetson, Almira age 86; born Calais, Maine; married; died 12-3-1893 in Newell of blood poisoning; buried 12-5-1893 in Newell