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Descendants of Peter VALENTINE
Submitted by Greta Thompson  

Generation No. 1

1. PETER VALENTINE was born 26 March 1824 in Ireland, and died 30 November 1897 in East Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA. He married MATILDA SMITH 14 September 1848 in Herkimer Co, NY. She was born 28 January 1825 in Herkimer County, NY, and died 27 April 1894 in Clarksville, Butler, IA.

1. SEYMOUR VALENTINE, b. 4 September 1849, NY; d. 21 March 1851, IL.
2. CHARLES AUGUSTUS VALENTINE, b. 3 January 1852, Squaw Grove, DeKalb Co, IL; d. 12 February 1916, Egan, Moody, SD.
3. EMMA JANE VALENTINE, b. 25 April 1853, DeKalb Co, IA; d. 18 June 1911, Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.
4. ORRIN JACOB VALENTINE, b. 11 October 1854, Bremer Co, IA; d. 23 July 1936, Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.
5. LAURA O. VALENTINE, b. 22 August 1857, Bremer Co, IA; d. 21 January 1928, Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA; m. CORTES H. WELLMAN, 21 December 1886, Albert Lea, Freeborn, MN; b. 2 September 1858, Montgomery, Franklin, VT; d. 23 April 1939, Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.
6. LUCIEN MARION VALENTINE, b. April 1863, Jefferson Twp, Bremer Co, IA; d. 23 March 1927, Blunt, Hughes, SD.
7. WILLIAM DELOS VALENTINE, b. 25 November 1864, Bremer Co, IA; d. 26 August 1915, Sioux City, Woodbury, IA; m. ELIZA Unknown, ABT 1905; b. ABT 1871, Canada; d. Aft. 1930.

Generation No. 2

2. CHARLES AUGUSTUS VALENTINE was born 3 January 1852 in Squaw Grove, DeKalb Co, IL, and died 12 February 1916 in Egan, Moody, SD. He married IDA ALICE HOLDEN 23 March 1882 in Bremer Co, Iowa, daughter of GEORGE HOLDEN and MARY DAMON. She was born 7 February 1861 in Oramel, Allegany, NY, and died 17 September 1927 in Egan, Moody, SD.

1. ELMER L. VALENTINE, b. 24 May 1883, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 11 October 1952, Benchland, Judith Basin, MT; m. EDITH CARR, 1919, Montana; b. 28 October 1886, Bridgewater, Adair, IA; d. 2 April 1974, Lewistown, Fergus, MT.
2. JOHN R. VALENTINE, b. 12 March 1885, Egan, Moody, SD; d. April 1952, Lewistown, Fergus, MT.
3. JAMES ERNEST VALENTINE, b. 27 February 1887, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 4 June 1977, Flandreau, Moody, SD.
4. GEORGE VALENTINE, b. 7 May 1889, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 29 July 1919, Moody Co, SD.
5. EARL VALENTINE, b. 28 September 1891, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 5 June 1909, Charles Mix County, SD.
6. LILLIAN MAE "TILL" VALENTINE, b. 17 December 1893, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 29 August 1994, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA.
7. RAY VALENTINE, b. 26 July 1896, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 14 March 1939, Egan, Moody, SD.
8. MABEL VALENTINE, b. 9 July 1899, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 15 September 1987, Chico, Butte, CA.
9. CHARLES "JACK" VALENTINE, b. 22 August 1902, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 1 October 1958, Sioux Falls, Lake or Minnehaha, SD.
10. MARY MATILDA "MAE" VALENTINE, b. 14 December 1907, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 6 October 1987, Lombard, DuPage, IL.

3. EMMA JANE VALENTINE was born 25 April 1853 in DeKalb Co, IA, and died 18 June 1911 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA. She married JACOB FREDERICK REINHART 16 March 1873 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA, son of CASPAR REINHART and ANNA [REINHART]. He was born 28 May 1839 in Wurttemburg, Germany, and died 7 April 1924 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.

1. ORRIN VALENTINE REINHART, b. 14 December 1876, Black Hawk Co, IA; d. 25 February 1931, Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.
2. CHARLES SMITH REINHART, b. 2 February 1883, Black Hawk Co, IA; d. 19 April 1941, Tucson, AZ; m. ELLEN FRANCES CONNOR, 1920, Conrad, Grundy Co, IA; b. 9 August 1887, Near Conrad, Grundy Co, IA; d. 12 January 1972, Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.

