Buena Vista County, IA
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Nain Danish Lutheran Church, Newell, Iowa
Christenings 1883-1892

Transcribed by Sheryl McClure

Aaro (Aroe), Marie Christine born 4/15/1880 in Union Co.; Christen Eriksen born 12/1/1881 in Union Co.; and Eva Margarete born 3/1/1887, all christened 4/24/1887 at home of Peter Bodholdt; all children of Jorgen and Marie Aroe; sponsors Hans and Anna Grau

Andersen, Jens Jorgen born 6/2/1884 christened 6/28/1884 son of Anders Christian Andersen and Ellen Andersen nee Madsen

Andersen, Henrik Lindhardt born 12/16/1889 in Alta christened 4/5/1890 in Alta son of Niels and Ane Marie Andersen

Andersen, Arne Clifford born 5/3/1891 christened 9/22/1891 son of Peder and Sofie

Andreasen, Johan Anton born 10/26/1885 christened 12/20/1885 son of Peter and Marie Andreasen

Bodholdt, Lissie (Lizzie?) Marie born 1/13/1886 christened 2/21/1886 daughter of Peter and Marie Elizabeth Bodholdt

Bodholdt, Anna Christine born 8/21/1887 christened 8/28/1887 daughter of Peter Kl. And Mary Elizabeth Bodholdt, Sponsors Christiane Johansen Jorgen Aaro and Marie Aaro

Bodholdt, Mette Cathrine born 9/20/1889 christened 11/10/1889 daughter of Peter and Mary Elisabeth Bodholdt

Bodholdt, Lena Lovise born 4/7/1892 christened 6/19/1892 daughter of P. Bodholdt born Vonslok Denmark and Mary E. nee Nave Bodholdt

Bodholdt, Hans Christoffer born 10/1/1892 christened 11/6/1892 son of Knud and Hanne Bodholdt

Bonde, Peter Sorensen born 11/22/1888 christened 1/6/1889 Jorgen and Kristiane Bonde

Bonde, Anna Mette born 2/10/1890 christened 3/23/1890 daughter of Jorgen and Kristiane Bonde

Bonde, Johannes Knudsen born 1/10/1892 christened 4/24/1892 son of Jorgen Bonde born Vonslok Denmark and Kristiane Bonde Born Horsens Denmark

Christensen, Nielsine Christine christened 5/9/1886 daughter of M/M Christoffer Christensen

Christensen, Anna born 5/18/1887 christened 6/26/1887 at home of Hans Grau daughter of Jens and Marie Christensen

Christensen, Karen Sofie born 10/12/1888 christened 10/26/1888 daughter of Jorgen Christensen and Caroline Jorgensen Christensen; sponsors Christen Petersen and Frederick Carlsen

Christensen, Anna Dora christened 9/28/1890 daughter of Jens and Marie Christensen

Christensen, Anne Martine born 2/18/1892 christened 11/20/1892 daughter of Anton Christensen, born Dronningland, Denamrk and Nielsine nee Andersen Christensen

Christiansen, Niels Christoffer born 4/22/1889 christened 5/26/1889 son of M/M Christoffer Christiansen

Christiansen, Niels Jorgen born 3/25/1891 christened 5/10/1891 son of M/M Christoffer Christiansen

Eriksen, Frank Edvard born 6/13/1883 christened 1/15/1884 son of Andrew and Anne Eriksen

Grau, Jorgen Clausen Bodholdt born 4/7/1886 christened 5/9/1886 son of Hans and Anna Grau

Grau, Emma Kirstine born 8/26/1888 christened 10/7/1888 daughter of Hans and Anna Grau

Grau, Andreas Petersen born 7/2/1889 christened 7/28/1889 son of Peter Jorgensen and Margrethe Grau

Grau, Oskar Johannes born 6/19/1890 christened 7/27/1890 son of Hans and Anna Elizabet Grau

Grau, Sara Elisabet born 5/11/1892 christened 6/19/1892 daughter of Hans Jorgen Grau born Skodborg, Denmark and Annie Elisabet nee Bodholdt Grau born Vonslok, Denmark

Haahr, Peder Thorlund born 10/8/1891 christened 12/16/1891 son of Knud and Marie nee Pedersen Haahr, both born Algod Parish, Denmark

Haarup, Jens Peder born 6/23/1892 christened 8/14/1892 son of Soren and Marie nee Mikkelsen Haarup

Hansen, Peter Rasmus born 4/23/1885 christened 6/28/1885 son of Peter and Marie Hansen

Hansen, Henry born 1/18/1887 christened /10/1887 son of Christian Hansen and Sofie Hansen ne Rasmussen

