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1883 Marriage Licenses


The following is a list of marriage licenses issued by the Bremer County Clerk's office for the months of January through June, August, September, and December in 1883. Please note that this is a list of all who applied for marriage licenses. It doesn't prove that they actually married. Nor does it tell you the date or even the month of their marriage. For more information, write or call the County Recorder's office for a copy of the marriage license or certificate.

~transcribed by Karlyn Armstrong

Joseph W. Bennett and Jennie E. Holt
Lewis B. Koeler and Anna Brock
Emmerson E. Hill and Delilah Harden
Isaac Sutherland and Martha A. Thomas
Wm. B. Chapman and Elzadia Mishler
William Dreier and Sophia Laitner
John W. Mooney and Nellie Sculley
David J. Childers and Hannah Collins
Frederick Ratz and Mrs. Rosa Borchert
Fred Heideman and Hedwig Nehring
Wm. Nash and Miss Nellie Chapman
Frank C. Kingsley and Minnie Eichman
Chrisitan Brockman and Emma Peters
Wm. Hesse and Christine Mathias
August Kuzzatz and Henrich Beremuch [sic]
A.V. Viner and Maggie E. Ellis
August Selenske and Curderella Stufllebeam
Thomas J. Auner and Laura A. McCaffre
Louis Lipman and Carroll Wardwell
Henry N. Scott and Anna B. Shannon
Wm. Lafferty and Anna M. Rosier
Laban Brown and Nettie Mishler
J. A. Foye and Anna E. Aldrich
Elmer D. Lindley and Sophronia J. French
S.A. Kinnie and Anna L. Sponoble
Michael Sharp and Flora L. Wells
Rufus R. Leverich and Libbie L. Sawyer
Wm. T. Wente and Dora Mayne
John B. Franklin and Ida S. Davis
John Schoff and Sophia Brandt
Charles H. Hastings and Ella Williams
John Westendorf and Louisa Mundt
Wm. Gade and Ernstine Pieper
Edwin J. McMullen and Lucinda Leaverich
Fred Latneson and Anna Bartle
Ahira Sterling and Polly A. Olds
Albert Rowe and Carrie Andemann
Henry Schumacher and Louisa Braun
Carl Lindner and Wilhemina Schroeder
Henry Schroeder and Amilia Lindner
William H. Knief and Carrie Dreier
George H. Kelse and Hattie E. Eisenhart
Benson W. Hill and Lucinda A. Risdon
John Widdel and Sophia Hasse
Thomas Moon and Jennie M. Rowe
Albert Kruger and Albertine Johnson
Justis M Garner and Rachel M. Sharp
G. L. Chamberlin and Calla McCormack
William Haberkamp and Mary Kiffner
Henry M. DeVoe and Cora I. Sutherland
C. H. Cornforth and Jennie Hanner
Wallon Sherter and Alice Schultz
Christian Beusing and Mary Bade
Charles Guritz and Carolina Burger
Edgar H. Brown and Carrie A. Skillen
John Oltrogge and Mary Steege
Henry Steege and Minnie Oltrogge
Joel Loveland and Martha A. McClure
R. A. Dunkleberg, M.D. and Florence A. Spalding
John Schnoer and Gusv Buls
Frederick M. Meyers and Augusta Berthe Feslky
O.C. Smith and Laura M. Woodring.
Fred J.C. Pries and Mary Huennermiller.
Detrich Ditmer and Louise Kelling
Albert W. Jones and Edith S. Betts
Amon Dickins and Luellla Osterhault
W. H. Tyrrell and Addie McFarland
Geo. W. Ritter, Jr. and Anna Telschor
Wm. H. Nodorf and Emma Hildebrandt
Joahim Kelling and Wilhemina Clausing
Wm. M. Harris and Alice Seely
Harry M. Fagne and Susie R. Miller
E.S. Sparks and Anna Dale
Charles E. Moon and Eldora Colladay
Henry J. Wood and Mabel Case
Charles Mensel and Emily Racker
William G. Hallett and Alice L. Chapin
Frank James and Susan Woods
John Plagemann and Caroline Burges
Fred W. Reimler and Elizabeth Lindner
Wm. Treptow and Libbie Madden
F. VanGorder and Henriette E. Blanchard
Edward A. Beck and Elizabeth E. Jennings
Fred Knoll and Minnie Siegfrich
Carlton R. Case and Kate Potter
Charles E. Dean and Medora Quimby

At West Union, by Rev. W. O. Ruston, Tuesday, July 3, 1883, Mr. Carlton A. Tupper and Miss Ida A. Wilkie, both of Bremer County.

At the residence of W. F. Jenkins, Esq. in this city, July, 1883, by Rev. J.C. Magee, Mr. William O. Hillman of St. Paul, Minn, to Miss Mattie M. Hooker, of Springfield, Vermont.

At Plainfield, July 8th 1883, by J. M. Roberts, Esq., Mr. Wm. F. Fee and Mrs. Cornelia Branch.

Fredrick Fuchs and Maggie Schomborn
Edward L. Gilbert and Mrs. Grace Richardson
Charles F. Schwim and Minnie Schwim
Ferdenand Krasue and Sophia Mahnke
Leonard G. Haag and Phebe Rockdashel
Howard S. Bingham and Adelie Bell LaRue
Charles L. Bingham and Sarah Jane Johnson
Fredrick Strottman and Louisa Schmadke
Frederick Strottmann and Louisa Schnadeke
Clyde Pierce and Vira Stephenson
George B. Baker and Mary A. Kinney
Ernest H. Garrison and Hattie Martin
Julius A. Peck and Louisa Bryant
Jacob Snyder and Kate B. Siebert
Charles Truman and Sarah Huber
August Malzahon and Katherine Behn
Frank Thompson and Minne Cretzmeier
Fred G. Koehling and Minne Blasberg
Andrew P. Carstensen and Emma Vogt
Roderick Stuart and Hattie Semans
John H. Tower and Hannah E. Converse
August Kuker and Emma Schnuly
Oscar L Jones and Katie Harr
William F. Hollister and Ella E. Elliott
Allen G.T. Hartin and Mary J. Miller
Maxfield S. Schof and Addie Homrighaus
Fornes Brecka and Lena Hoper

In this city, Oct. 27th, 1883, by the Rev. A.M. Case, Mr. Geo. W. Berry, of Greene, to Miss Mary E. McKernan, of Bristow, Iowa.

In this city, Oct. 31, 1883, by the Rev. A. M. Case, Mr. Charles McClentic to Miss Calista McConge. All of Shell Rock, Iowa

   Francis B. Carpenter and Louisa B. Coffin
C.H. Leverich and Lena Probert
A. King and Sophia Fritz
Arthur S. Williams and Lena Gallagher
John Heine and Henriette Heneken
John Henry Mohling and Sophia Koch
Edwin F. Brown and Nebbel Hess
Herman Schultz and Louisa Tegtmeier
James A. Goodrich and Belle Beal
Alfred W. Daniels and Maggie Herman
Alfred R. Waters and Anna Elliott
Iroin Perrott and Matilda Rood
Peter B. Chesley and Delia C. Doad.
Robert Richardson and Anna Austin
Albert H. Elliott and Maud Soash
John Ludwig and Minnie Brandt
John Miller and Anna E. West
Charles C. Jahnke and Merle Hennrich
Samual Owin and Alice Godderd
William W. Yocum and Alice C. Brownnell
M.J. Sweet and May Woodruff
Clark A. George and Leaphe Gleason



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