4. ORRIN J. VALENTINE was born 11 October 1854 in Bremer Co, IA, and died 23 July 1936 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA. He married ROSA V. TAYLOR 23 February 1881 in Bremer Co, IA, daughter of CHARLES TAYLOR and PAULINE SEEKATZ. She was born 23 February 1858 in Waverly, Bremer, IA, and died 29 May 1934 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.

1. GRACE M. VALENTINE, b. 19 June 1882, Jefferson, Bremer Co, IA; d. 23 February 1883, Jefferson, Bremer Co, IA.
2. FLORENCE E. VALENTINE, b. 21 February 1884, Bremer Co, IA; d. 24 February 1884, Bremer Co, IA.
3. MAE P. VALENTINE, b. 19 May 1887, Bremer Co, IA; d. 20 December 1973, Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.
4. EMMA JANE VALENTINE, b. 1 November 1889, Bremer Co, IA; d. Unknown.
5. MYRTLE M. VALENTINE, b. 22 July 1892, Clarksville, Butler, IA; d. 22 November 1921, IA.

5. LUCIEN MARION VALENTINE was born April 1863 in Jefferson Twp, Bremer Co, IA, and died 23 March 1927 in Blunt, Hughes, SD. He married (1) CELIA S. GLEASON 10 March 1886 in Bremer County, Iowa, daughter of ALONZO GLEASON and LYDIA WOOD. She was born 19 Sep 1858 in IA, and died 22 December 1887 in Bremer Co, IA. He married (2) ANNA SMITH 12 March 1891 in Waterloo, Iowa and divorced her in April 1894. He married (3) ROSE H. TAYLOR ABT 1898, daughter of JAMES TAYLOR and HESTER COOK. She was born April 1862 in Butler Co, Iowa, and died after 1941.

1. LOLA VALENTINE, b. 25 February 1887, Iowa; d. 19 Dec 1918 in Mason City, Iowa.

Generation No. 3

6. JOHN R. VALENTINE (CHARLES, PETER) was born 12 March 1885 in Egan, Moody, SD, and died April 1952 in Lewistown, Fergus, MT. He married LAURA MAY WILCUT 3 March 1907 in Burlington, Kit Carson, CO, daughter of WILLIAM WILCUT and EFFA EMMA BUTLER. She was born 7 November 1885 in Hornick, Woodbury, IA, and died 5 September 1959 in Lewistown, Fergus, MT.

i. LYNN EDWARD VALENTINE, b. 8 January 1908, CO; d. April 1939.
ii. VERN VALENTINE, b. 5 October 1911, Wagner, Charles Mix, SD; d. 21 March 1969, Benchland, Judith Basin, MT; m. DOROTHY HANNAH, 16 February 1939; b. 7 June 1911; d. 7 December 1996, Moccasin, Judith Basin, MT.
iii. ROY VALENTINE, b. 28 January 1914, Sioux City, Woodbury, IA; d. 3 January 1988, Moccasin, Judith Basin, MT; m. Private.
iv. EARL VALENTINE, b. 2 November 1916, Benchland, Judith Basin, MT; d. 2 May 1988, Dillon, Beaverhead, MT; m. AGNES PAUL, 6 October 1950; b. 2 August 1890; d. March 1974, Lewistown, Fergus, MT.
v. Private
vi. JACK VALENTINE, b. 31 March 1925, Lewistown, Fergus, MT; d. 9 December 1944, France.

7. JAMES ERNEST VALENTINE (CHARLES, PETER) was born 27 February 1887 in Egan, Moody, SD, and died 4 June 1977 in Flandreau, Moody, SD. He married MYRTLE LUELLA BEMIS 3 February 1915 in Moody, SD, daughter of ISAAC BEMIS and SAMANTHA SOPER. She was born 13 June 1895 in Moville, Woodbury, IA, and died 1968 in Egan, Moody, SD.

i. VIRGIL VERNON VALENTINE, b. 15 August 1916, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 26 February 1918, Egan, Moody, SD.
ii. EVELYN VALENTINE, b. Private; m. JOHN RUSH, Private; b. 21 April 1910; d. 27 August 1978, Wall, Pennington, SD.
iii. JOHN VALENTINE, b. Private; m. MARGARITE BILLIAM, Private; b. 31 December 1917; d. 29 September 2000, Egan, Moody, SD.
iv. IVAN E. VALENTINE, b. 22 April 1922, Iowa; d. 2 February 2002, Ft Collins, Larimer, CO; m. MARY O'MEARA 23 Sep 1923, d. Sep 2006.
v. Private.

