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A Short History of the Ladwig Family written in 1930 by an unknown author
ubmitted by Barbara Wright

John Frederick LADWIG was born in Neudarmroth, Pomarania, Germany on March 20, 1806. He was an only child. At the time of John's birth his father was in the Germany army, from which he never returned home. In a few years his mother married a TESCH and several children were born to this union.

As Grandpa grew to manhood he became a shepherd and watched his flocks faithfully. It was this vocation no doubt, which helped to develop his kind and gentle disposition. He was also a very fine knitter and as he sat watching his flocks, he knitted stockings and mittens for his family and friends.

In 1830 he was married to Sophia Pagelsdorf, nine children came to bless their home. Carl, Wilhelmenia, William, Christian, Augusta, Ferdinand, Caroline, Sophia, who died as a small child, and Gotleb, who was stricken with typhoid fever and died at the age of sixteen.

In 1855 he emigrated his family to Montreal, Canada, where they only remained a short time and then settled in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, where he became a citizen of the U.S. He bought a plot of sixty acres of forest land, built a log cabin and cleared the ground for farming. The trees were cut down, laid in huge piles and burned. Stumps were grubbed out, land newly broken, seeds scattered and finally a harvest as a reward for his own and his family's labors.

It was at this period of his life that he became a member of the Evangelical Church, which he served loyally and faithfully until his death.

As his family grew to manhood and womanhood and established homes of their own, land became scarcer and higher in price. It was decided to move to Iowa, which was still sparsely settled. In the spring of 1870 Grandpa and Grandma, with their sons Gotleb and Ferdinand and family (his wife Anna Margaretha and infant son George) migrated to Sumner Township and bought a quarter section of prairie land. Here they lived for the remanider of their lives. Grandma helped with the care of the grandchildren and Grandpa did chores and knitting for the family. In 1891 (?) Grandma peacefully passed away and approximately five year later, was followed by Grandpa who had reached the ripe age of 90 years and six months.

Carl Frederick, the oldest son, was born in Schonenberg, Pomarania, Germany on September 7, 1831. At the age of twenty he was married to Hulda KALKBRENNER. Ten children were born to this union, six boys and four girls. In 1859 he and his wife and children followed his family to America settling in Jefferson, Wisconsin. In 1860 they moved to Durant, Illinois where he lived until 1869 when they moved to Beloit, Wisconsin. In 1870 he came to Bremer County, Iowa where he bought 140 acres of land in Sumner Township to which, in the course of years, he added land enough to make a farm of 476 acres. His first wife Hulda died in 1875 and later he married Frederika GRAHLMEN who died in 1896. Three children were born to this union, two sons and one daughter. In 1897 he was married to Mary PALMER. On November 4, 1909, Uncle Carl passed away at the age of 78 years and 2 months.

Wilhelmina Frederika, the oldest daughter, was born in Stargard, Pomerania, Germany on December 11, 1833. In 1854 she was united in marriage to Frederick KRAUSE and to this union eleven children were born, six boys and five girls. In 1855 they and their baby daughter came to America with her parents and settled in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where they lived for ten years. In approximately 1865 they moved to Iowa and settled on a farm near Sumner. After the death of her husband, Aunt Minnie lived with her son John, spending the last two years of her life inWaverly (Iowa?). Death came to her on May 8, 1913 at the age of 70 years and 5 months.

William Frederick, the second son, was born 1836 (?) at Schonenberg, Pomerania, Germany. In 1863(?) he was married to Mary SCHMIDT. Five children were born to them, four boys and one girls. In 1883 they came to Iowa from Wisconsin and settled on a farm north of Sumner. Seven year later (1890?) Uncle Will died at the age of 54 years and one month.

Christian Frederick was born on December 17, 1838. When he came to America with his parents he hired out as a farm laborer until October 3, 1864, when he enlisted in Company B 8th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Calvary and served until the close of the Civil War. In 1866 he was united in marriage to Anna Regina BAUER and the same year moved to Cerro Gordo County, Iowa where they settled on a farm. Here he lived until the fall of 1905 when he moved to Nora Springs (Iowa?). There were ten children in the family, five sons and five daughters. On March 28, 1916, several years after the death of his first wife Regina, he was married to Mrs Electro SULLIVAN. On July 21, 1917 Uncle Chris departed from this life at the age of 79 years and 7 months.

Augusta was born on August 8, 1841. She was only 14 years of age when she came to America. In 1861 she was married to Adam LAND, who soon after, enlisted as a soldier of the Civial War, where he spent three long years before they were reunited. Six children were born to this union, two boys and four girls. In 1868 they came to Iowa and settled on a farm near Sumner, which is still known as the LANG Homestead. In 1894 they left their farm home and moved to Sumner where they lived until 1923 when, because of failing health, they went to Oregon City, Oregon, to make their home with their daughter Alice. Aunt Gustie passed away on May 17, 1925 at the age of 83 years and 9 months.

Ferdinand was born on July 16, 1844. At the age of 11 he came to America with his parents and lived with them in their Wisconsin home. He was married in 1868 to Margaretha HAAG, to which nine children were born, seven sons and two daughters. In 1870 he and his family moved to Iowa and settled on a farm in Sumner Township where he lived until 1897. Then he became a resident of Sumner. Uncle Ferd died on April 6, 1907 at the age of 62 years and 8 months.

Albertine Caroline was born in 1846. She was united in marriage to John KRAUSE in 1863 and in 1866 they moved to a farm in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. Ten children were born to this union, six sons and four daughters. She died on November 14, 1888 at the age of 42 years and 3 months.

There are 353 direct descendents of Grandfather and Grandmother LADWIG, 282 of whom are living (as of 1930). There are the 9 children, all gone; 64 grandchildren, of whom 38 are living; 136 great grandchildren, of whom 115 are living; 134 great great grandchildren, of whom 119 are living; and 10 great great great grandchildren.

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