Hansen, Martin Peter born 5/12/1888 christened 2/24/1889 son of Peter and Marie nee Petersen Hansen; sponsors JamesJohnson and Mrs. James Johnson

Hansen, Marie Henriette born June 1889 christened 6/23/1889 daughter of Christian and Sofie Hansen

Hemmingsen, Holger Peter born 10/21/1890 christened 1/4/1891 son of Jorgen and Maren Kirstine Hemmingsen

Hemmingsen, Axel Theodore born 7/5/1891 christened 8/2/1891 son of Ferdinand and Else Hemmingsen

Hemmingsen, Dagmar Marie born 3/16/1892 christened 6/19/1892 daughter of Jorgen Peter Hemmingsen born Kjong parish Denmark And Maren Kjerstine nee Hansen Hemmingsen born Kjong parish, Denmark

Jensen, Anna Jorgensen born 6/16/1886 (in Sac Co.) christened 7/18/1886 daughter of Jens Peter Jensen and Andrea Marie Jensen nee Petersen

Jensen, Anna Katharine born 5/9/1887 christened 6/26/1887 daughter of Jorgen and Karen Jensen

Jensen, Thora born 9/27/1887 christened 10/9/1887 daughter of Jens P. and Andrea Marie Jensen

Jensen, Johannes born 9/13/1888 in Rolfe, Pocahontas Co. christened 2/17/1889 son of Peter and Anna Leonore Jensen; Sponsors Asmus Jensen and Hans Nielsen

Jensen, Jens Christian born 10/3/1888 christened 2/24/2889 son of Carl William and Else Marie Jensen

Jensen, Emilie and Emma born 1/17/1890 christened 1/20/1890 daughter of Jorgen and Karen Marie nee Jorgensen Jensen; Jorgen Jensen and Jensine Jensen held the infants

Jensen, Henrik born 5/1/1890 christened 5/25/1890 son of Anton and Karen Jensen

Jensen, Elmar born 8/29/1890 christened 9/22/1890 son of Carl William and Else Marie Jensen; witnesses Christiane Sorensen and And Inger Marie Petersen

Jensen, Jens Frederik born 9/19/1890 christened 11/2/1890 son of Jorg. and Gjerhrend Marie Jensen

Jensen, Oskar born 3/11/1892 christened 6/19/1892 son of Jorgen Jensen Gjertrude Marie nee Christensen Jensen, born Kjern parish, Denmark

Jensen, Theodore born 6/6/1892 christened 7/31/1892 son of Carl Jensen born Vien parish Denmark and Else Marie Jensen born Bedsted, Denmark (Theodore died age 3 mo. 8 da. Of age)

Jensen, Jorgen born August 1892 christened 10/2/1892 son of Jorgen Jensen, born Barrit (Beret?) Denmark and Karen Marie nee Jorgensen Jensen born Barrit. Denmark

Johansen, Nellie Anna born 2/7/1890 christened 4/6/1890 daughter of Hans Peter Johansen and Karen Marie Jensen

Johnson, Johan Bernhard born 12/14/1888 christened 1/1/1889 son of Jorgen and Christine Johnson

Johnson, Helmer born 2/27/1890 in Alta christened 6/14/1890 in Alta son of Chr. and Mary Johnson

Jorgensen, Christiane born 1/2/1888 christened 1/29/1888 daughter of Christian and Anna Jorgensen; sponsors Knud Thuesen and Marius Sorensen

Jorgensen, Signe Hillerup born 12/14/1889 christened 2/23/1890 daughter of Soren Hillerup and Ane Marie Jorgensen

Jorgensen, Louis Christian born 12/15/1889 christened 3/23/1890 son of Peter and Marie Jorgensen

Jorgensen, Valdemar born 8/29/1892 christened 10/9/1892 son of Hans Jorgensen of Solberg, Denmark and Caroline nee Larsen Jorgensen

Kladstrup, Mette Helene Nielsen born 11/21/1883 christened 9/28/1884 daughter of Peter Nielsen Kladstrup and Mette Marie Kladstrup nee Sorensen Sponsors: Peter Nielsen Peter Larsen Karl Anton Jensen; Martha (Mrs. Peter) Larsen nee Christoffersen held infant

Kladstrup, Niels Christen Nielsen born 8/24/1887 christened 5/15/1889 son of Peter Nielsen and Methe (Mette) Marie Kladstrup; Witness Peter Christian Poulsen

Kladstrup, Jens Nielsen born 8/11/1889 christened 9/12/1890 son of Peter Nielsen and Mette Marie Kladstrup; sponsors Peder Larsen And Mrs. P. Larsen