8. GEORGE VALENTINE (CHARLES, PETER) was born 7 May 1889 in Egan, Moody, SD, and died 29 July 1919 in Moody Co, SD. He married CORA ELECTA PIERCE 1916, daughter of ANDREW PIERCE and CLARA BOSLEY. She was born 11 September 1893 in IA, and died 13 February 1967 in Egan, Moody, SD.

i. GEORGE WILLIAM VALENTINE, b. 11 March 1917, Egan Twp, Moody, SD; d. 10 March 1998, Lewistown, Fergus, MT; m. FLORA STEARNS, b. 10 Dec 1916, d. 8 Feb. 2004..
ii. MELVIN LEROY VALENTINE, b. 30 May 1918, Egan Twp, Moody, SD; d. August 1983, Moore, Fergus, MT.

9. LILLIAN MAE "TILL" VALENTINE (CHARLES, PETER) was born 17 December 1893 in Egan, Moody, SD, and died 29 August 1994 in Lodi, San Joaquin, CA. She married HARRY NICHOLS 31 October 1914 in Egan, Moody, SD, son of JAMES NICHOLS and HARRIET WADE. He was born 23 December 1890 in Minnesota, and died 10 July 1977 in Lodi, San Joaquin, CA.

i. Private.
ii. HAROLD VERNE NICHOLS, b. 23 March 1919, Appleton, Swift, MN; d. August 1986, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA.
iii. DONALD L. NICHOLS, b. 14 October 1923, Egan, Moody, SD; d. 1 November 1976; m. VIOLET METTLER.
iv. Private.

10. RAY VALENTINE (CHARLES, PETER) was born 26 July 1896 in Egan, Moody, SD, and died 14 March 1939 in Egan, Moody, SD. He married GLADYS G. RAINES 28 March 1923, daughter of THOMAS RAINES and ELIZABETH EVANS. She was born 21 November 1893 in Wayne Co, NE, and died 17 February 1976 in Dell Rapids, Minnehaha, SD.

i. FRANCES ELIZABETH4 VALENTINE, b. Private; m. JAMES M. LOISEAU, Private; b. 14 December 1915, SD; d. December 1977, Egan, Moody, SD.
ii. CHARLES RAYMOND "BUD" VALENTINE, b. Private; m. PETROVIA "PETE" KARSTENS, Private; b. Private.
iii. DOROTHY MAE VALENTINE, b. Private; m. HARLEY DAVID GINGERICH, Private; b. Private.

11. MABEL VALENTINE (CHARLES, PETER) was born 9 July 1899 in Egan, Moody, SD, and died 15 September 1987 in Chico, Butte, CA. She married NELS ANCHOR CHRISTENSEN 4 March 1917 in Egan, Moody, SD, son of MATIS CHRISTENSEN and ANN NIELSEN. He was born 4 September 1895 in Ejstrupholm, Denmark, and died 17 November 1985 in Chico, Butte, CA.

i. Private
ii. Private
iii. Private
iv. DONNA CHRISTENSEN, b. 24 January 1930, CA; d. 24 Jan1990, CA; m. Private
v. Private

12. CHARLES "JACK" VALENTINE (CHARLES, PETER) was born 22 August 1902 in Egan, Moody, SD, and died 1 October 1958 in Sioux Falls, SD. He married ALICE IRENE MOE 29 November 1920 in Sioux Falls, SD, daughter of JOHN MOE and INGEBORG KROGSTAD. She was born 27 July 1902 in Baltic, Minnehaha, SD, and died 6 August 1990 in Tampa, Hillsboro, FL.

i. Private.

13. MARY MATILDA "MAE" VALENTINE (CHARLES, PETER) was born 14 December 1907 in Egan, Moody, SD, and died 6 October 1987 in Lombard, DuPage, IL. She married HAROLD RICHARD JOHNSON 21 July 1929 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA, son of ORLIEF JOHNSON and WINNIE WILCUT. He was born 13 June 1904 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA, and died 2 May 1997 in Appleton, Outagamie, WI.

i. Private
ii. CHARLES ORLIEF JOHNSON, b. 13 May 1935, Racine, WI; d. 8 October 1952, Minneapolis, MN.
iii. Private

