1850 Federal Census of Buchanan County, Iowa


Abstracted by Jeanie Belding, 1998

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Albert, Catharine
Albert, Catharine
Albert, Eve
Albert, Eve
Albert, Frederick
Albert, Henry
Albert, Henry
Albert, J*ha
Albert, John
Albert, Louisa
Albert, Margaritt
Albert, Nicholas
Albert, Peter
Albert, Peter
Albert, Peter
Albert, William
Bar, Elisabeth
Bar, Elnie
Bar, Henry
Bar, Hugh
Bar, John *
Bar, Joseph N
Bar, Lucritia
Bar, Robert
Bar, Thomas
Biddinger, Catharine
Biddinger, James
Biddinger, Mary
Biddinger, Phillip
Biddinger, Rebecca
Biddinger, Rebecca
Biddinger, Sarah
Biddinger, Sophisa
Biddinger, William
Biglow, Charles E
Biglow, Charlett *
Biglow, Elisabeth E
Biglow, Harriett E
Biglow, James L
Biglow, Sabina
Billings, Albert
Billings, Caroline
Billings, George
Billings, Levi
Billings, Levi
Billings, Margarett
Billings, Mary Ann
Bolman, Eve
Boone, Benjamin
Boone, Charles
Boone, Daniel
Boone, H**lem
Boone, Jane
Boone, John
Boone, John
Boone, Mary
Boone, Morgan
Boone, Nelson
Boone, Susan
Boone, William
Brewer, Edward
Brewer, Francis
Brewer, Mary Ann
Brewer, Rufus
Bronson, Martha
Bunts, Hiram C
Bunts, Martha Ann
Bunts, William
Burges, Margaritt F
Burges, Titus K
Camaron, Adaline
Camaron, Emaline
Camaron, John
Camaron, Minerva
Camaron, Nancy J
Camaron, Rosina
Camaron, Sarah C.
Campbell, Martin
Carson, Clarissa
Carson, Daniel b
Carson, Ezra
Carson, George
Carson, George
Carson, John
Carson, Lydia
Carson, Margarett
Carson, Rebecca
Carson, Robert
Cecil, Abraham
Cecil, Elisabeth E
Cecil, Maranda *
Cecil, Rachel
Cecil, Robert H
Chapman, Al*orn
Chapman, John B.
Chapman, Mary Ann
Chapman, Sarah Ann
Chapman, Sylvester
Chapman, William
Clark, A*ahne
Clark, Alonzo b
Clark, Henry M
Clark, Irina*d
Clark, Izilla
Clark, James
Clark, John
Clark, Joshua
Clark, Salem *
Clark, Sarah J
Clark, William *
Clinton, Elbert H
Close, Mary M
Close, Thomas N
Collier, Evaline
Collier, Hannah J
Collier, Henry J
Collier, Joseph
Collier, Joseph a
Condon, Benjamin
Condon, Emily S
Condon, Francis M
Condon, Huldah
Condon, John
Condon, Lavisa
Cordell, Albert
Cordell, Alfred
Cordell, Catharine
Cordell, John
Cordell, John
Cordell, Sarah Ann
Culley, Albert E
Culley, John S
Culley, Nancy
Cummins, Clarinda
Cummins, George b
Cummins, George I
Cummins, James
Cummins, Jefferson
Cummins, Margarett Ann
Cummins, Marion
Cummins, Mary
Cummins, Mary
Cummins, Mary Ann
Cummins, Mary P
Cummins, Orin J
Cummins, Sarah J
Cummins, William
Davis, David S
Davis, Lucy
Davis, William
Denton, Fanny
Denton, Joseph
Denton, Lare*ta
Denton, Mary J
Denton, Polly
Denton, Statia
Denton, Thomas
Dorlan, Lavina Ann
Dunn, Amelia
Dunn, Catharine
Dunn, Jane
Dunn, Patrick
Dunn, Sarah
Dunn, William J
Fanning, Catharine
Fanning, Catharine
Fanning, Jane
Fanning, John
Fanning, William
Fanning, William J
Flozell, H.P.
Foreman, ****y
Foreman, James
Foreman, Malissa
Foreman, Rebecca
Foreman, William


