Buena Vista County, IA
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1887 Reported Deaths in Buena Vista County
Contributed by Sheryl McClure

Vandervent, Ella age 36y born PA; married; died 1/4 in Alta of peritonitis; buried 1/5 in Alta

Jones, Elizabeth age 78y born Wales; married; died 2/9 in Sioux Rapids of old age complicated by disease of the lungs; buried 2/13 in Linn Grove

Demuth, Louisa C. age 61y 7m born Germany; married; died 1/29 in Storm Lake of cancer; buried 1/30 in Storm Lake

Schultz, Clara age 1y 9m born Newell; died 2/7 in Newell of rickets; buried 2/8 in Newell<

Miller, John age 89y born Germany; widower; died 1/24 in Maple Valley Twp. of self-inflicted gunshot; buried German cemetery, Maple Valley Twp.

Noel, Rosa R. age 42y born New Hampshire; died 4/18 in Sioux Rapids of cancer of the stomach; buried 4/20 in Sioux Rapids

Whitsett, Florence Mabel age 1m 3d born Laurens, BV Co.; died 3/18 in Laurens of spinal curvestis and siplar abscess; buried Newell 3/20

Groth, infant boy age 1y 8m born Sac Co.; died 4/9 in Sac Co. of malarial fever; buried 4/11 in Newell

Hanke, F. W. (male) age 3d born Newell; died 4/25 in Newell of premature birth; buried 4/26 in Newell

Robinson, N. R. age 5y 1m born Cedar Rapids; died 4/29 in Newell of scarlet fever; buried 5/1 in Newell

Robinson, Emma age 1y 6m born Coon Twp.; died 5/8 in Coon Twp. of scarlet fever; buried 5/9 in Newell

Swartz, Charles S. age 5d born Storm Lake; died 5/3 in Storm Lake of inflammation of the brain; buried Storm Lake

Winslow, E. W. age 70y born ?; married; died 7/1 in Section 24-93-37; buried Mendola, IL

Orth, Jacob age 65y 7m born Germany; died 7/7 in Maple Valley Twp. of cirrhosis of the liver; buried  7/9 in Perry, IL

Wallace, William age 27; died 6/15 on farm of N. P. Helberg of fire damp in old well; buried 6/15 in Alta

Harlan, Opha A. died 6y 9y born Storm Lake; died 7/22 in Storm Lake of spinal meningitis; buried Storm Lake

Rasmussen, infant girl age 8m born Nokomis Twp.; died 8/27 in Scott Twp. of entero colitis; buried 8/28 in Alta

Bengtson, Andrew age 11y born Nokomis Twp.; died 8/20 in Nokomis Twp. of cerebral hemorrhage following an accident; buried 8/21 in Alta

Smith, Sarah A. age 43 born Kentucky; married; died 11/5 in Coon Twp. of consumption; buried Fairfield Twp. 11/6

Carlson, Rudolph age 1y 2m born Coon Twp.; died 7/11 in Coon Twp. of cholera infantum; buried 7/13 in Newell

McCoy, George Jr. age 2d born Newell; died 7/17 in Newell of a cold and spasms; buried 7/18 in Newell

Tollagson, Ida Buna age 1y 2m; died 720 of cholera infantum; buried 7/21 in Storm Lake

Titus, John H. age 80y 3m 25d born New York; married; died 7/24 in Storm Lake of old age; buried 7/27 in Storm Lake

Christiansen, Anna age 3m born Providence Twp.; died 8/11 in Providence Twp. of cholera infantum; buried 8/12 in Newell

Miller, Candace V. age 29y 5m born Iowa; married; died 10/1 in Newell of diabetes melitis; buried 10/2 in Newell

Loomis. Maria A. age 10y 1m 12d born Newell; died 10/1 in Sac Co. of inflammatory rheumatism; buried 10/13 in Newell

Jensen, John W. age 2 1/2y born Newell; died 11/6 in Newell of unknown causes; buried 11/8 in Newell

Sanderson, Alf--- age 20y born Iowa; died 11/22 in Nokomis Twp. of  typhoid fever; buried 11/24 in Alta

Bladine, John age 15y 7m 15d born Sweden; died 12/25 in Alta of Bright's disease; buried 12/27 in Alta

Bains, James age unknown born England; married; died 3/19 in Alta of heart disease; buried 3/21 in Alta

Binnie, Hazel Norine age 2y 1m 14d; died 8/4 in Alta of catarrhal fever; buried 8/5 in Alta

Whiting, Harry age 17y; died 10/30 in Alta of cerebral effusion; buried 11/1 in Alta

Small, Emma A. age 32y 9m 12d born PA; married; died 12/29 in Storm Lake of inflammation of the bowels-peritonitis; buried 12/31 in Storm Lake