Generation No. 4

14. ORRIN VALENTINE REINHART (EMMA, PETER) was born 14 December 1876 in Black Hawk Co, IA, and died 25 February 1931 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA. He married AMELIA C. FAUST 19 March 1902 in Gresham, Black Hawk Co, IA, daughter of Conrad FAUST and MARY ADAMS. She was born 23 May 1883 in Iowa, and died 13 March 1961 in Iowa.

i. ETHEL L. REINHART, b. 20 June 1903, Black Hawk, IA; d. July 1983, Black Hawk, IA; m. JOE CONGLETON; b. 16 August 1905; d. 14 December 1996, Black Hawk, IA.
ii. ELSIE MAY REINHART, b. 17 May 1908, Black Hawk, IA; d. August 1973, Hardy, Sharp, AR; m. JOHN S. LATTA, JR.; b. 7 August 1907; d. July 1982, Hardy, Sharp, AR.

15. MAE P. VALENTINE (ORRIN, PETER) was born 19 May 1887 in Bremer Co, IA, and died 20 December 1973 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA. She married EDWARD FRANK KISTNER 25 December 1914, son of FRANK KISTNER and DORA Unknown. He was born 23 March 1879 in Iowa, and died October 1962 in Iowa.

i. Private.

16. EMMA JANE VALENTINE (ORRIN, PETER) was born 1 November 1889 in Bremer Co, IA, and died Unknown. She married F. HELLER RALPH 12 March 1915. He was born ABT 1891 in Pennsylvania, and died Unknown.

Child of EMMA VALENTINE and F. RALPH is:
i. Private


Peter Valentine: Waterloo Courier, 1 December 1897

At 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon Peter Valentine died at his home on LaFayette Street. The cause of death was Bright's disease, and the end has been expected for some time.

Mr. Valentine was born in Ireland March 26, 1824. He came to Herkimer County, New York, and was there married to Miss Matilda Smith on Sept. 14, 1848. After the marriage the couple moved to DeKalb County, Ill., and from there to Bremer County, this state, in 1853.

His wife died April 27, 1893, at Clarksville and the remains were brought to Waterloo for interment in Fairview cemetery.

To the couple seven children were born, six of whom are now living. They are Mrs. Reinhart, of this county, and Mrs. Wellman, of Sioux City; the four sons are Orrin, who lives at Waverly, Charles in Nebraska, William, north of Cedar Falls, and Lucian, in Waterloo.

The funeral services will be held at the residence, 920 LaFayette street at 1:30 tomorrow and the burial will be in Fairview cemetery by the side of his wife. The services will be conducted by Rev. G. H. Brooks, of New York.

The pall bearers selected are: S. W. Pitcher, Jerry Mosher, O. W. Cooley, R. C. Irvine, C. B. Stillson and John Elwood.

Matilda Smith Valentine: Waterloo Courier, 2 May 1894

Mrs. Peter Valentine died at the home of her son, Orrin Valentine, in Clarksville, last Friday after a brief but severe illness of heart trouble. The maiden name of the deceased was Matilda Smith. On January 28, 1825 she was born in Herkimer County, New York and was married September 14, 1848, to Peter Valentine. They moved to Illinois from Herkimer County, residing there a short time, and then settled on a farm at the edge of Bremer County near the Black Hawk line, about 40 years ago.

At that time the country was new and sparsely settled. They began with scarcely anything and succeeded by industry and economy in amassing quite a fortune. The family resided on the old homestead up to the first of March, when it was their intention to move to Waterloo where they could enjoy their declining years. Mr. and Mrs. Valentine went to Clarksville to spend a few weeks visiting their son and it was there that the deceased was taken sick. A husband and six children survive her. The children are Charles Valentine, living at Egan, S.D.; Mrs. Fred Reinhart, living on a farm about 10 miles north of Waterloo; Orrin Valentine, living at Clarksville; Mrs. C. H. Wellman, living at Sioux City; L. M. Valentine, living in Waterloo; and W. D. Valentine of Pender, Nebraska. Funeral services were held at Clarksville yesterday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Mrs. Niece of Shell Rock. The body was shipped to this city, arriving here this forenoon, and interred in Fairview Cemetery, brief services being held at the grave. Those who knew Mrs. Valentine speak very highly of her moral character and her private life. She was a model mother and dutiful wife. The husband is prostrated with grief. Mr. Valentine has extensive real estate interests here, being owner of the Corey Valentine block on East Fourth street. All his daughters being married it is hard to tell where he will decide now to make his home.

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