Buena Vista County, IA
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1886 Reported Deaths in Buena Vista County
Contributed by Sheryl McClure

Zorn, Emma age 3y 7m born Brooke Twp.; died 1/1 in Brooke Twp. of scarlet fever; buried 1/2 in German cemetery, Cherokee Co.

Barber, Nellie age 4y 5m born Hayes Twp.; died 1/2 in Hayes Twp. of broncho-pneumonia; buried 1/3 in Hayes Twp.

Alderson, Thomas age 35y 8m born England; married; died 2/11 in Storm Lake of opium poisoning; buried Dubuque

Harrald, A. J. (male) age 1m born Laurens, Pocahontas Co.; died 2/15 Laurens ; buried Fairfield Twp.

Storey, Margaret age 68y born Ireland; widow; died 2/21 in Providence Twp. of apoplexy; buried 2/22 in Newell

Borman, William H. age 35y 8m born Ohio; married; died 1/8 in Newell of Bright's Disease; buried 1/10 in Newell

Mohror, Louie age 2y 8m born Brooke Twp.; died 2/20 in Brooke Twp. of scarlet fever; buried near Peterson, Clay Co.

Newell, Faith and Charity age 2w born Washington Twp.; died 3/15 in Washington Twp. of lack of vitality; buried 3/17 in Alta

Weller, Harvey age 25y born PA; married; died 3/24 in Lincoln Twp. of self-inflicted gunshot; buried unknown

Langlyt, Anna Christina age 38y born Denmark; married; died 4/20in Elk Twp. of pneumonia; buried Elk Twp.

Larsen, Sophia age 62y 7m 5d born Denmark; married; died 3/29 in Newell of cancer of the breast; buried 4/1 in Newell

Lee, Diana age 64 born New York; widow; died 4/24 in Newell of scrofula; buried 4/25 in Newell

Driver, Ernest age 15y 6m born Darlington Wis.; died 3/6 in Newell of inflammation of bowels; buried 3/7 in Newell

Shook, Samuel age 56 y 1m born IL; died 3/29 in Newell of lung fever; buried 3/31 in Newell

Biggin, John age 60y born Germany; married; died 6/19 in Hayes Twp. of cancer of the colon; buried 6/20 in Storm Lake

Odiet, Joseph age 57y 5m born France; married; died 7/22 in Storm Lake of cancer of the stomach; buried 7/24 in Storm Lake

Brown, Luca age 2y born Sioux Rapids; died 8/21 in Sioux Rapids of dysentery; buried Sioux Rapids

Hanke, Samuel age 2y 5m born Newell; died 7/26 in Newell Twp. of cholera infantum; buried 7/27 in Newell

Evans, James Chauncey age 29y 9y born Peoria Co., IL; died 7/13 in Coon Twp. of consumption; buried 7/15 in Newell

Kladstrup, Nels age 14y 11m born IL; died 8/3 of diphtheria in Newell Twp.; buried 8/4 in Newell

Hagadone, Marland age 1y born Newell; died 8/26 in Newell of intestinal inflammation; buried 8/27 in Newell

Mankey, Raymond age 2m 5d born Newell; died 9/10 in Newell of intestinal catarrh; buried 9/12 in Newell

Michaelson, Anton age 9y born Denmark; died 7/31 in Elk Twp. of meningitis; buried 8/2 in Elk Twp.

Olsen, Cornelius age 2 born Alta; died 8/11 in Alta of cholera infantum; buried 8/12 in Alta

Schaffer, George J. age 63y born  Germany; married; died 8/20 in Alta of peritonitis; buried 8/26 in Alta

Sherbon, Mary age 2m born Alta; died 9/27 in Alta of debility; buried 9/28 in Storm Lake

Marshall, Samuel age 73y 11m 7d born Corliss, Cumberland Co., PA; married; died 9/20 of hemaflegia; buried 10/18 in Swan Lake Twp., Pocahontas Co.

Ankerson, Annie age 7y; died 10/29 in Alta of typhoid fever; buried 10/30 in Alta

Gustine, Lemuel age 64y born Ohio; widower; died 12/25 in Storm Lake of paralysis; buried 12/26 in Storm Lake

Groom, Clarence N., age 3m 5d born Sioux Rapids; died 12/29 in Sioux Rapids of inflammation of the bowels; buried 12/30 in Sioux Rapids

Whitsett, infant female age 10d born Coon Twp; died 11/13 in Coon Twp of erysipelas; buried 11/14 in Newell

Christiansen, Henry age 6m 3d born Newell; died 9/24 in Newell of cholera infantum; buried 9/25 in Newell

Kelly, Anna age 55y born Ireland; married; died 12/12 in Newell of diabetes; buried 12/13 in Storm Lake

Larsen, Sena Mary age 2y 10m 24d born Newell; died 12/25 in Newell of pneumonia and membraneous croup; buried 12/25 in Newell