Klejstrup (Kladstrup), Else Marie born 2/8/1892 christened 10/16/1892 daughter of P. N. Klejstrup born Vokslev parish Denmark and Mette Marie nee Sorensen Klejstrup born Jerslev parish Denmark

Krog, Niels Frederick Otto born 7/21/1885 christened 7/26/1885 son of August and Bodelstine Krog

Krog, Ellen Kirstine born 1/12/1887 christened 2/10/1887 daughter of August and Bodil Stine Krog

Krog, Otho (Otto) Johannes born 5/17/1891 christened 6/30/1891 son of August and Bodil Kirstine Krogh

Krogh (Krog), Methea Jorgine born 9/25/1888 christened 1/30/1889 daughter of August and Bolstine Krogh

Larsen, Henry Waldemar born 5/16/1884 christened 6/29/1884 son of Hans Christian Larsen and Karen Larsen

Larsen, Charles born 9/9/1885 christened 10/28/1885 son of Peter and Martha nee Christoffersen Larsen

Larsen, Ella Sofie born 6/26/1886 christened 7/18/1886 daughter of Christian and Karen Larsen

Larsen, Hans Eduard born 11/19/1886 christened 11/21/1886 son of Peter and Christine Larsen; sponsors Marie Christensen and Peter Bodholdt

Larsen, Susse (Susie) Mathilde born 11/6/1888 christened 12/9/1888 daughter of Peter and Martha Larsen

Larsen, Harald Jensinius born 1/21/1889 christened 4/14/1889 son of Peter and Christine Larsen

Larsen, Marie Christine born 11/29/1889 in Alta christened 4/6/1890 daughter of John P. and Lena Larsen; sponsors Margrete Hyllested and Chr. Larsen; Louise Larsen held the infant

Larsen, Emilie Martine 6/17/1891 christened 8/2/1891 daughter of Peder and Martha Larsen

Madsen, Anna Marie born July 1887 christened 8/28/1887 daughter of Hans and Wilhelmine Madsen; sponsorsChristen Hansen and N. Rasmussen

Madsen, Birte Kirstine born 9/12/1888 christened 10/6/1888 daughter of Carl and Stine Madsen

Madsen, Carl Johannes born 12/3/1888 and Jens Marcus born 12/3/1888 in Webster Co. both christened 12/14/1888Sons of Jens P. and Karen Bennisen Madsen; sponsors Jens Moeller and Mrs. Ole Jensen; infants held by Sarah Bennisen and Mrs. M. Moeller

Madsen, Laurina Wilhelmine born 8/5/1889 christened 9/8/1889 daughter of Hans and Christiane Madsen; sponsors Chr. Hansen andN. Rasmussen

Madsen, Elfrida Bothilda born 4/15/1892 christened 7/17/1892 daughter of Lars Madsen born Toksved parish, Denmark and Bertha Sofia nee Rasmussen Madsen, born Kongsted, Denmark

Mathiesen, Alfred Christian and Ludwig Peter twins born 12/12/1891 christened 1/6/1892 twin sons of Hans Christian Mathiesen born Thestrup parish Denmark and Mathilde ne Capion Mathiesen; sponsors P. Bodholdt and C. Capion

Melbye, Signe Kasel Agnete born 1/19/1889 christened 5/26/1889 daughter of Peter and Cath. Melbye

Mikkelsen, Mariane Christine born 5/1/1890 christened 5/11/1890 daughter of Anton Mikkelsen and Else Marie Christensen

Mikkelsen, Thorvald Viktor born 5/18/1891 christened 6/14/1891 son of Anton and Else Marie Mikkelsen

Mikkelsen, Amalie Christine born 11/21/1891 christened 12/25/1891 daughter of Peder and Mette Katrine nee Madsen Mikkelsen

Miller, Lev. Floyd born 7/10/1891 christened 9/22/1891 son of William and Laurine Miller

Nielsen, Anna Marie born 4/14/1883 christened 12/13/1883 daughter of Hans and Hanne Nielsen

Nielsen, Niels Christian born 3/10/1884 christened 5/11/1884 son of M/M Hans Nielsen

Nielsen, Anders born 11/19/1885 christened 12/20/1885 son of Hans and Hanne Nielsen; Mrs. Wenderup held infant

Nielsen, Margarete Catharine born 11/21/1887 christened 2/10/1887 daughter of Christen and Margarete Nielsen

Nielsen, Mary Dorthea born 7/2/1887 christened 8/28/1887 daughter of Hans and Johanne Nielsen

