Buena Vista County, IA
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1883 Reported Deaths in Buena Vista Co.
Storm Lake, Buena Vista County, IA
Transcribed and contributed by Sheryl McClure

John Alexander Smith; infant; born Alta; died 1/28 in Alta of convulsions; buried 1/29 in Alta

Nancy Newell; age 1 month 14 days; born Nokomis Twp,; died 2/2 in Nokomis Twp. of inflammation of the lungs; buried 2/5 in Alta

Myrtle Sucos; age 2; born Storm Lake; died 2/16 in Storm Lake of stricture of bowels; buried 2/17 in Storm Lake

Hanna Hanson; age 3; born Storm Lake; died 2/23 in Storm Lake of diphtheria; buried 2/25 in Storm Lake

Freddie Benson; age 3; born Storm Lake; died 2/24 in Storm Lake of diphtheria; buried 2/25 in Storm Lake

Emil Conrad Nelson, age 18; born Sweden; died 3/5 in Sioux Rapids of pneumonia; buried  3/6 in Sioux Rapids

Scovera Ada Mertal; age 1 year 11 months; born Iowa; died 3/17 in maple Valley Twp. of spinal fever; buried 3/20 in Maple Valley Twp

Hubbard Sanderson; age 61; born Massachusetts; died 3/19 in Sioux Rapids of apoplexy; buried Sioux Rapids

Ray Warner; age 2 months 10 days; born Sioux City; died 3/30 of pneumonia

Mrs. J. G. Wilson; born N. Y.; died 4/20 in Alta of general debility; buried 4/22 in Alta

Thomas S. Smith; age 70; died 4/24 in Storm Lake of cancer of the liver; buried 4/26 in Storm Lake

Frank Clark; age 2; born Alta; died 5/4 in Alta of diarrhea; buried 5/6 in Alta

Mazey Clark; age 4; born Alta; died 5/14 in Alta of diarrhea; buried 5/15 in Alta

Female Van Buskirk; 8 mo.; born Nokomis Twp.; died 5/21 in Nokomis Twp. of pneumonia; buried 5/23 in Alta

Mary Oleson; age 7; died 5/22 in Washington Twp. of pneumonia; no burial information

Charlotte Hartshorne; age 78; born Canada; died 6/5 in Poland Twp. of hypertrophy of heart; buried 6/7

Myrtle May Bethard; age 6; born Storm Lake; died 6/11 in Storm Lake of diphtheria; buried 6/12 in Storm Lake

A. D. Crockett; age 47; born Meredith, N. H.; died 6/20 in Newell of drowning; buried 6/21 in Newell

Christina Peterson; age 63; born Norway; widow; died 7/1 of cancer; buried 7/1

Ellen Louisa Hardin; age 20; born Richland, Oswego Co., N. Y.; married; died 7/9 in Grant Twp. of dropsy; buried Storm Lake

J. H. Ballage 25; born Meigs Co., Ohio; physician; died 7/12 in Storm Lake of drowning; no burial information

Benjamin Severson; age 56; born N. Y.; died 8/4 in Maple Valley Twp. of chronic liver complaint; buried 8/5 in Maple Valley

Alva J. Harvey; age 10 months; born Grant Twp.; died 9/11 in Storm Lake of cholera infantum; buried 9/11 in Storm Lake

Frank Springer; age 25; born N. Y.; died 11/18 in Storm Lake of intestinal obstruction; buried 11/20 in Storm Lake

John Hegblad; age 2; born Grant Twp.; died 12/9 in Storm Lake of diphtheria; buried Storm Lake