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Immanuel Lutheran Church, Klinger

From Pictorial Atlas, Bremer County, Iowa 1983
Transcribed by Karlyn Armstrong.

Immanuel Lutheran Church of Klinger had its beginning in 1873. The church was organized by eleven families and on March 3, 1873, twenty -six men signed the constitution. They decided to build a church and parsonage three miles southwest of Readlyn. By 1893 the congregation had outgrown the church building and a new one was built. This is the present building with several remodelings. In 1947, remodeling was done by extending the sanctuary and putting a full basement under the church. for the 1973 centennial celebration the project of a new church entrance was completed and in 1978 several stained glass windows were given to beautify the entry.

On August 21, 1879, the congregation was accepted as a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and other states, but a year earlier in 1878 the congregation had already built a parochial school to train and educate their children in Christian doctrine. By 1910, it became necessary to build a new school. In 1912, a new parsonage was built; in 1922, English services were begun; in 1923, the congregation celebrated its 50th anniversary and in 1924, the school building was enlarged to twice the size it had been formerly. In 1935 a young people's society was organized to joine the Ladies Aid that had been organized three years earlier. Also in 1935, the so-called double-header services were initiated. German at 10 a.m. and English at 11 a.m. It was also resolved that Lenten services were to be held in the evenings instead of in the daytime as had been the custom in the past. The first Sunday School session was held in 1945.

In 1973, a centennial celebration was held. Three different services were held that year - one in February, another in August - the last in October.

The first pastor was Rev. W. Kanning; Rev. Bruce Zimmermann has led the congregation since 1974.

Since 1977, when Immanuel and Readlyn St. Paul parochial schools merged, the congregations have supported seven teachers in grades preschool through eight. The congregation still maintains active Bible classes, a Susnday School, Ladies Aid, a Young Peopl's Society, A Parent-Teacher Organization and a choir.



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