Buena Vista County, IA
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1885 Reported Deaths in Buena Vista County
Contributed by Sheryl McClure

Kline, George W. age 2y 11m 1d born BV Co.; died 1/24 in Alta of membranous croup; buried 1/26 in Alta

Titus, Gracie age 15y 11m born Buffalo Grove, Buchanan Co., IA; died 2/8 in Storm Lake of scar Latina; buried 2/9 in Storm Lake

Taylor, Olin age 2y 6m born New York; died 2/2 in Storm Lake of membranous croup; buried 2/4 in Storm Lake

Newton, Grace age 3y 5m born Des Moines; died 2/6 in Storm Lake of scar Latina; buried 2/7 in Storm Lake

Metcalfe, Ada age 26y 7m born Darlington Wis.; married; died 3/2 in Storm Lake of peritonitis; buried 3/5 in Storm Lake

Shaffer, Mary K. age 74y, 5m 30d born Germany; widow; died 3/26 in Lincoln Twp. of paralysis of the heart; buried 3/27 in Coon Twp.

Whitemarsh, Charles Clyde age 1y 2d born Scott Twp; died 4/9 in Scott Twp. of inflammation of the lungs; buried 4/11 in Worthington, Madison Co., IA

Austin, Gracie age 3y born Newell; died 3/9 in Newell of membranous croup; buried 3/11 in Storm Lake

Neilsen, Fred age 4y born Storm Lake; died 3/7 in Storm Lake of strangulation; buried 3/8 in Newell

Garlow, Fred age 1 y 6m born BV co.; died 3/30 at the German Church, Cherokee Co. of congestion of (unreadable); buried German cemetery 4/2

Zincer (Zinzer ?), Lucy M. age 15 minutes; born and died 5/1 in Grant Twp; no cause given; buried 5/2 in Storm Lake

Watson, Owen (Omer ?) E. age 1y 9m 15d born Sulfur Springs; died 3/9 in Sulphur Springs of congestion of the brain and rheumatism; buried Sulphur Springs (?)

Couch, Leon age 1y 9m born Dorsey NE; died 4/25 in Newell of diphtheria; buried 4/27 in Newell

Beaver, Lizzie age 3y 8m born Elk Twp; died 5/19 in Elk Twp. of scarlet fever; buried 5/20 in Elk Twp.

Beaver, William age 5y 3m born Elk Twp.; died 5/19 in Elk Twp of scarlet fever; buried 5/20 in Elk twp

Brockway, Edmond age 74y 4m born New York; married; died 5/29 in Grant Twp. of softening of the brain; buried Newell 5/30

Breacher (Breecher ?), Henry age 11y 5m 4d born Livingston Co., IL; died 6/21 in Nokomis Twp of scar Latina; buried 6/22 at Alta

Ellis, Infant boy age 3d born Newell; died 6/11 in Newell of spasms; buried 6/12 in Newell

Jorgensen, Wenner H. S. age 8y 6m born Denmark; died 6/2 in Grant Twp. of accidental drowning in Coon River; buried 6/3 in Newell

Vanderhoff, Mary age 7y 6m born Iowa; died 6/30 in Scofield neighborhood of scar Latina; burial unknown, thought somewhere near Alta

Clark, Retta age 33y 7m born New York; died 6/25 of consumption; buried 6/27 in Storm Lake

Breacher (Breecher ?), Louisa age 3y 9m born Hayes Twp.; died 7/14 in Hayes Twp. of scarlet fever; buried 7/14 in Storm Lake

Diercks, Katie Klein age 26y 11m born Morrow Co. IL; married; died 8/13 in Brooke Twp. of exhaustion from postpartum hemorrhage; buried 8/15 in German Cemetery, Afton Twp., Cherokee Co.

Bucholz, Maria Catherina age 1y 6m 14d born Crozier, Grant Twp.; died 8/19 in Grant Twp. of dysentery; buried Zion cemetery, Grant Twp.

Gallemore, Zalman Burtt age 4y 7m born Hamilton Co., IN; died 10/8 in Sioux Rapids of spasms of the bladder; buried Herdland Twp., Clay Co.

White, Mary Alice age 20y 9m 13d born Sangamon Co., IL; single; schoolteacher; died 10/4 in Brooke Twp. of consumption; buried Peterson, Clay Co.

Scouller, Ann age 24y married; died 9/10 in Grant Twp. of postpartum hemorrhage; buried 9/12 in Storm Lake

Schroder, Augusta age 1y 7m; died 10/15 in Brooke Twp of diphtheria; buried 10/16 in Lutheran cemetery

Harrison, Maud age 2m 2d born Maple Valley Twp; died 11/22 in Maple Valley Twp. of abscess of brain; buried 11/23 in Maple Valley Cemetery

Zorn, Elizabeth age 1y 6m born Brooke Twp.; died 12/5 in Brooke Twp of enteritis; buried 12/7 at German cemetery, Afton Twp., Cherokee Co.

Way, Nellie no age given born BV Co.; died 9/21; buried 9/22 in Newell

Marsden, infant boy age 1 hour; born Newell; died 7/4 in Newell of improper development; buried 7/4 in Newell

Leadingham, infant boy age 1 hour; born Newell; died 10/6 of premature birth; buried 10/6 in Newell

Humphrey, Eva S. age 8y 7m born Newell; died 7/29 in Newell of diphtheria; buried 7/29 in Newell