Ginter, Absalum
Ginter, Catharine
Ginter, George F
Ginter, Harriett
Ginter, Henry
Ginter, Jane
Ginter, Jesse
Ginter, John
Ginter, John
Ginter, John M
Ginter, Lydia
Ginter, Mary
Ginter, Nancy
Ginter, Rosana
Ginter, Sarah
Ginter, Solomon
Ginter, Thomas
Glass, Elisabeth
Glass, Isabell
Glass, Jacob
Glass, John
Glass, Joseph
Glass, Martin
Glass, Mary
Glass, Nancy
Glass, Reason
Glass, Sarah
Goule, Lydia
Goule, Sarah
Goule, William H
Greely, Daniel C
Greely, Elisabeth V
Greely, Gilman
Greely, Mary
Greely, Stephen L
Greely, William H
Guthree, Hester J
Guthree, James
Guthree, John R
Guthree, Mary Ann
Guthree, Thomas E
Hadden, William W
Haskin, Abagail
Haskin, Andrew J
Haskin, Benona
Haskin, Benona
Haskin, Elisabeth J
Haskin, George W
Haskin, Harriett M
Haskin, James E
Haskin, Matilda a
Haskins, Andrew J
Haskins, Harvey b
Haskins, Isabell J.
Haskins, James C.
Haskins, Jesse V.
Haskins, Lydia
Hatch, Margarett
Hatch, Nathaniel
Hathway, Alexander
Hathway, Benjamin F
Hathway, George
Hathway, Henry
Hathway, Hester
Hathway, Huldah
Hathway, Isaac
Hathway, Isaac F
Hathway, James H
Hathway, Louisa
Hathway, Malinda
Hathway, Mary
Hathway, Susan
Heacock, Carmi
Heacock, Electra
Heacock, Mary J
Hortin, Eliza
Hortin, Emmy
Hortin, Lawrens J
Hortin, Lucinda
Hortin, Lucy Ann
Hortin, Orin
Hortin, Polly
Hortin, Ruebin
Hortin, Truman
Juel, Anderson
Juel, Arletta
Juel, Catharene
Juel, Daniel H
Juel, Elisabeth
Juel, Laila
Juel, Lucy
Juel, Malira
Juel, Rockwell
Juel, Rockwell
Juel, Thomas
Juel, William
Kindrick, Ch**'ty Ann
Kint, Betsey Ann
Kint, Daniel
Kint, Ellen
Kint, George
Kint, Hannah
Kint, John
Kint, William H
Kisler, Charles
Kisler, Elisabeth
Kisler, Francis
Kisler, Frederick
Kisler, Martha
Kisler, Mary I.
Kisler, Sarah
Kokay, Solomon
Kulk, William
Lewis, Elisabeth
Lewis, John R
Lewis, Orison
Logan, Benjamin *
Logan, David
Logan, Eliza J
Logan, James
Logan, James
Logan, Jeremiah
Logan, John
Logan, John
Logan, Josephine
Logan, Maranda
Logan, Martha *
Logan, Martha a
Logan, Mary Ann
Logan, Nancy J
Logan, Sabina
Logan, Sarah J
Logan, Susan
Logan, Susan
Logan, William
McBane, Eliza
McBane, George
McBane, James
McBane, John
McBane, John
McBane, Layfortt
McBane, Malcomb
McBane, Mary
McBane, Sarah
McBane, Silva Ann
McBane, Susan
McBane, Susan
McCluer, Samuel *
Mcgonigle, Armina
Mcgonigle, Bartameous
Mcgonigle, Bironica
Mcgonigle, Hamilton
Mcgonigle, Isabell
Mcgonigle, Jane
Mcgonigle, John R
Mcgonigle, Louisa
Mcgonigle, Mary
Mcgonigle, May
Mcgonigle, Samuel
McKiney, Aesah
McKiney, Charles W
McKiney, Mary
McKiney, Stewart
McKiney, Thomas
McKiney, William
McMahan, Catharine
McMahan, James H
McMahan, John W
McMahan, Margarett
McMahan, Mary J
McMahan, Patrick T
Melrose, Charles
Melrose, Charles
Melrose, Esther
Melrose, Jane
Melrose, Nancy Ann
Melrose, William