Nielsen, Lars Peter born 1/11/1889 christened 3/10/1889 son of Hans and Johanne Nielsen

Nielsen, Axel Erik Gunnard born 7/27/1889 christened 8/24/1889 son of Carl Alfred and Vendela Gustave Nielsen

Nielsen, Svend born 11/19/1889 in Pomeroy, Calhoun Co., christened 2/17/1890 son of N. C. and Marie Nielsen; witnesses Cecilie Svensen and Jorgen Jensen

Nielsen, Louis Hansen born 6/6/1890 christened 7/13/1890 son of Chr. and Margarethe Nielsen

Nielsen, Laura Sofie born 7/15/1890 christened 8/10/1890 daughter of Hans and Hanne Nielsen

Nielsen, Carl Albert born 3/7/1891 christened 5/10/1891 son of Carl Alfred and Vendela Gustave Nielsen; Witnesses Svend and Amanda Svensen

Nielsen, Marie born 12/5/1891 christened 5/22/1892 daughter of Kristen Nielsen born Lysabild, Aalborg Denmark and Margarete nee Johansen Nielsen

Olsen, Olina born 11/3/1888 in Rolfe Pocahontas Co. christened 12/16/1888 daughter of Ole and Sofie Hansen Jensen;
sponsors E. E. Sandberg Rolfe Hansen and Andrew Johnsen; Ragnilde Sandberg held infant

Othosen, Peter Marius born 2/15/1889 in Ft. Dodge, Webster Co., christened 4/19/1889 son of Peter and Tomine Othosen Andreasen
Jens christened 4/19/1889 son of Peter and Marie Andreasen

Pedersen, Axel Thorvald Alfred born 10/11/1890 son of Jens and Karen Pedersen

Pedersen, Carl Valdemar born 7/12/1891 christened 9/6/1891 son of Peder Niels and Kirstine Pedersen

Pedersen, Theodora born 10/16/1892 christened 10/20/1892 daughter of Niels Pedersen born Villerslev, Denmark and Anne Marie Kjerstine Pedersen

Petersen, Valentine Johanne born 7/21/1885 christened 9/27/1885 daughter of Peter and Johanne Brylde Petersen

Petersen, Niels Franklin born 1/26/1889 christened 4/14/1889 son of Martin and Christine Petersen

Petersen, Elna born 6/4/1889 christened 9/8/1889 daughter of Christian and Hanne Petersen

Petersen, Anna Christine born 12/24/1889 in Alta; christened 4/20/1890 in Alta daughter of Niels Christian and Helene Petersen;Sponsors Jak Andersen and Fritz Frandsen

Petersen, Ane Kirstine born 6/7/1890 christened 6/8/1890 daughter of Niels and Ane Marie Kirstine Petersen; witnesses Marie Hansen and Sofie Eriksen

Petersen, Oscar born 9/19/1890 christened 12/14/1890 son of Chr. and Hanne Petersen

Rasmussen, Albert born 3/20/1884 christened 5/11/1884 son of M/M Christian Rasmussen

Rasmussen, Emma Magdalene born 9/9/1885 christened 9/27/1885 daughter of Christian and Johanne Rasmussen

Rasmussen, Peter Albert born 9/6/1887 christened 10/9/1887 son of Christen and Johanne Rasmussen

Rasmussen, Niels Christian christened 6/23/1889 son of Christian and Johanne Rasmussen

Rasmussen, Johanne born 1/8/1886 and Rasmussen, Jes. born 5/14/1889 christened 11/24/1889 children of Jes. And Dora Rasmussen;Sponsors Hans Nielsen and Peter Nielsen

Rasmussen, Peter Friis born 1/16/1890 christened 4/20/1890 in Alta son of Peter and Margrethe Rasmussen;
witnesses M/M Johannes Egersen and Christian Friis

Rasmussen, Henry born 1/30/1891 christened 6/14/1891 son of Christian and Anne Johanne Rasmussen

Rasmussen, Jens Christian born 5/7/1891 christened 8/2/1891 son of Jes. and Doris Rasmussen

Sondergaard, Helene Elisabet born 12/7/1889 christened 2/9/1890 daughter of Hans and Marie Sondergaard

Sorensen, Christian born 5/15/1890 christened 6/11/1890 son of Christian and Christiane Sorensen

Tanner, Mable Lassile born 2/17/1891 christened 7/26/1891 in Lake View daughter of Charles C. and Sofie Tanner

Wenderup, Walter born 5/8/1887 christened 6/26/1887 son of Frederick and Sofie Wenderup