Merrill, Albert
Merrill, Jane
Merrill, Jessee
Merrill, John
Merrill, Margarett
Merrill, Margarett
Merrill, Mary
Merrill, Nancy
Merrill, Robert
Messinger, Phebe
Messinger, Samuel
Messinger, Silas K
Miller, Christopher E
Miller, Henry K
Miller, John
Miller, Lydia Ann
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary Ann
Minton, Allen
Minton, Almira
Minton, Charlott
Minton, Charlott
Minton, Jacob
Minton, James
Minton, John
Minton, Mary Ann
Minton, Minerva
Minton, Nathaniel
Minton, William
Minton, William
Morgan, Catharine
Morgan, Claussa
Morgan, Curtis
Morgan, Henry
Morgan, Lewis
Morgan, Rachel
Morgan, Sarah J
Morgan, Thomas
Morgan, William
N.N., N.N
N.N., N.N
Obenchain, Barkley

Obenchain, Davis
Obenchain, George W
Obenchain, James
Obenchain, John
Obenchain, John
Obenchain, Madison
Obenchain, Margarett
Obenchain, Mary
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Esther
Parker, Francis
Parker, Mariah
Parker, Nathaniel
Parker, Nathaniel G.
Parker, Nelson
Parker, Sarah
Parker, William W.
Peters, Eliza
Peters, Julia
Peters, Silas G N
Peters, Stephen
Phelps, Hannah
Phillips, Cristeen D
Phillips, David
Phillips, Hiram
Phillips, Marinda
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Morgans
Phillips, Ola
Phillips, Washington
Richardson, Ab*ather

Ross, Joseph
Ross, Malinda
Ross, Mary J
Ross, Robert
Ross, Thomas J
Sherwood, Samuel
Springer, Francis
Stainbrook, Catharine
Stainbrook, Catharine
Stainbrook, Joseph
Suffacool, Almirah
Suffacool, Erastus
Suffacool, Frances
Suffacool, Isaac
Suffacool, Kisiah
Suffacool, Orlando
Suffacool, Wallace
Suffacool, William
Sutton, Almirah
Sutton, Alonzo
Sutton, Benjamin
Sutton, Clarissa Ann
Sutton, Delbert
Sutton, Edward
Sutton, Elisabeth
Sutton, Elisabeth
Sutton, Ezra
Sutton, Henry
Sutton, Isabell
Sutton, James
Sutton, Lorenzo
Sutton, Lott
Sutton, Lydia Ann
Sutton, Malissa
Sutton, Malvina
Sutton, Mariah
Sutton, Mary J
Sutton, Phebe
Sutton, Robert
Sutton, Robison W
Tang, Amelia
Tang, Cordelia
Tang, Francis
Tang, Henry
Tang, Phebe
Tang, Sarana
Thompson, Elvira J
Thompson, Shedrick V
Thompson, William
Trogden, Cinthy M
Trogden, Elisabeth
Trogden, James a
Trogden, Julie Ann
Trogden, Lavisa
Trogden, Malinda J.
Trogden, Martha M
Trogden, Nathaniel
Trogden, Samuel S
Trogden, Sarah C
Trogden, Solomin C
Trogden, William
Trogden, William *
Trogden, William M
Vargason, Albert
Vargason, Elisabeth
Vargason, Emily *
Vargason, George b
Vargason, John
Vargason, John M I
Vargason, Liman R
Vargason, Sarah E
Walker, Charlott
Walker, Cinthy
Walker, Clark
Walker, Gamaliel
Walker, Sarah
Walter, Christina
Walton, Cinthy
Walton, James
Walton, Olive
Walton, Ruebin
Walton, Sarah
Whitehead, Emily J
Whitehead, John
Whitehead, John M
Whitehead, Martha Ann
Zinn, Barbara
Zinn, Eliza
Zinn, Jacob
Zinn, Phillip
Zinn, Phillip
Zinn, Sarah
Zinn, Thomas

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